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My research staff and I studied the possibility of compounding germanium with either amino acid or nucleic acid. The mold which grew on the test plate containing germanium used in Experiment 2, however, grew principally due to the presence of germanium - a large mold resembling aegagropilas could not have grown without germanium because the microorganisms present would have destroyed it before it was established. Imagine your opponent on the golf course sinking all those pressure putts because of his polo shirt. Archived from the original PDF on The parathyroid chief cells secrete parathyroid hormone PTH in response to a fall in the plasma ionized calcium level; the parafollicular cells of the thyroid gland secrete calcitonin in response to a rise in the plasma ionized calcium level. Because of all these things, I urge old men with a fear of apoplexy always to carry germanium on them when they go out. Case 2 Hepatic dysfunction, male, 30 years old.

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