Chick-fil-A Nutrition Facts & Calorie Information

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Yaakov, April 16, Home Nutrition Food and Treats. The sensor and processor combination avails sensitivity to ISO and notable image quality, as well as 7. Funnel Cake Sticks with icing. I played around with the settings to try and improve it, but could not equal the HS. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend limiting saturated fat to 20 grams and sodium to 2, mg for a typical adult eating 2, daily.

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Nutrition Facts and Allergy Information for Treats

For more detailed information about food allergies, we suggest you visit the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network website at www.

Please verify allergens at your local restaurant. Products and menus may vary by location. Not all products listed in this brochure are available in all locations. If you have questions or need additional information, Contact Us online or write to:. To learn more visit: All trademarks owned by Am. The Heath, trademark is used under license.

Printed in the USA. For use at NMF participating locations only. Nutrition Facts and Allergy Information for Treats. Return to main Nutrition Page Nutrition and allergy information is current as of March The positive-It takes good clear pics. Quick to take photo after pressing button for a small camera. One mode which I thought was a sports mode takes 5 pictures at a time.

I haven't figured out if I like that feature or not. The negitive-I was able to hook up to wifi but could not link it to my laptop. I thought it was me but my brother in-law who is an I. It has a cover cheap with a slot for a wire not included. I take the sd card out to put my pics into computer because cover seems like it will break if used to often. I am keeping because it fits in pocket and takes nice pics. Honest, September 8, We now have 4 in our office.

They take really good pictures, easy to operate and dependable. I love your market garden salads… Always crisp and fresh.. Roasted chicken on top is delish. The fruit in it is a plus …..

Very filling i buy them every week …. Please keep them on your menu…???? March 28, at 7: The detail here is wonderful! However, the salt content is not. I wonder if the company is considering lowering the amount of added salt?

I started a low carb diet and this list is very helpful! I appreciate all that is in this page! May 16, at 4: I love Chic-fil-a but can no longer eat there because of a sodium restricted diet. Come on Chic-fil-a offer to us sodium-resticted some menu items. July 6, at 5: Thanks for all you do. April 2, at 5: The customer service is always excellent!! Every time I have went the food is fresh and hot!!

April 3, at 3: I must say that I really enjoyed my fresh classic Chicken Sandwich. It was lightly crispy on the edges while thick, tender and juicy in the inside. I also like the way they lightly butter the bun. Such goodness enclosed in that little white pocket lined with foil. Umm, I have to get one today when I leave work.

The cow holding the Eat More Chicken sign is called me!! Way to go Chick Fil A, keep up the good work. By the way, all this took place in the fastest drive thru, happy , friendly, accurate and cleanest store in Winston Salem on Peters Creek, right in front of Lowes and across from Wal Mart. Give those hard workers a reward Billy Bob! June 29, at 8: Your email address will not be published.

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