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You inspired me to start in bodybuilding and I will continue with you. I also find fitness programs outside of my home inconvenient. There are some aspects of any diet that will make it easier than others to succeed with. I have a number of workout DVDs that I do at home. The moment you eat your first meal of the day, your body creates an expectation for calories.

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In short, you have to earn them by being active. You still keep portions in check, and you shift toward nutritious foods leaner proteins , fruit, whole grains, colorful vegetables. You'll also focus on the quality of your diet.

Everything you eat should offer great taste, vitamins , minerals, and nutrients you need to be satisfied and stay healthy. In Phases 2 and 3, you may use some of those foods as your "anything-goes calories. It will take time, ranging from 90 minutes a week to 6 hours a week or more. You can easily adjust this diet to make it work for you. The plan slowly phases out high-sodium foods.

But if you're closely watching your sodium levels, check food labels. The same goes for fat. This diet doesn't specifically avoid gluten , so check food labels carefully.

The Best Life web site says you can set diet preferences and add custom foods when choosing a meal plan. There's a free day trial if you want to try it out first.

With its emphasis on nutrition and exercise, The Best Life Diet can help put you on the road to a healthy weight. Research on similar diets that emphasize fruits, vegetables, and lean protein while cutting back on fat, sugar, and fried foods have been shown to be an effective way to drop the pounds and help prevent some chronic conditions.

Diets like this one that help you reach and maintain a healthy weight can help prevent and treat diabetes and heart disease. Cutting out fried foods and high-fat dairy also will help bring down your cholesterol levels and fight heart disease. But if you are on a low-salt diet, you will have to read labels to be sure you stay within your limits. The Best Life Diet calls for cooking and eating a wide variety of tasty foods.

You will even be able to treat yourself on this plan. Eating out may be a challenge. If you have a medical condition or take any medicines, talk with your doctor before starting any supplements, especially if you are on blood thinners.

What you will have to invest is some time and energy if you are going to be successful with the Best Life Diet. Have other ideas for how to repurpose a Styrofoam cooler? Feel free to post your ideas in the comments section. I was seriously looking for an ecofriendly answer to this product that unfortunately my medication is shipped no matter whom I contact to try and get an alternative shipping method.

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Trust me, the vast majority of dogs and cats, save a few oddball breeds, are supremely adapted to outdoor life. Remember, there was a time before animals were domesticated. Long and short…get a grip! There are a lot of animals out there who are either too wild or too destructive or too sanitary to live in a house. If you are going to justify keeping animals in a styrofoam cooler because you have an Animal Science degree that is SAD!

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My local UPS store gladly takes all of my packing materials, including these styrofoam coolers used for shipping. They reuse it all!

I use mine to put all the frozen food in while I defrost my freezers or clean out my fridge. Stuff stays frozen for hours.

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