Granola Cereal Bars


21 Homemade Granola Recipes That Slash Sugar
It is not sickeningly sweet and the flax and pumpkin seeds add a nutty flavor and vary the texture of the cereal. Do you need the flaxseed meal or is there something you could replace it with? Despite its healthy image, some store-bought granola is so loaded with fat and calories it makes our list of fattening foods you should never eat. The 20 Best Foods to Eat for Breakfast. Your Guide to Vegetarian Eating.

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Login or sign up to enter. We have TotalCoupons coupons today, up to TotalSavings in savings! Print Coupons or email them for printing later. Can you please tell me how much fibre per serve. Would it be ok to chop the nuts and seeds in a blender or food processor instead of chopping by hand? If yes how fine should it be? Also would it be ok to use purely coconut flour instead of almond flour?

Here is the approximate measurements I got with the ingredients listed: Okay, I will have to think this out as we have peanut, nut allergies in this house but seeds are good……hmm. I agree eggs do get boring and I need that fibre! I am allergic to coconut what can I use to replace this in your recipe? This recipe turned out amazing! Hi Aaron — just wondering if you have ever froze the granola?

I want to make it in advance for a week at the cottage. Hi your recipes sound amazing! Any chance you would add this info for those of us counting total carbs?

Hi, For some reason when I look at the recipe its listing the measurements for the nuts and almond flour in floz and when I change to metric it lists in mls… This doesnt seem correct to me. Looking at the recipe from AUS. Yes, its a pain I know. I use cups in all my measurements to avoid this scenario. I hope that helps. I kind of got bubbles at the edges when it was in the oven … i did it with coconut oil, is it normal? Made this yesterday and had my 1st bowl this morning. It is so good and satisfies that cereal and milk hankering.

Hi Aaron this sounds and looks amazing and I will try it this weekend, on your video you said you can eat with home made coconut yogurt can I please have a recipe for that I love anything coconut so I would appreciate it if you have time for recipe. I like you videos you doing a great job thank you? Your email address will not be published.

Added a little more oeanut butter. Will add a littlemore chocolate chips next time. I had trouble getting this recipe to set and also wanted add more protein so I made some changes. I make it about every week because cereal bars are my breakfast of choice. Here is the revision: Stir in the vanilla; fold hot mixture into cereal.

Press into a 9-in. Cool and cut into bars. These bars were okay. They were sweet and crunchy, but didn't have any distinct flavor. Had no problems with these hardening whatsoever! My husband thinks they're just glorified cereal bars, but my sons love them.

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