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Finally, in some species, the queen needs to bully the workers into doing their jobs, and the dominant workers need to bully subordinate workers into doing their jobs x. We can apply our understanding to this news without too much difficulty, based on what has been said thus far. Originally slated to happen at the McFarland Intramural Fields, the event — featuring various relay races, prizes and food — was relocated to the Aebersold Student Recreation Center. Vultures can sail for hours with little effort using strong mountain updrafts to gain altitude, but other worlds may be even better suited for this mode of flight. The vision comes like a meteoric bombardment of atoms demonstrating that whilst Van Gogh thinks about his toils as a painter, he is also at the same time, a formidable musician. From physics and chemistry you will get 45 questions whereas from Biology 90 questions i.

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The nurse should teach that which sexual practice is the riskiest? A Anal intercourse is the riskiest sexual practice because the fragile anal tissue can tear, creating a portal of entry for human immune deficiency virus. The nurse providing direct client care uses specific practices to reduce the chance of acquiring infection with human immune deficiency virus HIV from clients.

Which practice is most effective? Consistent use of Standard Precautions b. Double-gloving before body fluid exposure c. Wearing a mask within 3 feet of the client ANS: Double-gloving is not necessary.

Wearing a mask within 3 feet of the client is part of Airborne Precautions and is not necessary with every client contact. Safe and Effective Care Environment: Safety and Infection Control. A client with human immune deficiency virus is admitted to the hospital with fever, night sweats, and severe cough.

What action should the nurse take first? Initiate Droplet Precautions for the client. Place the client under Airborne Precautions. Use Standard Precautions to provide care. The nurse should first place the client on Airborne Precautions to prevent the spread of TB if it is present. Droplet Precautions are not used for TB.

Standard Precautions are not adequate in this case. The test is negative and the client states Whew! I was really worried about that result. What action by the nurse is most important? Assess the clients sexual activity and patterns.

Express happiness over the test result. Remind the client about safer sex practices. Tell the client to be retested in 3 months. This period of time is known as the window period and can last up to 36 months. The nurse needs to assess the clients sexual behavior further to determine the proper response. The other actions are not the most important, but discussing safer sex practices is always appropriate.

Reduction of Risk Potential. A client with human immune deficiency virus HIV has had a sudden decline in status with a large increase in viral load. Ask the client about travel to any foreign countries. Assess the client for adherence to the drug regimen. Determine if the client has any new sexual partners. Request information about new living quarters or pets.

B Adherence to the complex drug regimen needed for HIV treatment can be daunting. Since this clients viral load has increased dramatically, the nurse should first assess this factor. After this, the other assessments may or may not be needed. A client is hospitalized with Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia. The client reports shortness of breath with activity and extreme fatigue. What intervention is best to promote comfort?

Perform most activities for the client. Increase the clients oxygen during activity. Pace activities, allowing for adequate rest.

D This client has two major reasons for fatigue: The nurse should not do everything for the client but rather let the client do as much as possible within limits and allow for adequate rest in between.

Sleeping medications may be needed but not as the first step, and only with caution. Increasing oxygen during activities may or may not be warranted, but first the nurse must try pacing the clients activity. Basic Care and Comfort. A client with HIV wasting syndrome has inadequate nutrition. What assessment finding by the nurse best indicates that goals have been met for this client problem? Chooses high-protein food b. Has decreased oral discomfort c.

D The weight gain is the best indicator that goals for this client problem have been met because it demonstrates that the client not only is eating well but also is able to absorb the nutrients. A client with acquired immune deficiency syndrome is hospitalized and has weeping Kaposis sarcoma lesions.

The nurse dresses them with sterile gauze. When changing these dressings, which action is most important? Adhering to Standard Precautions b.

Assessing tolerance to dressing changes c. Performing hand hygiene before and after care d. Disposing of soiled dressings properly ANS: D All of the actions are important, but due to the infectious nature of this illness, ensuring proper disposal of soiled dressings is vital.

A client has a primary selective immunoglobulin A deficiency. The nurse should prepare the client for self-management by teaching what principle of medical management? Infusions will be scheduled every 3 to 4 weeks. Treatment is aimed at treating specific infections. Unfortunately, there is no effective treatment. You will need many immunoglobulin A infusions. B Treatment for this disorder is vigorous management of infection, not infusion of exogenous immunoglobulins.

The other responses are inaccurate. Immune disorders patient education MSC: An HIV-positive client is admitted to the hospital with Toxoplasma gondii infection.

Which action by the nurse is most appropriate? Place the client on Airborne Precautions. Place the client on Droplet Precautions. Use Standard Precautions consistently. D Toxoplasma gondii infection is an opportunistic infection that poses no threat to immunocompetent health care workers.

Use of Standard Precautions is sufficient to care for this client. A client has just been diagnosed with human immune deficiency virus HIV. The client is distraught and does not know what to do. What intervention by the nurse is best? Assess the client for support systems. Determine if a clergy member would help.

Explain legal requirements to tell sex partners. Offer to tell the family for the client. A This client needs the assistance of support systems. The nurse should help the client identify them and what role they can play in supporting him or her. A clergy member may or may not be welcome. Legal requirements about disclosing HIV status vary by state.

Telling the family for the client is enabling, and the client may not want the family to know. A nurse works on a unit that has admitted its first client with acquired immune deficiency syndrome. The nurse overhears other staff members talking about the AIDS guy and wondering how the client contracted the disease.

Confront the staff members about unethical behavior. Ignore the behavior; they will stop on their own soon. Report the behavior to the units nursing management. Tell the client that other staff members are talking about him or her. A The professional nurse should be able to confront unethical behavior assertively.

The staff should not be talking about clients unless they have a need to do so for client care. Ignoring the behavior may be more comfortable, but the nurse is abdicating responsibility.

The behavior may need to be reported, but not as a first step. Telling the client that others are talking about him or her does not accomplish anything. Communication and Documentation NOT: A client has been hospitalized with an opportunistic infection secondary to acquired immune deficiency syndrome. The clients partner is listed as the emergency contact, but the clients mother insists that she should be listed instead.

Contact the social worker to assist the client with advance directives. Ignore the mother; the client does not want her to be involved. Let the client know, gently, that nurses cannot be involved in these disputes. Tell the client that, legally, the mother is the emergency contact. A The client should make his or her wishes known and formalize them through advance directives. The nurse should help the client by contacting someone to help with this process.

Ignoring the mother or telling the client that nurses cannot be involved does not help the situation. Legal statutes vary by state; as more states recognize gay marriage, this issue will continue to evolve. A client with human immune deficiency virus infection is hospitalized for an unrelated condition, and several medications are prescribed in addition to the regimen already being used.

Consult with the pharmacy about drug interactions. Ensure that the client understands the new medications. Give the new drugs without considering the old ones. Schedule all medications at standard times.

The nurse should consult with a pharmacist about possible interactions. For college students who are feeling homesick, sometimes the best remedy is visiting their family and enjoying a home-cooked meal. For international students at Slippery Rock University, traveling back home to their families is not an option, but a program at SRU is doing the next best thing: Now, he is sharing his message and insider stories with Slippery Rock University at 7 p.

Tajionna Anderson-Clinton transitioned from Slippery Rock University criminology major to a theatre major — complete with a talent agent — in about four years. Slippery Rock University has been approved as the first institution in the state to offer the Endorsement for Movement from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

SRU will now offer a credit hour program, through the Department of Dance, that will lead to students obtaining the Creative Movement Endorsement credential. Born in London, he has lived in five countries, speaks three languages, holds citizenship in a trio of countries, is a New York Times-best-selling author and graduated from the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Clown College.

Slippery Rock University's Feb. Nancy Schmidt, a Slippery Rock University graduate with a degree in recreation, is leading the Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness's Winter Tracks outdoor education program, a field trip experience for students from schools in Montana, Idaho and Washington. Lisa Graff, a Slippery Rock University graduate with a degree in communication, was named director of education, retention and engagement for Erie Homes for Children and Adults Inc.

So, the Slippery Rock University senior health and physical education major from Prospect decided to take things a little further this year, volunteering his time as a coach. Slippery Rock University will join millions across the globe in celebration of the Chinese New Year Adam Katchmarchi, a Slippery Rock University graduate with a degree in health and physical education, was named executive director of National Drowning Prevention Alliance, a non-profit organization created to provide the public with drowning prevention and water safety education and programs.

Frederick Douglass was born into slavery years ago, but the leader of the abolitionist movement is remembered today in many ways. Bill Wilson, a Slippery Rock University graduate with a master's degree in physical education, was hired as the athletic director and development officer at the University of Montana Western in Dillon, Montana.

There is a computer skills gap in public schools and Slippery Rock University is committed to doing something about it — and making it fun for students in the process. It is the 21st consecutive year the event has been staged at SRU.

Finding new ways to engage and support student success is a priority at Slippery Rock University. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Jude, which annually treats more than 7, children suffering from childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Slippery Rock University faculty, staff and student employees will see a little more green when they receive their Feb. Denton Zeronas, a Slippery Rock University senior secondary education-social studies major from New Castle, was recently appointed to the Slippery Rock Borough council, becoming the first person to serve on the council while enrolled as a full-time student at SRU. Slippery Rock University students took advantage of Mother Nature's "gift" — and by gift, we mean plenty of fluffy white stuff that forced the closure of the campus — to western Pennsylvania Feb.

A new model for global service-learning at Slippery Rock University is being built brick by brick, much the like the Caramarca Otavi Community School that is being constructed in Bolivia.

With snow showers blanketing much of western Pennsylvania, Slippery Rock University called it a day early this morning and closed the campus due to inclement weather. In more ways than one, a group of Slippery Rock University students traveling abroad had to quickly adapt for their Jan.

Within weeks of their planned departure to serve at an African orphanage, the four students had a change of course, and instead found themselves assisting professionals and school children on a Caribbean island. The task force was established in response to the recent rash of incidents at college campuses across the country. Christopher Cole, Slippery Rock University's director of conference services, was recently elected vice chair of the Butlery County Chamber of Commerce. Cole, who will serve a three-year term, is beginning his fifth year on the board.

Slippery Rock University has been recognized as one of the top public colleges for scholarship funding by the Student Loan Report, an online resource that "aims to cover all student loan news around the world. One of the worst influenza seasons in years is sweeping the country according to the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Count Slippery Rock University students among the many now under attack from the flu virus. Show and tell is not just an activity reserved for elementary school children; college students also need to display their work to potential employers and explain why they should be hired.

While the forecast for Jan. Nighttime is when most Slippery Rock University students are finally able to rest and relax after a long day of classes, club meetings, practices or projects. Two Slippery Rock University communication professors were recently published on MediaShift, a website that offers insight and analysis about the media and technology industries.

Two Slippery Rock University hospitality, event management and tourism professors were honored by the Resort and Commercial Recreation Association at the organization's annual conference.

Black American history as a social movement is something that is deeply rooted at Slippery Rock University, with the University first recognizing Black History Week in before it became a month-long celebration in As the grounds staff supervisor at Slippery Rock University, Grossman is the person who makes the first call in the middle of the night to begin the unenviable task of removing ice and snow in order to keep students, faculty and staff safe and the University running smoothly.

And, more importantly responds. The extended forecast for Jan. Seventy-five students from 11 institutions presented at the event. Christine Gorham, a Slippery Rock University graduate with a degree in finance, was recently appointed a regional director for Caddis, a national health care real estate firm headquartered in Dallas.

Severe winter weather can affect your daily routine, especially when it can cause the delay or cancellation of classes, work and events. Even though the weather can be unpredictable, there are procedures and resources in place at Slippery Rock University to keep the campus community in the know and to maintain the safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors.

The cold grasp of winter can signal only one thing at Slippery Rock University — the start of the spring semester. With classes underway once again, students were welcomed by faculty and staff eager to see their smile after a long winter break. College students and young adults are often portrayed through popular culture as a demographic that frequently uses drugs and alcohol without many of the risks or negative consequences.

Slippery Rock University's master's degree in data analytics has been ranked among the nation's top five most affordable degree programs by onlinecoursereport.

Slippery Rock University Interim President Philip Way today announced that Amir Mohammadi, SRU vice president for finance, administration and advancement services would assume additional duties as the interim vice president for advancement.

SRU was ranked 20th in the United States and nd in the world. A recent leadership workshop for Slippery Rock University employees began with attendees signing their name five times with their dominant hand and five times with their nondominant hand. Student-faculty research is at the heart of engaged learning at Slippery Rock University, providing transformational experiences for both parties through high-impact practices. The EDMAs recognize the best educational websites, digital content, electronic communications, mobile media and social media.

While it may seem like a group of Slippery Rock University travelers departing Jan. A Vietnam War veteran finds healing by befriending a Vietnamese student. An eccentric woman discovers joy from her conversations about seeing her favorite professional wrestler.

There may have been snow flurries, temperatures hovering around the freezing mark and gray skies, but the mood inside Slippery Rock University's Morrow Field House was warm and bright as friends, families and graduating seniors came together for SRU's Winter Commencement ceremony Dec. Joanne Leight, a Slippery Rock University professor of physical and health education, has been awarded the Ethel G.

Friends, teammates, business partners, roommates, brothers and twins. Those are a few of the many terms one could use to describe Elisha and Elijah Hill. The newest, and one that will come courtesy of Slippery Rock University's Dec.

Fifty years ago, when "The Graduate" burst onto the scene and screen, it marked a distinct departure from the conforming, classical films churned out by Hollywood. Slippery Rock University's online Master of Science in Data Analytics degree has been ranked among the top 28 online math programs for by Accreditedschoolssonline. Students — whether clustered in groups or flying solo — are scattered across every nook and cranny of Slippery Rock University this week as the annual end of semester rite of passage known as final exams week has descended upon the campus.

Slippery Rock University received its first dose of winter weather Dec. A new art exhibition featuring the joint efforts of students from Slippery Rock University's upper-level printmaking and botany classes in on display through Dec.

Bob Murray, a and Slippery Rock University graduate with a bachelor's degree in education and a masters of science in physical and health education, has published "Food and Fitness After Actually, he would be a horrible magician because he reveals the secrets behind his tricks.

Slippery Rock University is covering the cost that its students would have to pay because of cutbacks in a state-funded grant program. Imagine yourself standing in front of a hot griddle, the scent of pancakes wafting into the air. Now picture those pancakes stamped with a smiley face on one side and a frowny face on the other.

The works of three Slippery Rock University art majors is being showcased through Dec. Staging a capstone exhibition is a requirement for the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. While it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go, it's a safe bet that it's going to look a lot more like a graduation ceremony inside Slippery Rock University's Morrow Fieldhouse at 11 a.

Committee meetings will take place Dec. The quarterly business meeting will take place at 1 p. Presenters explored justice as an academic focus as well as the role honors can serve in addressing issues of access, equity and technology in education. Jenson, like many elementary school children, dreads doing his homework. Gina McKinney, a sophomore safety management major from Prospect, received an honorable mention in a video competition hosted by The Board of Certified Safety Professionals.

Slippery Rock University has received a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education to prepare military veterans for teaching jobs in school districts and subjects that are in need of certified teachers. It was dubbed the political crime of the century when five men broke into the offices of the Democratic National Committee inside the Watergate hotel and office complex in Washington, D. Dozens of Slippery Rock University students took part in a Nov. The works of five Slippery Rock University art majors will be showcased during two senior capstone exhibitions at the Martha Gault Art Gallery.

Slippery Rock University students continue to rate their overall experience at the University higher than do students attending peer institutions, according to the latest report from the National Survey of Student Engagement.

The works of two Slippery Rock University art majors is being showcased through Dec. Eliott Baker, retired Slippery Rock University director of academic records, summer school and graduate studies, will be awarded honorary membership in the Middle States Association of Registrars and Officers of Admission during the organization's annual conference, Nov.

While it's beginning to look a lot like finals week at Slippery Rock University, for Mallory Milberger, making special holiday memories and supporting worthy causes are just as important as acing her exams. Itzi Meztli, a Slippery Rock University associate professor of English, was recently elected to a four-year term on the Slippery Rock borough council.

Slippery Rock University has been recognized as a one of the Top 25 best online colleges in Pennsylvania by thebestcolleges. Slippery Rock University's master's degree in data analytics has been ranked among the nation's Top 50 "best online big data" degree programs by valuecolleges.

Slippery Rock University, its football team, athletic department and criminal justice program are mourning the loss of Slippery Rock alumnus and former football player Brian Shaw, who was killed last Friday night in the line of duty while serving as a police officer in New Kensington, Pennsylvania.

Longo, 27, will be the youngest mayor in the borough's history when he takes office in for a four-year term. The Slippery Rock University Council of Trustees today took another step forward in the process of selecting a new president for the University. The prize money for the Milken Educator Award, considered the Oscar for teaching, was revealed at an impromptu school assembly at Slippery Rock Area High School last month.

Slippery Rock University's council of trustees will conduct a special meeting at 8: Each year, the Military Support Group, a student organization at SRU, decorates packages, writes letters and collects items that it sends to SRU alumni who are serving in the armed forces.

Faculty-led study abroad programs offer students at Slippery Rock University the opportunity to whet their appetite for enhanced academic pursuits and international travel, without committing an entire semester or year in another country.

Improvements and updates will include: Matthew Magliocca, a Slippery Rock University junior secondary education: English major from New Castle, has self-published his first book, "Overcome and Strive: As professional bucket lists go, Jonathan Helmick's is pretty concise. In fact, the Slippery Rock University assistant professor of music and director of bands has only two items he's ever needed to check off. Army's Air Assault School, an intensive day course designed to prepare soldiers for insertion, evacuation and pathfinder missions that call for the use of multipurpose transportation and assault helicopters.

When Gabby Douglas became the first African-American gymnast to win Olympic gold in , she not only vaulted herself to stardom, but she became an influential figure in both sports and pop culture. Now she's coming to Slippery Rock University for a moderated conversation presented by the University Program Board at 8: Sarah Allen can appreciate the value of scholarship money more than most Slippery Rock University students.

A group from Slippery Rock University is taking a four-legged approach to intervention and research regarding anxiety and stress-related disorders in the inmate population. If you've ever struggled to just keep your room, apartment or office clean and tidy, you have to admire Jacki Ewell, Cindy Shreve, Virginia Prior and Sheila Sutton. They're the Slippery Rock University 'super crew," the group responsible for cleaning up once the fans and teams have called it a day.

Representatives from the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General are traveling the state to discuss campus safety initiatives and Slippery Rock University has been selected as one of four institutions to host a meeting. Nine Slippery Rock University students, accompanied by Andrew Winters, instructor of philosophy, attended the Stoicon Modern Stoicism Conference in Toronto, Ontario. Visitors to Slippery Rock University often marvel at the natural beauty of the scenic acre campus, but two men have a "rooting" interest in making the landscape even more picturesque, as well as environmentally-friendly.

When an emergency strikes anywhere at Slippery Rock University, students need only their phones and the ability to tap a button to alert responders. Michelle Slavik admits that an "adjudication concert" sounds intimidating, but for student choreographers at Slippery Rock University, it's often their first opportunity to have their work performed and assessed.

During two sessions, noon Slippery Rock University senior defensive end Marcus Martin has been named as a member of the National Football Foundation's National Scholar-Athlete Class and as one of the 13 national finalists from all levels of college football for the William V.

Campbell Trophy, presented by Fidelity Investments. Members of the AVI Foodsystems team at Boozel Dining Hall are in the Halloween spirit as the crew decorated more than two dozen pumpkins for display at various food stations throughout the hall.

Nearly 70 children - dressed as super heroes, Transformers, princesses and more - took part in the event that traveled through North Hall, Old Main and McKay Education buildings.

Dozens of volunteers - including a number of Slippery Rock University students — ventured into the cold and wet weather to take part in Slippery Rock In Bloom's annual fall tulip planting event Oct. The highest ranking official in Pennsylvania government who is openly transgender is spending a day speaking at Slippery Rock University.

Slippery Rock University has been named one of the top ten universities in the state of Pennsylvania for music majors by Zippia. Faculty experts from across Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education, including 21 from Slippery Rock University, are now available at the click of a mouse. One of the coauthors of a recently published book about student affairs case studies described it as a "very Slippery Rock type of book" from beginning to end. That doesn't mean the 22 original cases actually took place at Slippery Rock University - they are all cases with fictional characters and institutions - but rather the entire book was written by current and former SRU students and faculty.

Emerging Research and Opportunities. Picture this; Groups of aspiring entrepreneurs making business presentations to a panel of judges who will award money for the best idea. Sound like the TV show "Shark Tank?

While the weather outside may be frightful given the time of year, the mood inside Slippery Rock University's Morrow Fieldhouse is sure to be delightful when the December graduates cross the commencement stage. Slippery Rock University's master's degree in data analytics has been ranked among the nation's Top 50 "best online big data" degree programs by bestcomputerscienceschools.

Understanding Metaphysics Without Substance. Slippery Rock University's Office of Community-Engaged Learning will kick-off its inaugural "Spotlight on Civic Engagement" breakfast series with a presentation about the impact the Allegheny mudbug has on the endangered eastern massasauga rattlesnake's habit. Twelve Slippery Rock University student vocalists will demonstrate their range at 2 p. Two Slippery Rock University alumni were selected to attend a recent safety conference in Singapore.

Performing a set list of songs recorded or performed by Michael Bublé, Shades of Bublé honors, but doesn't imitate, the sophistication, style and high-energy fun that the Canadian crooner himself brings to his concerts.

Slippery Rock University's dance program has been ranked among the top 20 College and University dance programs in the nation by Dance-College. SRU came in at No. Attendance at the Cybersecurity Fair at Slippery Rock University has grown each year, as has the number of students enrolling in the class that hosts the event and organizers hope the trend continues.

Why are you here? Slippery Rock University has been named one of the top ten universities in the state of Pennsylvania for social work majors by Zippia. Leonardo da Vinci's Self-Supporting Bridge is an example of brilliant design.

Constructing the bridge, however, is an example of what it takes for Slippery Rock University students to be successful. For musicians of a certain age, the opportunity to collaborate with Eurythmics means working with the British duo known for their hit song "Sweet Dreams Are Made of This.

Two weeks before Hurricane Irma ravaged the Caribbean islands, a Slippery Rock University alumnus left his teaching job at a private episcopal school in the U.

Virgin Islands to teach in western Pennsylvania. His heart, however, remained in the eye of the storm. Blue skies, sunshine and smiles were in abundance at the Oct. Simmone Bell, a Slippery Rock University graduate with a master's degree in student affairs in higher education with college counseling, represented SRU as a delegate at the Oct.

Slippery Rock University students were able to light up the night inside the Student Center Ballroom with glow sticks, glow-in-the-dark miniature golf and laser tag Oct. Troy Fornof, a Slippery Rock University graduate with a degree in communication, was named vice president of underwriting and marketing, contract division, at Western World Insurance Company, a specialty U. Attention Slippery Rock University students: If your message is a winner, you could grab one of several cash prizes.

Yvonne Eaton-Stull, Slippery Rock University assistant professor of public health and social work, presented research with two of her students at the National Association of Social Workers, Pennsylvania Chapter, annual conference, in Pocono Manor.

Nobuntu, a five-part a cappella ensemble made up of young women from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, will perform at 7: Larry Rotge, professor emeritus of history at Slippery Rock University, and his wife, Ann Marie, created two new endowed scholarships in honor of late faculty and staff from the SRU History Department.

To hear Ryan Stack explain a potential outcome of attending Healthfest at Slippery Rock University, the experience could be life-changing. Bryen Spriggs, a Slippery Rock University graduate with a degree in professional studies, was hired by the Community College of Beaver County as sports information and college events administrator and head men's basketball coach.

Slippery Rock University has been named as one of the five best colleges for special education majors in Pennsylvania by career website, Zippia. For some, the mental image conjured up by the mention of a convention is an auditorium filled with people in pencil skirts and navy-blue suits listening to one dry lecture after another.

Jennifer Bauer, a Slippery Rock University senior biology major from Tionesta, will have her research of lichen species published in a peer-reviewed journal. Her research, titled "A preliminary checklist of lichens for Lawrence County, Pennsylvania," will appear in the December issue of Evansia, which is published by the American Bryological and Lichenological Society. Slippery Rock University's council of trustees today voted to extend the University's presidential search and to not advance the names of two candidates to Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education board of governors for consideration as SRU's 17th president.

New Directions in Landscape" runs now through Oct. The full spectrum of the Slippery Rock University Dance Department - faculty, students and alumni - will be on display when it hosts its annual Faculty and Guest Artist Concert at 2 and 6: Diane Bullard, a Slippery Rock University graduate with a bachelor's degree in secondary education: English, has been named director of Catholic Charities, Diocese of Allentown, a multi-purpose social service agency providing assistance to families, children and adults in Berks, Carbon, Lehigh, Northampton and Schuylkill counties.

Slippery Rock University's online master's degree in special education has been ranked among the top 25 programs in the country by thebestcolleges. Slippery Rock University has been recognized for its paid, on-campus student employment program by the Student Loan Report, an online resource that "aims to cover all student loan news around the world.

Each year when Slippery Rock University hosts its Professional Development Day for faculty and staff, there are typically a dozen or so breakout sessions led by SRU colleagues who present about a topic related to a theme.

This year, that number has swelled to a record 36 sessions. Slippery Rock University's council of trustees will meet Oct.

Committee meetings will take place in Room of the Smith Student Center. The informative programs are intended to raise awareness and prepare students at Slippery Rock University for emergency response. Prior to Slippery Rock University's Sept. Neo-Confederate Community-Building Online," published in The Journal of Hate Studies, an international, peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted to the study of what hate is, where it comes from and how to combat it. Slippery Rock University today announced that it has become a "preferred college partner" with The Pittsburgh Promise program.

Ron Burke and Larry King always looked out for one another. Their childhoods were not unlike many who grew up in western Pennsylvania in the s. For decades, these have been the battle cries of moms and healthcare professionals alike at the onset of the cold and flu season. And while they remain steadfast warnings today according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they often arrive after a person has caught some sort of "bug.

Five women that are making a difference at Slippery Rock University and in the community will be honored as Women of Distinction at 5 p. The President's Commission on Women sponsors the program. A team of professional staff and undergraduate service leadership coordinators from Slippery Rock University's Office for Community-Engaged Learning recently presented "Building a Service Identity: Athletic trainers know a thing or two about taking the right steps to compete at a peak level.

Another important step taken by the Slippery Rock University athletic training program took place last week, as the University received accreditation for its Master of Science in Athletic Training program that will launch in summer Sean Thomas, a Slippery Rock University graduate with a degree in criminology and criminal justice and currently a student success coach at Community College of Allegheny County, was named to the McAuley Ministries board of directors. Drawing inspiration from the U.

National Parks, Kathleen Melago, a Slippery Rock University associate professor of music, has put together an afternoon of music that will feature performances by University faculty, students and alumni at 4 p. It's All About You" series. Eileen Shafer, a Slippery Rock University graduate with a master's degree in physical education, became the first female superintendent of the Paterson Public Schools in Paterson, New Jersey.

Previously the deputy superintendent, Shafer was named acting superintendent until a permanent appointment is made. Fast forward one year and SRU has set a new high-water mark by enrolling 8, students, an increase of 0.

The Slippery Rock Student Government Association is inviting all SRU students interested in becoming the next Homecoming king or queen to submit their names and applications for consideration. Hicks served as event co-chair, while Vetere chaired the local arrangement committee, inviting guest speakers and organizing the charity program that supported the Head Start Program at Mt. Security professionals are out in the world protecting it from existing and emerging threats, but they also recognize the importance of looking inward, to a world of emerging professionals in their field.

The pair, owned by Deborah Hutchins. After recent hurricanes devastated the Caribbean Islands, Florida and southeast Texas, many people waited anxiously to hear from loved ones who were in the path of the storms.

Cara Kriebel, a Slippery Rock University senior budget analyst, has been selected to participate in Leadership Butler County, a nine-month program that provides participants with exposure to issues, resources and opportunities for service in the Butler County area. When Monica Traggiai graduates from Slippery Rock University, she'll leave behind more than just fond memories of her four years at The Rock.

She'll also be leaving an empty seat on the University's council of trustees. When Title IX was enacted in , the most memorable and visible change for women student-athletes were new uniforms. McGraw is a graduate of the Mars Area High School, where he starred as a basketball and football player.

While the term "dalcroze eurhythmics" may cause some head scratching among the masses, to those in the music education community, the words bear the weight of the entire industry. The Slippery Rock University Athletic Communication Office has announced an expansion and rebranding of its broadcasting offerings with the launch of the "Rock Athletics Digital Network.

The demand for a Slippery Rock University education has never been greater, as evidenced by the record freshman class - more than 1, - enrolled at the University this fall. Geno Bonetti, a Slippery Rock University graduate with a degree in physical education, has been appointed to the board of directors of the United Spinal Association, a national nonprofit organization that improves the quality of life for all Americans with spinal cord injuries and disorders.

One of the most common ways that people navigate the Slippery Rock University website, www. While the process for using this effective tool will remain the same, there's a new provider that searches the SRU website before the results are displayed.

Since the advent of distance learning courses at Slippery Rock University, an online verification system has made sure that students fulfilling the course requirements are in fact the same person who enrolled the class; however, the University recently established a new written policy, "Student Identity Verification in Distance Learning. It is the ninth consecutive year that SRU has earned the accolade.

Demonstrating her top priority, Karen Whitney, the new interim chancellor of Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education, will spend her first days on the job on campuses meeting with students and others, including today's visit at Slippery Rock University. Slippery Rock University has been named a "Best Online College in Pennsylvania for " by College Choice, a free online resource to help potential students access unique student-centered college rankings, admission advice and scholarship and financial aid information.

Brad Wilson, Slippery Rock University associate provost for transformational experiences, is one of 60 community leaders selected for the Leadership Pittsburgh Class of Tyler Wyckoff remembers the day when he was in the second grade: The Student Nonprofit Alliance, an on-campus organization of students preparing for careers in the nonprofit sector, and the Slippery Rock Student Government Association are partnering to coordinate a campus-wide hurricane relief campaign Sept.

During one event, an audience at Slippery Rock University will hear from a woman, a Muslim, a Palestinian, a disabled person and a person of color. Little free libraries have become a global phenomenon.

The small, front yard and sidewalk book exchange boxes number more than 50, worldwide and can be found in all 50 states and 70 countries. Part of a Slippery Rock University education is gaining experience outside the classroom and becoming a contributing member of a learning community.

An excellent opportunity to do both is available to students interested in serving on student conduct hearing boards. Slippery Rock University has earned 47 badges of distinction including 32 "best" designations ranging from "Best for the Money" in Pennsylvania to "Best for the Money without Aid" nationwide from College Factual, a data-driven college choice resource, in ratings released in USA Today. In describing the footing on which Slippery Rock University stands, Interim President Philip Way temporarily slipped into the role of a financial adviser: With the stylings of classic vocal groups like The Four Freshmen and The Hi-Lo's, The Modern Gentlemen blend today's sounds to create the ultimate vocal experience for all ages, performing classic hits in a modern style.

More than student clubs and organizations were on hand to promote their events, leadership and service opportunities and recruit new members. Photos by Benton Palermo, a senior communication: The start of a new academic year often marks a change in one's personal routine. Keeping up with the demands of a new schedule can often result in letting certain healthy practices go by the wayside.

Many college students are flush with dreams and aspirations of a bright future when they embark on their journey through higher education; but when Jack Kerouac was as student at Columbia University in the early s, he vowed to become an artist who would change literature and the consciousness of America.

Not long after students are settled in for the new academic year at Slippery Rock University, there's an opportunity to experience the campus life as it is intended and invite more people to join the fun. In fact, they might just win one. When people show their generosity and kindness, hope takes root. Slippery Rock University's council of trustees will conduct a special meeting at 4 p.

The agenda item for the meeting is a possible hiring recommendation to be made to the Slippery Rock University Foundation, Inc. The meeting is open to the public. Kelly Austin, a Slippery Rock University graduate with a master's degree in student personnel administration, has been named associate vice president for administration in the Office of the Vice President for Commonwealth Campuses at Penn State University.

As the interim president of Slippery Rock University, it would be easy for Philip Way to simply stand pat, content with the idea that merely keeping his "hands on the wheel" is all that is required of him. Colleen Cooke, professor of parks, conservation and recreational therapy, presented research at the Association and Therapeutic Humor annual conference in Orlando, Florida.

Cooke's experimental research project examined therapeutic humor as a recreational therapy intervention and how humor can improve quality of life. Playing host to more than people at five barbecues in 10 days may seem a bit excessive for a typical household, but not so for the president's house at Slippery Rock University.

Meghan Jourden-Messerich, a Slippery Rock University graduate with a bachelor's degree in resort and tourism management, was named superintendent of recreation for the Sycamore Park District in Sycamore, Illinois. Students were able to take advantage of having caricatures drawn, getting an airbrushed t-shirt, create-your-own snow cones, Henna tattoos, roller skating and a make-your-own bamboo planter. SRU was among 41 dance companies chosen from more than applicants to perform at the four-day festival.

While many people spent their summer break relaxing on the shore, riding rollercoasters or just hanging out with friends, Mark Lisowksi was in the kitchen. Robert Ogoreuc, assistant professor of physical and health education, has been elected to the National Water Safety Congress as a member at-large on its Board of Directors. Unlike first-year students, sophomores are no longer adapting to a new learning community, making daily decisions without parental input or living away from home for the first time.

Before they get to know their students, new faculty at Slippery Rock University are getting to know their institution. But organizers hope a new online platform being rolled out at SRU will make it easier for students to connect with cocurricular organizations and programs.

While foot traffic is increasing at campus bookstores across the country this time of year, the amount college students are spending on course materials continues to decrease as rentals and digital textbooks provide budget-friendly alternatives.

One of the last items on Martha Dunkelberger's shopping list before leaving home for college were bed sheets.

The extra-long twin sheets she needed for her residence hall bed had to be the proper size, color and had to "feel just right. Slippery Rock University's traditional Weekend of Welcome, a program dedicated to helping new students move in and get settled at the University prior to the first day of classes, has undergone some significant changes this year.

One could think of this year's program as WOW on steroids. Slippery Rock University's Bachelor of Science in Computing degree program is officially accredited, an important step after several previously accredited degree programs within SRU's Department of Computer Science were recently rolled into the newly named computing degree program as concentrations.

The previous time a total solar eclipse was visible across the entire contiguous U. Slippery Rock University has been recognized as a one of the Top 20 best online colleges in Pennsylvania by onlinecollegeplan.

The Storm Harbor Equestrian Center at Slippery Rock University is a shining example of how equine-assisted programs can improve the lives of a variety of individuals. The accolade was included on the well-known education services company's " Best Colleges: SRU is part of a consortium of 10 universities in western Pennsylvania that provide courses during four sessions, May Aug. Work to replace a steam line along Maltby Avenue began July The project, which is expected to continue through Aug.

Due to work associated with the project, traffic patterns on Maltby Avenue will be altered at various points. For additional information, contact Andy Wilson in facilities, planning and environmental safety at And while the SRU library technician enjoys going about his craft in relative anonymity around western Pennsylvania, in the greater Youngstown, Ohio area, McLatchy is a celebrated painter at one of the most prestigious art exhibitions in the country.

Where else but at Slippery Rock University could the headmaster of an elite, private high school in Turkey visit with a dance instructor from Iowa — who just happens to be his son?

Widely known as the Charm City, Baltimore is about to see its waterfront skyline become even more, well, charming, this summer thanks in part to a convergence of art and dance imported from Slippery Rock University. Slippery Rock University President Cheryl Norton and her husband Henry are spending the day assisting movers with packing their possessions for a move to Colorado.

Norton, the 16th president of SRU and the first woman to serve in that capacity, is retiring from the University effective July This is the seventh time in eight years SRU has won the distinction. The program, which will begin in fall , is the first of its kind in the State System.

Can stories be told without words? Even with the increase, State System universities will remain the lowest-cost option among all four-year colleges and universities in the state. Quick — do you know where the nearest automated external defibrillator on campus is located?

Think carefully, because the answer to this pop-quiz question could be a matter of life and death. Let me know where that thing is. For Slippery Rock University students, faculty and staff, finding out where the AEDs are located around campus could be critical if they happen upon someone who is unresponsive or under cardiac arrest.

A Slippery Rock University student plans to find that answer, and a lot more, in a research project about former SRU homecoming and May queens. The demolition of the long-time residence hall began July 6. Built in , the hall was originally known as "The Riviera," a privately owned facility belonging to Stanley Kraus. Kraus donated the hall to the University in It continued to house students until Photos by Joseph Anzalone, communication and digital media production major from New Castle.

Slippery Rock University associate professor of business Jeananne Nicholls has been named vice president of collegiate relations of the Pittsburgh chapter of the American Marketing Association.

Slippery Rock University track and field standouts Sabrina Anderson and David Reinhardt have been honored with the highest academic honor the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference gives as they were named the Pete Nevins Scholar-Athletes of the Year for the academic year. The faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends of Slippery Rock University bid a fond farewell to Cheryl Norton, who will conclude her five-year run as University president July The walls and roof of the former Kraus Hall came down July 6 as the demolition of the former Slippery Rock University residence hall began.

You probably think jigsaw puzzles are difficult to put together and easy to take apart. Miller, a junior chemistry major from North Ridgeville, Ohio, is spending her summer in the chemistry lab trying to solve ways to deconstruct a puzzle — an amino acid puzzle. Actor, performance coach, author. Dan Kamin is a man who wears many hats. But it is the iconic bowler hat of silent film superstar Charlie Chaplin that Kamin loves the most.

The program, for youth on the autism spectrum and which will conclude June 30, is being attended by 30 adolescents. Nearly three dozen SRU therapeutic recreation majors and local high school students are taking part, acting as mentors for the campers. A total of Slippery Rock University student-athletes have been recognized as Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference scholar-athletes for maintaining a grade point average greater than 3. Born from the evolution of curriculum and career offerings, the Parks and Recreation Department at Slippery Rock University has a new name.

Effective immediately, the department is called the Parks, Conservation and Recreational Therapy Department. The names of the majors and courses have not changed and department leadership will continue to evaluate the academic programs as the discipline evolves. For more than 50 years, Roger Bobo helped to bring some of the most recognizable sounds to music lovers and film buffs around the world.

The Slippery Rock University Athletic Communication Office was recognized with 10 national publication honors by the College Sports Information Directors of America when the organization's annual publication contest awards were announced June Those awards bring the office's total for national honors to 14 for the academic year.

Slippery Rock University's Camp Rock program for youth on the autism spectrum provides equine-assisted therapeutic recreation and other activities promoting health. The two-week camp, running through June 30 and being attended by 30 adolescents, offers horseback riding, archery, yard games, biking and horticulture among its variety of activities.

Students, alumni and friends of Slippery Rock University will have the opportunity to wish President Cheryl Norton farewell prior to her July 21 retirement by sending her an online message when they donate a gift to the University. Sponsored by SRU's adapted physical activity program, the camp offers a variety of sports that have been specially adapted for attendees, including: The art department, in an attempt to engage high school students, further broadened its creative community by hosting an Instagram drawing contest.

Ugandan professor Joseph Ssekandi traveled to America for the first time the week of June 5 to see what appears, on the surface at least, to be little more than a couple of shallow swimming pools at Slippery Rock University.

Applause filled the room June 9, as Slippery Rock University students, faculty, staff and trustees rose to their feet to honor retiring President Cheryl Norton with a standing ovation at the council of trustees regular meeting. Inmates at the Butler County Prison have been liberated thanks to the collaborative efforts of student and faculty researchers from Slippery Rock University.

No, the SRU contingent are not accomplices to a prison break, but rather freeing the spirits of the inmates through a group exercise intervention program. The project, with an expected completion date of December, will see most sections of the library remain open throughout the process. Improvements will include added computer lab and study spaces, a redesigned entryway and an expanded café. Additionally, there will be new administrative and faculty offices as well as the return of the Career Education and Development and Academic Services offices to their previous locations on the first floor.

The quarterly business meeting will take place at noon, June 9 in Room of the Smith Student Center. All meetings are open to all students, faculty, staff and community members who would like to attend. The ceremony gave family and friends the opportunity to share in the accomplishments and successes from the past year while the 32 "graduates" said goodbye to preschool and looked ahead to kindergarten.

The Board of Governors of Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education has appointed Philip Way, provost and vice president for academic and student affairs at Slippery Rock University, to serve as the University's interim president effective July Each year when newly elected leaders of the Slippery Rock Student Government Association meet off campus after the academic year, the executive board huddles to discuss a game plan for the year ahead.

The first order of business this year was to invite student leaders from outside the SGA to participate in the planning. The program matches philanthropic gifts from ExxonMobil employees and retirees on a 3: Both gifts have been directed to the John P. Phillips Memorial Scholarship in honor of Michele's late husband John, who received both his undergraduate and graduate degrees at SRU and who also worked for ExxonMobil. Phillips Memorial Scholarship is awarded each year to an upperclassman biology major with an interest in environmental studies.

He will join the University July 3. The walls of the lecture hall will meet the Great Wall of China this summer when a group of Slippery Rock University students explore the East Asian continent as part of a faculty-led, study abroad trip.

More than 12 million Americans were diagnosed with diabetes in Rather than be deterred by the diagnosis, Loveland, ever the active and forward thinking academic, chose to use his diagnosis as another teaching tool — not only for his students but also for the doctors who were treating him.

All improvements will meet or exceed ADA compliance. Recognizing a rising trend in mental health problems, across the nation and among its students, Slippery Rock University is launching an initiative to connect students to more services that will improve their emotional, psychological and social well-being.

While chalkboards and paperback books have nearly disappeared from modern day classrooms in favor of laptops and PDFs, many music teachers still point to the classics — composers such as Beethoven and Mozart — as the peak of musical instruction, neglecting to address the modern genres their students enjoy on a daily basis.

Slippery Rock University's online master's degree in criminal justice has been ranked among the nation's Top 50 programs by top-criminal-justice-schools. Despite a global cyberattack that shut down hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide, there have been no reported machines affected, or data lost, at Slippery Rock University. AVI Fresh, the University's contracted food service provider, has announced operating hours for the summer months: Boozel Dining Hall will be open for breakfast a.

In addition, AVI will be offering a lunchtime delivery service, available to anyone on campus. The service will be available from Orders can be placed by calling: Orders must be placed by A complete menu is available at: Superheroes, slogans and salutations were all on display May at Morrow Field House as Slippery Rock University hosted a trio of commencement ceremonies.

The time-honored tradition of graduates decorating their mortarboards to express relief, a sense of accomplishment or a look toward the future helped to put an exclamation point on the weekend. Summertime on college campuses is anything but dormant, especially for a place like Slippery Rock University, which combines an ideal location, great facilities and excellent faculty and staff to host a variety of camps and conferences.

The two-day celebration saw the conferring of more than 1, undergraduate and graduate degrees and the hooding of 53 doctoral candidates. In the modern marketplace, big data is big business. And because companies have access to such large volumes of data to help make better, faster decisions, the skills required to manage and analyze that data are in high demand. But being able to derive meaningful insights from that data, and turning that information into action, can be easier said than done.

Much like a radio station swapping out its call letters after a change in ownership, the Slippery Rock University Radio Hall of Fame will soon have a new name. The frequency, however, will continue: The event recognizes the accomplishments and achievements of underrepresented students while also celebrating the variety of cultures at the University.

Students were presented with stoles that they can wear at the University's May commencement ceremonies. A group of six Slippery Rock University students earned honorable mention awards at the recent Mathematical Contest in Modeling sponsored by the Consortium of Mathematics and its Applications. As part of the program, graduates were presented with stoles, sashes and pins that they can wear at the University's May commencement ceremonies. International students wear stoles representing the flag of their native country, American students wear a hybrid of the U.

Like turkey at Thanksgiving or jelly beans at Easter, final exam week at SRU is sure to showcase students hunkered down across campus, surrounded by coffee cups, pop cans and bags of snacks. Much has been said, written and researched about the bond between people and their pets. Nowhere is that tie stronger than when a service animal is involved. The event featured many University faculty, staff and administrators serving up a variety of breakfast favorites for throngs of hungry students.

The event also featured a disc jockey, dancing, games and raffle prizes. Photos by Benton Palermo, communication major from Beaver. Offering breathing exercise instruction, yoga, massages and visits with therapy dogs, the event provided a break from the anxiety of final exams.

Throughout the week, Greek organizations at SRU competed against each other in various events, celebrating and promoting the Greek Life community at SRU and, most importantly, supporting charities.

Marjorie Stephenson may be gone from Slippery Rock University, but the legacy of the former professor and librarian lives on through a scholarship named in her honor.

Norton will retire from SRU July 21, A group representing Slippery Rock University is organizing an event to bring the arts to people with autism and other sensitivity or special needs.