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Hematopoietic Colony-Stimulating Factors (CSFs)
In our professional lives, the same is true. Hi I am a 5 year survivor of breast cancer had chemo and radiation for 3 months followed by 5 years Femara. These arthritic deposits on the joints need cleaning up. If left untreated, this cancer can be disfiguring, especially on th Kathy didn't realize that excessive exercise literally wipes out the immune system. When, as Shana Cozad demonstrates so heroically, we transform ill fortuned circumstances and diseases like HIV into spiritual teachers, we can then see the knowledge Ayurveda may be hoping to impart. This condition does not occur for those on a low-carbohydrate diet who burn fats for energy.


The Cellect-Budwig Protocol

Therefore, nature had to develop some way to attach the new embryo to the wall of the uterus and some way to nourish feed it. After the sperm in the fallopian tube of the mother fertilizes the egg the fertilized egg gives rise to three basic kinds of cells:. By the third day the fertilized egg has fallen into the uterus. During those three days and for many days thereafter, the trophoblast cells cancer cells are growing very rapidly and surround the other two types of cells primitive germ cells, and normal body or somatic cells.

The new baby will fall out of the uterus unless something happens fast, and happen it does. The trophoblast cells metastasize as cancer does to the wall of the uterus. The trophoblast cells cancer cells continue to grow rapidly and form the placenta.

Now with a good food supply and no danger of falling out of the mother, the baby embryo can continue to grow, safe and sound, until birth. As the new embryo baby is being formed from the normal body or somatic cells, the primitive germ cells pre-placenta cells are multiplying.

In a few days, when the embryo baby develops to the proper stage, the primitive germ cells stop multiplying and begin to migrate to the gonads ovaries or testes. There are about three billion of these primitive germ cells that fatigue and never have the vital force necessary to reach the gonads. This means that there are two germ cells for every area the size of a pinhead dispersed throughout your body.

Any one of these germ cells is a potential cancer. That is why cancer can form in any part of the body. All that is needed to create cancer in our body is a deficiency of pancreatic enzymes, an imbalance of sex hormones and the embryonic destiny of a basic germ cell to form a placenta in preparation for the creation of a baby.

The imbalance of sex hormones can take place at any time, but usually it occurs between 45 and 60 years of age. When all is said and done, cancer is a normal growth of tissue a placenta due to the development of a basic germ cell in the wrong place outside of the uterus. Sometimes this placenta also has a "baby" or begins a tumor inside of it much like a normal pregnancy — only it is in the wrong place.

When dissecting tumors Pathologists often find partially formed teeth, toenails and other types of tissue, such as lung tissue, within the tumors. Malignancy, therefore, is never normal somatic tissue gone into wild proliferation, but a normal primitive germ cell growing normally in the wrong place. I would like to share with you my concept of the physiology of cancer. In order for you to comprehend my concept let me give you a little background by reviewing with you Pellagra and Diabetes.

For years patients were placed in insane asylums because they had the simple deficiency disease called Pellagra. Now no knowledgeable physician would commit such a patient, but rather give him B vitamins. It is a symptom of a general systemic condition. For centuries only the symptoms were treated — now we know better. It is nothing more than a symptom. It is a symptom that tells us that our systemic carbohydrate sugar metabolism is not functioning properly. Before insulin the great physicians stood by and wrung their hands helplessly.

Before the discovery of insulin by professor Ernest L. The doctor would tell them: And so it was that after the development of insulin, doctors figured out that there is a factor in diet.

But the doctors empirically found that the people who ate green leafy vegetables, and a few other foods, survived diabetes much better and the sugar count in their urine was much better.

They had a saying in the medical community at that time that leafy, green vegetables contained "natural insulin. Someday, in the near future, it will dawn on the medical community that diet does make quite a difference in people with cancer, and greatly affects health in general. When it does, a lot of lives will be saved and a lot of lives will be lived more healthfully. Cancer is a symptom of inadequate and deficient protein metabolism.

The real problem is protein metabolism, not cancer. Cancer is only a symptom telling those who would listen that their protein metabolism is in very serious trouble. Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy only treat the symptoms of cancer. One hundred years ago Dr. Enzymes digest or liquefy foods for absorption by the body. Beard presented pictures in his books and papers to show recoveries using pancreatin.

This was an unprecedented approach to treating the symptoms of cancer — a direct attack on the malignancy with a substance that did not have toxic side effects on the other functions of the body. Howard Beard no relation of Fort Worth, Texas has contributed considerably to the understanding and use of pancreatic enzymes in the treatment of cancer. He and other researchers indicated that where cancer is concerned trypsin and particularly chymotrypsin are the important enzymes in pancreatin.

Beard also recommended a nutritional program and other things, as stated in his book: Cancer Compared to Diabetes. Diabetes is a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism due to inadequate production or utilization of insulin. Cancer is a disorder of protein metabolism due to inadequate production or utilization of protein digesting enzymes. Insulin is produced in the pancreas.

Protein digesting enzymes are produced in the pancreas. A neurological process controls insulin production. A neurological process controls enzyme production. Diabetes can often be controlled by diet alone. Cancer can often be controlled by diet alone. Diabetes can almost always be controlled by the proper dosage of insulin. Cancer can almost always be controlled by proper dosage of protein digesting enzymes. A diabetic patient can live a long useful life and never die as the result of diabetes.

A cancer patient can live a long and useful life and never die as the result of cancer. A diabetic patient must control his diabetes the rest of his life by diet or medication or a combination of both.

A Cancer patient must control his cancer the rest of his life by diet and protein digesting enzymes. The Four Laws of Cancer. Protein Is Gradually Sapped from Muscles. The average cancer patient has had cancer 39 months before it is clinically diagnosed. The important factor here is not that it is slow growing, but rather what happens to the body during this growth time — the body must have protein to live, but during this 39 months the body could not get enough protein from its food supply.

Therefore, to keep the blood protein at a minimal level to sustain life, the body very gradually saps or destroys the muscles of the body. At this point the conditions are ripe for the symptom cancer to develop. All that is needed is something to stimulate the female sex hormone formation at the site of a misplaced ectopic germ cell. This is most often done by scar formation caused by a blow, a bruise, a drop of tar in the lung, a sun burn, an overdose of X-ray, or anything else that can cause a normal scar formation procedure to take place in the body — at the site of a latent ectopic germ cell.

This is normal wear and tear of the body, which happens to each of us every day; it is only when our protein metabolism is deficient that the symptom cancer develops. Now the ectopic germ cell mistakenly thinks it is time to have a baby and starts growing a placenta cancer in preparation for a baby that never develops. The only trouble is, without proper amounts of pancreatic enzymes circulating in our bloodstream to dissolve this abnormal placenta, it keeps growing and does not stop.

When the patient finally consults the physician the condition of cancer is announced and surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are recommended.

If nothing changes in the physiology of the patient, the cancer grows until it destroys the body. If something positive changes in the physiology of the patient one of two things can happen:. One person with cancer lasts a long time while another person with the same type of cancer goes rapidly — and, before now, no one knew why. The right combination of circumstances occurs, and the cancer is dissolved or "cured.

This book answers the question: The chemical and physical processes continuously going on in living organisms and cells, comprising those by which assimilated food is built up anabolism into protoplasm and those by which protoplasm is used and broken down catabolism into simpler substances or waste matter, with the release of energy for all vital processes. The person who has the metabolic malfunction should be addressed, not the disease that has the person. We call our system of addressing cancer "Metabolic" because the total person and all of his chemical and physical processes must be considered, and new habits of health developed in order to obtain a reasonable state of health.

We advise a very comprehensive program. It is extremely effective and inexpensive when compared to surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Those who are willing to faithfully and tediously follow it will be successful. Those who follow it in part or haphazardly will be completely unsuccessful.

Step one, halting or stopping the malignant growth with the use of supplemental metabolic nutrition, is relatively simple. The growth is usually stopped from within 3 hours to 12 days of metabolic nutritional supplementation, depending upon the amount and method of administration.

This is usually noted by a sharp elevation of body temperature lasting about 3 days. The clinical problem in treating a cancer patient is step two, clearing the body of accumulated toxins. This takes from 3 weeks to 12 months, depending upon the location and mass amount of growth. Many cancer patients have had their tumors successfully treated only to die of toxic poisons as the mass is dissolved and excreted from the body — in a case such as this the clinician treated the disease and not the patient, or failed to treat "metabolically.

We find that the rate of recovery is subject to another law — that of blood supply. If the rate of blood supply to an area is great, recovery is fast. If the blood supply to an area is inadequate, recovery is very slow. Thus, we find those with leukemia respond quickly, while those with bone afflictions have a much slower response.

We have also noted that in tumors of large diameter three or more inches the outside diameter is quickly dissolved, but the interior, where there is a lack of blood supply, often takes several months to dissolve. This is a very wonderful thing: Unfortunately, we have found many people who have lost hope, or their next of kin have lost hope, to the degree they were resigned to death and refused to try our Cancer Cure Program.

The pancreas is a complex organ and has many functions and purposes. We will briefly mention three here:. If this pancreatic function fails, the resulting disease process is what we call diabetes. Protease , which digests proteins. If this pancreatic function fails, the resulting disease process is called: Malnutrition, starvation, cachexia, wasting, or emaciation usually in adults.

The intracellular waste products and dead or dysfunctional normal cells. When this pancreatic function fails we have the resulting disease process we call cancer. There are many causes for the failure of our pancreatic metabolic function.

Often more than one cause exists simultaneously within the cancer patient. Listed below are some of these and all must be considered as possible or ruled out as non-causative in each cancer patient:.

We take into our bodies such large quantities of foods, which require pancreatic enzymes for their digestion, that there are no enzymes available for cancer digestion. Nutritional Components are not available vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. We may fail to take into our diet enough minerals, which are essential to release the enzymes into activity. We may produce enough enzymes but we fail to take into our diet enough coenzymes vitamins to make the enzymes work.

Failure of the Small Intestine to make adequate pancreatic activators. Often we produce enough enzymes, but the blood supply to a cancer area is so poor the enzymes we produce are not carried to the area. Non-Absorption of pancreatic secretions pancreatin from the intestines into the body due to scarring or damage to the small intestine from various diseases.

Our bodies produce anti-enzyme factors. These factors keep the enzymes from digesting our own bodies. Sometimes we produce an over-abundant supply of these anti-enzyme factors.

Inheriting a very small, or weak or defective ineffective pancreas. The pure white race, Aryans, and in particular, the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Scandinavian, Germanic, French, Scottish, Irish and British peoples, genetically appear to have a much higher incidence of cancer than other races.

The Jewish race, as well as Blacks, Asians and mixed races have a much lower incidence of cancer than the Aryan race. Other races have cancer of course, but in proportion to the pancreatic damage from malnutrition, viruses or infection.

Do I have Cancer? Have you ever asked yourself. The only accepted legal medical diagnosis of cancer is by biopsy. We, that is you and I, are not permitted to make a diagnosis of cancer. Nor are we permitted by law to use any system of diagnosis except biopsy for cancer diagnosis.

The Medical Establishment tightly controls the diagnosis of cancer. Each day each one of us has a "Cancer" start and develop in our body. This is a normal ongoing process each one of us experiences. Usually, our normal metabolic defense system takes care of these wayward cancer cells and we go about our daily lives unaware that any of this is taking place.

It is when our normal metabolic defense system or clean-up crew cannot handle this normal body process that we begin to develop a tumor or mass which can eventually be found by ourselves or our physician. Before this happens, you can easily determine the failure of your defense system and the beginning of "Cancer" — Malignant Tumor Masses — by using the following simple Pancreas Self-Examination. There are only three who care about you: God, yourself and sometimes your mother. The Establishment has finally come to strongly encourage all of us to practice self-examination for Cancer.

Women are told to examine their breasts once a month. All of us are told to carefully examine for lumps and bumps and skin changes. This helps us become aware of our body and seek medical care early if needed. We have had, from the first publication of this book in , the self-examination for the earliest possible development of pancreatic malfunction. When this occurs, within 2 to 4 years one always develops a Malignant Tumor Mass, which the Medical Community, in error, labels Cancer.

You give yourself control with Dr. You have the greatest to gain by self-examination. The Self-Examination Procedure below should be the most important part of your health program. It only alerts one very early to the possible formation of Malignant Tumor Masses.

Thus, you can run to your physician for proper and legal diagnosis and treatment if needed. This procedure is the most sensitive and early awareness system known to date.

When the pancreas is not working properly and fails to produce adequate amounts of enzymes the following occurs:. The first indication of pancreatic failure is indigestion with belching and passing of excessive gas flatulence. The second indication over an extended time is the dental condition called pyorrhea. The third indication is focusing problems of the eyes. Kelley is still able to read without glasses at the age of 73 — and he uses the same pair of glasses to drive as he used in Kelley correctly calls such conditions pancreatic failure, and within two to four years normal trophoblast cells false placenta cells will develop into Malignant Tumor Masses or lymph and blood dysfunction.

It is our belief that each one of us has the right to build and maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit by properly addressing pancreas failure by taking adequate, effective pancreatic enzyme supplements by mouth as outlined in Chapter III. The Pancreas Self-Examination below should be the most important part of your cancer prevention regime. This procedure is the most sensitive evaluation and early awareness system known to date. If within six weeks on the Pancreas Self-Examination one feels better, has better digestion, with more energy and stamina, one is usually pre-cancerous.

In this case, it is highly likely one will develop a malignant placenta tumor mass within two to four years. One should repeat the Pancreas Self-Test again every 12 to 18 months. There could be a false positive or false negative indication, but this is most rare.

Addressing these malignant placenta tumor masses is absolutely necessary in most cases. Prevention is the smart way to go. Protecting your investment, your own body, is the intelligent procedure to best ensure that you never receive a diagnosis of cancer.

Jesus the Christ said, "Physician Heal Thyself. What was Jesus really trying to say? It involves the true meaning of cure — cure for anything. It is often said. Jones and he cured me. No matter how many years a doctor has gone to school, no matter how many college degrees he or she may have, a doctor can cure only one person — himself or herself. It is important that you understand that only you can cure you of anything.

It is you and your body chemistry that cures you of your disease. In doing this you must take note that you are environmental, physical, mental and spiritual — each facet plays a part in your "cure. Unfortunately not all clinicians know the laws of God concerning health, even though they are honest and sincere and try their hardest. Can I Trust My Doctor? Yes, you will need all the professional help you can obtain from the Medical Community. Yes, you must have his or her help in all the crisis situations you will encounter on the road to health.

Yes, you are required by law to submit to his or her advice and cooperate in doing the recommendations he or she makes. Yes, your only chance of survival in your battle in this war is to work with your physician. Yes, but there are many things that are helpful in your fight that your physician cannot do for you.

In dealing with your metabolism, you must do it yourself. This book is to help guide you through the things you can do to help yourself and accomplish the best possible state of health. Yes, work with your physician and do all he or she advises, and study and glean all you can from this booklet.

My fellow researcher, Dr. We reviewed thousands of medical records of Cancer patients. We spent hundreds of hours in Medical School Libraries. We spent thousands of hours in University Law Libraries. We brought many legal cases in the State and Federal Courts of Pennsylvania.

We appealed to the 3rd Circuit of the Federal Courts several times and appealed to the U. Supreme Court 5 times. During this time Dr. Morrison and I collected more than adequate data and endured sufficient experiences to honestly and with Christian love for our fellow Cancer patients, and without rancor, make the following statements.

To put it candidly, we know whereof we speak and write. See below and take note in Chapter X. Kelley is a dentist. Morrison was of a different mind. I know our opinions about the Medical Establishment are repulsive and unbelievable to the honest, God fearing, Christian citizen. Nevertheless, they are true and we have encountered so many such experiences we must bring to your attention at least one of these horrible stories.

Morrison got an urgent call from her little brother, David. He had a small lump, about the size of a pea, on the left side of his neck, just above the collarbone. His doctor in New Jersey, knowing the stress David was under with his "wife to be" told him to just calm down and get his family situation resolved and watch it and check again in six months. Carol knew from her medical training that if the lump was malignant it was only a metastasis of a tumor mass, usually found in the chest between the lungs.

She asked me to ask the Holy Spirit for confirmation. To verify the Holy Spirit, Carol did a "scan" in the hospital where she was working. It was agreed to wait six months and then check David again. She demanded the nodule be removed and biopsied to prove it was cancer. If she demanded a diagnosis of cancer and could pay for it, "she will get it.

Anderson Cancer Center in Houston; if you are rich enough and live in the central U. Everyone gets a piece of the pie!

The advice of the New York doctors was: We do see a swelling in the nasal sinus. It would be closer to home for David to be treated in Philadelphia and less stress. Back in Philadelphia, mother demanded a biopsy of the nasal sinus; the fact that David had allergies was never considered. The surgery was a disaster; the surgeon ruptured a major artery and nearly killed David. No biopsy of a life or death situation was encountered.

All manor of chemotherapy and radiation was then started. In Pittsburgh David was scalped; his skull was sawed from ear to ear and set aside. Seventeen biopsy samples were taken, digging as close to the brain as possible. David was going to five doctors and each one was giving him something different and not knowing or caring what the others were treating him with. All this was accomplished and treatment performed when there was no positive biopsy ever reported.

All they could say was: Morrison and I were devastated. We constantly asked God why such devastating and cruel experiences were necessary when David did not even have cancer! Maybe it was for you, the readers of this booklet — for your education and understanding. Carol and I had seen enough, long before David. Cancer is basically a deficiency disease — a deficiency of the pancreatic enzymes. This is a deficiency of the free active enzymes in the tissues of the body. Since and the passage of the Hatch Act, individuals and physicians may legally support human metabolism by diet, nutritional supplements and certain procedures as long as they are not harmful.

In fact, for many years it has been accepted that one must add vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, etc. The modern diet is quite deficient in certain foods that have in the past been mainstays of good nutrition and the support of health. The most outstanding missing group as a whole is the organ meats, such as kidney, liver, stomach, intestinal tract tripe, and lung. To get these today one must obtain them in the form of nutritional supplements. Pancreas tissue or sweetbreads without a doubt, indicated by our 30 odd years of research, is the most deficient item in our food chain.

It should be noted that the pancreas is the most needed of all the missing organ meats from our diets. It must be supplied in our diets or serious deficiencies result.

Low temperature processed pancreas gland enzymes are available to the public in various Metabolic Formulas listed below. These nutritional products are designed to support the normal metabolic processes of human metabolism. Below are the Metabolic Formulas Dr. They have been helpful to thousands of his metabolic counselees. For the amount to take and the timing see below. Formula E — For those who have difficulty swallowing, this enteric-coated caplet has proven to be helpful.

Formula E also contains enzyme activators that are lacking in some cancer patients. Activators are also normally secreted in the first six inches of the small intestine as soon as food from the stomach and enzymes from the pancreas arrive.

If the pancreas contained this activator the pancreas would digest itself. A lack of these activators prevents the pancreatic enzymes from digesting food or destroying cancer cells in the body. Formula H — For those who have Hay Fever or other allergies — 6 caplets should be taken with each meal. Formula L — For those who have been diagnosed by their physician as having Leukemia.

Formula P — For those who choose to invest in Prevention — 2 or 3 caplets should be taken with each meal and at bedtime. This is for pancreas support, not for pancreas failure. Formula T — Pancreas Self-Test — 6 caplets with each meal and at bedtime. Formula W — For Weight Control — 2 to 6 caplets should be taken with each meal. It is far more important than one can possibly realize to take the Metabolic Formulas at the proper time. The most essential part of resolving the metabolic malfunction of those with pancreatic failure is to get the enzymes to the affiliated areas of deterioration.

We must have enough enzymes there to stop any further deterioration of body tissue. Some have found it easier if one starts the first week by taking 6 caplets each at the 6 suggested intake times; then 9, then up to the suggested The raw materials for the repair and rebuilding of the body must be cycled.

Taking the Metabolic Formulas during the "On" cycle provides a saturation of needed nutrients. Stopping the Metabolic Formulas during the "Off" cycle provides the necessary time for the body to repair, rebuild and detoxify. Take the Metabolic Formulas for 10 or more days, until one becomes toxic, but no longer than 25 days.

It is best to stay On your Metabolic Formulas for 10 to 25 days. However, when you suffer negative symptoms anytime after the third day you may Stop taking them at that point. Remain Off the Metabolic Formulas for 5 days. You must give the body time to detoxify. Stay Off the Metabolic Formulas the full 5 days even if you feel well enough to continue.

Give your body time for repair and rebuilding. You must continue your detoxification program during the "Off" cycle. If you feel worse while you are Off the Metabolic Formulas you should go back On them immediately and try to go Off them again in 25 days or if you feel toxic. Essential Fatty Acids are critical nutrients, not produced within the body, and must be supplied through the diet.

These Fatty Acids are needed for the function of the immune system as well as cardiovascular and brain metabolism. This special formula is very high in Omega 3 and restores needed balance of Cholesterol and Triglycerides. Balance usually occurs in 6 to 8 months by taking 1 tablespoon two times each day.

This formula is very high in Omega 3 and Omega 6 and restores and maintains the balance of cholesterol and triglycerides. Taking one tablespoon each day has been adequate and helpful to many. The cardiovascular system is of the utmost importance. It would be counter-productive indeed to survive cancer only to be wiped out with malfunction of the cardiovascular system.

HRT is a solution of ortho-phosphoric acid. Suggested daily intake is 45 to 90 drops daily taken in juice, hot or cold tea, carbonated beverage or water. Multiple Mineral, 1 per day optional — there are sufficient minerals in the above enzyme Formulas. Multiple Vitamin, 1 per day optional — there are sufficient minerals in the above enzyme Formulas.

Kelley does not deny that his approach applies extreme measures. He maintains that extreme measures are required when you have allowed your health to fall so low that your have left yourself vulnerable to cancer. He has identified four major lines of defense against cancer: All of them depend heavily on nutrition for their strength. You take so many pills in order to be sure that your glands will be totally supported, your immune system highly stimulated, and your body chemistry properly balanced.

In reality, a person very rarely dies of cancer. It is always starvation and toxicity. As the malignant tumor grows it gives off waste products, which must be eliminated through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin. These waste products accumulate and gradually overburden the body. Most persons then die of toxemia. Before any disease can be cured, the waste products and impurities must be cleansed from the body. The sooner this is done, the sooner the body can begin repairing itself.

Kelley recommends that you begin the detoxification process even before you have the nutritional supplements in your possession. It is absolutely imperative that the patient carefully follows the detoxification process after the supplements begin stimulating the release of wastes and debris.

Scientists have calculated that a person has between 70 and trillion cells in his or her body. This means we have over 70 trillion "garbage cans" needing to be emptied. In our culture we have not made allowances for, nor taught ourselves, the proper techniques of emptying these waste receptacles. It is no wonder that the people of our nation are so sick! Proper and thorough detoxification is just as important as good nutrition for anyone who has lived in the mainstream of a modern technological civilization for 10 or more years, and especially for anyone who has developed symptoms of a chronic degenerative disease.

The intensive program of concentrated nutrients outlined in this book will begin to make nutritional factors available to the cells, which they may not have had for many years. Consequently, cellular metabolism will speed up and an increased amount of metabolic waste will be dumped into the bloodstream. If it accumulates in the bloodstream, one will not feel well and the cells will not be able to utilize the fresh nutrients being provided by the nutritional program.

When one eats food, it is digested in the mouth, stomach, and intestinal tract. In the intestinal tract, the digested food is absorbed into the bloodstream, which takes it close to each individual cell.

The food, along with oxygen, is transferred into the cell. In the cell, nutrients are metabolized into energy, carbon dioxide, water, and waste products of metabolism.

It is the accumulation of these wastes, which frequently interferes with normal functions of the cells. Principle factors necessary for a pure bloodstream are pure air, pure water, pure food, and the presence of oxygen brought in by exercise appropriate to your cardiovascular capacity. As the cells produce metabolic debris, the blood carries it to the organs of detoxification. These organs are the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, many of the mucous membranes, and the colon.

If these organs of detoxification are themselves filled with debris, they of course cannot accept any more toxins.

In such a case, the blood cannot accept further debris from the cells and, before long, there are 70 to trillion garbage cans completely full. It is like the city dump being filled to capacity and not accepting any more garbage trucks. Before long, the entire community has become bogged down. The liver is the major organ of detoxification, and also the most stressed by our modern lifestyle.

One cannot live long without the heart, brain, kidneys, or pancreas, yet it is proper liver function, which prevents these organs from becoming diseased. Here, in addition to metabolic wastes, is where environmental contamination, food additives, and all other chemical pollutants are removed from the body.

You should be just as much or more concerned about the condition of your liver as about the condition of your heart. If you have had hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, infectious mononucleosis, or other liver damage, you should become very protective of this vital organ.

The intake of anything that places undue stress on the liver should be eliminated entirely. Such a list would include: Unrefined oils, or butter for sautéing, can be used without creating peroxides and free radicals, which are toxic to the liver.

Metabolizing essential fats cholesterol, triglycerides, lipoproteins and thus preventing their accumulation in the bloodstream where they often form deposits on blood vessel walls atherosclerosis.

Secreting a fluid bile which stores in the gall bladder or the enlarged bile duct and empties into the small intestine. The bile acts as a carrier for all liver wastes. It is also essential for the proper digestion and assimilation of fats and all fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamins A, D, E, K, lecithin, and essential fatty acids.

The gall bladder is a hollow muscular organ which stores and concentrates bile and is attached to the undersurface of the liver. When a meal is eaten, especially if it contains some fats or oils, the gall bladder is stimulated to contract and should freely expel its contents into the small intestine to emulsify fatty nutrients for proper absorption, and to allow poisonous wastes which the liver has removed from the body to be eliminated through the intestines.

Many people living in our society today, even those in their teens, fail to have free, unobstructed flow of bile from the liver and gall bladder in response to food entering the small intestine. Eating refined or processed foods, eating fresh food which is mineral deficient because it is grown on depleted or chemically treated soil, lack of regular vigorous exercise, stress, multiple distractions during meals, and many other unnatural aspects of our lifestyle have combined to alter the chemistry of bile so that formation of solid particles from bile components is a commonplace occurrence among Americans.

These solid particles remain in the gall bladder or the base of the liver for many years and become progressively harder, sometimes calcifying into "gallstones. When a significant number of solid bile particles accumulate, the free flow of the gallbladder is diminished, causing progressive stagnation and congestion of the liver.

The body begins to suffer the effects of poor assimilation of fat-soluble nutrients, which may play a role in the development of eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, falling hair, tendonitis, night blindness, accumulation of calcium in tissues, and sometimes prostate enlargement in men. Hemorrhoids due to blockage of the portal vein draining the liver are often the result of this congestion.

The importance of cleansing the debris from the liver and gall bladder, thus keeping the bile free flowing, cannot be overemphasized. This can be effectively accomplished by doing the Liver-Gall Bladder Flush a form of which at one time was widely used at the world famous Lahey Clinic in Boston, MA , which is necessary even if one has had their gall bladder removed.

The four basic active principles in this procedure are:. Apple juice high in malic acid or ortho-phosphoric acid, which acts as a solvent in the bile to weaken adhesions between solid globules. Epsom salt magnesium sulfate , taken by mouth and enema, which allows magnesium to be absorbed into the bloodstream, relaxing smooth muscles.

Large solid particles which otherwise might create spasms are able to pass through a relaxed bile duct. Olive oil, unrefined, which stimulates the gall bladder and bile duct to contract powerfully, thus expelling solid particles kept in storage for years.

Coffee enemas, which consist of a coffee solution retained in the colon. They activate the liver to secrete its waste into the bile, enhancing bile flow and further relaxing the bile duct muscle. The Liver-Gall Bladder Flush is one of the most important procedures for persons over 15 years of age. The steps in doing this are not difficult and are as follows:. For 5 days prior to the "Flush," consume as much apple juice or cider as the appetite permits, in addition to regular meals.

Nutritional supplements should also be taken during this time. The first preference for juice would be freshly juiced organic apples, and secondly, apple juice or cider unsweetened and preferably organic if possible purchased either from the health food or grocery store.

A person should be sure to read the labels carefully and obtain a juice that has no additives whatsoever. If one is a severe hypoglycemic, is diabetic, or has difficulty tolerating the juice or cider, he or she may take 20 drops of HRT Phosfood Liquid or Super Phos 30 with each meal 60 drops daily in RO filtered water or distilled water or some type of juice other than apple. Due to the high acidity, it is wise that one brush his teeth or rinse out his mouth with Milk of Magnesia or baking soda solution after taking the ortho-phosphoric acid.

At noon on the sixth day, one should eat a normal lunch and take the Metabolic Formulas scheduled for that time. Two hours after lunch, 1 or 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt magnesium sulfate dissolved in 1 to 3 ounces of warm mineral water, RO filtered water or distilled water should be taken.

The taste may be objectionable to some. If so, the mixture can be followed by a little citrus juice if desired freshly squeezed if possible. This should be retained for 15 minutes and expelled. The coffee should be made as strong as one can tolerate but no stronger than 6 tablespoons of ground coffee per quart of water. Five hours after lunch take 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt, dissolved as the previous dose Step 3. Six or seven hours after lunch, one may fast if desired. However, it is preferable to have a fresh fruit salad, using as many fresh fruits in season as possible.

Use heavy, unpasteurized whipping cream as a dressing on the salad, whipped with a little raw unheated honey if desired. One can eat as much as desired of the whipped-cream-covered salad.

If fresh fruit is unavailable, frozen berries such as strawberries, blueberries, boysenberries, blackberries, raspberries, etc. These should also be covered with whipped cream and a large portion eaten. Take citrus fruit or juice after the cream and fruit meal, if desired. For hypoglycemics, the cream should balance the fruit. However, each hypoglycemic should adjust the amount of salad eaten to his individual tolerance. At bedtime, there can be 1 of 3 choices Note: Olive oil stimulates the gall bladder and bile duct to contract powerfully, thus expelling solid particles kept in storage for years.

All juice should be freshly squeezed if possible: Take 4 tablespoons of unrefined olive oil or 4 tablespoons of Formula F followed by 1 tablespoon of citrus juice every 30 minutes until 6 ounces of oil have been consumed.

This choice is preferable for those who are unusually weak or who have had gall bladder problems in the past. It has been found helpful to rinse the mouth with an alcohol base drink like Sherry to cut out the residue of the oil taste.

If an alcohol base drink is unobtainable, try a natural carbonated drink, or club soda. Do not swallow the alcohol drink or the carbonated drink. If one should vomit during the consumption of the oil and juice, the procedure should be continued until it is finished.

It is not necessary to make up for the amount that was vomited. Immediately upon finishing the oil and juice or while taking it , one should go to bed and lie on the right side with the right knee drawn up toward the chin for 30 minutes before going to sleep. If there is a strong feeling of nausea the following morning, one should try to remain in bed until it subsides somewhat. Vomiting should not be forced. Upon arising, one must take another strong coffee enema with Epsom salt in it or, 1 hour before breakfast, take 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt dissolved in 1 to 3 ounces of warm mineral water, RO filtered water or distilled water.

If one continues to feel nauseous or very sore in the upper abdomen even after the enema, a light diet of sprouts, fruit raw or steamed , yogurt or kefir, and freshly extracted vegetable juices especially with beet greens in them should be resumed. If one finds that the Metabolic Formulas cause discomfort immediately after the flush, they may be omitted for three days. Taking one hydrochloric acid tablet at bedtime will help reduce any nausea during the night.

If you have a tendency to get nauseated from the oil, take 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera juice after your doses of oil and citrus juice. Placing a hot water bottle over the liver area under the right ribcage during the night also helps relieve nausea.

One should not be frightened by the above references to nausea, vomiting, soreness of the abdomen, etc. Many people complete this procedure with minimal discomfort, and nearly everyone feels much better after completing it. Flushing the liver and gall bladder in the manner described if the gall bladder is present stimulates and cleans these organs as no other process does.

Oftentimes, persons suffering for years from gallstones, lack of appetite, billiousness, backaches, nausea, and a host of other complaints will find gallstone-type objects in the stool the day following the flush. These objects are light to dark green in color, very irregular in shape, gelatinous in texture, and of sizes varying from "grape seed" size to "cherry" size.

If there seems to be a large number of these objects in the stool, the flush should be repeated in 2 weeks. The fast should last one or two days. We are now giving the body a rest and an opportunity to cleanse itself of much waste on the individual cell level. Each day of the fast one quart of fresh carrot juice and one pint of celery juice should be taken, along with all the RO filtered or distilled water desired.

It is best to dilute the fresh juice with equal parts RO filtered or distilled water. It is important to remember that unless sufficient fluids are taken the poisons become concentrated and are not eliminated in the natural way.

If there were only one kind of pill that would help everybody, the cancer patient or otherwise, it would be "Okra-Pepsin-E3" made by Standard Process, Inc. Certain foods, such as pasteurized milk and many cooked foods, cause the mucus buildup on the wall of the small intestine raw foods do not cause this mucus buildup. The mucus coats the villi on the wall of the small intestine.

The villi are like tiny fingers that stick out from the intestinal wall to absorb nutrients from the digested food, which is primarily liquid. The mucus on the villi blocks the absorption of nutrients from the food. Sometimes the mucus gets so thick and tough it is almost like a plastic film. Almost no nutrition can get through to the body. He or she would be starving and therefore would want to eat more food including protein.

That would lead to more of the pancreatic enzymes being used to digest the protein even though it could not be properly absorbed. When all the pancreatic enzymes are used up, there are none left in the blood to destroy cancer cells.

The okra is a very sticky, gooey, vegetable material. It tends to stick the pepsin enzyme to the mucus on the intestinal wall long enough to digest some of the mucus. The E-3 is a powerful tissue repair factor. It was originally developed for the patient with stomach ulcers or colitis. If the Okra-Pepsin-E3 capsules are taken for a few days to several weeks, one after each meal reduce the amount of capsules if diarrhea occurs , the mucus will gradually be digested.

The blood can then receive more nutrients from the food, even if it is from a poor diet. Then, once a year, take the Okra-Pepsin-E3 capsules again for a few days or a week to keep the mucus from building back up. The mucus blockage varies with different people. Sometimes it blocks minerals and larger molecules only, while in other people it partially blocks all nutrients.

While taking the Okra-Pepsin-E3 capsules people who have heavily mucus-coated intestines might find mucus coming out with their stool, convoluted like the intestines. Kelley has had people who have been taking the capsules call him to say that they think they have just passed their intestines and what should they do? One year-old patient called Dr.

Kelley to report that the Okra-Pepsin-E3 capsules worked a miracle by relieving reoccurring pain that she had suffered with for years. The pain would come and go apparently without cause and felt like bricks were pressing against her internal organs and lower back and at the same time her right side and leg would feel numb. On the morning of the eighth day, after taking one Okra-Pepsin-E3 capsule with each meal for a week, she spent 45 minutes sweating, straining and pushing to have a bowel movement, and when it finally came out she could hardly believe what she saw — long, intertwined black ropes or collapsed tubes of mucus filled the toilet!

After this bowel movement and the disappearance of her pain she realized that there must have been a connection to eating a large meal and the pain — food passing through the intestine would push the mucus-coated intestine onto nerves, which caused the pain and numbness. The Okra-Pepsin-E3 is indicated for both underweight and overweight people. In both cases nutrients are not being absorbed.

Even if they are taking enzymes to digest the food they eat, they absorb only the smaller carbohydrate molecules while the larger protein molecules are blocked. In underweight people the carbohydrates are used efficiently burned for energy, not turned into fat , but the person becomes thin as they lose muscle mass from lack of protein absorption. In overweight people the carbohydrates are not used efficiently they are turned into fat , and this causes the person to become overweight as they also lose muscle mass.

A high, retention enema, using coffee, should be taken to aid in the elimination of toxic waste material from the body. After 35 years, Dr. Kelley still takes his daily enema. The coffee enema, besides stimulating liver detoxification, also has beneficial effects in cleaning the colon. Coffee is an excellent solvent for encrusted waste accumulated along the walls of the colon. The caffeine also directly stimulates the peristaltic muscle to contract more powerfully and loosen such deposits, which are occasionally visible as hard, black material and "ropes" of mucus.

Gradually, as the protein metabolism of the body improves, the muscle tone of the bowel becomes normal and thorough evacuation is possible without the aid of the enema.

Essentially, the coffee enemas help the liver perform a task for which it was not designed — that of elimination in 1 or 2 years the accumulated wastes from many years of living in ignorance of the laws of nature. At first, most people dislike enemas and have psychological barriers against them. Ignorance of the purpose and function of the enema, as well as misunderstanding of the proper procedure for taking it bring about this aversion. I have observed, however, that the persons most opposed to enemas soon reverse their prejudices and become the most avid supporters of them!

In many cases, the enema relieves distress and gives a sense of well being and cleanliness never before experienced. The proper removal of toxins and debris from the colon is absolutely essential in all conditions of disease and ill health. Enemas using coffee in the afternoon or evening may interfere with sound sleep.

If enemas are needed at these times, many patients prefer to use only warm pure water omitting the coffee. But it is better to take coffee at these times also, and a weaker solution to permit sleep would be better than not using coffee at all. Just before bedtime each day, make a pot of coffee 1 quart. Unplug coffeepot and allow to cool to room temperature. It is best to arise early enough each morning to allow time to take the enema in a relaxed, unhurried state.

The coffee must be regular, non-instant, non-decaffeinated coffee. Aluminum or Teflon should not be used at any time! We have found the coffee that is unboiled or prepared via the "drip method" is preferable. Use 3 to 4 tablespoons of ground coffee to 1 quart of Filtered Reverse Osmosis RO or distilled water. Any water that enters into the body should be RO filtered or distilled water. Avoidance of city water supplies always chlorinated, which has been strongly linked to hardening of the arteries, and often fluoridated, which has been strongly linked to cancer and thyroid disease is most essential to removing stress from the kidneys.

Pure RO filtered water or distilled water should be used for cooking and drinking — and even for preparing enemas, since a significant portion of the enema water may be absorbed and filtered through the kidneys.

Even if one has a well, it should not be assumed safe. Often toxic amounts of copper, cadmium, and lead are picked up from the plumbing even if the well is pure. If one distills water from a city supply, one must remember that certain hydrocarbon contaminants have a lower boiling point than that of water. The distiller should have a valve to permit their escape as they gasify. If not, they will concentrate in the distilled water and will need to be removed by filtering through activated charcoal.

An acceptable Distilled Water System: H 2 0 Only, Inc. Filters breed deadly bacteria. If your water supply is dirty a filter will get dirty in less than 30 days — A filter should be changed every 30 days even if your water supply is clean.

If a coffee enema makes a person jittery, shaky, nervous, nauseated, or light-headed, the coffee solution is too strong. The amount of coffee can be adjusted from 1 teaspoon to 4 tablespoons per quart of water as tolerance level permits.

The high, retention coffee enema should consist of 1 quart of coffee, held for 15 minutes. Some people, children especially, can take and retain only a pint 2 cups of enema solution at a time.

If this is the case, one must take 2 enemas each time, one right after the other, and hold each for 15 minutes as directed. Upon rising each morning plug in the coffeepot for a few seconds to bring coffee to body temperature; unplug and take the morning coffee enema. Before the enema do some form of mild exercise if possible, such as walking briskly. If one is extremely debilitated and weak, this step will of course need to be omitted until strength returns.

Attempt a normal bowel movement. The enema is much more effective if the colon has been evacuated. In many cases, not enough bulk collects to instigate a normal bowel movement.

When no normal bowel movements are forthcoming, the enema cleans the colon adequately. After the normal bowel movement, if one is forthcoming, or before taking the coffee retention enema, most people find that taking an enema with 1 quart of warm RO filtered water or distilled water is very helpful do not retain this enema.

This procedure begins the cleansing of the colon, removing large particles of residue and most of the gas.

When it is completed, the coffee retention enema may be taken. The warm water enema is optional and does not need to be taken if the coffee enema can be retained for the desired period. Place 1 quart of coffee in your enema bag or bucket. You may use a Fleet enema bag, which is a disposable large volume plastic bag, an over-the-counter item from the local pharmacy or hospital supply outlet. We had to op for the lowest dose as we couldn't afford the higher ones.

But no matter, you can only do what you can do and it was worth every penny. The numerous medics we saw during the course of his illness were proud of his physical wellbeing. Against many odds, he kept his weight up, side effects from two lots of chemo and radiotherapy were minimal and his stamina, although it deteriorated over the months, was amazing.

Now, I'm not saying it was all down to the elixirs. He was a strong, determined man, who actually did not believe in any kind of alternative therapies But for him, I believe these elixirs contributed to him having the best quality of life we could possibly have hoped for.

His last scan, two weeks ago, showed everything was being kept at bay. When he died suddenly it was due to the primary rupturing and nobody could have foreseen this. I have 1 more session with 3 drugs administered then I am being put on a maintenance programme with just 1 drug plus all my products from you.

A massive thankyou most sincerely" Julie P. I don't want to "jinx" anything, but the tumor on the cat's head is NOT looking terribly healthy - it is shrinking and shriveling down. It always helps reinforce one's "faith" when you find a product that really works as advertised, and from what I can see this combination is making a huge difference.

He himself has said that he gets a few hours of sleep at a time now rather than 20 minutes. Best results in two years. He recently changed doctors and the new doctor was hesitant about removing the bladder. He had a biopsy a couple of weeks ago and apparently still has cancer although now it's seems it's surface and not requiring surgery It has now gone and I am very happy In five days I was thinking some changes were happening.

A skin tag was gone from my arm. A small growth on the left side of my nose was shrinking. This growth had been removed by a dermatologist many months before and I was considering having it removed again. Then I realized it was not as big as before. I wasn't really sure if my mind was playing tricks on me. I went to the dentist to have an old filling repaired. An area in my mouth where I had some recession of the gum line. On the 12th day of supplements, I went back to the dentist for a normal check up.

The hygienist kept looking at my mouth and comparing what she saw with my old x rays. She was surprised because I have regenerated new tissue around the filling replaced a week ago.

She claims she has never seen anything like this before. So I am convinced many changes are happening in my body. I am very happy to say my MRI of the brain was also negative for cancer I cannot say enough about what you do. I purchased the suggested products for my husband and after only 3 weeks CT scan showed the cancer had diminished. However, with the influence of Of course, 3 weeks later he was gone. He knew he had made a mistake but by then it was too late.

The chemo ate a hole in his bile duct and sepsis set in I suggest your website to all who will listen and I am so thankful for your service. If I am ever in this position myself I will start with you. CEA is at 1. I'll finish 3 months of protocol on Aug Also on Budwig Flax oil and Cottage cheese. I will also be including the comparisons that the oncologist made that are not written on the "Final Report". April 29th was when I was at the emergency room due to heavy bleeding emanating from my left breast wound.

The doctor measured the highest point vertically of my breast tumor from images of the previous CT to be at 31 mm. It now has gone down to 19 mm. So, it's one third shorter in height. June 30th was my previous appointment and he said today that the wound looked much better and smaller. It is flat and does not have the mounds that looked like inflamed wound. He measured it again. If I heard right I was so excited, I forgot the exact numbers , previously it was 4.

And now, he said it's at 3. But, I am measuring it now, and looks more like 3,5 X 4. The open wound has completely healed, and dry to the touch, no more "sticky" feel to it. The rest are patches of light pink, and purplish gray skin. The light pink part even peeled off this morning to reveal another light pink layer. I asked my doctor if that is new skin growing, to which he replied , "I don't know", This was a little boggling to me.

He just said that the skin will not grow back to the original color due to it being damaged tissue as a result of the cancer. I showed him my completely clean dressing without any blood. He said that I do not need to put any dressing anymore. He added that cancer causes bleeding. So, only 19 days have passed since he last saw me, but the improvement to the wound is just outright amazing!

Blood test again was done last July 11th. I am no longer anemic. Now a brief comparison of the April 29th and July 14th scans- a. There were four spots on my lungs.

The biggest one was at mm in size. Now, it is at less than 3mm. The second - " a subtle nodular focus- has decreased in size no numbers are available. NO mention of the other two nodules.

Final Report states that " Decrease in the soft tissue regions of the left breast is seen. Re the Bone Scan - a new spot on my spine. The bone sometimes does this when it's healing. He was very positive about it. Furthermore, he added that generally speaking, cancer cells act the same way. Visitor from online chat. I have a new question for you She was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in February She also had 4 rounds of chemotherapy, followed by a CAT scan to see where things stood.

We are all certain that her wonderful progress is due to the supplements and elixirs you recommended. She got through the chemo with no nausea and vomiting and minor hair loss. I can't thank you enough for the important, life-changing work you and your staff do each and every day. You give hope and clear advice to people and families who are dealing with fear and confusion. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Thank you so much for any suggestions you can make.

And please feel free to post this message on your website as a testimonial. I tell everybody about how wonderful you, your staff, and your products are! Bless you guy's for the highly professional and effective effort you are making in sustaining and improving your customers health. I am recommending your products to all in the UK.

Please pass on this message to your customers and readers and send our best wishes to all your staff and associates. Her pain seems to be subsiding a bit and she has been getting around pretty good.

The fluid in her lungs has decreased also. She finished one round of Ibrance 21 days and then a seven day break. Her white blood count had dropped so they told her to wait an extra week before she resumes taking the ibrance. I really think the elixirs are helping her!

We will be ordering another three month supply and so i was wondering which ones to order Like I said before, I really believe she has made a big improvement in the last three months and I believe its because of the elixirs. Thank you so much. I will write you more after a good nights sleep. It's Monday night looks like full moon Thanks so much for what you do, without people like you we would all be lost!! He had blood drawn Monday before doing his treatment on Tuesday.

His doctor said when they started his treatments his psa was now is What ever they use for bone cancer was it is down to He has gained a little over 5 pounds. First treatment his weight was , second was Before he had weighed He is eating real well and has no sickness from from the chemo I want to thank you for all your help.

She has been on the ovarian cancer protocol for almost a year now. Cancer cannot be found, also the CA numbers are reducing monthly. I am throughly convinced she would not be in her current condition without these products!!! She started chemo on August 14 to treat the tumors they had been unable to get in surgery. CA was 96, swelling and pain. She started taking the elixirs you recommended when they arrived, I believe early the following week.

She has also been watching her diet, no sodas, juicing fruits and vegetables, making smoothies, drinking ionized water, checking her Ph and doing coffee enemas with a promise to her family that she will carry on with the lifestyle change.

We were very pleased Thank you so much for what you have done for our family. She has been sneaking a few of each into his health drink because he is very close-minded about natural remedies. After radiation and one short round of chemo, his PET scan is clear and he is eating normally. She will continue with her stealth program, including adding Zeolite DHQ. After faithfully taking every Liver Strength and every elixir, I have felt so much better. This week was midway point through chemotherapy so a CT scan was taken.

The results came back that the 20 masses in both lungs are "completely gone. The cyst started appearing Nov. Jan the doctors said I would need a miracle for me to survive the Chemo. They also said if my body refuses the Chemo I would only have up to a year and half to live. I looked up herbs to help with cancer and this product came up. I bought it and only used it 3 times a day for 2 days and the cyst were shrinking.

I couldn't believe it. I had stopped using the Zeolite 1 month ago but still stayed on chemo. The cyst started coming back. I still had very little left in the Zeolite bottle which I was able to stretch it out for 2 days. The cyst are going back down again. I will never stop using this product again. This is the miracle I needed to get me through this cancer.

I am so thankful it is working for me. I have another chance at life for my babies. I want to thank you for all the natural drugs which helped me to cure my cancer, to not have any side effects from the chemo no loss of hair, no nausea, no skin irritation, etc.

I finish my letter now, because I took enough of your time, by thanking you once more for saving me from such an ugly illness and giving me back the will of living a happy healthy life. Then they turned brilliant purple.

Now they are gone. I know the formula is working on my breast and lung cancer. Your 3 elixirs are causing the remaining internal tissue inside the giant hollow hole inside my breast to produce new pink tissue. For two years the rotting tissue has been grayish yellow. Now it is disappearing and new tissue is forming.

I may not have to have a mastectomy after all. So much so for Quack cancer doctors. I am so glad I found your web site. I believe you have saved my life. I received the cream yesterday at work, and when I got home I gave it to him and asked him to put it on the black mole the right of his right eye He put it on twice last night, and this morning when he saw me, first thing he said Needless to say, he is ecstatic!

And he is without pain! Thank you so much We appreciate all your information and your support! We are so happy from the result and I know that I am going to repeat myself but we are so thankful to you for your moral support and for everything you've done for us. You are amazing person and still our angel of hope!

I don't have to tell you that Vessela is full with energy, she had her last painkiller tablet on 22 November last year. She is back at work on her full capacity and we are even planing a trip to our country Bulgaria for Christmas. Vessie still takes chemo pills but at much reduced dose and together with that her 4 elixirs, her 1 bottle per month Immune Force, vitamin D and alkaline water.

In some of the testimonies below, Immune Force is mentioned. Immune Force has been replaced in our recommendations by what we test to be a slightly stronger immune supplement, Optimal Immune 2.

Stronger because it supplies more support for the liver and brain along with equally as powerful immune support. Additionally, combining Optimal Immune 2 with a sister product, Optimal Immune 1, is now recommended in place of Immune Force when swelling is not an issue.

This Combination is significantly more powerful than Immune Force for improving immune system, liver and brain functions. However, he has had acid reflux his whole life, but the last few months he reported that his symptoms of reflux have altogether disappeared.

I have seen my consultant this morning and he has said I am clear! He's just waiting on a bone marrow test. First part, the liquid in the back is clear. Just waiting for the bit of marrow to come back, but he said it's very unlikely it will still be there as the pet scan revealed no disease!

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I do believe these products have helped me get better. At the moment I take immune force, liver strength, ultimate fish blend, brain power, esme ns, nano red, honokare, glutam, tumorin, m-inhibitor, rad, cse, bla, bla enhancer, prug x. I was going to order more elixirs today but had that news!

To be honest, I'm a bit shocked. I wasn't expecting that news today Thank you so much for all the help you have given me. I will never forget it, yours sincerely, robin h. The cancer cells in the lungs, lymph nodes, and toe have decreased in size by a great margin.

Sherry and I are so grateful and thankful for your expertise and willingness to share it with others. We are expecting a total and complete recovery.

He had chemo and got really sick and kept throwing up,. He continued to take your suggested supplements and saw the Dr. Also did ultra sound on kidneys, liver, gallbladder and pancreas and all was good. I am so pleased to know that there are such wonderful supplements. He has now stopped throwing up as of today. We are so pleased and confident for a full recovery. Got the results of full body and brain scan yesterday. All going in the right direction ie the brain lesion has reduced considerably and the rest of the body shows no further activity.

No further conventional treatment indicated, thank goodness. To be seen again in 2 months by the melanoma consultant. It has done wonders for her. AML Leukemia which is now treatable Diane swears it's the immune force that is keeping her doing so well. All the cancer in the affected areas main tumour in the Esophagus and 2 lymph nodes has shrunk, and there appears to be no further spreading of the cancer to other parts of the body Her Oncologist had given her my wife six months to live with Radiation and Chemo in January.

Two months after that expiration date, and with only homeopathic solutions, she has for the second time shrunk the mass.

Even the Oncologist showed an interest and wanted specifics on her products. On a cautionary note…. We are getting ready for the next order. Am happy to share with you that my friend had some testing done on her liver and they only found 3 spots 2cm 1. All I know is that in less then one month they have helped me with the pain and sleeplessness that I was going though due to the pain.

They seem to have softened the tumors in my stomach that I could actually feel with my hand. I have been giving my husband your products since June 1st and am seeing much improvement in just this short time. He was doing chemo but we stopped after 2nd round as tumors were growing his blood work was poor and the doctor said chemo wasn't working. So we tried your products. He has gone from completely bedridden, vomiting, disoriented and losing weight to out of bed in 3 days, walking around outside and doing small stuff then 3 weeks later to working at his job 4 days a week and he is 66 yrs old.

This stuff is great and appears to be working. I've given Immune Force to my 94 yr old mom since February. The PET scan was negative for any mets.

After researching, I settled on a regime of your products. After 8 weeks, I could see the size of the lesion shrinking. The surgeon was amazed, getting clear margins without cutting as much as he expected. My speech and swallow are intact, and I am grateful. Ed was bleeding to death from kidneys. Bleeding stopped after four days of taking drops.

Reduced and looks like eliminated. He had swelling in foot and ankle? Getting to be gone--in all areas. Ed went from sure death to yes, I am getting better. At the time of diagnosis, Ed was going to die. He even thought so. Recently I asked him: We are on the sure plan to continue protocols of get healthy again for the next month and continue as needed.

Ed is taking his drops twice daily, almost every day. I increased the dosages as recommended by you. There is no amount of thanks I can give you that I think will be enough.

My husband, Steve, was diagnosed with kidney cancer in July, At that time he had a large tumor on his right kidney. He had it removed and also the surrounding tissue because it had spread to it. There was no evidence of cancer anywhere else. In November a spot appeared on his lungs, which is the place that kidney cancer is most likely to metastasis to.

It was too small to biopsy at the time so they could not say it was kidney cancer for sure. In February the spot had grown to between 4 to 5 millimeters and two additional spots had appeared. While they were all still too small to biopsy for fear of damaging the lungs in the process it was acting more and more like it was cancer.

So, our oncologist surgeon decided to send us to an oncologist doctor. Between these two appointments we decided to start on your supplements taking the ones off of your vital list plus the two enhancers.

When we saw the oncologist at The doctor himself did not say much about it. If the spots proved to be cancer he told us what options he would give us for treatment. One was a nexavar which Steve would be on for the rest of his life. When I tried to pin him down as to how long this drug would be effective for he avoided the question. Finally one person slipped up and told us two to four years. The other treatment this doctor told us about was interleukin 2. It has to be administered in the hospital in ICU because the side effects of it are bursting blood vessels and death.

The doctor said that Steve would be a good candidate for this because he is otherwise healthy. This did not seem to be a very good option to us because Steve has a great quality of life now. Even if he made it through the treatment what would his quality of life be like afterwards? So, in March we decided to go to The doctor there looked at the notes from before and said that what they had suggested were viable treatments but he liked the drug sutent.

It is effective and has less side effects. We told him that we were trying some natural supplements and would like to give that a chance. That you had told us it would probably take three months and the cancer might be dead.

This doctor was open to this idea and said if it is supposed to be effective in three months then we should see something in two months. He wanted us to give it another month and come back for another CT scan and just see how it was doing. So, in April we went back. The doctor came in and said "I was all ready to put you on the sutent.

I have the paperwork all filled out for it and everything. But after looking at the CT report I have changed my mind. The spots have not grown and you are not having any side effects. So in June went back. Again the CT scan showed that the spots have not grown and there are no new spots.

My husband mentioned to the doctor the only thing is we wished the spots were gone. The doctor said that it may now be scar tissue and it may always be there. This makes sense to us as our family practice doctor told us of a similar incident. Needless to say we are amazed and thrilled. We feel very blessed that God has led us to you. We now know for sure that there has been no growth and no new spots for two months.

Whereas before in the two month period from November to February the first spot had grown one to two millimeters and two additional spots had appeared. These supplements have been worth every penny and this knowledge is priceless. Additionally Steve has never had any side effects. He still enjoys a great quality of life.

Thank you and God Bless You. I had already started to use the Ronuv Oxygenation Combo ahead of the final diagnosis feeling it was at least a start before we got positive confirmation that she indeed had Pancreatic Cancer. Something is working as her CA numbers have come down. That is the Tumor Marker for her cancer. Of course the Doctors we are seeing don't really know much about your products, but they are O.

So as we started the numbers of her Tumor Marker were where 34 was normal. Also the stage 4 meant that with the scans, there were tumors in her liver. They increased the pain meds to help out her.

Following that the next test we saw After that the Tumor Marker went to and then to We are now waiting to see how the latest MRI went but the Tumor Marker numbers have shown a steady drop. That is where the Tumor Marker numbers did rise, but then started to slowly drop. Easier to handle but still not any holiday.

We are next going to get the results of the MRI. Her energy is much better as well as she is off pain meds since April 16th. She is on a bocce ball team and is playing at least 2 games and a couple times 3 with her team. We have been on day trips the last month also. And bless all of you for these products! I had developed a tumor 12 inches long by 2 inches in diameter along my lumbar spine. The cancer had also spread to my abdominal cavity and my chest cavity.

My oncologist told me I might not make it through chemotherapy. I was referred to this site by a friend so I I started taking the elixirs around March 7, and my chemotherapy treatments started on March 12, On May 29, , another CT scan showed that the cancer was virtually all gone.

Inside of twelve weeks, I was able to become cancer free half way through my scheduled chemo treatments. I am confident and convinced that these elixirs accelerated the cancer leaving my body and absolutely reduced the effects of the chemotherapy drugs one of the most aggressive forms of chemotherapy called RCHOP, e.

I had no nausea. I am so grateful and blessed that a friend referred me to CancerFightingStrategies. I purchased several shipments of supplements I underwent 2 months of radiation and 16 days of chemo. I was able to tolerate both the radiation and chemo very well and the treatments combined with the supplements shrank the nodule and inflamed lymph nodes sufficiently so that I could have surgery.

The biopsy of tissues following surgery came back "pristine". Whether or not I could have done without the surgery I'll never know, but at this point I feel I have successfully beat my lung cancer.

Thank you for your advice and support. My husband started taking them on May 16, , after 2 chemo treatments 5-FLU, Oxalipatin for his colon cancer with metastases in the liver, his CEA dropped from to He is in the third chemo treatment now. The cancer was all gone from the lungs.

Thank you for all the help with the supplements. I will stay on the maintenance program. I highly recommend [these products. She was told that her time on this earth was limited and to get her affairs in order. She was otherwise healthy. Needless to say, my family was devastated. I stumbled onto your website and decided to give the bladder cancer protocol a try along with her chemo. She has lost her hair but has had no nausea or vomiting despite a regimen of platinum based chemo. Her oncologist is amazed, and we are so happy that she is back to her normal activities.

Dr says i am "Rock Solid" and he's not the fluffy type and he's very pleased with results I have told many people about your site and the way it makes me feel and how it helps with my chemo treatments.. You can lead a horse to water but you cant make them drink!! Looking forward to hearing from you soon. He was using Immune Force and some elixirs. Mom had another CT scan yesterday to check her entire body to see if the cancer was in other areas.

However, there were cysts on the original scan that are no longer there! I think the elixirs are working!! She had her blood test results last week and her CA score went from 3 weeks ago to 37! We are thrilled, although I know she is not out of the woods yet.

Thank you so much for being there when I really needed an answer and hope for my daughter! We are all very confident that your products have gotten her through this horror to this point. Thanks again, Sandy Y. Along with Nano Red.

Hi, Just wanted to let you know my first follow-up mammogram on the right side shows no problems. The cancer is gone. So I was what they call a Triple Negative which is a very aggressive type of breast cancer.

Thank you again for all the information on your web site about 11 Natural Strategies to Fight Cancer and steering me to the GetHealthyAgain products.

I'm following a lot of your advice from those strategies. I still have five bottles of the drops open and another five unopened to use up and will continue with them until they're gone. I'll make sure to order the other stuff you advised to continue taking once the cancer is gone for another year or so after all these drops are gone.

I tell everyone who asks about your web site Hope all is well with you and yours also. The ultrasound showed tumors everywhere. After using you product for two months she was checked again with a thorough internal examination. All signs of cancer were gone. He was amazed with the results and you can bet if one of his loved ones gets cancer he will be calling you. Thank you for all the products my wife have been taking. Here is the timeline: Dec 26, , my 70 year old wife was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 4A.

I prayed to GOD to help me find a natural way to save my wife's life. I dreaded conventional treatment for cancer such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy without effective supplements to counteract side effects.

I started typing on my computer and all of a sudden, I typed natural strategies to kill cancer and there I found your website. My wife started taking Zeolite on Dec 30, She did not suffer from any side effects of chemotherapy and external beam radiation therapy.

No nausea, vomiting, or loss of hair. On the second cycle of brachytherapy, Mar. What a wonderful word to hear!!!!! We are elated about it. I admit, I do take the Immune Force also and I felt rejuvenated. My left leg pain sciatica was gone!!!!!! I know, my body is a mess. However, my pain has gone away and I haven't even tried the coffee enemas.

Feeling so much better. He believes it was the Traceva but the Dr at Sloane Kettering said that Traceva could stop the growth but not eliminate the cells. I asked him if i should stop giving her the elixers. He then said don't stop anything!! After surgery she was started on chemotherapy in California and has continued on that treatment since except for 2 periods of 3 months each for a chemo break. The doctors were not hopeful in the beginning at all and in fact had even considered not offering the chemotherapy option.

At the same time she also began the Budwig diet and has been taking the supplements The oncologists in the States have followed her CA monthly and petscans every 3 months and these reports showed a slow and steady decrease in the lymphatic metastatic growth post op.

Ontario oncologists have done a CT scan September'13 and this November ' Two doctors commented separately on these tests and stated: Jill and her doctors have decided on a chemo break for 3 months and then another CT scan will be done As a nurse I see and hear terrible stories and your stories gave us all hope and a direction in which to turn. I'm still taking the drops and vitamins recommended until March to be on the safe side. That is when I have my first follow-up mammogram of the right breast.

I refused the chemotherapy as I don't believe in it. Thank you very much for your web site with the protocols for cancer and the 11 Effective, Natural Strategies to Kill Your Cancer text.

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