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I even had to wake up at 2 a. I am confined to bed with external fetal monitor. That was a horror show. Navision Advanced Management Edition. I could only open one eye and peak at him. I knew I was in good hands.

Breastfeeding for Parents

We had a lot of difficulties with latch on, as he would not open his mouth very wide and my nipples did not protrude as much as I would have liked. Also, my breasts are very full and poorly supported, so I couldn't figure out how to manipulate them into his mouth. Then when I got engorged, my breasts turned into two huge rocks. He lost a full pound off his birth weight. I consulted a lactation consultant and things improved for a little while, but then they fell apart again.

I eventually resorted to using a pump and bottle-feeding him my expressed breast milk. This was extremely difficult on me and I spent a lot of time crying. With lots of additional support from several lactation consultants, we eventually got him back on the breast and he has been eating well and gaining well since about 2. He is now I plan to continue exclusively breastfeeding until at least 6 months, maybe longer.

In this adventure, I learned a few things the hard way. First, be as prepared as possible before-hand with information on breastfeeding. I found "Nursing Mother's Companion" to be indispensable. Read it before the birth of your baby because you won't have time afterwards.

If you are having any kind of difficulties, they will usually get worse unless addressed properly. Third, experiment a lot with different positions and different kinds of support pillows. Advice that works well for a small-breasted woman might be useless for you. The only thing that I found worked for me was the cross-cradle position using the large nursing pillow from Baby Becoming. I could have spared myself a lot of pain if I had read Kmom's breastfeeding FAQ before he was born, as this document told me most everything which I had figured out the hard way.

This advice is pertinent to all women, but especially critical for large-breasted women because a lot of common advice doesn't work "off-the-shelf" for us. Another case where the baby's position makes the birth difficult until it is fixed. In this mom's first birth, it was probably the combination of the hands-knees maternal position and the doctor using forceps that helped the baby to turn and be born vaginally.

Franny's second baby was breech. This may reflect a tendency among women who have had prior malpositions to have future malpositions as well. This may reflect a pelvic misalignment more than anything else, and we speculated that regular chiropractic care could help prevent position problems in the future. She got that chiropractic care in her 3rd pregnancy. Did that help her to a vbac? It's notable that this was the only pregnancy of the three without a malposition, so the chiro care may well have helped.

However, she might have had a VBAC even without that care. It's more like an extra step to take, just in case. Another notable thing about Franny's story is that she was told that she had to sign up for an elective repeat cesarean because her hospital didn't offer VBAC anymore. Fortunately, there were other choices in her community, and rather than being forced into unnecessary surgery against her will, Franny gave birth at home with a good midwife.

And then she had the strength of will to write about it for her local paper!! She put those local doctors on notice that women will NOT be forced into unnecessary surgery! I gave birth at the hospital where I worked at the time. I was swelling, but not spilling any protein and my labs were ok. I entered the hospital at 6 a.

I was having contractions, but they weren't anything. I was 4 cm when I started out. I walked the halls and rocked in the rocking chair. My husband and his parents were there. I stood in the hallway with my IV pump and listened to his in-service at 9 a. I thought, if this is going to last all day I'm going to try to get some rest. I went back to bed, got hooked back up to the monitor and my contractions were every 2 minutes, palpating moderate, but not uncomfortable. I had been laying down for 15 minutes and just got my eyes closed when I had 3 strong contractions that I had to use my breathing techniques through I had coached so many other labor patients that I felt like I could do it.

Then my water broke. Talk about warm soup down your leg! The contractions got really strong then. I was 5 cm. Got up to the bathroom to get cleaned up and got some pain medicine, Nubain 10 mg. I got back in bed, turning side to side and in 2 hours I was 8 cm. The contractions hurt, but they ended and knowing there was an end to every pain was a relief in itself. Back rubs, ice chips, and a cool washcloth over my eyes helped tremendously.

At 1 o'clock in the afternoon I started pushing. I pushed sitting up, lying on each side, on the toilet, standing up, squatting, and regular old lithotomy. I just couldn't get him to budge and I had pretty bad back pain. Finally, my doctor came in and I got a spinal in case I would have to go for an emergency c-section. They got me all set up for delivery and the doctor used forceps. After contractions with pushing and pulling, we got him turned face down and delivered at 4: He was a bit exhausted and got a little oxygen, but cried well and after an hour of stitching, mom got to feed him.

He nursed for 20 minutes like a trooper. My pregnancy really went quickly and pretty smoothly. From about weeks baby was breech except for one brief period. Around 34 weeks I started doing the routine to turn herlying on the ironing board, used a moxibustion stick at home, homeopathic pulsatilla, prayer, relaxation, imagery, talking to the baby, flashlight, music, the whole nine yards.

I was on the verge of a breakdown about 35 weeks We had talked about delivering breech and they weren't really sure. We had planned to deliver at a birth center. That was all I was planning.

I was thinking positively, I was relaxing and working on the imagery I was planning to use for labor I am a RN and work as a prenatal care coordinator for a community health clinic. I do home visits, education and referral for pregnant moms on the Medicaid program. I have worked as a doula in the past, but don't have time for it at present. Talked with a couple for about 30 minutes after class, then drove home, picked up my son at church my husband is a pastor.

We came home, I [ate] and read my email. I had just got Ina May's new book via Fed Ex that day and while my son was winding down I started reading in the recliner. I had been sitting there about 15 minutes when I felt warm and wetI jumped up so I wouldn't get the recliner wet and freaked out, "OH NO, that can't be my water! Now of course, I'd just worked about a 12 hour day, moving constantly, and not really noticing much movement from the baby. In class that night we talked about Cesareans and abruption was going through my mind.

I'm absolutely losing it, my heart was pounding, I was shaking all over, I'm shaking now just remembering how I felt. I read Prenatal Parenting early in my pregnancy and I had worked really hard on remaining calm and talking to the baby, taking fetal love breaks, especially when I'd had a rough daynow when she decides to come, I'm a mess.

I called DH on his cell phone. My son could tell I was worried because he was right there. The next evening at Bible Study he asked for prayer for Mommy because she "Pooped blood in the toilet and it looked like Koolaid.

DH got home, helped me find my midwife's phone number and we called her. She was a voice of complete calm, "I'll meet you on OB. It's probably just your water. Now I was nearly a month early, I had just gotten finished saying that night at class that I would probably go close to my due date, I was too busy to have the baby early, I had home visits scheduled through the end of March, blah blah blah. I had no bag packed, had no comfort items gathered, had only 2 outfits for baby clean I didn't have the crib pained, had no mattress, didn't have a pediatrician picked out, had not pre-registered at the hospital, I was going to deliver at the birthing center for heaven's sake!!

We got to the hospital and up to OB. They wanted me to change my clothes, I wanted heart tones. My midwife cam in and did a quick ultrasound, the baby's head was under my right rib cage, her bottom was inside my right pelvis, and her feet were over my cervix. My midwife sat on the bed with me, held my hand, and said, "We are not comfortable with delivering her vaginally this way, you need to make some decisions. When he came back I bawled in his arms for a few minutes then collected myself.

I made it clear that if the baby was OK, she was to be with me at all times. If she was not with me, DH would be with her. My midwife said that the pedi on call was a stickler about the baby going to the nursery, but she would do what she could. DH's parents arrived to stay with my son during the birth. IV started after 3 tries , into a gown, consent signed, we went to O.

After the anesthesiologist got my fluids in she about froze my arm off pushing about cc in 10 minutes , she sat me up for my spinal again, third time was the charm. The doctor was at my feet, my midwife at my side, and nurse on the other side. They were all awesome! I laid back down and felt everything go to sleep, boy that is a funny sensation.

With [my first child], the spinal took the pain away, so it didn't feel so weird. With no pain, it just feels like they put lead in and made it all go to sleep, kinda pins and needles sensation. They put my catheter in gave me the option not to have it at all, but I figured I'd probably not want to get out of bed for a little bit once the spinal wore off and I knee it was also in place to make sure my bladder wasn't nicked during the surgery, so I got it.

I informed everyone that if my baby was ok, I wanted to keep her with me. I got this weird sense of humor and was defensive by joking about things, I was kinda strange. She gave me something for my BP and I felt a little better. DH at my side, they started my baby's birth; tears rolling down my face, I asked him to pray with me.

DH prayed from the moment he placed his hand on my face until we heard them say, "Here's baby. During prenatal ultrasounds, we had a brief peek to see girl parts, but never saw them again breech , so I was not getting my hopes up. I knew that they would see sex before she was even out, but they weren't saying anything! After her birth, the doctor made the comment that he went in and felt limbs, he grabbed two and started to pull them out, but had an arm and a leg, had to go back and find a matching set.

She cried quickly and after a peek at her, to the warmer. The pedi checked her over and I kept talking to her, "Keep crying," "Hello Amy," etc. I had tears streaming down my face and into my ears. They wrapped her up and handed her to DH; I got to touch her. The anesthesiologist held her face right next to mine so I could talk to and kiss her. The doctor held a section of cord up for me to see.

He felt that she was lucky to be here and that she would have probably not tolerated the version we had planned for 2 days down the road. Now, I have seen true knots before, even after vaginal deliveries, and everything was okay, but I also assisted a twin delivery where one twin had a knot and was stillborn, the other was ok. The anesthesiologist offered Demerol to help with cramping and I refused because I didn't really want to see my supper again.

I asked to have my placenta and the anesthesiologist said, "Well, what on earth for? I had a Magnolia tree outside my window growing up. The pedi took her to the nursery. DH followed and picked up our son and my in-laws so they could see her and 10 minutes later when my surgery was over, the nurses and doctors took me to recovery, and my midwife went to get Amy.

I got her to the breast within about 45 minutes after delivery. She was cuddled up with her head on my breast My son came in and asked me, "Did you get your miracle, Mommy? He got to see her, my in-laws were in the hallway looking in, and DH was walking around with my placenta in a bucket under his arm.

Back up to the OB floor at 2 a. They checked me often, but basically left me alone, never asking to take her to the nursery for her admission bath, etc.

I got out of bed for the first time around Kept Amy with me around the clock and nursing went well. Went home Thursday afternoon around 3: I refused her Newborn Screen on discharge and brought her back that Saturday. OK, the last thing I wanted was a cesarean. But what I was praying for was an empowering, positive, healing birth and even though I didn't have the natural birthing center birth, that wasn't what I was praying for.

Next time I will be more specific, but I did get control in my birth experience, I was hyperaware of what I was feeling emotionally, physically, and mentally, and I feel I was so prepared for coping with pain that it has made my recovery super rapid.

As far as healing, in that I feel like I can delivery vaginally without the medical need for management. I have not had that yet, but our daughter is named for 3 very special women, 2 very dear to me. Amy's birth was healing to me in that way, a healing I didn't even know I needed, but God took care of nevertheless. Positive, a resounding yes, I have a beautiful baby girl with a perfect round head, she has dimples just like mommy and lots of dark hair.

Did I get what I wantedno, but I did have control over what I did get. Did I get what I neededdefinitely. I will no longer feel sorry inside for women who had to have a cesarean, but instead I will ask how they felt about their birth.

That is so much more important. A cesarean is not fun, it's not natural, it can be unnecessary, but it does sometimes save lives, and it is a birth of a precious little one, and an event that is no less memorable or special Sometimes we just need to be reminded of it. Amy was 6 lbs. She is a good baby, nursing well. At three weeks of age she is 8 lbs. I love the Lansinoh Ziplock bags for breastmilk storage, and the Avent pump is great.

It's like "I can't believe it's not electric! Franny went on to have a home VBAC too. This is her VBAC story. I felt like I was pregnant forever, add to this that I took off work for maternity leave at 38 weeks and I felt a little like an elephant, in more ways that one.

My midwife recommended that I see the Chiropractor and get a massage. I chose the latter and by evening Wednesday my contractions had started. I went about my normal activities, fixed supper, went to church, bathed the kids, put kids to bed, went for a walk. Contractions were regular, but not very strong, more like annoying. Thursday AM we were to drive an hour away to see the midwife I didn't think I could handle being in the car that long, so I told her to head our way.

She has 7 kids of her own, the youngest just turned 1 in November. I napped and felt like they were fading away and she said she'd just drop in to see how I was. I had gone into work for a bridal shower on Tuesday and one of my co-workers, an OBGYN Nurse Practitioner said I should just go to the hospital and have another cesarean since I was so far over my due date By 5, my doula and our friends that were going to watch our kids were present and I was starting to get uncomfortable.

Around 7pm, I was 4cm the first time my midwife ever had her hand in me. I got in the tub borrowed a spa in a box from a friend and got hot, then had to get out to cool off. I had just attended a Michel Odent conference and had his words in my head. If a woman gets in the tub at 4 and makes no rapid progress after 2 hours, he recommended a cesarean. I kept thinking that I didn't have the urge to push, so had I made progress?

I got back in the tub and was very cold, my husband found a space heater and was holding it on me next to the tub and jokingly went "oops" faking dropping it into the tub and it took me over an hour to get back into a regular pattern.

Had to get into the shower to get warmed back up and they encouraged me to drink some really salty hot broth. By 11 I was loud and hurting, they also tried to cram a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and juice down my throat PB is NOT easy to get down with 'labor mouth'. I was all over the place position-wise, remember enjoying a forward leaning position. Was in the tub when I started to push, but kept a rim of cervix and got out to the birth stool so the midwife could help hold it while I pushed.

While on the birth stool I remember saying, "I give up. Take me to the hospital, Help me" and they gave me some homeopathy. When she was crowning I got back in the tub. I remembered what It was like with Daniel and I realized that I ever got to the point where I could push past the pain and make progress I finally figured out the pushing thing this time I was on my knees in the tub, resting my head on the side of the tub, Aryn put his arm along the back of the tub so I could rest my head and I accidentally bit him I got to the point where I felt like my urethra was going to explode and I reached down to support my labia and felt her head It didn't take long from that point Once her head was out, her body followed quickly, the midwife just allowed the water to catch her.

Once she was out, I flipped over and reached for her. Within seconds, I was pulling her up so I could see her, unlooped 2 nuchal cords and brought her out of the water to my chest.

She opened her eyes and looked at me and started to whimper. No lusty painful scream, but more like I felt between her legs and discovered she was a girl, but waited until our son came into the room to lift her out of the water for him to see and announce.

I was convinced I was having a boy because my pregnancy was so much like it was with Daniel Instead I have a little girl that looks just like her big brother. I was out of the tub about 30 minutes after her birth and we left the cord attached for about 2 hours, at that point we were able to cut without clamping and it fell off when she was 4 days old.

I had a small 'scuff', but nothing worth messing with suture-wise. My midwife had a herbal bath to soak in with Abby and it felt wonderful Abby nursed very well and my milk was in by 24 hours. She never lost weight. Was at birth, 2: Abigail has been a joy, a wonderful baby.

Sleeps through the night started at about 1 month and was smiling by 6 weeks. She does have some gassy spells, but they are brief. Will definitely do it again!!! But will wait until Abby is in preschool or Kindergarten Several of the OBs in our area were really ticked and found out that I was the Childbirth Educator at the local Medicaid clinic and were not happy.

Our Medical director wanted me to assure him that I was not teaching or encouraging homebirth in my class. I replied that I simply told my story and that I did not believe that homebirth was an option for our clients for 2 reasons The results are in and saw another increase in surgical birth rates -- Some doctors cited the reason for the increase was that more women are having elective cesareans, but keep in mind that "elective" does not mean that it was the woman's choice.

I was informed that we would be forced to have a cesarean if our baby was born at their hospital simply because I had a cesarean with my second child. The cesarean rate has increased astronomically in the past 30 years: The World Health Organization states that the cesarean rate should be 10 percent to 15 percent. Our bodies have not changed in 30 years, but medical management has.

Although some babies have been saved by surgical delivery, a look at maternal and infant mortality rates show that nearly 30 countries lose fewer moms and babies than the United States and most of those countries have lower cesarean rates. Having a vaginal birth after cesarean VBAC carries nearly half the potential complications than repeat surgery. Due to a 0. American Academy of Family Physicians guidelines noted that there are other problems that occur more often, and they found no evidence suggesting better VBAC outcomes based on the availability of resources.

American Academy of Family Physicians went on to state that policies for VBAC "appear to be based on malpractice concerns rather than on available statistical and scientific evidence. So, how'd I do it? I found a doula -- someone trained to provide emotional and physical support during labor I ate well and read to educate myself. When labor started, my midwife came to me, and my daughter was safely born at home in water.

I'll do it again with my next baby. As long as doctors and hospitals do not allow alternatives, such as midwives, birthing centers and natural options for pain relief, more informed women who want to be able to make their own decisions will join me.

The circumstances of the labor suggests that this baby might have been posterior and gotten 'stuck'. Shawn confirms that her baby was indeed 'sunny side up' but that this was not noted in her medical records.

This is not unusual; many doctors don't see posterior position as relevant and fail to note it in records or mention it to parents, yet many other providers feel that it is the cause of many c-sections. Positioning often helps facilitate rotation, but Shawn was not able to try these.

When I went to see my OB about fertility treatments, I remember one of her first comments being, "You really should try to lose some weight prior to beginning treatment MY OB was skeptical, however, and ran at least 3 progesterone tests and two ultrasounds before she was convinced. My physician had not been derogatory in our visits, but I was concerned about her pessimistic approach to my care.

What a sigh of relief! After a great 'start OB care' appointment the doctor commented "things look really good, but because of your low progesterone I don't want you to get your hopes up until after the first trimester. Although the pregnancy had been progressing fine and all signs were good, she was treating me as though the pregnancy was a risky one. Her attitude when I visited her was usually apathetic. I remember feeling that she just couldn't believe that someone my size was having such a healthy pregnancy.

False labor pains begin at 2: Contractions begin at minutes apart. I figured it was more false labor pains since I had not had a bloody show but ultimately learned that these were in fact the real thing.

I called my midwife when the office opened at 9: She thought I may be right in assessing the pain as false labor. I had not slept all night from the pain and she prescribed a sleeping pill. She said, "If it's false labor, the pills will stop them and you'll sleep, but if it's the real thing, you won't be able to sleep through the contractions.

I didn't want to be in pain AND groggy! Once there, she confirmed that it in fact my water had broken and then informed me that the fluid was stained with meconium. She also stated that I was only 1 cm dilated and at this point I had been in labor for over 13 hours. She recommended pitocin to get things going.

I'd learned that those moms induced with pitocin had very hard labor pains and my midwife confirmed that this may be the case. We then left for the hospital. I am confined to bed with external fetal monitor. I am told that I may be able to walk the length of the bed if the baby responds okay to the contractions. So far so good. I admit defeat and request the epidural. I breath a sigh of relief that I can't feel anything but pressure. Midwife checks and I'm still only dilated 3 cm. She waits for a contraction and stretches the cervix another 3 cm to 6!

Midwife tells me there have been a few drops in the baby's heartbeat and asks to insert an internal monitor for more accurate readings. Realizing this would confine me to the bed but wanting to do what was best for the baby, I reluctantly agreed. Midwife discovers that my bag of waters had not completely ruptured and may have been delaying the baby's drop into the pelvis. She breaks the sack and the baby moves to -1 station.

I am exhausted and disappointed, but ask to be given more time before considering a C-section. The baby had several heartbeat decelerations after contractions and she was concerned.

I am dilated 8 cm and he tells me to push although I have not yet felt the urge. It is unproductive and a C-section is recommended. I begin to cry from the exhaustion and disappointment, but after We had chosen not to learn the sex of the baby and although we both wanted a girl, we felt very strongly it was a boy. She was suctioned well and the meconium had minimal effects on her.

Apgars 8 and 9. My husband left to go video the baby for me and I was whisked off to recovery. I invested a lot of time developing my birth plan and although this is the farthest from my dream birth, my daughter far surpasses any hopes I had for my baby. I wish all of you the best in your pregnancies and pray that each of you have an uneventful labor and delivery.

This mom had a terrible birth experience the first time around. Although the birth was vaginal, it was very traumatic and the treatment very poor. Vaginal births can be very traumatic sometimes. Nancy Wainer Cohen calls these "vaginal cesareans", and they too often need healing.

It's also interesting to note that the poor treatment she received was at the hands of on-call hospital midwives who handled her birth; in her second birth she had the private OB she saw for prenatals in both pregnancies. Proof that on occasion, midwives aren't always better! Aliza worked very proactively the second time around to change things.

She used her supportive and size-friendly OB for birth too not just prenatals , hired a doula professional labor support person , worked on body trust, and actively did positive visualizations of birth, etc. I'm originally from Melbourne, Australia, although I've been living in Israel for the past ten years.

The system here is quite different from the States. You can even have a number of midwives throughout a single delivery as they change shifts every 8 hours. One may also see a private doctor at own expense throughout one's pregnancy and may also take this same dr.

My first pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage at about 10 weeks in March After that I tried naturally to conceive including losing a significant amount of weight which my dr. When that didn't help and I was feeling desperate, I finally said I wanted help. My son was conceived on my first round of Clomid.

Second Pregnancy, First Birth: From the very beginning of the pregnancy I was pessimistic. From the third week one week after conception I had severe abdominal pain which my dr. By the end of the fourth month, the pains subsided I had basically been experiencing the pains whenever I moved and had quit my job and put myself on bed rest and I then began questioning my dr.

Regarding my weight, he had said originally that I would probably put on less than thin women and he would like to see no more than a 6 kg gain. I lost steadily in the first few months and my the end of the ninth month, I'd gained a total of 8kg which was fine with him.

This constant worrying and not knowing what would happen worked havoc on my sanity and by the time I was induced at 42 weeks, I was a mental mess.

The treatment in the hospital was vastly different from my private dr. They made me feel bad as if it was my fault that my BP was up, as if no thin women ever had elevated BP in late pregnancy. The labour itself was extremely traumatic in a number of respects. Firstly, the hospital staff made me feel like they were doing me a favour and I was induced at Secondly, queries by myself, my husband or my labour coach were dismissed as bothersome.

Any efforts on our part to create a different kind of labour experience were met with disdain if not direct opposition such as a desire to remove the monitor temporarily, to walk around the labour ward, to change positions etc. Finally, I don't feel as if I received any support from the staff to boost my confidence in my ability to birth my baby. Fortunately, my son was delivered in exactly 30 minutes weighing 4.

I don't know if the dr's response was due to my weight or not. The placenta took more than 40 minutes to be delivered and then the midwives were not sure if it was complete.

By the time the dr. Needless to say, I was traumatized. I felt as if I'd been physically and emotionally raped. My body had been invaded, pushed and shoved, pulled and manipulated. It took me many months to realize the extent of the trauma I'd been through. I don't know how much of my experiences with the medical staff was due to my weight but another significant factor that cannot be ignored is the fact that I am an English-speaking immigrant in a Middle Eastern country - the cultural gap is significant and the attitudes towards birth very different.

I do know that they definitely did nothing to reassure me that it wasn't my fault and at my six week check-up I discussed these events with my private dr. Third Pregnancy, Second Birth: My second baby's birth was an extremely exciting and spiritual event and this is my birth story.

After my first baby 2. My son's birth was preceded by 6 weeks of medical intervention which left me feeling like my body was awful and couldn't function as it should have and that my size was the cause of all the problems. It took a long time but by the time my daughter was conceived, I had begun to like my pregnant body. As the pregnancy continued my self-esteem grew and that confidence was boosted by a completely uneventful pregnancy.

For the first time ever I felt like my body wasn't betraying me and I began to respect my body. So although as my due date approached I began to feel anxious, I tried to get in touch with my body and show respect for the process that was happening inside of me. On Friday afternoon I took a bath in lavender oil to help me relax and continued with my visualizations which I'd been doing in the last few weeks - imagining my uterus opening up and allowing by baby to be born through it.

My water broke at 4: I spent a lovely day with my family and friends until early evening when I contacted my doctor who asked me to come in. I arrived at the hospital some 16 hours after my waters broke and had managed to induce contractions using nipple stimulation for a half hour in the car on the way in. My OB gave me a hospital room to rest in for the night and said he'd see me in the morning or when anything started happening.

I sent my husband to my brother's house nearby and told him to get some sleep. I decided to try having a shower to see if that would help move things along. By the time I got out of the shower a short time later, my contractions were strong and I was feeling shaky in between the contractions.

I was a little nervous so I called my doula who said it was time for her to come. For the next three hours I experienced strong but irregular contractions.

I varied my positions and walked a lot to accelerate labor but by 4: A trademark registration is only good for ten years, so prospective purchaser-investors should check with the seller or consult the U. Patent and Trademark Office to ensure that a particular trademark registration is still in effect. Click on the letter that corresponds to the first letter of a trademark or service mark. Albert Andrews Franchising Corp. American Lenders Service Co. C2 Cambridge Educational Center, Inc.

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