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It takes a lot to diagnosis somebody as a hoarder. Taking to social media earlier in the week, the actress posted a candid shot of Danny planting a kiss on her cheek during dinner. I have so enjoyed my uncluttered domicile. Why am I holding on to them??? That leaves the rest of the year to tackle those closets and bedrooms. Love this and this will be so helpful. Your email address will not be published.

My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge

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This post is by Jessica, a dear friend and first-time blogger with this post on her experience on the My Fit Foods 21 day eating challenge. With Thanksgiving a couple days away, this seemed like as good a time as any to post about these healthy options. For three weeks, Jessica had to eat only prepared foods and no alcohol. This means she ate dinner before going out to meet friends for a meal, sipped on water while others sucked down beers and mixed drinks.

They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit. My previous habits included eating whatever I wanted, not really exercising, and talking about how I should be eating better and exercising more. The challenge includes cutting out alcohol, caffeine, soda, and eating only My Fit Foods meals for 21 days. There is also a liver cleanse cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar, and lemon every morning which is designed to speed up your metabolism.

I thought the hardest part would be cutting out caffeine. The folks at My Fit Foods created my meal plan based on my preferences and goals. They warned me that the first three days of the challenge would be the worst and that I might be irritable. They were definitely right. Four of my co-workers took the challenge with me so it was really helpful that we could encourage each other along the way. We also got free delivery to the office so that was a huge plus!

Occasionally our orders would come in wrong but they typically fixed it fairly quickly. We had little patience when our delivery was wrong because we were completely dependent on their food! Not being able to drink or eat out definitely made me a little anti-social but I knew there was an end date so I decide to really follow the plan and not cheat. There are three cheat meals built into the three week plan so I very happily cheated during those. Two varieties of chicken salads.

My Fit Foods Facebook Page. The food is very tasty but there is ALOT of chicken on the plan and not much available for vegetarians. Overall, I am definitely happy I took the challenge because I lost five lbs and it is kind of amazing how when you eat good, nutritious foods that you actually feel better and have more energy.

I decided to maximize that energy and start really working out. I have been bitten by the running bug and am up to 3. And of course, I brought the alcohol back in moderation.

I would be curious to try one of these challenges to help kick-start a healthier lifestyle and some much-needed weight reduction though! Jessica — great guest entry Congrats on the follow-through! As a guy, even if it went up a considerable amount, it's still a lot less than what I'm spending now over any given day period.

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