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Can Humans Digest Meat?
Asexual Reproduction A form of reproduction that involves just one parent, and is most common in invertebrates. Higher brain functions of the cortex also influence vagal function. The largest terrestrial form is the Kodiak bear Ursus arctos middendorffi , an Alaskan grizzly bear that is even larger than the polar bear Ursus maritimus. For example, an insect primary consumer will eat the seeds and sprouts that are provided by grass primary producer. But the birds fed flies alone began losing weight, no matter how hard they worked to feed themselves. When the organism feels safe, as opposed to when it is in an energy-conservation mode of self-protection or defense, rest becomes possible.

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The real doctors, you know the ones that do really miraculous shit like transplanting organs, not just pushing statin drugs all day because they lowered the cholesterol standard below natural human levels that is like inventing a temperature lowering pill and then changing the standard on all thermometers to now say that the average human temperature is You know why they did this?

My life depends on knowing everything about the digestive system and not every patient took that responsibility serious as I, but just like most lazy patients, felt that it was the doctors responsibility to know all the important stuff.

The head surgeon told me he had no idea what foods I could eat or not, what are the symptoms of organ rejection, and many other important questions. He said there are just not enough living intestinal transplant recipients to have acquired that data yet. I have to study far more than you do. If one of your patients die, you just bag them, bury them and bill the family. If I make a mistake, I die. You just made up a bunch of shit that was not even in the article, hoping the rest of the world had your short memory False Consensus Effect and not remember what I wrote by the time they get to your comment.

That was a new tactic and I just had to vent on this one — just how low you guys will go. Although in my 14 months in hospitals, I did hear some pretty erroneous science come out of the mouths of doctors, so even an M. I had every doctor in three different hospitals tell me that an intestinal transplant was not possible, experimental and not survivable. I am four and half years out from my transplant and doing fine, thank you — and I eat plenty of red meat.

Hey Bob, I think we are certainly cut from the same cloth for sure. Some completely fabricated crap which I have no idea where she read, because it certainly was not in the article. This was far too rich to be missed. I figure even people who disagree with me can write with some respect, just for the fact of the pure hell I have had to survive through.

I have no idea what was going on with the Doc. Unfortunately, I had to block the clown, because he began spamming the comments box. If that were the case, then how was I chewing the meat up better than the vegetables? I chew both foods with the same teeth.

Thanks for writing and giving me support. I never know if my readers like when I tear into trolls like these or not. Holly did not come off to me as aggressive or as a troll at all. Hi Kyle, I appreciate you taking tine to comment and for chastizing me on a comment you felt I went too far on. I also thank you for the kind words regarding the website.

You may be right and I did lose my temper and unloaded on Dr. Holly I had to find her comment and my reply through 36 pages of comments to refresh my memory, so it took awhile. Especially when the comment starts off with how confused I am, when in reality, I am not confused at all and every bit of the science is accurate as to modern scientific knowledge.

Not sure how you consider her comment civil when it starts off with such a personal attack then continues to spew pseudoscience.

The problem both you and Dr Holly have is that your arguments are wrong. Do we need vegetable? This is why humans began cooking vetables and later, fermenting them. Fermentation gives you the most nutrition because the bacteris in the crock pre-digest the cellulose for you, just like the rumen within the ruminant does.

The only way to completely digest vegetation plant cells made of cellulose is by mechanical means other than fermentation , which in this case is chewing, but ruminant animals have a greater advantage there as their molars are flat, they can swing their jaws far further right and left and there jaws are far srtonger than ours. The second phase of ruminating is fermentation. The ruminant has multiple stomachs, each one loaded with bacteria and protazoa, which can ferment; break down the cellulose and remove nutrients.

So, in truth, the runinant animal lives mostly on a saturated fat. Humans, being an omnivore do need certain nutrition from vegetation, but we are not very effiiciant at removing them from the plant. Humans have riged molars designed for shredding meat, not quite as riged as a pure carnivore though, but ridge far more than a ruminat or any other hind-gut digester, including chimapanzees, who have flatter ridges than a human molar.

The human stomach is full of acid, the ruminant stomach has no acid, because it would kill off the bacteria they are dependant on to feed them. Humans chew the vegetation as best we can with the ridge teeth and very limitied side to side jax movement. The inefficiency of the human chewing is why I found tiny bits of vegetable in the ostomy bag. The ostomy was after the duodenum, which is why the fat was already emulsified. Whatever unchewed portions make it past the duodenum will not be absorbed or digested any further and will pass completely through.

Even children can tell you whole kernals of corn can be seen in their stool. What percentage of vegetation we do happen to chew well will provide us with nutient. Many people are confused about the different sections of the GI tract and what they do.

It is completely different in a ruminant than a human. Humans are not an herbivore. At least 80 percent of the digestion is done by the stomach and duodenum in a human. Once the chyme enters the jejunum, absorption begins. The jujenum and ileum do a little digestion, but cannot digest and cellulose which is still intact.

They are mostly for absorbing nutrients. The human colon is the only organ which houses bacteria and is cappable of fermnting some of the undigestable carbohydrates fiber and do produce butyric acid, but most of this butyrate is used by the local cells of the colon lining for food, because those cells are not feed via the blood stream. Not mch of the butyrate is ever absorbed into the blood stream, wich is why humans are dependant on dietary fat, whereas the rumninat is fed their fat by the bactria housed in their stomach.

I say unfortunately, because the bacteria in the colon produce vitamin B12, but not much of it is absorbed; not enough to maintain good health, so humans are dependant on dietary B12, whch can only be found in animal foods.

Chimpanxees, like gorillas, are hind-gut digesters and cannot be compared to humans. There cecum is very long, the human cecum is abouut an inch long. The apes have a very long apenndix and will die without it; we all know humans can live well without an appendix.

Apes have a much large colon and far less small bowels than a human. It is a false claim that the human small intestines, which are there mainly for absorption, contains a host of enzymes which can break down cellulose. In fact, no animal on this earth can digest cellulose. Ruminants first do heavy mechanical damage by having a better set of flat molars for grinding, but then to top that, they have the abikity to regurgitate the vegetation between the movement to each stomach and chew it some more — this is called chewing their cud.

Humans cannot regurgitate our food to chew several times because of the acidic nature of the contents of the stomach. Rumiants have no acid in ther stomach. Humans have no protozoa in their entire body, not even in the colon, but ruminants are dependent on protozoa.

If you were to remove the colon from an chimpanzee, it will die. Many humans live without colons. I was left with only 2 feet of colon and I do fine.

Humans are not hind gut digesters, so I still stand on my original point. Yes, I may have been out of line calling her a troll, but the way she worded it came accross as a troll. When anyone begins their comment with insults to my intelligence, it would always seem they were looking to pick a fight, and to me that is a troll. I appologize if I offended, but it is important to me that i defend what I write, because I have done massive research into the human digestive system, because my life depends on it.

Tzakis, who performed my intestinal transplant, feels I understand the human GI tract better than he does. I get tons and tons of nasty letters from vegans and that probably makes me a bit gun shy. I do not approve many of them because they contain nothing but insults and profanity and no science whatsoever. She did however accuse me of being completely wrong in my science and even misquoted things said in the article which were not there.

Yes, I felt insulted and attcked by the nature of her reply, like she was going to school me, yet every thing she claim I had already addressed correctly in the article or she was spouting flat out pseudoscience. Much of her science was seriously flawed. I appologize if it seemed to harsh, must have been the mood I was in that day.

I thank you for writing and appologize if I offended, but I will always defend my position with science. Meat isnt bad as long as it is organic. Can we survive just off of it alone?

Sure if you want to be ketogenic forever… Maybe not the kind meat sold nowadays. Can you live just being a vegan? If you had not much intestine, how well does the intestine work with meat. Stomachs are bad arse, dont get me wrong.

But, you might be an exceptional personal or a freak. Hi Zane, thanks for commenting. I am certainly a biological freak, but not because of my digestive system, All of the times I surprised and astonished the doctors had more to do with some weird ability I have to survive low blood pressures which usually kill people, but I assure you, your stomach works much like my own. Yes, I was only left with about 8 inches of small intestines. Basically the food which emptied from my stomach came directly out of the duodenum and out the stoma.

In all reality, what came out of the stoma was really what you would expect to come from the duodenum in any healthy person, there was nothing abnormal about me. The digestive system is very complex and very difficult to understand. Many people have misconceptions of the role that the intestines play and attribute a lot of digestion to them, when in reality their job is mostly one of nutrient absorption.

Though some digestion takes place along the way, the greater part of reducing the food to liquid is handled first by the mouth and teeth. The teeth do a majority of mechanical damage grinding and pulverizing solids into a softer material, increasing surface area and exposing more of the cells to the acids and enzymes in the stomach and duodenum.

Also, do not overlook the fact that the human saliva contains many enzymes, mostly amylase, an enzyme which breaks down carbohydrate bonds, so even complex carbohydrates are reduced to simple sugars before reaching the stomach and absorb quickly into the blood stream. This is one of the problems with the modern american diet rich in carbohydrates which spike blood sugar far too fast for the pancreas to deal with.

Having a stoma which came directly off the duodenum gave no time for the stomach acid to be neutralized , so I felt the full force of the stomach acid when I experienced the all too often ostomy leaks which allowed the stomach acid to cover the sensitive skin of my stomach area.

Believe me when I tell you, that acid had plenty of corrosive ability to reduce any animal protein to liquid in short order. It burned very much like car battery acid and left my skin red and inflamed for days. Since most food will sit in this bath of acid and enzymes for two hours or more as the stomach agitates it by churning, the animal cells, which are only made of cholesterol, break down quickly to solution.

The duodenum is a very over-looked organ. It may be only 4 to 6 inches long and follows immediately after the stomach, but it contains many ducts where biliary secretions of specific enzymes, designed to break down chemical bonds of the 3 major macronutrients we eat. Lipase, for breaking down fats, protease for breaking down proteins and amylase to break carbohydrate bonds, reducing starches to simple sugars or monosaccharides. Many of these enzymes are secreted by the pancreas, except bile, which is secreted by the liver, stored in the gall bladder and released when fat is present.

Bile is not an enzyme, but rather an emulsifier. Think of it like the way water will not mix with oil, but if you add an egg yolk, which acts as an emulsifier, the two become one as mayonnaise,.

In a similar way, bile, which is made of cholesterol and salts, makes the fat join with the watery chime, so all will be ready to be absorbed as it enters the jejunum. The stomach, with its high acid content, array of enzymes do most of the work which the teeth and saliva did not finish. Cellulose plant cell walls is a very hard carbohydrate equivalent to wood and is indigestible by any animal in the world.

Even termites are dependent on bacteria which lives in their stomachs to ferment the wood cellulose and then feed them with the by-product. Most modern pesticides are designed to target the bacteria rather than the termite, because once the bacteria dies, the termite dies of starvation.

This is true in all ruminant animals and hind-gut digesters. They have many microbes within their multiple stomachs or hind-gut to ferment the cellulose for them and feed them the butyrate a short chain triglyceride — saturated fat.

The human stomach is virtually sterile, as is all the small bowels, making us an omnivore who must get our fat from dietary sources. A human is not a hind-gut digester as our closest relative, the chimpanzee is and cannot convert cellulose to a fatty acid; actually our colon can, but we do not absorb much from the colon, certainly not enough to sustain us.

The proof is that the chimp has a much larger ratio of colon, cecum and appendix and much less small bowels for absorption. There is evidence that our most ancient ancestor; Australopithecus, best example; Lucy , shows evidence of being a hind-gut digester, eating mostly fruits and vegetation, but this is a pre-hominid relative of man, being nothing we would consider a hominid.

She had an extremely small brain, not much bigger than a modern chimpanzee. Proof of this was found in the bones of paleolithic hominids who showed signs of carrying the same parasite as the ancestors to the modern hyenas, which heavily suggested they were eating on the same meat as the hyenas, also suggesting that early hominids were scavengers.

I personally believe they were scavenging until their brains grew large enough that they began creating weapons which allowed them to chase predators away from fresh kills, then eventually becoming good enough with weapons to become the apex predator.

It is interesting that only the human developed the ability to throw objects in an overhand motion with deadly accuracy. This skill requires a very large portion of the brain to accomplish this very technical task, yet it is so ingrained in humans, that even two year old children can toss objects overhand and usually hit their target and certainly most of our sports are based on this ability. If you would like to red more about this amazing human adaptation Which helped us grow our brains and conquer the world , the following is an article detailing the evolution from a Harvard Publication: I know that PETA likes to spread some pseudoscience they pulled directly from their asses, because not one respectable anthropologist would agree with their claim that humans evolved as an herbivore.

The Harvard article reports what the top anthropologists believe based on the evidence they have found, not what there wishful thinking wants them to believe. It is for this reason that I believe that we are better adapted to digesting meat with higher efficiency and what I saw in the ostomy bag would support that thesis. Then there came fire! As the hominids began cooking their food, the nutrients became even easier to extract and absorb, even from the vegetables, and the brain grew more, allowing the invention of greater technology for both hunting, food preparation and cooking.

This also lessened the need for the large powerful jaw for chewing which Lucy had. Our jaws shrunk and certain teeth became unnecessary, which is why wisdom teeth become more of a problem than anything else. Everything which came out of my stomach is exactly what should have been expected in anyone with a healthy stomach and duodenum.

We cannot digest cellulose, except what we happen to chew well enough, but humans are no longer designed for that type of chewing. This is why ruminant animals have flat molars without ridges. Our molars have peaks and valleys, not as extreme as a pure carnivore, but far more than a ruminant.

Theses ridges are for tearing meat, but since we usually cut our meat, these are not really necessary. Even worse, we lack the jaw power. Apes have very large jaw muscles which attach to a crest atop their skull, the human jaw muscles anchor to the cheek bone and temporal side of the skull and are far too weak to efficiently crush raw vegetation.

We also lack the extreme side to side chewing motion necessary for grinding vegetation. So we can always expect to find un-chewed vegetables and seeds passing through the human digestive system whole think of corn. This is why we get more from vegetables which are cook or fermented. This how the human lost much of that heavy plant digestion tools, from cooking and fermenting vegetation for eons. Without any help from outside sources, the human being has everything necessary to digest meat and the animal products and get most the available nutrients from it.

I still believe we are an omnivore, because there are many nutrients we have become dependent on getting from plants, nuts or fruits, we just are not as efficient at digesting them and therefor cannot live on them exclusively. Of the two food sources, we are far better equipped to digest meat and animal foods fully, getting far more nutrition from animal products that we do from vegetation.

Meat is poison to the human because it does rot in the gut and remnants of this crap is found even years later in the human gut.. He is totally full of BS. STOP telling lies, Melvin.

Do some research before spouting nonsense! ON Reading all this I now know it rambles and I am not up to editing it all. So much for posting when tired and in pain. Wow the last resort of those with no real facts to debate with… just personal attacks and meaningless profane labels. I have killed and eaten a lot of trout, catfish, sea bass, salmon, cut-throat etc in my time. Mind you I hate this trend in factory farming where they force animals to grow rapidly and they kill them way too soon in intensive farms where many of the animals have active infections.

All slaughtered way too soon for quick cash. I dislike it when foul, pigs and steers are filled with chemical crap to force them to grow fast, given antibiotics so you can back them together without quite killing them, and then are slaughtered way too young this has given us antibiotic resistant infections too. That kid of ranching gives people meat without real flavor that is not good for them.

It is expensive, but not as expensive as chemo or a funeral. Alternative medicine that HEALS problems — instead of putting you on a conveyer belt of medication that just covers up the symptoms with docs who never ever ask WHY you got sick in the first place. Far more alternative medicine is now based on hard science research than there is in modern western medicine. Last year I saw a rheumatologists who was using methods based on a study that had been shown as crap by the World Health Organization a study of 5 people with no double blind or control group, all participants were hand picked by one doctor to prove HIS POINT, and not one of the subjects had the disease according to the WHO.

I hate it when people base their life choices or their way of treating patients on bad information…. Then again the real world can be scary. In fact, real fat the butter, suet and lard that used to be quite common is not the danger we have been told it is. The Framingham heart study showed this as fact and then the data was twisted to try and say the opposite …. In order to survive my own health issues more on that later I read a lot of research papers and medical abstracts.

I have too do this in order to get better which I have been doing — to the amazement of the docs. I also have a sister in law who has a PDH in biochemistry, was a university professor at Georgetown Clair Booth Luce Chair , worked a Lawrence Livermore Labs and is now working in epigenetics in her own non-profit. She agrees with what We do in OUR house. She knows my research and choices are correct, and that the docs have their heads buried someplace … perhaps in the sand… or maybe in a place that is dark and stinky.

Any doc who does not have a microscope in their practice, is NOT a scientist. All they know is: A good modern E. However western docs are utter crap at dealing with any chronic problem or preventative medicine. Not one of them though to check me for gallbladder disease because my liver bloods were always fine and they ARE fine … until the months right before you are likely to DIE. My gallbladder got to be football sized instead of marble sized with irregular thickening well over 1cm in places and with polyps.

He told her to go see her gastroenterologist. Had they not assumed and had then run tests done real science they would have caught it years earlier. Meanwhile I had a very bad attack. I had a branch of my hypatic artery blow. Thankfully my blood is so screwed up or was back then before my research that I barely bled at all at the time…thanks to red cells that are totally the wrong shape, far too many red cells polycythemnia and enough fibrin for 10 people.

For instance, in I screwed up in the kitchen and buried a steak knife down to the bone on my index finger near the big knuckle…and it did not BLEED at all. It only left a dark mark on the skin like a hair fine bruise. I did not mange get even one drop of blood out of it from squeezing to try and get the blood to clean it out.

So…had I not STILL been very sick from the joys of irresponsible corporate petro-chemistry, and stayed that way from docs who never bothered to do acy testing — i. As a result although I did lose 5 units of blood out my backside and into my belly..

There is a point to take into account here. If meat or gluten was the big evil, they would have had armies of the disabled — filled with people with IBS, crones, Fibomyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which would have made it very hard to oppress millions of people through bloody warfare. Then again it was also an era where we had constant farm, city and home use of DDT, 24D, Diazanone etc ….

Hell, we had a can of DDT on top of the fridge for killing the flies. So now I have serious health issues. The worst of the lot give me rapidly forming burning blisters — some of which are huge and go very deep — all the way down into the fat layer where you can see my capillaries.

So it just builds up. Given enough time the villi take serious damage. And because the small intestine and villi sit right next to a large portion of the lymphatic system in order for us to absorb nutrients …the lymphatic system also takes damage from absorbing all that rubbish.

The lymphatic system has no pump or filter. It can get bogged down, clogged and filled with chemical crap easily. The gut can no longer do its job right with all this going on.

And people still go on eating poisoned groceries, fast food, etc. They are too tired by then to do anything complicated in the kitchen..

There is no room for a real pantry for food storage either. But then people have had a long tradition of embracing the irrational, ignoring reality and rewriting history to fit what they want to believe in or to avoid what scares them. The popes envoy to Galileo refused to look in the telescope lest his faith be lessened and he did not dispute what could be sen throuth it.

I am what you might call a rational greenie. I like science and there is certainly nothing wrong with making a good living so long as you are not an ass about it.

Incidentally speaking of poisoning people back before King James got a hold of the Bible for his English translation note that he was an unstable nut-case who though witches were out to get him — under the bed, in his shoes, everywhere there was this old testament bible verse which therefor only applied to JEWISH people and it said:.

It said nothing about witches. HE King James personally believed that witches wanted to poison him. Then again King James and other people before him changed other piece of the bible. The KJ version was going to be read by average people so it could NOT be a contradiction to accepted theology. Now in that era, women had no rights and were property. St Augustine paved the way for some of this. I would assume that you have a much broader selection of fresh food there.

Here in the U. Thanks for stopping by and for the words of encouragement, Bob. I definitely subscribed to the email announcement and have already posted your article on the dangers of colonoscopies to my facebook page. Thanks, Bob, for helping to spread the information. Stanton has some great information at his site Gnolls. He has a very direct approach to delivering comprehensive facts.

Odd, considering my great-grandmother ate meat,and my 96 year old grandmother and my 93 year old grandfather and my 93 year old great grandfather, weird I think she is secretly doing it just to lose weight and also that besides that fact it might give you cancer she has no other moral reason to do so. I lost my bowels due to the incompetence of a group of doctors. A gastroeterologist attempted a colonoscopy and perforated the colon.

He and another group of doctors ignored my complaints of pain for nearly 4 days. In that time of massive hemorrhaging, a partial occlusion formed in the superior mesenteric artery — and again, the doctors failed to diagnose it for more than a week.

The bood flow was severely decreased to the intestines and all of my bowels became ischemic. Vegans use lots of scare tactics to get people to change to their lifestyle. Most of the time they know nothing that they claim to. There are no links to meat causing cancer. Some processed meats can contain carcinogenic chemicals, but in very low doses. This is why I stray away from processed meats Spam, cold cuts, hot dogs, etc.

Fresh meat will never give anyone cancer. They can claim all the health benefits they wish, but in the real world, the healthiest people I know are not vegan. But, some of the sickest people I know are. They go to the doctors more often and take way more medications and supplements. It is a horrible disease. Try avoiding wheat and products made from wheat. Gluten is very rough on the intestinal walls.

I still have 20 inches of native colon which I was able to spare by giving up wheat. And those things are quite healthy for us and there are great nutrients extracted from them farther in the digestive process.

The stomach is only one part of a long system. Now if we all had all types of whole veggies in our poop not just the corn kernels — that might be something to consider. Hi Sara, thanks for commenting.

You seem to have missed the point of the article completely. The point of the post was not to denigrate vegetables as a food source, but rather to counter the ignorant and deceitful claim by vegans that humans cannot digest meat. According to vegan pseudoscience, meat is indigestible by humans and putrefies in the colon. Although vegetables are an important source of many nutrients and a healthy part of a good diet, humans actually digest meat more efficiently than vegetables.

Your claim that the intestines contain enzymes to digest every part of vegetation, like broccoli, is not accurate. The parts of the intestines that I was missing are mostly used for absorption, not digestion.

I now have a complete digestive system due to the transplant. Yet, I still found whole pieces of vegetables in the ostomy. The level of nutrition that we receive from most vegetables are contingent on how well they are cooked and chewed.

Other than colonic bacteria, humans have absolutely no enzymes that can break-down plant cellulose they must be mechanically broken by chewing. This is why ruminant animals have multiple chambered stomachs and chew their cud several times.

If the human digestive tract could so efficiently break down vegetation as you suggested, then why would ruminants have evolved such a large and energy gobbling digestive tract?

Explain to me why they evolved four stomachs if the tiny human intestine could do the trick — and why do they have such a large cecum, whereas the human cecum is almost non-existent? I eat plenty of vegetables. Because vegetables are so difficult to digest, I ferment a lot of my vegetables to get more out of them. Humans get more nutrition from well cooked or fermented vegetables than raw.

Most vegetables are indigestible to humans in their raw state and most grains are down-right toxic to humans in their raw state, because of the high level of lectins and phytates. I have started eating only meat due to the fact that I personally cannot digest veggies….. Your argument presents a straw man logical fallacy.

Of course the human body can digest meat. Our bodies do not have the physiological trademarks of traditional carnivores. There is no straw many fallacy here, but your argument is certainly an argument from ignorance fallacy.

Just because you are ignorant of the claim does not mean it has never been made. One the flip side of your argument, humans do not digest vegetation as well as ruminant animals either, because we are not herbivores, but are omnivores.

Humans do synthesize all of the enzymes necessary to digest meat, unlike total herbivores, who do not. My observation in undeniable. All of the meat that I consumed was completely reduced to liquid by the time it exited the duodenum, yet many pieces of whole vegetables were undigested. You act as though all carnivores digest meat with the same efficiency — nothing could be further from the truth.

Cats are better suited for softer organs and muscles, whereas canines have the ability to digest much tougher cartilage and bone. Crocodilians have such powerful stomach acid that they can digest bone, horns, antlers and hooves. My post is hardly a straw man fallacy when you, yourself are claiming that we do not digest meat very well and my claim is that we digest it very well. How is completely reducing it to liquid before it reaches the small bowels not very efficient?

You are the one with the straw man fallacy by trying to make the argument that I claimed that humans were carnivores. Where in this article did I make such a claim? Human beings are omnivores and can adapt to eating many different foods.

Inuit people have proven that humans can thrive on animal products alone, if necessary. I see much of the laziness, cynicism and various BS you have commented on in the medical field. This article is garbage. And of course there were whole pieces of lettuce and plant matter coming out the stomach. Most of our digestion is done in our stomach. The acids in out stomach do a great job breaking down proteins. When that animal protein liquid goes into the rest of the GI tract after the stomach it turns into a thick sludge.

Which can hinder overall digestion. Bit saying we can eat meat. But our diet should be based on plant spruces more so than animal sources. So let me get this straight — the stomach does a great job breaking down animal proteins but upon leaving the stomach it becomes a thick sludge that I presume is indigestible.

And the grammatical and spelling errors make it nearly unreadable. Thanks for blowing some fresh air into the stench that wafted this way. Trolls can be irritating. Thanks for attempting to leave a comment. I believe that Bob was being very polite saying your comment was nearly unreadable.

As much as a wanted to understand your comment it was completely incoherent. Can you site any studies that prove that the chyme containing animal proteins and fats are indigestible, or more accurately, inabsorbable?

Because it makes absolutely no sense. Once exiting the duodenum, which is where all the pancreatic enzymes and bile are secreted, the protein chains have been reduced to simple amino acids. Amino acids from plants are no different from those of animals. So why would animal amino acids be less absorbable? An amino acid is an amino acid — plant or animal. You admit that animal proteins are properly digested in the stomach and duodenum If you know what that is , but then say they cannot be digested further down the bowels.

This is absurd, because little to no digestion takes place beyond the duodenum — only absorption. The jejunum and ileum are filled with villi, which are predominantly for absorption of nutrients from the cyme. Your science is quite flawed and it is obvious that you WANT to believe something, but have no biological knowledge or evidence to back it up. Read a biology book on digestion and take a course in English and then come back and we can debate this intelligently. The issue with the plant proteins was that a percentage of them were not efficiently broken down in the stomach and duodenum.

What vegetable protein had been thoroughly chewed and digested would be absorbed. Problem is, humans cannot thoroughly chew our food as well as a ruminant, therefore much of the nutrients contained within the cellulose are never digested — this is why people find whole kernels of corn in there crap. You never find whole pieces of meat in your stool, do you? Both animal and plant nutrients are good for us, the fact of the matter is that we are better designed, by nature, to extract nutrients more efficiently from animal cells because the cell walls are more permeable than cellulose.

Your argument did nothing to prove that our diet should be predominantly plant based, other than you saying so at the end of your ridiculous rant about sludge. Please show us some scientific evidence, outside of some claim on PETAs website who are not scientists by any stretch , that may substantiate your thesis. I know what I saw coming out of my stoma. I have a very highly intelligent readership and they demand scientific evidence, not vegan propaganda, to support dietary claims.

Fresh vegetables are fine apparently, but if you steam them or cook them in any way they loose nutritional value and the digestive system starts to reject them.

Thanks Taylor for writing. I saw that movie also and did not see much in the line of scientific evidence or studies to support those claims, other than some people looking into the camera and making those claims basically like, believe me because I said so and I am in a movie with some impressive letters after my name.

People can claim anything they want after all, PETA boldly claims humans cannot digest meat , but showing the studies to support those claims is another story. I am referring to the claim that the body attacks cooked vegetables as a foreign invader. As a matter of fact, there is better evidence that overcooking meat can cause Advanced glycation end-product AGE by burning proteins and lipids. This is a good reason not to overlook or fry meat at high temperatures.

It creates inflammation, but nothing like a full blown immune response like that movie suggested. Some food allergies can cause an immune response, otherwise, only pathogens or toxins trigger any dangerous immune response.

Creating inflammation is something different than what the movie producers were suggesting. There is truth that vegetables and fruits do lose nutritional value when cooked so do animal products , but that is also a very deceptive statement when only offered without the other variables.

Fruits are a different story, because they are the ovary of a plant and designed and offered up by the plant for ingestion in order to spread their seeds. Many vegetables are not digestible to human beings — some are downright toxic to us if not cooked.

Lectins are destroyed by heat — and lectins will kill a human being. The problem is, that we are not designed to chew our food with the same efficiency as a ruminant — nor are we hind gut digesters, like other primates. This is most likely why humans began to supplement their diet with meat a long time ago — more likely, we lost the ability to properly chew and ferment vegetation at the same time we began to introduce more animal products into our diets which were more nutrient dense than vegetation anyway.

For those that suggest that we can chew food well enough to rupture every cell wall of the impermeable cellulose of plants would be completely ignoring the fact that ruminants evolved multi-chamber stomachs, far stronger jaw muscles, the ability of extreme side-to-side jaw movement and large flat molars humans have rigged molars.

Why would ruminants have evolved all that equipment if the tiny, weak, human jaw and teeth are sufficient enough, to not only rupture cellulose walls, but we also had no need to regurgitate our food and re-chew it several times? Anthropological evidence suggests that we lost the larger teeth, stronger jaw and larger hind gut after adopting meat and animal products intimidatedour diets. There are some who like to argue that raw vegetables are healthier, because many enzymes which are heat sensitive are destroyed when cooked.

The other option would be to juice them, but then the vegetables are also heated by the high-speed blades of the juicer, thereby destroying as many nutrients as if cooked. But, we do not get more from most of the vegetables we eat when in their raw state, we actually get more from those that are cooked, because it helps break down the cellulose for us. This can be confusing, because many call corn a vegetable, when it is in reality a grain and beans are seeds, not vegetables.

The leafy green part of the plant and the stalks are vegetables. I ferment vegetables, which probably maintains the highest amount of nutrients. The rumen stomach is a large fermentation vat, which is why cattle smell like fermented vegetation even to the extent of alcohol when you are near them.

The cultures in the fermentation field are able to digest the cellulose plant walls that we are incapable of digesting. Animal cells have a membrane of cholesterol — something we make enzymes lipase to digest. Plants have a cell membrane made of indigestible carbohydrates, which humans have no mechanism with which to efficiently rupture them. Even ruminants must repeatedly chew and ferment them to break down those cell membranes, which house the nutrients inside. In recent years, there have been far more humans killed in the western world by consuming raw vegetables, than meat, raw dairy or eggs combined.

I guess far more people consume raw vegetables, because they are convinced they are healthier or they are attempting to lose weight. The whole idea of eating salad to lose weight was based on the idea that we cannot digest the vegetation to release the carbohydrates within — right? It was thought to be just stomach filler. So, whoever invented the idea of a salad knew that we could not digest raw vegetation well, nor get much from it. Just think, if we could digest vegetables like a ruminant, salads would be the most fattening of foods, with all those carbohydrates.

Problem is, we cannot get to those carbohydrates, ruminants can. Back to my original point…. Everyone knows the dangers of raw meat, so they avoid it. But, some of the recent outbreaks of food borne pathogens salmonella, e. Recent culprits have been bean sprouts. I thank you for writing, but I have yet to see any evidence to support the idea that the human body attacks cooked vegetables.

Have you seen any scientific information basically, by what biological mechanism does this happen? What cells of the immune systems are involved and why? If someone is eating burnt vegetables, it might make some sense, but I see no reason why steamed or sauté vegetables would have that effect. I mean, everything that we eat is a foreign invader, unless we were only eating our own flesh.

Otherwise, I think it may be just more vegan propaganda in an attempt to frighten people from animal products. I was still eating some salads then, because that was before the transplant, do my immune system was not yet compromised. Thanks again for writing and for the questions. There are NO clear links to meat and disease. The studies performed are based on outdated information started by Ancel Keys in with his 6 country study which he ignored reliable data from 16 other countries, which ruin his time-line when added in.

Once Professor Keys was appointed to the board of the AHA American Heat Association in the the myth began to grow and no one dared question it any further. All other test since as the Framingham study have been acheived via questionares sent to people to fill out — How scientific is that?

It is well known to scientist that the government accepted this myth most likely due to the pushing of more grain in our diet — which is killing us Since most funding for these studies come from government monies, every scientist knows thet their experiments will go unfunded and could lose tenure as many prfessor have who disagreed with the myth if their results show anything different than what the hand-that-feeds wants — therefor, they make sure that the data ia skewed to fit the desired answer.

Scientist have to eat and support their families also, so they comply. But, there are many independent test that have been done that have easily proved the opposite.

Try doing some more research on the subject before calling someone a liar. The test which show meat consumpption for superior health than grains were all clinical studies, far more reliable than the observational studies done by those which show the oppossite and the only studies which show that meat is bad are all observasional in nature — leaaving out many variables, like excessive drinking, drug use and smoking.

You have been lied to — we all have. Absolutely spot on from my observations and readings. The last ice age ended roughly 10, years ago and lasted about , years. Fruit in the diet would have been almost nil. After the development of agriculture there is clear evidence of a significant decline in health — this occurred roughly 6, BC I believe. Human populations that took up farming became shorter — as much as half a foot, extreme dental issues and chronic diseases.

The hunter gatherers before not all became farmers and their health did not deteriorate which suggests the health issues directly tied to the farming life had been supremely fit and healthy until death, without any of the issues their farming neighbours were experiencing.

The rest of the diet should be vegetables, preferably hardier vegetables that do better in a colder climate. You especially want to stay away from dairy, most grains, processed foods and most simple carbohydrates. I know this is a article in of itself but people have to learn about these things and the more noise we make the better. It helps that I also moved into the bush, got some pets and started drinking water that hadnt been treated. I read most of your website a couple of years ago and noticed at that time there was a large gap of time with no new postings.

Just checked back this evening and was glad to see you are still alive and kicking and writing. Tried Paleo and then tried Soylent. Take care and keep writing! Sorry for the delay in responding to your comment Holiday madness and family in town and all. I also apologize for my absence of any new material in a long while.

I really do wish to get back to publishing new stuff, but I have had so many other things to take care of. After nearly dying several times, I now realize how short life can be and just how fast everything can go wrong. I have also been conducting a lot of investigation, because I did not want to continue to write the same things over and over. I have met several business insiders one a retired nurse who helped in thousands of colonoscopies and the other a medical equipment distributer who have helped me with a lot of proof of what I suspected.

I think people will be shocked at just how bad this endoscope business is run. I thank you for checking on me. I hope you a lot of luck in finding a diet which works best for you. I know what you mean about the paleo and the amount of cooking involved. I really enjoyed reading your fascinating blog, there is so much content I will return to again and again.. If you have any questions, please feel free to write me. Thank you Cindy for stopping by and reading.

I apologize to all my readers for not publishing anything new in a while. I have had a lot of deaths of people close to me including my father who is still alive, but has had several strokes and left mentally crippled.

There will be some shocking stuff when I do publish these articles. In that time, I have been contacted by some industry insiders who have provided me with the proof of everything I suspected about colonoscopies and the news was even worse than I anticipated, so be prepared for some serious shit! On top of many other things, I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma about a year ago and needed to undergo treatments.

It is in full remission at this time, but this was quite distracting and another reason I was not publishing. I thank every one for their patience and concern for my well being. I have received so many encouraging emails from readers who were concerned that I was very ill or possibly died I can understand why they thought that.

These emails meant a lot to me. Thank you for the links and information Pam. I will look into this much further. I am doing quite well and I hope you too are doing well. It is really difficult to watch a father go through something like this, because I know he would never want to be treated this way if he still had a perfectly functioning brain. I know that he never wanted to live that way.

I beleieve that a lot of needless suffering had been brought about by the doctors as they drove his cholesterol lower and lower each years since his heart attack in I am sure he would have prefered to drop dead of one massive heart attack than whither away like this. Doctors act as if cholesterol is some pesky chemical by-product which is toxic to us.

Sometimes I believe that many of the doctors have convinced themselves of this — almost as if cholesterol is like C02, ammonia, uric acid, or something the body produces through respiration and must be gotten rid of or it will kill us. In truth, cholesterol is a very important antioxident and is the base for most of our hormones, the production of vitamin D, every cell membrane in our body and makes up the bulk of the brain and nervous system.

When my father had his first heart attack six years ago and the doctors started all of that cholesterol pseudoscience, I tried my hardest to have him dump those drugs and also dump all of the wheat and other grains from his diet, but that was not going to happen. Unfortunately, it worked out about the way I feared it would. He would have been much better off to even drop dead of a massive heart attack than slowly decay the way he is doing.

He has now had a stroke in ever major part of the brain and is totally confused. He requires 24 hour a day assistance and will spend his remaining days in a hospital or assisted living facility.

I thank you for your concerns. Have you ever tried an all meat diet or zero carb diet? Thanks for your article. I really enjoyed your replies to the ones who wanted to disagree with you.

Brought even more clarity to the original article. Really appreciate you taking the time to write all you did. Makes it so clear about the human digestive system. Thank you for the kind words of encouragement. Otherwise, I have no problem with different opinions. I guess I can get a little too rough at times, which was pointed out to me once. I still feel that I handled it properly because I felt she was a troll.

I get so many vegan trolls write here that I can spot them a mile away. The human digestive system can be confusing, because it is unlike any other species on earth because of the fact that our ancestors cooked their food and our digestive tract adapted to this.

Since cooking and later fermenting foods is basically a form of predigestion, powerful chewing was no longer necessary and the acid could reduce in our stomachs.

We gave up the hind-gut digestion of our most ancient ancestors in order to evolve a larger set of small bowels for more absortion from the nutrient dense diet they ate. It required less energy for our digestive system, which was more energy which could be allotted to a larger brain. I find it all real fascinating. All of the great apes genetically closets to humans are hind-gut digesters and have a much smaller set of small intestines compared to a human, but they have a much, much large colon, cecum and appendix.

Most of their absorption comes from the hind-gut. In fact, if you remove the colon for a chimpanzee, it will die, unlike humans, who can live fine without a colon, cecum or appendix. We relay so little on the intake from these organs they have become basically vestigial. This change came about strictly from cooking foods, both meat and vegetables. Losing my bowels made me learn so much more about the digestive system than I ever knew before and I was studying for a Masters in biochemistry back when I went to college in the s.

I have yet to scratch the surface of all I have learned and wish to write even more detailed articles on this subject I have had some major distraction recently, but hope to soon be publishing again. Like you, I will limit my comments to what I know from my own experience and not from what I have read or heard. I have been eating complete zero carb for a little over six years without interruption. I only eat beef, pork, chicken, shrimp, scallops, and eggs. My mainstay is beef. That is it for me.

I eat nothing of plants. I do not take any supplements. Literally, it has been just meat and eggs for six years. I am in excellent health. I go to the doctor perhaps once a year for an annual check up. My blood tests come back within the normal range. My lipid profile is extraordinary i.

HDL ; triglycerides I have stable energy throughout the day. I never feel hunger, but I have a strong appetite when I eat. I eat absolutely no fiber, but my bowel movements are regular and effortless. I have not ingested any Vitamin C over the past six years, but I do not have scurvy.

According to modern-day myths, I should have died long ago because of the way I eat. Wolverine, you have done a great thing by posting about your personal experience. Most people simply believe all the garbage feed them by the establishment, which includes most of the medical profession and government bureaucrats.

Thank you for your honesty. You just keep eating everything they say will kill you and probably live to be It has really surprised me how many people I have talked to believe that humans have to eat grains. Most people seem to believe that there are some nutrients that we can only get from grains.

I keep telling them that if anyone was going to fail by dropping grains from their diet, it would be me. I have transplant bowels which certainly do not absorb as efficiently as native bowels do, yet I have not eaten any grains for more than 5 years. They said that every transplant recipient they have on file have to take some supplements, yet every time they have run a blood profile for nutrition on me, I am never defiant in any nutrient.

I sure think this goes to prove that humans do not need grains, and why would we? No human ever ate grains until about 10, years ago, 20, tops. How could any species become dependent on a food they only began eating 10, years ago? I appreciate the kind words and apologize for taking so long to reply.

Things have been a bit crazy recently. Interesting note re ostomy bags. We are also trained in helping with the psychological problems some people have in coming to terms with having a bag,.

Nursing assistants will also be trained in changing the bags and helping the patient manage their new situation. Thanks Helena for the information. I am always interested in the different ways the medical trade do things around the globe. Here in the states, or at least here in Florida or the six different hospitals I spent time in as a short bowel patient , the initial training for the stoma and ostomy care is typically given by the wound care specialist, but then all ostomy care, or at least the dirty work of emptying the bag, measuring the stool and documenting the data is delegated to the Tech as though these people do not have enough to do in a 12 hour shift.

The nurses also have an incredible amount of work to do in their shift as well, but the work of ostomy stuff typically falls to the Tech. I do remember one time a very young and inexperienced nurse was instructed to empty my ostomy and I knew I was in trouble right away because I could clearly see she was holding the end of the bag at a lower elevation than my stoma was at, but before I could even let a squeak from my mouth, she quickly pulled the plug on the bag.

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