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I look forward to reading about your experience and getting your tips and maybe a few good recipes?! What exactly is in the Turbo Shakes? I have been overweight all my life, like you I reached a point not long ago where it was scary… so far I am 20lbs lighter and still moving. Is it possible to melt away one to two pounds of stubborn body fat every single day? I used leggings and big shirts to cover myself. Rohit mehta - June 21, nice blog with Awesome recipes.

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I Did It! Weight-Loss Success Stories

When you lose that kind of weight, you have more confidence, healthier self-esteem, and you like yourself. I just feel really good. I love life and being around people, and when you feel this great about yourself, you can focus more on the people around you.

I have to admit, too, that I was a tremendous skeptic in the beginning. I learned to be suspicious of the promises of diet plans because I had tried them all. What I love about the program is the way the BeBalanced staff are supportive and available every step of the way.

They answered my questions, gave me direction, and cheered me on across the finish line. I appreciate how they patiently and thoroughly explained the science behind the program in a way that made sense to me. That knowledge really encouraged me to give it a try. I took my year-old daughter on a trip to Italy several years ago, and when I came home, I deleted all my pictures.

The person I saw in the photos was not the person I wanted to be. I had gone through an early menopause, adopted a third child, and experienced a lot of stress raising a child with special needs. I was having trouble sleeping, experiencing hot flashes, and had this emotional, drowning feeling. I had been thin growing up—a size 4 or 6—but had experienced weight gain over the years to the point where I was a size 16 to When I started the program, my goal was to get to a size When I learned what was really impacting my body, it was so freeing, and I could let myself off the hook a bit.

Finally, I felt educated. I know what fuels my body, and I know that denying myself food is not the key. I was 46 when I first did the BeBalanced program, and I did it because I wanted to feel healthy and feel better about myself.

Now, as I approach 50, this is who I want to be. I love the feeling that my daughters are proud of me. My perspective has totally changed and I feel stronger, empowered, and more hopeful. I gained 50 pounds and it was so hard to stay away from unhealthy food.

There seemed to be Chinese food on every corner. In all that time, as I was stressed and caring for my family, the weight continued to pile up. Last year, when I got back from a birthday trip to Jamaica, I realized how badly I needed to make a change.

I had exhausted every weight loss program out there, and was seriously considering gastric bypass surgery. I was really afraid to go under the knife again, and wanted a healthier, less invasive solution. That same week, I went to a fashion event, prepared to leave and drive directly to the health center to sign up for gastric bypass.

I was just ecstatic to think of myself as a weight loss success story. I have more energy to do more things, and this means I can spend more time with my sons. I even have enough energy to show my art in an exhibit space downtown. I want to challenge myself even more in The most powerful part of the program for me is helping me adjust to life after menopause. I had been having a lot of anxiety that was affecting everyday life—I was afraid of driving, traffic, crossing bridges… so I shut myself off to traveling.

So when I started the program, I immediately noticed that the meditation and other aspects of the program helped me fight anxiety. The night sweats subsided, and I went from someone who averaged 6 hours of sleep a night to up to 8 good hours a night.

Since I was younger, I was running and keeping myself to a regimented diet. But when I hit menopause, all the things I used to do to stay in balance stopped working. But with BeBalanced, I was 22 pounds lighter in just a month. You just steam it or boil it, the strand pull back like spaghetti.

You should be able to find it at any grocery store. Heidi September 07, at It's a good question Heather, I wondered this myself.

So I googled it and found this answer from http: The only problem is portion control isn't is always! Michael July 26, at Nancy Bondhus June 18, at Great idea of go-to meals, thanks for your tips. Though I still don't understand about the cashew butters. If it's high in fat, wouldn't the natural refrigerated peanut butters be the same thing?

Heather Kichner April 29, at I am happy to say that I always have tomato sauce, string cheese, and frozen spinach on hand. I'm going to add frozen fruit and cashew butter to my list. I'm going to start adding spinach to more things. In particular, it was observed that this program is good for people who struggle with portion control; as well as people who hate the extra hustle of trying to prepare a healthy meal in their own kitchens.

Personally, I was quite drawn to this last benefit. They have a great Food Philosophy These guys know what it takes to lose weight, and this knowledge is weaved in their philosophy. They clearly understand the need for portion control, the need to spread out the meals, and the necessity to ensure nutritional balance in each of the meal plans they provide.

They also know that many people are failed by the need to keep track of their calories or come up with healthy meals on their own. That is why they manage all these things on your behalf so that you can focus on enjoying your life and still lose weight. There are countless such people actually. You can even choose to see testimonials based on how much weight some of these people have lost. While some have lost about 20 pounds, you will also find testimonials of people who have lost more than a pounds using Nutrisystem foods.

They Have Flexible Plans that Cater to Different People Nutrisystem understands that even as we are brought together by a singular goal to shed the extra pounds, we are still very different people. Men, for instance, have certain special needs, and so do diabetics and vegetarians.

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