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If you increase to 99 stitches you will need 18 buttons. In addition to double pointed needles I also have a pair of short 8 inch circular needles that I use to make hats. Either would work to make this hat in the round as written. When I use the 8-inch circular needles, I do switch to the double pointed needles during the decreases. C4B — means to move 2 stitches to the cable needle, hold the work in back, knit 2 stitches, then knit the 2 stitches on the cable needle.

This is a cable worked over a total of 4 stitches. C4F — similar to C4B, but hold the cable need in front. If you run into problems or have questions, leave me a comment and let me know.

This post contains affiliate links. Purchasing through them help support this website at no extra cost to you. Oh Gosh, that is the cutest thing ever! I so wish I could crochet like that! When you say Cable 4 Back or front , do you hold them in back or front , then knit 4 stitches, then knit the cabled stitches? Just learning how to knit cables, so not sure of your instructions.

Cable 4 Back means slip 2 stitches to your cable needle and hold the needle in back of your work. Knit the next 2 stitches, and then knit the 2 stitches from the cable needle. A cable 4 front would be the opposite.

Slip 2 stitches to your cable needle and hold the needle in front of your work, knit 2 stitches, then knit the 2 stitches from the cable needle. Hi Cedella and Dusty! Yes, the M1 stands for make 1, but it is not a yarn over. Here is a stitch diagram that shows a make 1. The owl stitch is a pattern repeat of 11 stitches. So if you need a smaller size you could cast on 60 stitches and then increase to 66 stitches in round 9. Hi Marion and Cathy! When you click on the link it should open a pdf of the pattern that you can print.

I have a difficult time knitting on 4 needles … could this be made on two needles then closed up? I was able to find a pair of very short circular needles 8 inches at my local yarn store.

They are great for hat making. I still have to use double pointed needles when I am decreasing, but they are perfect for the main portion of the hat.

I can hardly wait to make one for my grand daughter. On the owl hat pattern you say you use US size 5 needles, what would that be in Canadian or Metric? Hi Julie Just wondering 52 to 60 can I get more clarification what this mean please.

Thank you lovely hat beautiful. In each of those even numbered rows you will knit each stitch on that row. Then look below that to see what to do on the odd numbered rows. Just wondering what you would suggest doing for a baby size? Or do you have a separate pattern for babies? You suggest worsted yarn — but you did not say how much yarn you need for the hat?

What is the yardage? Also could this be knit flat up to the decrease? So beautiful and thanks so much for sharing your pattern Julie. Using size 5 US 3. Ok so i used Loops and Threads Impeccable Yarn 4 weight 18sts to 24 rows on 5 mm needles. Had a hard time pinning this post until I pinned directly from within pinterest.

Pinning from this website in safari results in pins that only lead back to photos, not the blog post. If that makes any sense. Firstly i want to say thank you for this lovely pattern, rave reviews for sure… I am wondering if you would permit me to share with anyone interested on here or elsewhere, how i redjusted your pattern to be worked on 2 straight needles, i would definitely credit you as the designer and post a link back to this page and original pattern, I think it would help those that have difficulty with double pointed needles.

Ho Tanya…I would definitely be interested in the pattern for two needles. Although I could do Four needles…I struggle…thank you. This is a wonderful hat! Thank you for sharing. I am trying to knit it but definitely need a bigger size since my head is the size of Rhode Island. I thought I had read a comment on how to increase the size but cannot find it.

Did you say to increase 11 for the owl pattern but do 9 rows of cables? Thank you so much! Just finished this cap using 3. Love the cap though. Hi Julie, thanks for sharing this lovely pattern. I increased my CO sts to and worked the ribbing on 3. On your Row 9 increase row in your original pattern…so techinically row 13 on my own version , I increased to sts and then switched to 5mm straights. The yarn I used for test knitting the adjustments was a Bernat Premium worsted weight.

Thanks so much for sharing your pattern with us!!! I started this hat with a more bulky yarn on 5mm needles as I do not know the term 5 needles. I use circular needs and will definitely go to a worsted weight next time.

In your owl hat you suggested co 80 sts , inc to 88 in 9th row of ribbing , for a bigger hat. Do you then follow the instructions in the pattern? Like how many sts between increases? Is it still k14 M1? Are the remaining patterns instructions the same? The changes i made to work on straight needles is: This is will fit adult size hat and is just snug enough not to flop around but not tight.. If you need me to write it line for line i will just let me know.. Good Luck and again Thank you Julie!!!

Thank you for your free pattern. I am also an owl appreciator and am looking forward to making this hat. Agreed with above comments, the pattern given using 3. Will be making at least two more, one by increasing stitches; will also try making one with 5mm US8 needles. Using charcoal grey yarn with white button eyes, super adorable. If you click on the link to the pattern it will open up a PDF that you can print.

Julie — Can you tell us what size buttons you sewed on for the owls eyes. Thank you for this cute hat pattern. I would like to suggest that everyone go back to the very first questions and read them and your replies. It seems a lot of people are asking the same questions over and over again.

Thank you so much in advance. Good luck and thanks. Lynda I do have them step by step but i am not sure if Julie would allow me to share that,, I would need to get her permission first…I did post the changes i made above did you by chance see it. Thanks for the gauge Julie. Should an adult hat have a circumference of inches? Is my thinking correct. Would love any and all comments. M1 Means to not do the usual increase by knitting into the back of a stitch, but with your left needle, slip it under the yarn that goes over to the right not a stitch, but a straighter section, just between the stitches on the two needles.

Yes Tanya I did see that but was hoping to get the line by line as I find it easier to follow. Stretched the gauge is between 3 and 4 stitches per inch which is why I was casting on 72 stitches. I have knit this cap using size 3. Using the 5mm needles gave me a cap thst is big enough around but too long.

I am going to take the stitches back and decrease my rounds at the rows. Not sure how many rounds I will take off. Do you have a picture of anyone wearing this cap as that would give all of us a better idea as to how it should fit. I did only Row then went to the decrease and it fits wonderful, the one i made for my friend fits her perfect too.. I just finished making your hat pattern with loops and threads colour tone wool blend and it worked up nice. Using 5mm needles however it made it into a slouchy style hat.

Probably could have left out 15 or more of the straight knitted rows above the owls. But otherwise a great and easy to follow pattern. Took only a few hours i knit fast thanks for sharing it. I am knitting the hat on two needles as on the following rows I am knitting where it is purl and purling where it says knit, the rows that you have to cable on are easy as they are done on the right side so do not cause a problem, if you do a lot of knitting this is an easy thing to do, good luck.

I, too, am also using 2 needles — and fairly new to knitting although I am an avid crocheter. Thank you so much. I need to know where my math is failing me. That uses a total of 75 stitches. What to do with the lat 2 stitches that make up the total of 77 stitches I have on my needles? I answered my own question. I misread and thought the P3 was only for the 1st 3 stitches so my poor owls were a little crowded together.

First of all, thanks to Julie for the pattern, it is awesome. I followed the pattern using the 72 stitches, worsted weight 4 yarn with the right gauge 5. It looks like it will fit a small child, or pre-teen. I will knit it again with the increased number of stitches.

Otherwise very simple to knit and so cute. The buttons for the owl eyes are not really necessary as the owls stand out anyway. Considering weaving a little contrasting wool for the eyes; should also be OK.

Thank you for the lovely Owl hat I am also unable to down load it. I am Brown Owl at a local Brownie unit with 30 girls and leaders. The girls and leaders would love me to knit them all one each. I knitted 30 owls last year when we went away with the Brownies. They was on their beds waiting for them when they all arrived, the girls loved them. Think this will be another project. Thank you for sharing this owl hat pattern, I adore owls! Made the hat using 4mm needles and fisherman wool lions brand.

The hat was so small, maybe fit a baby! The next one I will use 80 stitches to start and 5 mm or 5. I want to kearapt the pattern to make boot cuffs for my boots. What do you think about that. Would love to have the pattern for the sleepy time owl in crochet ,, f you could Please share! I have read the pattern, the blog as well as all comments and replies and cannot see what size buttons or how many? Thank you Julie for the lovely pattern. I am going to get started on this pattern now.

This is a lovely pattern. This has resolved several issues for me. I agree that using 3. Choose a size button that makes a good fit. Tie them on, sew them on, whatever works for ya.

Surely, there have been some issues but many commenters have figured out how to resolve them and share them with everyone or they have been answered by the author, Julie. May I be so bold as to suggest to Julie that, if possible, she amend the post to include a paragraph that incorporates the repeat questions, issues and resolutions.

If you are wanting to make the hat on 2 needles here are the line by line instructions https: Ive read through everything and not sure if you said whether or not one can use circular needles. I have several questions regarding this pattern. Your pattern states C4 F and C4 B. I found this rather odd. Came back to this page and found that it was actually a pattern of 2 stitches total for the cable not 4.

I understand the front and back. How many stitches are you knitting between the cables? Is it the p3? Then as I am reading through the comments I see that all even rows after ribbing is a knit row? Does that include the owl pattern rows?

Hello Julie, my name is Tracy from Bend, Oregon. Where we love is real cold and have lots snow and this hat would be a real nice fashion statement and warm! My email is ….. Only doing 3P and then removing stitches left me hanging.

I have been through all the comments and cannot find the button size. I understand that I could make the owls, then find the buttons; as one commenter suggested.

I need a size to do this! If I increase to the 80 stitches you say to use a 9 circular needle,would that be correct? Thank you for the pattern using 2 straight needles. I was trying to work this on 2 needles before these instructions. However, I still something missing.

On the cables are those done in knit or purl? This will have a significant bearing on the finished piece! I found this pattern a year ago and made a couple of the hats. I wanted to start by saying thank you so much for this pattern. According to comments on going up in needle size, are people sizing up to the 80 co and also usint a size 8 needle size?

I am having the same experience. I just finished this hat for my granddaughter. I am a tight knitter but followed the pattern exactly.. It is a bit long but still a lovely pattern.. Now, any one know of A free mitten pattern to match? I used 5mm needles,forgetting about the difference in sizes between U. It was a good mistake as the hat is adorable.. Trying to think of the best way to size up for adult man. Will get measurement and gauge but would it be reasonable to CO 80 and increase to 88 for one more owl?

I am thinking for the increase row; K13, inc1 x6 and distribute the 4 extra stitches evenly? Hi Julie I do not knit and my cousin asked me if I could make this and I saw you sell this hat. I looked on etsy and to no avail. Can you tell me how much you charge to make this owl hat? I made the hat using US size 5 needle…. Very quick to knit up…. I would like to knit in adult siz so I am goi g to enlarge and see how it goes….

But where is the pattern to be found? I made the owl hat last week: I am utterly confused…I just want to knit this hat in the round for an adult to look just like the photo. Sorry to complain but this precious hat is too adorable to pass up! This is a great hat, why are you people giving this lady such a hard time? She offered this pattern for FREE. As for trial and error knitting, how do you think she made the pattern…trial and error I suspect.

Anyone who can follow this type of a pattern has had some experience with knitting and should have been able to tell from the needle size that it was going to knit up small for this weight of yarn and this number of stitches. She clearly stated that the pattern is over 11 stitches and so upon casting on the stitches you would have realized that you needed to add more.

This was her pattern for her head, use that pattern as a guide. I say thank you for the pattern, I appreciate it very much. I knit one it was too small so guess what? STOP giving her a hard time and asking her to go to more work work you should be doing to come up with a pattern that suits you. Again thank you Julie for the lovely work you have done and for sharing your pattern for free!

Jennifer, there is actually a pattern for the 2 needles method if you look above, so anyone that wishes to make them on two needles just look for the link in the comments that Julie posted..

Kind of you to share… I have a friend who lives farrrrr away, and I will make this for her as she lovessss owls. Thanks for the pattern Julie! I reduced the number of rows in rounds to 10 instead of 20 but otherwise followed the pattern exactly.

The hat fits wonderfully! Not bad for my first attempt at a hat! Yes there is but the original pattern was not meant for 2 needles. I think people should be thankful for what was given. The link is not from Julie but from someone else.

This link is for what she used. I feel that people are being far to harsh to her. Be grateful for her work. I noticed on raverly it says a size 7 needle. This is the knit version. I have also seen the crocheted version which cost to download. See Pinterest Crocheted Owl Hat. Hi, Did you write the pattern for the owl hat on straight needles line for line, if so could you send me a link to it. The pilot episode premiered on 21 May , with the series continuing on 9 July Free has been in a relationship with Meg Turney since On 26 January , a deranged fan broke into Free and Turney's Austin home armed with a handgun, and fired one shot while the two hid in a closet and contacted authorities.

The suspect was confronted by police in the driveway and after an exchange of gunfire was killed by one of the officers. The gunman, an obsessed fan of Turney's, was reportedly resentful of Free's fame and relationship, and drove 11 hours from Albuquerque to the couple's home. Free is an ardent supporter of Tottenham Hotspur F. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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