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Finally, the Vegetarian DASH Diet . . .

Dr. Nowzaradan Diet Plan – The Complete Guide
Little confused which one I should use????? You can check out the Indian recipes on this page: Hi guys… today is been a disaster in terms of my diet food in take. Hi I am a partial vegetarian can I replace meat with beef kababs shami on day 5 or should stick to brown rice only? How much milk is the maximum allowable amount to be consumed, by the way? Quelle a été votre régime comme été?

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Or you can also look at the vegetarian or indian specific diet plans here: I easily did the first 3 days of the diet. I find day 4 the most difficult. Can i eat more than 8 bananas.. I had milk shake in morning. I dunno with you guys, but after losing 6lbs in the first 3 days, I actually gained back a pound on day 4. After I found out I gained I just cheated with brown rice and veggies for dinner! I just read your comment and you seemed discouraged about gainning 1 pound on the 4th day, keep in mind that 1 pound is just water weight, not a pound of fat gainned.

But my question is that yesterday means on 3rd day after lunch I did not felt hungry at all till night so did not had dinner, and even on 4th day morning I was not hungry, but still I had my breakfast as mentioned in gm diet day 4 plan. Is it normal to not to be hungry and have food according to plan though not hungry. And can we have mutton instead of beef or chicken.

Please advice if diabetic persons can undergo this diet plan? Its a nice plan. Its my day 4 and i have lost 3 KGs. Thanks to all involved in making this plan.

Does anyone know if I can substitute the skim milk on day 4? I do not drink milk, I drink vanilla Almond milk, will this suffice? I am on day 4, and I feel pretty good so far this morning. I was exhausted the last couple of days, and went to bed early last night. So I do feel energized. I get to add it to my black coffee, and that alone puts me in a great mood. I made my cabbage and onion stew a night or two ago, and found that I love curry and garlic in there the best!

But I leave out the seasoning until I am ready to eat my serving, so i can play around with spices and not get bored. Tonight I might try a natural herbal laxative tea. Hey, it is day 4 of my GM Diet. Can I have sex today? How many times can I do it? Which pose is the best? I really want to lose a lot of weight. Hi, today I accomplished day 4, I feel good! I lost 3 kilos so far. I have seen three diferent versions of this soup. One consist of 4 packets of lipton oinon soup mix and 6 oinons.

Little confused which one I should use????? Can someone please help as I am on day 4 today. I am added one more pack, some cayenne, chilli powder, and garlic. What can I eat instead of beef, is sprouts ok. Can Diabetic people follow this diet??? I am also a vegeteraian and had the same question in mind.. Just wondering if this soup is meant to be eaten only on day 4…or is it something we can consume every day of the detox?! Tom is my day 4 goodluck to me!!!

Pls send me the sample recipe from day 1 to 7 so I could. Repeat it after a week. Can you substitute a potato for the bananas? I am looking for potassium rich foods that I like as alternatives to the bananas for day 4. I think peanuts are not a good idea.

A and C, peanuts do not. They would not serve as a good substitute, I believe. Take a look at this list, perhaps you could work something out for yourself: I am starting day 4 of the diet and I do feel alot better within myself. Having said that I am a little dissappointed that I have only lost 1.

I have been eating it in small quantities since day 1. I do not consume red meat, so even for the sake of this diet, I refuse to eat it. Has been at least 7 years since I last had beef. I am skeptical when speaking about chicken, because it is loaded with hormones these days. In this case, would tuna in water work as a substitute? I know that tuna from a can is not the healthiest option, but I am seriously running out of ideas how I could handle Day 5 which is tomorrow for me?

If you are stuck on Fish…best choice is salmon… rather than tuna. I didnt have a chance to make the cabbage soup and I brought in some Tomato Soup for lunch and a snack- I hope this doesnt affect my weight loss.. Any ideas from anyone on soups to replace the cabbage soup something I can get in a grocery store? I havent weighed myself BUT the difference in my clothes is amazing. I also noticed my skin is clearer and I have a healthy glow.. I am going to restart this diet after day 7 and see how it goes.

HELP someone for today! I am day 3 and want to know if I can have bananas and milk separately with sugar added to milk? Beginning of day 4 I am down 4. I have been using tonys seasoning on veggies and in soup i also put lipton onion soup mix in the soup.

Slight headache the first 2 days, but that has disappeared. Sleeping much better, feeling energized. I am on GM diet, good tummy due to cesearian. Am on day 4 and not sure i have lost weight or not. But i am following this diet exactly the same. I am not doing any exercise but goint to office and doing other daily task. Please suggest me after having veg soup in lunch still feeling hungry what else i can have now? Today is my Day 4. My scales read on the morning of Day 1 — lbs.

Morning of Day 4 — lbs. Not eating anything but what the plan states I can, but I graze all day instead of eating set meals and snacks. Looking forward to tomorrow beef. Will post on Day 8 the final total on the Day 7 comments. Good luck all on your 7 days!! Started day 4… 8. You can do it, too!!! My colleagues are telling me that I may have lost some weight. The temptation to ride the scales is hard to resist — but I will check my weight only next day after finishing.

Hunger pangs are not going away though. My route to office has quite a few street joints offering food and aroma makes one feel a bit down — but motivation comes from comments and innfer feeling of light stomach and self control exercised all these days. Now i realise how religious people can hold fasts and observe stricter eating patterns. I think I will follow the fasts partial fasts as per my religion — if not for religion — for the good it does to my body.

We are celebrating eve of Republic Day in India. There was a celebration at my office — quizzes, music and general camaraderie and banter was on — I was totally in to it and and I ended up sabotaging my diet to a small extent — there was some sweets and a bit of byte size snacks.

I had 2 pieces of sugary and milky product sweets and 2 pieces of salty snack. I am not feeling bad though — I am keeping up the rest of the days as strictly as I have been with so far. I am on my fourth day now and have lost abt 3 pounds. Was feeling a little low yesterday but today morning the feeling was gone. Considering that I have been sticking to the diet strictly and my weight has not really shown any huge change, I wonder if I have lost any real weight or its just water weight that has gone down.

Also its difficult to go for a run on this diet. I am just about to start day 4 — but I am allergic to bananas and milk. What can I do? Can I drink soy milk and change the bananas for something else high in potassium.

Dear Sir, I have stared GM diet yesterday. And on second day night i lost nearabt 1 KG. Today going to close my 3rd Days i am in office till But milk without sugar…. I hear people not liking something in this diet, I too do like some of the food, like onions the thought of 6 was horrifying so I but i put them in the magic bullet and pulverized them into mush, then added it to the soup, Yummy…. I have not weighed myself today but after day 3 , i had lost 6 lbs, so i now it works as it is written, so if you want to loose weight, i say follow this strictly.

This stuff definitely works, i am on my 3rd day now and i already lost 2 kilos.. Thanks for sharing this to us!! However, I am on my 4th day and so far i have lost 2 kgs!

This diet was great for quick weight loss. But unless you live it and continue long term, the weight comes back I slowly introduced normal food, and gained in 6 months the 22 pounds i lost plus some. Unless, cabbage soup is what you desire to eat for your lifetime.

I suggest this diet to look good for an event or reunion, but long term results will take ALOT of discipline. But I forgot the soup angle on Day 4. I was strict on myself for the whole week, following each part except the soup. I think my weight radically went down by Day 4, and I panicked a little on Meat Day.

I think that this has been the most effective weight loss program for me. I intend to do this on the first week of each month. I did eat some grapes on day 2 and 3 and today morning day 4. Had two bananas in the morning. As I have some so far till Day 4. Please let me know if eating grapes is fine or not? Below is what I followed during the day. Breakfast 8 am I glass ml low fat milk without sugar and two small size Mal bhog banana.

Tomorrow is feast day and I am substituting chicken for beef. Please be committed for the entire 7 days and watch your result. I have learn this put up and if I may just I wish to counsel you few interesting things or tips.

Perhaps you can write subsequent articles referring to this article. I want to read more things approximately it! Can i anyone please suggest if i can have calcium sandoz instead of milk on Day 4 as i am allergic to milk? If you are going for best contents like me, just visit this website every day as it gives quality contents, thanks. I dont drink milk at all since childhood… please suggest substitute for milk for day 4…. So this is my 2nd.

Time doing this program, just had a baby 4 m. Should I take warm water with lime everyday morning,along with the given diet? And what about exercise,for how long should we do that,in order to get effective result??

I feel very thirsty throughout the day ,and I drink somwhere around litres of water.. Hey… I am on this diet since 4 days…. Could that be a reason for such a negligible weight loss???? How do I know what is t that i am doing wrong? Checked my weight today morning and have lost 2.

Waiting to see the weight on the end of 7th day. Will my diet work OR should I start from the begining? I am following gm diet from yesterday.. I wasfeeling very good. Hi Ritu, you should continue and dont give up. Its likeif you can sucessfully manage your first 2 days then you can easily sail through the remianing days with ease. Remember to have lots of coconut water or limewater. Grean tea is a must. In the morning have multivitamin tablet- muiltivite gold after your breakfast and feel the difference.

Not really, kind of a biggie on this diet, you can eat the soup with all the other veggies and not the cabbage, but I would not do it… Tough one, Maybe someone else has a better suggestion.

I ate yogurt on 3rd day night with brokali, cucumber , lettuce. Tomorrow Thursday is my 4th day and I have fast on that day. Is it Ok if ate Banana and milk only in lunch. Can I eat apple orange on day 4 lunch as well?

Pls advise as early as possible. Yogurt in day 3? I assume it has sugar in it? May be a really bad choice. Yogurt here is loaded with high fructose corn syrup and to me is essentially void on anything good.

I am in fourth day of week 2 and I have lost Started out nervous with the Banana day but its going well…. Shann, here they are https: Can we have tea with skimmed milk during these 7 days of this diet?

Please advice if I can hav tea with skimmed milk in these 7 days? GM diet had helped me loose 6pounds in my first week and another 4 pounds the next week. I am on my third week now and is used to the diet meal program. Thanks for this abrupt weight loosing program, it did wonders to my health. I now feel lighter and it feels good. Now my knee and hip operation can be delayed further as long as I can maintain having a light weight. At some point, you will want to do the lifestyle change, the diet to me can only be done so often and 3 times in a row may be tough.

Glad to hear it has helped you. I am now on day four. This is by far the easiest day for me as I love bananas and milk.

How much milk is the maximum allowable amount to be consumed, by the way? Also, is it okay not to have the soup today? I also noticed that my skin has become more supple and moisturized. When i had a chapped lip issue it was due to a food allergy, I cut lost of things and it went away like yours did, maybe that was it? Once you come off the diet and re-introduce foods, looks for changes like that….

Introduce new foods slowly to see if they cause an allergic reaction or something. Going my day 4 today Starting weight: Regarding the wonder soup, I did not manage to find the Lipton soup, so can I just mix the rest of the vegetables together without the Lipton envelopes and still have it on day 4?

Hi admin, sorry for asking too much, but would it be a nice idea if I blend 2 of the bananas and freeze them, and then eat it like an ice-cream? By the way, I went down from 79 to 76 on my fourth day and I am very very happy!!! Thanks to the inventors of GM and the continuous support of the admin!! Even then I m feeling so full!! Should I force myself to eat the required amount of bananas and milk to make up for the potassium and calcium loss for the past 3 days or just eat how much I m comfortable eating??

Your decision, my gut say try and eat a little more, people find more success eating what they should. On my fourth day I only lost 1kg this time and last time I lost 3kg on the same day, I am quiete disappointed: What am I doing wrong, author??? Right away after you just finished, tough…. Diets can vary, from experience I say once a month, your real test is what you do in between to me.

Also, other factors can be your cortisol levels are off. Do you sleep from 10pm til 8am or so, or are you up all night? I sleep from around 11pm — 6.

Obviously in the evening I sleep more. No, where does it say 8. Please everyone stop reading other copies of this diet elsewhere, they are not real! It is 4 total, plus milk plus SOUP! Does everyone not see why it is wrong to eat 8 bananas in a day period? Keep in mind if you look at the comments, the people with the most success follow it and stick to it. You can use spices, cinnamon great for you especially blood sugar , will be good with bananas and milk.

Can we have thunder coconut in our GM diet course?? This is second time i am doing GM diet in first time i have lost 3 kgs. I am on day four and i have already lost 05 kgs…. Can I have sprouts? Like moong and chana? Is brown rice compulsary? Or the regular white rice will do? I am in day 4 now… while preparing soup I used corrot, beans, cabbage, capsicum, onion and tomoto.

Also I added ginger garlic paste for flavour. Pls let me know is this fine? After i prepared tye soup, it throw the vegetable itself as i tought only soup can take. Was kgs when i started. If you keep this lifestyle change going, healthy foods become good, takes time for the body and taste buds to adjust. I have been following the diet.

Mid — day snacks i had a bowl of milk and banana. What can I substitute for Bananas? The foods here are healthy and have good nutrition. Corn flakes do not.

Today preparing for 4th day. I am feeling very happy it really works. Keep going for now, you can join the forum if you like for more advice after. No grains at all…. Had vry little salt that too only once for dinner on the 2nd day. Hi, I am the third day of gndiet plan. Till now I did not loss 1 KG also. Started GM Diet on Monday , lost 4 pounds at the end of 2 days.

Miss my carbs though, especially when I am cooking and serving dinner for my family. My question is that by adding ice in 1 glass of milk shake its became 2 glasses..

Is it consider 1 glass or 2?? I cheated a little bit because I went out and there was nothing good to eat. I started day 4 today and I weighed myseld this morning and I am down 6. For Day 5 , am looking forward to cook some chicken patties , is the below ingrients okay? I have added two recipes, request you to pls comment.. Boneless Chicken — gms 2. Potato — 1 big 3. Onion — 1 5. Green Chillies — 4 5 a. Red Chilli pwdr — 1 tsp 7. Garam Masala pwdr — 1 tsp 8. Cilantro — Few springs 9.

Mint Leaves — few springs Bread Crumbs — 1 cup. Also no egg, you have the chicken. Quelle a été votre régime comme été? Avez-vous trompé du tout? Des produits du blé? Êtes-vous manger de la soupe? I feel like I have not lost any weight at all even though I am in day 4 today. I never check my weight at all but feels the same. I have bought small bananas can i substitute it for large bananas.

Hi I was feeling great till when I weighed myself! Am on day 3 today, weighed mysekf in the morning and baaam! No change at all, same weight like when I started,,, what did I do wrong? I even workout, I walk 30mins every morning…this is how I did it Day 1 Breakfast: So where did I go wrong? Really need some advice….. Not bad, but no extra potato day 1 at night really bad before bed. So tough, can be so many reason, the potato was big error that late and the lack of meat.

Please read day 3 again…. You diet overall though in one sense looks great. Today is my day 4. Please tell, are we following wrong diet? I lost 2 kg in the first two days, but hardly any on day 3. Hi I followed first three days without compromise n feel energetic n doing regular cycling. I got mandatory leave for this week n I decided to follow gm diet to keep d body fit n reduce unwanted weight.

I shared this systems to my friends n got positive comments n they also practice. Can u say alternative choice to skip beef because I need to follow this Easter festival.

Hi Beef contain protein fibre n iron. Hi Can I take alternative option for beef because I need to follow Christian rules during Easter times. Hi For day 4 lunch, celery is not available near by area so give me alternate choice to mix with soup. I am on my day 4 of the GM diet. Day 2 Stuck to the diet but no potato in the morning I hate potatoes , is there a need to have something else? I did not feel hungry.

Day 3 was great ; fruits and veggies combined , plus vegetable soup was the easiest day! Day 4 I am indifferent to bananas but I had 2 so far today. I would like to substitute non fat yogurt for milk , I find milk difficult to digest. Beef — Day 5 can I have trout or chicken instead? Good beef is not available here. No soup on this day? You are missing so much, you are not really following the plan, huge cheat day 1, no potato or sweet potato with fat day 2 and no protein day 3.

Day 5 yes you can do either. Hi, I am on day 4 everything is OK so far lost 2 kilos. For the fifth day can it be as follows 1 2 eggs and vegetables 2 snack: Hi, I am on my 4 day but i m unable to loss even a single gm of my weight, although i have cheated a bit,I use to take tea during the plan.

Will it affects or i have to restart the Plan. Can i take veg corn soup which are available in the market instead of wonder soup. Corn soup a HUGE no. I am on day 1 of the diet and so far have stuck to melons almost exclusively and feel pretty good. I am concerned about day 4. I am not lactose intollerant but HATE milk. I saw that you mentioned yogurt is okay to swap. Would it have to be plain nonfat, or would vanilla nonfat be acceptable?

Is it alright to use stevia or another natural calorie free sweetner to the banana on day 4? The diet allows spices, but can you add things like hot sauce or other condiments provided that they are free of oil, sugar, and fat? You can do the cottage cheese.

Yogurt is fine but no sweetener. However a little stevia is OK, but you cannot over use it and never use the other fake ones. Stevia you should not over use, but the fake sweeteners cause a host of health issues including weight gain. Salt, pepper, spices and herbs are OK. A few capers is OK as well. Dear sir, Im on my 4th day. I need to know three things 1. Should I only do it for one week, If I stop this diet will I get bulk immediately.

Is it ok to go to the gym and have green tea with this? I dont eat beef, What should I eat tomorrow day5? Hey, I am on my 4th day of GM Diet. I have lost merely 1 kg till now.

Fruits, mostly watermelon, 1 glass sugarcane juice. Vegetables- stir fried veggies — carrots, capsicum, onions, cabbage. Afternoon- bitter gourd, slightly cooked. Cucumber- sliced and salted. Bitter gourd, 1 glass sugarcane juice. Have taken 2 bananas with a glass of skimmed milk in morning, followed by one boiled egg at noon and one banana at afternoon.

Is taking egg prohibited? I was having that to ensure a good amount of protein. Also, I am having excessive bloating, my tummy size has grown more than before and looks really awkward. What could be the reason for that?

Any tips to treat it? Sugarcane juice day 1 and eggs, HUGE mistakes. Too much gourd also. Please try and follow what we did. I am huge on protein with every meal for balance, but after the program. Most of my weight is around my thighs and waist. But I have had this bloating problem, however things never got so exaggerated.

I shall now stick to the diet. On fourth day, to prepare cabbage soup can I skip celery in it. Or what else I can add in place of celery. Iam totally vegeterian Please suggest. I cant believe I am 6 lbs lighter this morning after 3 days. I also go to the gym every day, 1 hour cardio and workout. I am glad that I tried this. Cant wait to see the weight loss after day 7.

I really think that I have lost more than 6 lbs.. I am really anxious to see t he results after day 7. Can I add mango powder, redchilli powder and salt.

Now can i directly jump to mid day snacks. Skipping meals is not great, however the best day to do so would be day 4 and I totally understand not wanting something, I used to never be hungry in the morning.

I wanted atleast 5 kg to be reduced. After 7th day is this poosible to reduce more. Day 4 … I have weighed myself and happy happy happy to see a Today I have taken half glass milk in the morning..

I have had only 1. I will say 8 bananas and tomato soup are bad. Today is my 4th day…. As a thyroid patient, I understand staying away from goitrogenic foods. Are you gluten free also? I bought low fat yogurt but just realized it contains sugar. Would I be better off getting almond or soy milk instead?

I understand not wanting to drink milk. Today my weight was Had 2 small bananas and 1 glass milk… I will keep having combination of butter milk and water as its a great combo…. Starting the Day 4… Have lost slightly over 2. Pls let me know the quantity for brown rice for 5th day. Pls let me know the quantity of brown rice for day 5 For Day i have planned Breakfast: Tomato Soup and mix salads. Good then on the soup, 1. Make sure you have good fat when replacing a beef meal.

Dinner seems way off, where is a protein sub, legumes, something. Can I have only banana and milk and avoid soup on 4 th day? Also, how many bananas and how many glasses of milk should I consume for the whole day.

How come I just lost 3. I am on my day 4 today- had one banana by now. Any help would be great. Can we swap diet of day 4 with day 5? I mean can I eat chicken and tomatoes on day 4 and banans on day I am on day 4 now and have made sure not to over drink water. I would like to share that before starting GM diet, I used to hardly drink 4glasses of water a day, and now I feel naturally thirsty and can easily drink upto 10glasses. Hello, how are you?

The tomato does not need oil, it can be cooked stewed, raw, whichever…. What did you eat day 2 and 3. You must only weigh in the morning after you first get up and after you go to the bathroom.

Do not drink or eat anything first until you weigh. Day 2 ,eating only 3 veg so to speak is not good. Less is not more here. You also cannot weigh at night. But where is the meat substitute for breakfast? This is NOT a fat free diet. You need good fat…. For day 4 can I have any vegetable soup for lunch zucchini, tomato, onion?

And what about days 5 and 6 can I have fish or chicken in some meals instead of just beef?? Thank you so much for your help so far. Hi All, I just started the diet. I am on day 4 but I cheated yesterday with chicken and potatoes for dinner.

Should I start over or should I continue with Day 4? Today is 4th day Break fast: I am really confused as to how many bananas are we suppose to have on the 4th day. The FAQ page says not more than 4 bananas whereas another page on home page of your site says upto 8…please clarify as two contradictory statements have been provided in your website.. What is the Url of the page you mentioned. It may be worded wrong, on the homepage there is not mention of bananas. I have been eating a bowl of soup everyday but run out.

Do people lose more weight when they have the soup everyday? Just wondering if I should make more. They do tend to according to reports. The folks that lose less are the ones that skip meals and eat less.

So at least eat the meals and snacks though. Thank you for your GM diet program me. First time i am trying this plan. My weight was I am very active type of person. Working as accountant for a trading co at UAE. Even daily am going to fitness first and doing regular jimmying like aerobics, abb exercise, yoga and body compact etc etc my weight remains same. So i started GM diet and am in 4th day Diet. Many many thanks i lost 2. I am on day 3 today and will be on day 4 tomorrow.

Can you please suggest substitutes and in what quantity? I read that dates r ok but only 8 and instead of milk one can have unsweetene d yogurt? Dates are not OK at all, you did not read that here. You can have some unsweetened yogurt, a couple will be fine. Just pick another fruit to replace the bananas. All should be good.

I have already lost 2. On day 4 can I continue my soups and veges? Can I have sprouts with sour curd? On day 5 can I cook beef with vegetables in addition to tomatoes? Instead of brown rice can I gave normal white rice? Can I continue having soups fruits and vegetables on day 5? Would appreciate your support and guidance: Veg and fruit are totally different. Fruit has lots of carbs, natural sugar, etc. I look forward to this day the most.

I freeze 7 bananas. Then for breakfast, lunch and dinner I make a milkshake with a glass of milk and 1. If I need an afternoon snack I eat the frozen banana. But normally the 3 shakes keep me full. Freeze them the night before and make sure there is no green on them.

They are sweeter because the starch has broken down into sugar. Hi I am a partial vegetarian can I replace meat with beef kababs shami on day 5 or should stick to brown rice only?

A normal amount, drink some when you are thirsty. You are right Kevin!! Went for a 5 km walk, came home and vacuumed and cleaned the house.

I have lost my desired weight on 3rd day-3 kgs. I am in shape now. I want to stop now from 4th day to continue. I hardly have any appetite for mid day snacks. Is it OK not to have if not hungry or must follow the pattern. Yes, eat when you are hungry, but try not to under do it if possible. What diet do u suggest between two gm plans??? If you are eating wheat, the weight will come back. I recommend a balanced plan, balanced between good fats, good carbs and protein.

Look at the top 2 posts here. Today was my 4 day but due to some rituals i had to eat rice n dal and all… I had lost 1 kg till now, should i continue or start again from first? Hi I want to start GM diet but 4th day is mentioned to take banana and i m allergic to banana. So is there any replacement of banana? You first and foremost must be gluten and sugar free or your thyroid will never get better.

I think i made a mistake. Had 1 banana and skimmed milk in the morning… later 1 glass water. Around lunch i ate a grilled eggplant. Plan to have soup in the evening and milk and banana as told by you. I have prapared enough wonder soup to last me 2 days now Was the move on eggplant wrong? I also cooked all sprouts along with 1 spoon butter, half spoon salt and leman.

These things will affect your weight and health in the long term, You may get away with it temporarily now. But not in the future. Up to you, day 5 is normal. Hi, Admin, today is my fifth day, I lost 4kg in first 4 days, Thanks so much for this diet plan.

I have a query, I take One big bawl vegetable soup, with Paneer, 2 tomato and sweet corns. Should I continue with this soup in whole day. They are full of chemicals, MSG, and other junk. These do alter over time and affect your health. Best to make your own spice blends. I have not lost any weight though and have been following the diet strictly. Skim milk is OK. Keep rolling, when are you weighing and what did you eat day 2 and 3. Ate papaya and watermelon on 1st day, cucumber, cabbage and lettuce salad on 2nd day and had papaya and apples yesterday.

Make your own at some point if you can. I started from 59 Kgs and its my 4th day and at the morning my weight was I am really happy with my weight. I just wanted to reduce my belly, but it does not show that it is reducing. I am on day 4 and I am really not feeling well. I ate 2 bananas and a glass of milk yet.

And can I add some chicken,egg, soy sauce, vinegar, green chilli etc in my soup? Can you please put that up. Not nutritionally the same as regular veg. Hi tomorrow I am on the fourth day. Banana ,almond milk and soup.

I have a question Can I take drink water on 4th day. So far I had: If not, I really hope I did not spoil everything by eating 3 pieces…. Hello Well, what was on that chip. Likely vegetable oil and sugar. To me, the whole point of this diet is to get one towards a pure living, cutting junk oils and junk foods. Banana chips are a junk food. Either way no dried fruit on the program. Bananas and milk… milk and bananas…. I mean, it does take a lot of discipline… I, on the other hand, am having a huge problem disciplining myself.

Well, to me dealing with weight issues and poor health is more extreme than choosing better food options. I cannot imagine food is worth dealing with those things any longer. Stretch, this is a detox plan, hence can be hard on muscles some.

If you have muscle issues that easily, be careful doing a detox plan. Hi I today I shall be starting my 4th day of GM diet. I have been following the diet religiously. I have not been excercising other than mins walk. Undermentioned is the diet I followed fo first 3days. A large bowl of papaya and an apple Lunch at A large bowl of papaya Snack at An apple Dinner at An apple and an orange.

A large bowl of boiled cabbage, cauliflower and capsicum with some salt n pepper Dinner at A bowl of boiled cabbage and cauliflower and raw capsicum and carrot with salt. Following a diet where you have to calculate out how much of each macronutrient you're consuming at every meal can be complicated and time-consuming, notes registered dietitian Juliette Kellow. When preparing food at home you'll need to weigh everything, while eating out can be difficult, as you'll have to guess at portion sizes.

The official Zone Diet recommends counting food in blocks, which can get confusing too, adds Kellow. If you don't mind weighing your food out before eating and like eating a wide variety of foods with little restriction, a diet could be right for you.

Between meals have snacks like a boiled egg and a piece of fruit, a small dish of cottage cheese with pineapple and cashews, or 1 ounce of pre-cooked meat with vegetable sticks and hummus. Video of the Day. What Makes You Fat: The Zone Diet Meal Plans. Paleo or Zone While Breastfeeding.

Guide to Food Blocks. How to Follow Dr. Ian's Phase 1 of the Fat Smash Diet. Weight Loss and Macronutrient Ratio.

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