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SIBO Treatment: Antibiotics or Diet?

I will also definitely be taking some intro science courses next semester and seeing what I like! Intermittent fasting and limiting fermentable carbs in the diet seems a prudent course following this procedure. I know you are iffy on fiber supplements. I just discovered your site link hopping via Chris Kresser ; what an amazing resource this is. I would LOVE your opinion on a couple things… at the age of 45 I am all-of-a-sudden sensitive to nuts as in they cause the worst, long-lasting, acne I have ever had in my life. I have had confirmation that a higher level of pepsin is in my throat areaas Peptest so am working on it.

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Almonds are better for many reasons… this is just a warning that we shouldn't be chugging hand-fulls, spoon-fulls or baked-good-fulls of them! Moderation and preparation matter… right? Just prepare them well and moderate your intake…. Super, super post, Diane!

I had made the intuitive leap recently myself about shelling my own nuts. It just seemed logical that cavemen wouldn't eat as many as we do today just because they're so much trouble! You and Robb are making my Cave Girl job so much easier. I can just link to you guys instead of having to write my own posts! A couple year's back, I gave up cow and goat milk for soy milk. Then I found out that soy milk is not good, so I gave that up and switched to almond milk.

Does this apply to almond milk too? Are other nuts okay? I just got a Vita-mix and I like making nut milk and butters with it. How about cashew milk? Robin- all nuts share similar anti-nutrient properties but not all nuts have the same omega 3: Soaking nuts is required before making nut milks for varying times. I'd just caution against over doing it.

What do you use nut milk for? If it's to eat in cereal, that's where I also caution against eating cereal, which is a non-food in my book…. I really need some time to digest and process all of this. Thank you so much for taking the time to break all of this down for us. As a busy working mother-of-three, it almost becomes disheartening when you think you might finally be on the right track.

My small kids have traded in their Goldfish, pretzils, and Cheerios for fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts, and now I have to consider buying a dehydrater and limiting their almond intake — a favorite in our home. Karina- don't be disheartened!

As with the other changes you've made, the next steps will become easier and more instinctual as you're used to them. Veggies are a great snack anytime- stick with them if you're worried. Tropical Traditions likely has some recipes and you don't even need to add sweetener. This info goes for ALL nuts, not just almonds, I highlighted them since they're a go-to for most people….

What veggies do you think are best for snacking? I use the almond milk organic store bought for post-workout nutrition, usually mixed with raw almond or cashew butter again, organic store bought for extra fat and extra calories plus a scoop of—I know you're going to kill me—whey protein powder but from grass-fed cows if that lessens the sting..

I'm trying to figure out a way to get enough calories in a day. I was planning on throwing some coconut oil into the mix. I already eat a lot of macadamia nuts for fat and calories. Old school way to gain weight was to drink a gallon of milk a day, but I'm clearly not going to do THAT.

I take my fish oil and eat fish regularly and grass-fed meats, plus lots of fruits and veggies. I'm just praying that this balances out the my post workout "baby formula" as my wife likes to call it. I don't eat cereal or anything like that anymore, and honestly, I'm having a difficult time replacing those convenient calories.

If I don't sneak in those calories with my baby formula, I lose weight. I know most people would kill to have my "problem" but I want to pick up heavy things and put them overhead, lots of times and quickly. And being heavier helps that proposition.

If you could help me gain weight while eating "clean" I would love to hear how. Whenever I eat clean, I always lose weight. I feel like I need a second stomach to make up from the lost calories I used to get in sugar, bread, ice cream, heavy cream, etc.

Have you ever been tested for critters intestinal parasites or H. If you want to talk about how to work on your food in detail we can do a consult, but I can't really get into specifics for YOU via comments, etc. I'd love to help, but I'd need to really know you, your history and your habits better to do so! I used to use coconut milk, but I am not too fond of the way that Vita-mix actually makes coconut milk. I am trying to stay away from all preservatives in the canned coconut milk and of course the packaged nut milks.

I also like the idea of making fresh within a few days "Milk. Although I do add whey sometimes to my smoothies the organic one. Hey I was also told that hazelnuts are a "top" nut choice…those being hazelnuts and mac nuts. I love this brand of olives. If you want to eat it a couple of days in a row, then take a couple of days off. You can add coconut to the mix for some good, varied fats.

Do you ever soak and dehydrate other nuts besides almonds? Or is it not necessary with other nuts? I would also do this for pecans and walnuts but probably for a lot less time.

TBH I have stopped eating as much almonds after I overdid it on with my almond flour based carrot cake. Check out my video here http: What about sprouted nut? Are they any better? I know they are more digestible, but do they contain less anti-nutrients? I am with joe on this one. Since switching to paleo I am starting to look skeletal. I do turn to nuts as a major source of fat and knowing I should cut back is upsetting.

My husband eats less than me and is fine. Can you add a link? Man, eating gets more complicated everyday. I glanced at a few different sites and ended up soaking them in warm salted water.

I tossed the soaking water and rinsed briefly. Is this still okay to eat or should I toss? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks for your reply! Am always looking to be healthier. Everything you commented at the beginning of your blog applies to me. Like all things that we think are paleo, almonds definitely are. According to the Merck Manual , the standard treatment for carbohydrate intolerance is to limit the offending species of carbohydrate.

This is precisely the group of carbohydrates that the Fast Tract Diet limits. Unlike antibiotic treatment, limiting fermentable carbohydrates provides a durable response. If you are lactose intolerant, you need to either avoid lactose or take a lactase supplement when consuming high lactose diary for the rest of your life.

Similar results were observed in a study that looked at both lactose and fructose plus sorbitol intolerance. Since there is no supplement for fructose intolerance, limiting fructose is a long term prospect. Certain carbohydrate types may be added back once tolerance to individual carbohydrates is confirmed. Similarly, overall fermentable carbohydrate limits can be eased based on improvements in tolerance levels over time. I myself have been on this journey for the last 16 years. Even in these situations, diet will certainly be part of the solution.

Robbilard, What amazing work you have here. Hi Peter, Significant reduction in daily FP points often reduces other food sensitivities which may or may not have been the critical problem. If this approach does not work, you may consider our consultation program. What a great article Norm! I will share it with many. Thanks for your great work and dedication. On a personal note I am glad you found this solution for yourself after 16 years of suffering — and that you did not stop there.

You are now helping thousands of people. These are 2 common questions that I get often: What am I doing wrong? What issue s are you addressing with the diet? What is your daily FP? Do you need individualized help at https: I often wonder if having a colonoscopy could contribute to SIBO.

Any thoughts on this. I could swear all my problems started after the procedure was done and progressively got worse. Hi Sharon, The bowel preparation does affect the diversity of the microbiome as highlighted in this article which cites a couple of studies http: But as time goes by there is a recovery as descibed in this study that followed colonoscopy patients out to 6 months http: Intermittent fasting and limiting fermentable carbs in the diet seems a prudent course following this procedure.

It appears to be a real problem for many. I would like to choose NOT having a colonoscopy ever again. I have hoped for an answer to my PPI problem for a long time. I was on those drugs for 7 years and they have done so much harm to my overall health and vitality. I do not want to have such an invasive procedure if it is not necessary. Hi Nicole, There is no doubt that colonoscopy disrupts your micribiome.

Unless the procedure is truly justified to your satifaction, or you have a family history of colon cancer, I would advise significant caution as the risk of suffering even more serious complications is 5 people in getting the test. Then I got a food poisoning and there all has gone so bad. In september I had a gastro, where they found Esophagitis and bile in the stomach, continued with PPI and changed a few other meds but got no improvements.

So I changed doctor, who touching me found out that my liver was a bit too big, sending me to do an ecography which resulted in nothing bad, just a bit of fat liver and prescribing prokinetics.

This thing is also ruining my social life cause I feel ill at ease everytime my friends ask me out for dinner. Be diligent with the diet for the first couple of months and read the trouble-shooting sections and underlying causes chapter. I had sigmoidectomy and hysterectomy due to complicated endometriosis in Since then I had either soft porridgy stools with undigested food every weeks for days or unpleasant constipation thin , tiny stools pieces.

I need to adopt a posture since my operation. I reintroduced one group after another slowly. I have EDS type 3. I am taking Zn, Mg, omega 3, vit D3, supplements for over 4 months have also tried bone broth for healing. Hi Norman, Thank you for all of the useful information. I just got your app and am finding it very helpful.

One problem is there is so much information out there! My most recent attempt was going Paleo, which was ok for about the first week, but then I started having constant ringing in my ears and became dizzy almost all of the time.

Are potatoes, sweet potato, jasmine rice ok to help with these issues? My other question is about carrots. I recently bought a juicer and have been enjoying fresh vegetable juice that includes quite a bit of carrot every day.

It seems to me that carrot juice would be ok, since the cellulose is not being consumed. What is your take on consuming the juice of carrots or other high FP vegetables? There are many causes of constipation which need to be ruled out if possible or confirmed and addressed.

You can also schedule a consultation with me. To much protein means MORE joint pain. Side Effect Queen where drugs are concerned.. I take 40 Billion Probiotics multi-strain daily. These diets just are not working any more than the antibiotic is.

Having GP was bad enough in pushing your toward being a Diabetic. It takes me 5 hrs to just digest 2 eggs. I turn 70 this year. This has been a 8 yr battle of constant PAIN. Hi Molly, I feel for what you have had to endure in recent years. Have you tried the Fast Tract Diet?