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Sodium acid pyrophosphate reduces levels of the carcinogen acrylamide in French fries, prevents discoloration in potatoes and sugar syrups, and prevents the formation of harmless mineral struvite crystals in canned seafood. For one, Chris MacDonald can: Instead one must rely on reason and logic, and at least establish internal consistency. Isomalt is poorly absorbed by the body, and thus has only about half the calories of sugar. You may want to consider converting some of your hard earned cash into gold or silver coins as a good investment. Appreciate the heart-to-heart bonding between you and your loved ones. Starch and modified starches used to be used in baby foods to replace large percentages of more nutritious ingredients, such as fruit.

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Prince William mixes up Japanese, Chinese food. Today's favorite for Breakfast Lunch Dinner. Cheesy Kale Sweet Potato Tart. Curried Carrot and Apple Soup. Latkes with Sour Cream-Mushroom Sauce. Veal Stew with Garden Vegetables. Creamy crockpot mac n' cheese We can't help but to love a slow cooker meal because it's makes for easy clean up, needs few ingredients and is very hands off. Turn the impossible into the essential.

Inc 19th Fastest-Growing Private Co. Talented People Thrive Here. Powering a better, faster internet. The enterprise DevOps leader. Toys are preludes to serious ideas. Code the trusted cloud platform. Be you, with us! Listen to Techmeme's Podcast: Newest Wall Street Journal: Amazon confirms it is investigating claims that its employees in US and China accepted bribes for internal data and other confidential info on Amazon merchants Find.

Durable iPhones can result in lower replacement rates but they expand Apple's client base via resales which can then be monetized via accessories and services Find. New York's regulator sues the US government claiming it usurped state powers by awarding national bank charters to online lenders and payment companies Find.

Tech companies like Salesforce, now the biggest private employer in San Francisco, are reacting to the city's limits by expanding and hiring faster elsewhere Find. Apple responds to viral customer complaint about deleting movies from his iTunes library, says it does not delete movies that users have already downloaded Find.

Twitter now puts live broadcasts started by accounts users follow, including breaking news, personalities, and sports, at the top of their timelines in its app Find.

While media groups have shuttered foreign titles, Condé Nast International, under Wolfgang Blau, has rolled out new editions of popular titles around the world. Upcoming Tech Events Sep More News John D. An in-depth review of Android 9 Pie, which comes with a lot of useful user-facing changes and, maybe, improved battery life, but the gestures remain a mess. Procore, the most popular software in the construction industry, monitored home renovations for Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller and Barbra Streisand http: Stanford University and New York University: Trends in the Diffusion of Misinformation on Social Media.

Facebook beats Twitter at fighting fake news, a new study found. Researchers say Facebook's anti-fake news efforts might be working. How Facebook beat Twitter at fighting fake news, in two charts. I wrote about a new study that found Facebook has done a better job reducing the spread of misinformation than Twitter has http: European website finds that a free app is exposing the exact locations of Grindr's 3.

A third-party app can use Grindr to expose your exact location. Kronos crims go retro, Apple builds cop portal, Swiss cheesed over Russian hack bid, etc. Grindr is literally gaydar. If an evil organization wanted a tracking and targeting system to persecute LGBTQ people, they could not have built a more effective one. Grindr is still exposing the precise location of its more than 3. According to experts, there is a simple tweak that would protect users, but Grindr hasn't implemented it.

North Korean operatives are evading US sanctions and earning millions by using fake identities on services like Github, Slack, and Paypal. North Korea skirts US sanctions by secretly selling software around the globe. North Koreans used fake social media accounts to bypass sanctions.

Chemical laden, processed, irradiated or GMO foods should be avoided. For more information, please see: Extreme temperatures cause the nutritional value vitamins and enzymes in particular to denature and greatly reduces the food value. Keep the heat down! Avoid Vaccines and Vaccinations. I know, like other things mentioned in my list, this may come as quite a shock to some people. Have Toxic Amalgam Fillings Removed. Mercury amalgam fillings have been known to cause brain damage , lower IQ, contribute to depression and harbour disease-causing bacteria.

Dental decay can be prevented with good nutrition, like for example using coconut oil as a mouthwash since it contains the antibacterial lauric acid. In line with point 12, grow your own food. There are indeed many excellent websites advising how this can be done.

I have been saying that self-sufficiency, especially in the way of home-grown food, is a major factor in workable communities. Discernment and unity are other major factors. Have sufficient physical cash on standby in case of emergency: You may want to consider converting some of your hard earned cash into gold or silver coins as a good investment. Try looking at non-power grid alternative energy supplies to power up your home.

How about solar panels or batteries or supplemental wind generators… etc? Electric vehicles would also not be a bad idea. Much of this is spent on chemotherapy, which is well-known to weaken patients, sacrifice their immune systems and make them susceptible to co-infections, diseases and other complications.

In addition to these side-effects, it has now been discovered that while chemotherapy does kill cancer cells, it can also trigger cancer cells to disperse throughout the body triggering more aggressive tumors to develop in the lungs and other vital bodily systems. It is thought the toxic medication switches on a repair mechanism in the body which ultimately allows tumours to grow back stronger.

The cancer cells are reacting to chemotherapy by dispersing throughout the body to look for new hosts. Karagiannis discovered that mice exposed to chemotherapy saw an increase the number of cancer cells circulating throughout the body and lungs. There are many approaches to treating cancer, and shockingly many of the natural approaches which require few if any drugs are actually illegal in our society. The preferred mainstream cancer treatment has become a means of capitalizing on human suffering, and while it has long been suspected that chemo can do more harm than good, we now have research indicating that this is indeed the case.

Chemotherapy Found To Spread Cancer Throughout The Body, Warn Scientists Though conventional medicine claims to be winning the war against cancer, along with the holistic health community, we at Natural News have consistently been trying to expose one of the biggest frauds known in human history: Brainwashed by doctors, oncologists, and the mainstream media, most cancer patients think their only hope for survival is chemotherapy.

In America, treating cancer is BIG business. Since the cancer industry makes billions of dollars each year, a cure is not what they are after. Conventional cancer treatments not only fail miserably, they are also designed to make cancer patients sicker. Though chemotherapy may shrink the initial tumor s , what is happening in the background is far more important.

It is the one dark and criminal truth nobody seems to knows about. A new study published in the journal Science Translational Medicine earlier this month proved what we have been saying for decades; conventional cancer treatments cause more cancer. Eventually, the drugs will make you sick again, pushing patients towards a second round of expensive treatments.

Clever money generating trick: Instead of helping patients to get rid of the disease, they temporarily put it on hold so they can take the dollars twice. In , an estimated 1,, new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed and about , people will die from the disease in the United States, according to the annual report by the American Cancer Society.

The New York scientists explained that while shrinking the tumors, chemotherapy simultaneously opens new doorways for tumors to spread into the blood system, triggering more aggressive tumors which often result in death. The researchers believe toxic chemo drugs switch on repair mechanisms in the body that allow tumors to grow back faster. The team also discovered that chemotherapy increased the number of cancer cells circulating the body and lungs of mice.

Though this study only investigated the effects of chemotherapy on breast cancer, the researchers are currently experimenting with other types of cancer to see if similar effects occur, reported The Telegraph. He recommends taking a small amount of tumor tissue after a few doses of preoperative chemotherapy.

If the markers are increased, the therapy should be terminated immediately. Chemotherapy found to spread cancer. This study is not the first to demonstrate the ways in which chemotherapy can trigger secondary or metastatic cancers.

Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program to investigate the question whether chemo encourages cancer to spread throughout the body. Many studies later, we can no longer ignore the answer to that question. YES, patients are dying from chemotherapy, not cancer itself. It has been shown to not only cause secondary cancers but also accelerates tumor growth and causes cancer cells to become resistant to treatment. What does this number say about the effectiveness and risks of therapy?

Do these people know more? And what is the mainstream media hiding from us? Due to the devastating effects on the entire body and the immune system, and an extremely low success rate, three of every four doctors and scientists would refuse chemotherapy , according to polls taken by the McGill Cancer Center.

When your body is fighting cancer, the last thing it needs is more cancer-inducing, immune suppressing chemicals, right? Though all scientists and doctors know that chemotherapy is pure poison and can make things worse, the U. Food and Drug Administration FDA outlaws doctors from choosing non-chemical routes, such as vitamins, supplements, herbs, superfoods, and other natural cancer solutions , for their patients. Over the past few years, one study after another has been coming out, linking chemotherapy to cancer.

Yet authorities fail to make the healthy call. How much more proof do they need before they start to acknowledge that there are far better, less expensive real cures out there? Geoengineering the sky has been a worldwide phenomenon since the start of commercial aviation. Ships and jet aircraft are covering our skies in man-made clouds. Contrail cirrus clouds trap heat and likely are a greater threat than CO2 so scientists are experimenting with jet biofuels and flight routing to engineer clouds that cool the planet.

This active experiment goes on everyday, over your heads, with over , flights a day worldwide and zero accountability. Space Weather Modification is also gaining more publicity. Next the military began using sounding rockets and satellites to create heavy ion clouds in space by dumping Barium, Strontium, and Sulfur Hexaflouride into our ionosphere.

This page is an effort to raise awareness of atmospheric experimentation and to lobby for transparency in the geoengineering and weather modification industries, and hopefully to see an end to weather control efforts, both intentional and unintentional, in hopes that one day my child will see natural weather.

Geoengineering, Weather Modification, and Weaponizing Nature. See this Google Fusion Table. Click on the image above to view a larger version in a new window Related: Geoengineering programs, proposals, experiments, field trials, and weather modification programs worldwide. Mapping the landscape of climate engineering. A , doi: After lying about weaponizing the weather, has audio played back to him to prove it, then lies again.

Climate Change and Geoengineering: A stunning admission from the scientific community. The Past part 1. Climate change scientists launch geoengineering experiment that may accidentally cause global famine. TheContrail The corrupt medical profession and inherent dangers of vaccines: The issues of vaccines - suicide - euthanasia are all inseparable in terms of Nazi philosophy.

Eleven Common Symptoms Of The Global Depopulation Slow Kill Remember, in Nazi Germany it involved not only killing off undesirable groups of people by lethal injection and gassing, but mass sterilizing others so that they could not reproduce.

I have a younger sister who, like myself, is a retired physician in Holland who has worked in Belgium also so I am very well informed what is happening there now. Although I live in NZ and am elderly, I still keep myself well informed. In fact, modern doctors in The Netherlands and Belgium now are much worse than the Nazi doctors ever were, and what has already happened in Belgium is spreading out across the whole western world including here in New Zealand at present.

But he or she is. This is very much worse than would have been the case under Hitler. I note you included in your previous email some YouTube clips illustrating what is going on in Belgium right now. But may I say it is much worse than that. It is only beginning to escalate in Europe presently, yet is in the process of expanding worldwide. Now if the euthanasia of these people itself is not bad enough, do you know that already in about half of the cases these people are being murdered without their consent.

I mean to say, it is not far away from anyone who criticizes the government being classified as mentally unstable, then being arrested and given a lethal injection without his or her consent and sent on their way — to paradise or hell as the case may be. Allow Me To Die: The same promises were made when email and smartphones were invented. The same is now happening with the IoT.

The potential benefits grow bright, while the dangers are cast into the quiet shadows. The touch-screen on the fridge will be selling you low-fat yogurt. Google could even have your NEST thermostat , with its many uses , telling you the weight-loss benefits of having the heat turned up. It used to be the case that our private dwellings were our quiet escape from the bombardments of the high street.

But marketers encroached on that privacy through TV ads, cold calling, and more recently, our connected devices. Small devices that track everything from the steps you take, to a minute-by-minute analysis of your cortisol levels. In other words, if we have enough data, we will know exactly what to do to become the perfect version of ourselves. Vodafone prepares mobile network for NZ's expected IoT surge.

Society will cast asunder us fat, unhappy ones simply for choosing human error over a life dictated by algorithms and apps. The corporations will no-doubt punish us, too. A Waste of Money. It used to be that when we bought a washing machine, it was a rare expense. The next one would be purchased in 15 years or so. Something might go wrong in the meantime, but the guy down the road would fix it.

Today, washing machines have a much shorter lifespan. We have to be prepared to shell out for a new one around every five years thanks to planned obsolescence. A new smartphone, smartwatch, and tablet every three or four years. A new laptop every four to five years. These lifespans are short. Until the IoT, that is. Your mattress may not need replacing every couple of years, but the sensor inside of it may do. The same goes for your kitchen table, and the sofa.

For cheaper connected devices like the kettle, toaster, your belt , light switches and door knobs; expect replacement of these components to become a new, regular expense. The Internet has been around for around 20 years now, and its security is far from perfect. The IoT, on the other hand, is primitive. And so is its security. People are leaving default passwords set , leaving their devices massively vulnerable to attack.

But who can blame them? Who would want to manually change the password for 75 devices around home and work? NZ firms unwilling to go down Internet of Things rabbithole. A World of No Privacy. When companies know our lives inside and out, they can use that data to make us buy even more stuff.

Once they control your data, they control you. When that data is anonymous, it helps companies sell to broad market segments. More preferable, and more valuable, is when that data is relatable to an individual i. Spark NZ rolls out nationwide IoT network When a supermarket knows the food that you buy, they can offer you completely personalized deals.

When Amazon tracks the products you look at, they can recommend other products based on your individual taste. But it also means that any information tracked about us, can be linked back to us. The calls you make, messages you send, food you eat, clothes you buy, photos you take.

This information is all open for the picking. Once your connected devices are neatly synced up, the picture of you available to corporations and governments will be more detailed than you could ever imagine. Kids around the world are suffering from. Family time is being ruined by smartphone notifications. What more do we expect from technology? All this is setting us up for is complete digital burn-out.

People are tired of relying so much on technology. One of the most pressing technological choices we make today concerns the ecosystems we opt for. When we buy a laptop, do we choose Windows, or Apple?

When we buy a smartphone, do we choose Android or iOS? A nation of smart cities: When it comes to the IoT, the choice is even more important. The entire industry is fragmented.

The IoT will undoubtedly bring benefits. After all, the IoT will run on Big Data. And Big Data means Big Money. The focus of this article has largely been on the use of the IoT in the home.

Yet the technology behind the IoT is doing some amazing works outside of the home as well. In the US, smart-tech is listening out for the sound of gunshots in neighborhoods. Instead we should focus our efforts on how we can use this technology to make real change. On how the IoT can offer real benefits to those who need it.

What other things scare you about the Internet of Things? What should we be wary of, and what should we be looking to avoid?

New Zealand Embraces a New Revolution. Spark New Zealand to commence nationwide Internet of Things. Israeli research studies presented at an international conference reveal that the same electromagnetic frequencies used for crowd control weapons form the foundation of the latest network — branded as 5G — that will tie together more than 50 billion devices as part of the Internet of Things.

Ben-Ishai of the Department of Physics, Hebrew University, Israel recently detailed how human sweat ducts act like an array of helical antennas when exposed to these wavelengths. We need the potential adverse health impacts of 5G to be seriously evaluated before we blanket our children, ourselves and the environment with this radiation. Yuri Feldman, indicate that millimeter and submillimeter waves may lead to preferential layer absorption.

The number of sweat ducts within human skin varies from two million to four million. The researchers pointed to replicated peer research of these biological effects in laboratory research conducted in other countries and considered this mechanism of action well proven. Verizon just announced that 5G networks will be tested in 11 U.

Proposed installations have lead to public outcry in residential areas where homeowners do not want antennas mounted at their yards or near schools. Several researchers at the conference raised concerns that current regulations are not adequate to protect public health. Dariusz Leszczynski, PhD, Chief Editor of Radiation and Health, stated that the international organization — called ICNIRP — developing recommendations for public exposure limits of these higher frequencies was planning to classify all the skin in the human body as belonging to the limbs rather than to the head or torso.

Medical experts worldwide are calling for action. Cindy Russell detailed the state of science in a recent Santa Clara Medical Association article and concluded:. For reasons that remain mysterious, those under the influence of psychiatric medication often specifically choose to hang themselves in their moment of peak impulsivity.

Are these just rare anecdotes? Is this just the cost of treatment that is helpful for most? I believe first and foremost in informed consent. If you are informed of the risks, benefits, and alternatives to a given treatment, you will be empowered to make the best decision for yourself based on your personal, family, philosophical, and religious life context.

But the truth is that prescribers are not in a position to share the known risks of medications because we learn only of their purported benefits with a short-tagline of dismissively rare risks that are thought to be invariably outweighed by the presenting clinical concern.

Are we at a point in the history of medicine where random acts of personal and public violence are defensible risks of treatment for stress, anxiety, depression, inattention, psychosocial distress, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, and even stress incontinence? Let the Science Speak. Multi-billion dollar lawsuits like the settlement of Study have been necessary to unlock the cabinet drawers of an industry that cares more about profit than human lives.

A reanalysis of study which initially served as a landmark study in supporting the prescription of antidepressants to children, has now demonstrated that these medications are ineffective in this population and play a causal role in suicidal behavior. Concealing and manipulating data that shows this signal of harm, including a doubling of risk of suicide with antidepressant treatment, has generated seeming confusion around this incomprehensibly unacceptable risk profile.

In fact, a reanalysis of an influential US National Institute of Mental Health study, revealed a four-fold increase in suicide despite the fact that the initial publication claimed no increased risk relative to placebo. According to available data — 3 large meta-analyses — more psychiatric treatment means more suicide. Well, that might seem a hazard of the field, right? Where blaming medications for suicide would be like saying that umbrellas cause the rain. Benzodiazepines like what Cornell was taking and hypnotics sleep and anxiety medications also have a documented potential to increase risk of completed and attempted suicide and have been implicated in impulsive self-harm including self-inflicted stab wounds during changes to dosage.

We also find the documented possibility that suicidality could emerge in patients who are treated with this class of medications even when they are not suicidal with recent research stating:. And, of course, these medications themselves provide the means and the method with a known lethal poisoning profile.

Clearly murderers are mentally ill, right? What if I told you that the science supports the concern that we are medicating innocent civilians into states of murderous impulsivity? When Andrew Thibault began to research the safety of a stimulant drug recommended to his son, he entered a rabbit hole he has yet to emerge from.

After literally teaching himself code to decrypt the data on the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System website, he was able to cull 2, pediatric fatalities from psychotropic medications, and homicides. Psychiatry Is Misleading Public About Mental Disorders A Freedom of Information Act and a lawsuit later, he continues to struggle with redacted and suppressed information around 24 homicides directly connected to the use of psychotropics including the homicide by a 10 year old treated with Vyvanse of an infant.

To begin to scientifically explore the risk of violence induced by psychotropic medication, a study sample needs to be representative, the reason for taking the drug needs to be taken into consideration, the effect needs to be controlled for, as do any other intoxicants.

Implicated in school shootings, stabbings, and even the Germanwings flight crash , prescribing of psychotropics prior to these incidences has been catalogued on ssristories.

Is Association Really Causation? Beyond the cases where violence to self or others was induced in a non-violent, non-depressed, non-psychotic individual, what other evidence is there that speaks to how this could possibly be happening? The most seminal paper in this regard, in my opinion, was published in by Lucire and Crotty. Ten cases of extreme violence were committed by patients who were prescribed antidepressants — not for major mental illness or even for depression — but for psychosocial distress i.

What these authors identified was that these ten subjects had variants to liver enzymes responsible for drug metabolism exacerbated by co-administration of other drugs and substances including herbs. All returned to their baseline personalities when the antidepressant was discontinued. Now referred to as akathisia-induced impulsivity, the genetic risk factors for this Russian Roulette of violence are not screened for prior to psychotropic prescribing.

Akathisia is a state of severe restlessness associated with thoughts of suicide and homicide. Many patients describe it as a feeling-less state of apathy — and what I would describe as a disconnection from their own souls, their own experience of human connection, and any measure of self-reflection. The genetic underpinnings of this kind of medication-induced vulnerability are just beginning to be explored with identification of precursor symptoms to violence including severe agitation.

In a randomized, placebo-controlled trial, healthy volunteers exhibited an almost 2 fold increased risk of symptoms that can lead to violence. A fold increased risk was noted in patients prescribed a generic version of the antidepressant Cymbalta, off-label, for stress urinary incontinence a non-psychiatric indication. There is Another Way. Because the idea of managing a chemical imbalance with chemicals seems to make sense. But at what cost?

The laundry list of acute and chronic adverse effects is growing, and the unpredictable risk of medication-induced violence should lead to an urgent cessation of all psychotropics. Because it takes 17 years for physician practice to reflect published science, we need grassroots level information sharing. We need to inform ourselves before we consent to engage a system that regards you as an impersonal statistic. We live in a cultural context that makes no room for the relevance, meaning, and significance of symptoms — symptoms are simply bad and scary and they must be managed.

If you knew that your symptoms were reversible, healable, transformable, you might consider walking that path instead of assuming this level of risk for placebo-level efficacy of psychotropic medication. In fact, every woman I have ever tapered off of psychiatric drugs into experiences of total vitality once believed that she would be a medicated psychiatric patient for life. If you knew that radical self-healing potential lies within each and every one of us, if you only knew that was possible, you might start that journey today.

In particular, watch what happens when you give him a toxic drug to fix his brain. You have to be a certain kind of person to do that to a child. You have to be, for various reasons, crazy and a career criminal.

First, here are a few facts that should give you pause: Children are being diagnosed and dosed with toxic drugs at a staggering rate. But, as I have shown in many past articles, NO so-called mental disorder is based on a lab test. No blood, saliva, genetic, brain test. ALL or so official mental disorders are defined by menus of behaviors concocted by committees of psychiatrists.

On that foundation, the diagnoses and the drugs are handed out. Ritalin or any similar ADHD medicine. After a creative child is seen fidgeting in class, looking bored, studying what he wants to study, ignoring classroom assignments, focusing on what interests him, he is diagnosed with ADHD. Then comes the drug. Scarnati listed a large number of adverse effects of Ritalin and cited published journal articles which reported each of these symptoms.

For every one of the following selected and quoted verbatim Ritalin effects, there is at least one confirming source in the medical literature: Paranoid delusions Paranoid psychosis Hypomanic and manic symptoms, amphetamine-like psychosis Activation of psychotic symptoms Toxic psychosis Visual hallucinations Auditory hallucinations Can surpass LSD in producing bizarre experiences Effects pathological thought processes Extreme withdrawal Terrified affect Started screaming Aggressiveness Insomnia Since Ritalin is considered an amphetamine-type drug, expect amphetamine-like effects Psychic dependence High-abuse potential DEA Schedule II Drug Decreased REM sleep When used with antidepressants one may see dangerous reactions including hypertension, seizures and hypothermia Convulsions Brain damage may be seen with amphetamine abuse.

Under this chemical assault on the brain, what are the chances that a creative child will go on in life to become an innovator, rather than a victim of psychiatric drugging? Make a list of your favorite innovators. Imagine them as bored distracted children sitting in classrooms… and then diagnosed, and then hammered with drugs prescribed by a doctor. This is happening now. The institution of psychiatry is making it happen. What about the consequences of diagnosing clinical depression in larger numbers of young children?

What about the antidepressant drugs? Here is just a sprinkling of information about antidepressants, from a huge body of literature:. February American Journal of Psychiatry Teicher et al, v. Are Pills The Problem?

Peter Breggin comments that akathesia:. California Lawyer also mentions other highly qualified critics of the drug: This despite such contrary information and the negative, dangerous effects of these drugs. There are other studies: Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Hisako Koizumi, MD, describes a thirteen-year-old boy who was on Prozac: Evidence Points To Ft. Author Laurence Jerome reports the case of a ten-year old who moves with his family to a new location.

Becoming depressed, the boy is put on Prozac by a doctor. The Prozac is stopped, and the symptoms disappear. For money, for profit, for status, for control, there exists a professional class called psychiatrists. They approach children - particularly creative children who refuse to fall into lock-step with a regimented program of learning - as outliers, as ill, as strange, as maladjusted, as threats to the system.

The Cult Of 'Scientism' Explained: Instead of using overt physical force, they use relatively invisible chemical force. Under the banner of caring, they perform, on the young, a scientific ritual of sacrifice, a rite of passage into the dead world where they, the elite rulers, exist. How CDC perpetuates the myth of polio eradication. A worthless and carcinogenic threat to humanity. Anthony Phan in California.

Phan escaped from Vietnam in the s when he was 8 years old. He was separated from his parents and escaped on a fishing boat along with his 2 year old brother. Making it to the U. Phan testifies that God led him through college and medical school, and he went on to become a medical doctor at Johns Hopkins.

Either 1 you retire and get out, because it is back to being controlled again, back to where I escaped from Vietnam in Phan explains that his experience with vaccines began in when he did his fellowship in Integrated Medicine. UFC fighter speaks out against vaccines following his son's tragic death. He was practicing in geriatrics at the time, and he noticed that every time he gave the flu shot to his older patients, they would get very sick. So he stopped giving flu shots after 5 or 6 injections.

He knew something was wrong. He began doing his own research into vaccines, and encountered the evidence of fraud within the CDC. In a very touching point of the interview, Dr. With tears in his eyes, he apologizes to her on behalf of the medical community, because Ms.

Tommey has a 20 year old vaccine injured son. Watch the entire interview: Under his instructions, the University of Southern California arranged formal clinical trials of the Rife Beam Ray device.

Why It Was Really Silenced. They appointed a special committee of top doctors to oversee the project including, apart from Johnson and Kendall: They should be treated as the "canary in the coal mine" serving as an early warning for the rest of humanity.

For those not familiar with the term "canary in the coal mine" - it originated when miners used to take caged canaries down to the coal mine with them. They positioned the cages on the ground. If dangerous gases e. The morbid bio-effects of EMF described in the Bio-initiative Report may trigger a range of disorders including neurological conditions, infertility, birth defects and cancer. Many of the conditions develop slowly and silently over many years while the person is not presenting with any symptoms or complaints.

And that is why we should treat the Electro-Hyper Sensitivity EHS syndrome and EHS sufferers - as a stark warning, alarm bells and sirens going off, that we should all heed to even if we still cannot see or feel the fire YET ". It exposes massive falsehoods and fraud. The force of the rational insight is on a delay mechanism, as it were. A bewildering number of facts and opinions and lies were being fed to me by various sources. I was taping notes to my walls and trying to sort out the mess of spaghetti.

He mentioned that, if a vaccine were developed for HIV, anyone who received it would be given a special letter from the government. The letter would declare that if this person ever tested positive for HIV, the result should be ignored, because the antibodies that made the test turn positive were resulting from the protective vaccine, not lethal HIV in the body.

After I hung up the phone, I tried to think through what I had just heard. Something strange was going on. About a week later, it hit me. The brain fog was gone. The official government position implied: If they were stimulated and acquired through a vaccine, that was a good sign. But if these same antibodies were acquired naturally, as a response to making contact with HIV, that was a bad sign. It meant AIDS, now, or just up the road. American Heart Association wants you to stop using butter and start using toxic vegetable oils again.

A vaccine would produce an effect, X, which would confer immunity. The body, producing the same effect, X, would signal impending disease and even death. Aristotle originally formulated the strategy, and it has stood the time of time quite nicely. The overall pattern is rather simple: You drive through various streets and shift from one highway to another, all in the process of finding your way home from a distant location.

It makes no sense. Here is a final clue. A positive antibody test is no reason to tell a person he is sick or is going to get sick. BUT if the medical establishment decides, arbitrarily, to interpret every positive test as a sign of illness, then many, many more people can be diagnosed with diseases.

They can be treated with drugs. And then, pharmaceutical cash registers ring like crazy with profits. A third of all cancers could be prevented with these plant-based nutrients. Are you coco-nuts to eat coconut oil? Getting to the Root of Hair Loss. Your Starbucks iced coffee may contain fecal bacteria, investigation finds.

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