What Are the Benefits of Eating Blackberries?

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Now it seems like there are more and more homemade cereal recipes circulating. Faith VanderMolen October 6, at Retrieved October 11, I find it very sturdy with a crisp lid, almost biscuit-like on top. For other uses, see Bran disambiguation.

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Oooh, these look absolutely yummy. I am definitely making these this weekend! Unfortunately, my baking and other cooking queue is longer than my 7 month old gives me time for. These look relatively fast. Must add to the list! Can you figure out that recipe and post it, please? Maury Rubin, understandably, keeps an iron grip on his recipes.

Actually, I think that Blue Sky does too. They say specifically that frozen berries are fine. Rachael — Good eye! It would be delicious. About 15 cafes around the city sell Blue Sky muffins… but nothing is as good as one fresh out of the oven. The little puff of steam and hot gooey fruit goodness. Especially with that surprise in the center! Steel cut oats pulsed a teeny tiny bit in a food processor as described above do come out chewier! Do you have specific suggestions? Mizizzle — Only reduce the cooking time, not temp.

I love Blue Sky muffins! Thanks so much for posting this recipe. Is there anything on the planet better than chubby hands with dimples for knuckles? I just realized that I gave you guys the wrong amount of fruit. I forgot to halve the fruit. Apologies to anyone whose made these already since noon. Odd as some people find it, bran muffins may just be my favourite kind of muffin! Now with this recipe, no one will ever be able to deny that bran muffins are delicious! Once again cooking in the hinterlands of Montana can sometimes be a challenge when looking for seemingly simple, common ingredients.

Our local store does not carry wheat bran. The 7-grain cereal does not weigh out the same as wheat bran — 1 cup of 7-grain cereal weighed about grams. I ended up with 14 muffins that have crusty brown, flat tops — no peaks- but taste wonderful. The search is on for wheat bran the next time we get to the big city. The fruit combo I used was pear and mango. Think I will try apple and huckleberry next time.

And yes, there will be a next time. I love bran muffins and have never made them — but I will soon, thanks for the recipe! Since rhubarb season is just starting, do you have any suggestions on how to use them in this recipe?

Would sliced raw be too sour? I suspect it would work well in this recipe for an even healthier muffin! Deb, thanks so much for another great recipe! I noticed your spatula comment from earlier. I bought these from amazon and they have held up really well. I try to make them once a week for a quick breakfast. That being said they need to be whole grain and fruity.

These certainly fit the bill. Used semi-defrosted blueberries for the fruit. Thanks for sharing such a delicious low-sugar muffin that nobody need feel guilty eating! What about trying to replicate the banana bread? We probably eat a loaf of that a week. How did you make the banana-coconut flavor?

Diced bananas and unsweetened flaked coconut? I have some bananas quickly dying on my counter and deciding between banana-coconut and strawberry-banana.

Shame, because I adore pineapple. These look like the perfect Saturday morning breakfast! Do you have any tips for spots in the east or west village where the blue sky muffins are sold? It would be fun to compare homemade ones to the original: These look so delish. Green fig — crystallized ginger — orange zest, mmmmmmm. Thanks for the inspiration. This sounds like a perfectly adaptable type of muffins.

I foresee mangoes in mine. Just a question, I assume oat bran is the same thing as wheat bran, right? Also, my new obsession is your Smitten Kitchen cookbook! So many discoveries on every page!

Happy to hear about Blue Sky Bakery — even happier that they are nearby. Any thoughts on whether we should use the weight or the cup measure? I did have bulgher wheat which I ground into a powder in the Cuisinart and used instead. It turned out quite good, although it probably has more crunch than the original recipe. I used orange zest and frozen blueberries. It took an extra minute or two to bake, about 17 or 18 minutes, but the muffins came out moist and delicious.

I made these last night with banana and coconut. Otherwise, nice to have an legitimately healthy muffin recipe in my repertoire. I will probably try them with my new favorite oil, though. I will use either yogurt or farmer cheese or ricotta or buttermilk… All taste just a but different, but none bad.

The coconut oil lends just this lovely hint of flavor that is really something. I am certain it will go nicely here too! Do you think that subbing out some wheat for buckwheat would ruin the muffin? I made a diced strawberry-blackberry and also a banana-coconut version. I also added a little cardamom to the dry ingredients. Other than that, I followed the recipe to a tee.

Thanks for a great recipe. Pineapple has an enzyme in it which breaks down milk proteins, and so would probably undo the good that the buttermilk is doing in making the muffins rise. Does that make sense?

Woke up and saw this recipe, did a mental check that i had the ingredients around, more or less, put up some coffee and within an hour was enjoying them! Daughter loved them as well. They are not too sweet, in a good way, and the bran is pleasantly moist. Curious to see how they last, if they do! Deb… my name is AmyRuth and was in attendance to your book signing in St. Louis some time back , oh well …I digress. Part time bakery is my gig and making a morning glory muffin for my kind patrons is my pleasure.

Its so amazing to find a muffin like yours bumping around in the world. Earthy, flavorful and actually calories that have meaning. Thank you for your hunt and seek …. Looking forward to meeting the muffin. My boyfriend stopped on his 5 hour drive home from being out of town and stopped and ate fast food… Now his tummy hurts…imagine that.

So these looked like just the ticket. I tried the oatmeal option and realized that the amount had to be altered and then i must have done something else wrong because the batter was VERY thin. They are in the oven now…we will see. Non dairy conversion- my go to is Oat Milk.

It can be harder to find but it works great in baking. Pacific Brand makes it and I buy it at Whole foods. You can sour it with vinegar. Use about 1 Tb per cup less than buttermilk as it will not get quite as thick. I use it in all my baking, including biscuits and cakes. Almost no one is allergic to oats, a huge plus in my world. I had to try these with pineapple. I crushed a little fresh pineapple in my food processor, and then drained it in a fine sieve, using a spoon to squeeze out the moisture.

I mixed it with a little unsweetened coconut and made 3 muffins with this mixture the other 9 were mixed berry. The pineapple ones turned out fine. Next time I might try lemon or orange infused olive oil since I have both. I did learn that using paper muffin liners is a bad idea. We are peeling them off very carefully because they stick to the muffin. They came out just fine…. A nice crisp crusty top, too!

These ones look delicious and I can just picture myself having a slow and satisfying morning curled up on the couch waking up to these delicious-looking muffins while drinking a morning coffee.

I may have to make these ASAP now! You had me with the pic of the chubby little fingers — how is he so big?!? Tried them this a. I think I will try r bran though next as not sure it worked well that.

Otherwise, texture and warm fruit were delicious. Great minds think alike! We love Blue Sky muffins. We like the full-on fatty kind. Is there a way to tweak this recipe to cut the bran and make regular muffins? If you are going to the trouble of adding bran in and making them heartier, healthier muffins…why not use whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose? Just so you know, baking my second batch now.

Not only do I learn something new every day, but I am sure my day job is not editor! I made a vegan version of this using soymilk with 1 t apple cider vinegar and a flax egg. They turned out great! Could have been baked a touch longer but that is probably because I used frozen berries. We just moved from Santa Barbara sea level to a little mountain town in Colorado at ft.

Any tips for this recipe? First time using no-carb flour and they were fabulous in texture and flavor. Only 2 left and picky eaters jn this house! Will be trying some banana and coconut next! Love your blig and many, many of your recipes!! Just made these with mixed berries. LOVE a truly low sugar muffin—thanks for the great recipe! Will see how the kiddos like them tomorrow morning… am thinking toasted with a schmear of cream cheese…? Lovely — I probably added a tad more sugar on the top before baking.

Used yogurt thinned with milk and sweet frozen cherries thawed enough to chop. Also added a spoonful of ground flax seed as someone suggested. Nice — and definitely will make them again with berries: He ate four in one morning. He was a little bit sorry. Fast forward two weeks: I brought your muffins to her as a a celebration, cause WHOA. She was blissfully happy to receive muffins laden with choc chunks. And I will try them with fruit as you suggest…then chocolate, duh.

She loves that they are effectively one piece of plastic and indestructible in the dishwasher. Knew I wanted to try these as soon as the recipe was posted.

I went with banana and toasted walnuts, in more of a banana bread fashion. Not ashamed to admit that I ate 2 immediately. I honestly never appreciated the steam that escapes from a fresh muffin until you mentioned it! Will make again with blueberries and strawberries.

Really appreciate you taking the time to post such lovely recipes! Thank you for this recipe! I have been on a muffin kick lately because of finals and the semester is coming to an end.

I also love a good cherry almond scone with my cappuccino as well. This recipe is definitely worth a try as soon as I am done with my last exam. It makes me want to relax and cook up something fun. I used a combo of the oatmeal and Mini dust instead of bran, and I used whole wheat instead of all purpose flour. This is a great recipe.

I think the liquid could have been decreased a bit probably need less if using oats instead of bran, and almonds added additional moisture maybe? Even though not much sugar is used for sprinkling, I think it makes a big difference. I made them with oatmeal as you suggested.

Used sour cream lightened with almond milk and frozen blueberries and strawberries. Rainy morning here in Montreal. I just made these and they are delicious. I was afraid the fruit would be very tart but that little sprinkling of sugar just cuts the tartness without sweetening. Just curious, any ideas on substituting something else in for sugar for feeding these to a one-year-old?

My toddler book has me freaking out about added sugar, which is probably totally unnecessary, but still… Any ideas? I love that you use Bobs Red Mill products. As an employee of that employee owned company I appreciate it! You could double the recipe and store the batter in a securely covered container in the refrigerator. Each morning, you scoop out enough to make a few or…and bake them.

Batter lasted a week. It called for raisins but you could add different fruit. That recipe is around. Not to denigrate the importance of posting recipes that work—we value you for this! Made the muffins this morning and substituted oats for the bran.

For fruit in half I cut up bananas and added some chocolate chips. Rainy day- perfect for muffins. Had no wheat bran so I DID use pulsed oatmeal. I loved the idea of using different fillings. I made banana coconut with a walnut half on top and strawberry.

I just ate 3 of these warm from the oven. Did 4 strawberry, 4 raspberry and 4 a combo. Loving the raspberry the most. Bran muffins are my weakness. Hi, Love your blog and recipes. Made the muffins this morning and used the oats like you suggested and they worked beautifully.

I bumped up the sugar slightly as I was using fresh cranberries and blueberries. The yogurt made the muffin super moist as well. This is a muffin I would feel good about giving to my child. Thanks for the recipes and making me look good: Another data point for someone who used oats. I also forgot to add the sprinkling of granulated sugar but all came out quite tasty and with pointy peaks! I just made these with chopped fresh strawberries and they came out great!

My batter was thinner than what was pictured, but it worked out fine. I bought a large package wheat bran so will need to make another batch soon. Used fresh strawberries for the fruit. I love love love blueberry muffins and those looks absolutely delicious. I made two batches of these muffins. Both came out really well!! I definitely recommend you all go ahead and make these! I can vouch for ground oats to replace the bran. I made these with the 7-grain cereal, like you suggested.

I also used oat flour instead of wheat, to clear out my pantry. Not too sweet, like you said, moist, fluffy. Delicious treat for our Sunday morning beach outing today.

We often take your apple cheddar scones to the beach but being pregnant and making my way through gestational diabetes, these mostly wheat bran muffins with little sugar were just the ticket. Thanks for providing an easy-to-make baked treat this week preggo mama could enjoy. I made these with gluten free flour, ground oats and frozen wild blueberries and they were delicious.

When you made the banana coconut, did you just used shredded sweetened coconut, or did you use fresh coconut? They are fantastic although mine did not puff up enough…. I got to get out my itty bitty jewelers scale for those amounts.

These sounded so good I had to give the recipe a try. So easy and delicious! Looking forward to more at breakfast tomorrow. Just to second what another person said- I just made them and the batter is definitely waaaay more runny than in your pictures.

I used the cup measurements instead of weighing. The crumb was VERY loose and full of holes; after splitting and buttering the muffins we ended up eating them with spoons because they were too soft to pick up!

That said, we ate 10 the morning we made them — 5 each! Re, flat-topped and wet-centered muffins — Might they have needed more baking time? If raw in the center: Crumb should be quite loose — what impressed me was that despite the sheer amount of bran in it, the muffin is still so tender. We might notice a pattern.

Re, runny batter — I used a thin buttermilk and as soon as the dry and wet were mixed, the batter became puffy and firm, but not too thick. When dolloping the batter in the muffin tins, I had to nudge it a bit to get it flat — i. Angie — I did not make banana coconut, I saw it at the coffee shop.

Amelia — I really should. Okay, that only happened a few times, but it scared me. These days, I still have disaster stories, but I wait until I triumph to share them, i. Last night we used QUADRUPLE the amount of salt, realized we were out of eggs, went to the store for eggs mid-recipe, put the cake in the oven and then realized we never put the egg in.

My favorite all white flour berry muffin are these Perfect Blueberry Muffins. You might want to start there and fiddle. Both the package and my cup weights were the same, i. Bran is usually very light and airy, hence it weighing half of what AP flour does. I took your suggestion of pulsing oats in the food processor and it worked! Thank you so much! I made these today! I auditioned a sub for the wheat bran, and it worked fine.

It has a coarse meal texture, combined well with the wet ingredients and mixed into a nice thick batter. The muffins rose beautifully and have that perfect texture. I found this recipe this morning and made them this afternoon. These are the BEST muffins! My 8, 6 and 2 year old and husband loved them!!! So glad you go there, though, and I hope you enjoy the coffee as much as the muffins! The batter was a perfect thickness.

Filled with cheddar, grilled corn and chives. Used liners and they turned out perfectly! I ended up going with the weight instead of the measure, and the muffins turned out really well one batch strawberry-banana and one batch blueberry and the batter matched your description so I think we were ok.

I got the bran from the bulk aisle at Whole Foods. But I wanted to follow up in case anyone has the same issue. Oh, we also subbed half of the AP flour for white-whole-wheat. They are in the oven as I type and I cannot wait to try them!

I added lemon zest and blueberries. Very tasty but my fruit sunk to the bottom. Otherwise, delicious and I ate two of them at once!

Here I sit on Monday morning, sick, but at work dealing with an emergency that requires enormous effort, and all I want is one of these and my bed.

Made these yesterday with frozen blueberries and they turned out great! Amazing — thanks for the low sugar recipe! Took a variety of grains I had lying around oatmeal, some quinoa, some buckwheat and put them in the food processor to use instead of bran did not feel like going to the grocery store Saturday AM.

Some of the grains were still a little chewy in the muffin, but overall it was delicious! Used raspberries and blackberries. I had to be a little conservative with the batter to fill 12 cups, but they baked up into big, fat, grainy morsels of deliciousness.

Thanks for fueling my muffin obsession in a healthy way! I was going to use up some leftover buttermilk on pancakes or waffles until I saw this. Great and healthy way to start the weekend. What is the resource for having these made? Oh yummy looking muffins too!

Joe Pastry, who I absolutely love and whose recipes rarely lead me wrong, notes that a domed muffin is a sure sign of an overmixed muffin that will be chewy and tough: Made them and they were delicious! A nice change from overly sweet breakfast muffins. I just followed the 2 tsp of fruit per muffin and made a variety: The berries were all frozen.

They were all great but my favorite might have been mango-banana-coconut perhaps because they were the most moist? I used yogurt thinned with raw milk, replaced the bran with oat flour and the AP flour with whole wheat. I cant wait to make them again with other fruits! I had used old fashioned oats, processed in a coffee grinder in your recipe for whole wheat cinnamon swirl bread. It worked well so I used it here, too. I love your recipes!

Made these with blueberries and they were super delicious! I also did the yogurt thinned with water and turned out great! Thanks for the awesome recipe! We left Brooklyn a year ago, but their muffins would be enough to lure me back and, for another neighborhood plug: I am a huge fan of baking and enjoying the results but recently I have gone off rich, dense slices and cakes.

Im sure this love for decadent sweets will return sometime but for now, these muffins were perfect! I made them with a mix of sour cream, natural yoghurt and milk, frozen blueberries left over from my summer job on a blueberry farm and new season apples.

They were light and tasty and I found that I could really taste the fruit due to the relatively limited amount of sugar. A perfect mid morning study snack! Love your blog, all the way from Cambridge New Zealand! I made them with raspberries, blackberries, and coconut, and they taste distinctly breakfast-y — the sweetness level is very, very light. I also made them with olive oil, which comes through surprisingly clearly taste-wise. Just made these with ground up steel cut oats instead of bran, and they came out beautifully.

I put frozen berries in half the batch, and frozen concord grapes that I picked and deseeded last fall in the other half. The grape ones were the best!

They formed this amazing little pocket of custardy jam. Thanks for the great recipe! These muffins look delicious! My new favorite muffin — just the right amount of sweetness for breakfast. Thank you for such a great blog and book.

I just made these just now and they are really really delicious. Right up there with your whole wheat raspberry scones which reign supreme in my house. I think the issue is that the batter is too scant to be split across 12 muffins. I split mine across 10 muffin cups and mine came out very nicely shaped with raised, well rounded domes.

Deb, You indicate to divide the granulated sugar. Where does the first teaspoon go? The second goes on top of the muffins, but I missed where the first gets incorporated. My mixture seemed thin at first, but the reaction of the buttermilk and baking soda puffed it up, making it seem thicker. Thanks for the great recipe.

Deb, these made my morning. They were indeed very tender, and I loved the subtle sweetness. I used blueberries, but now my mind is on rhubarb as it is all spring. I bet it would be as great here as in your whole-wheat rhubarb muffins. This recipe worked flawlessly for me!

I used spelt bran because I happened to have a ton of it. They did not disappoint! I used frozen blueberries in mine and since for some reason I have a stockpile of wheat bran in the freezer, this will be my new go-to recipe for muffins. Batter was thin — I used milk and vinegar as a sub for buttermilk but otherwise followed the recipe exactly.

These turned out exactly as you describe. Best part is that they are almost better the next day. The blueberries I used had fused into the center like a pocket of jam and the bran part was moist and tasty.

I followed the recipe exactly. The cereal made them slightly more corn muffin-like in texture, but they were still fluffy and wholesome.

Thanks for another winning recipe! This is my new go to breakfast with some fruit and a latte. Au contraire, I am the last person to hear about these muffins. But better late than never.

The mixed berries seem like a great addition. You mentioned that you halved the recipe. Or did you find you needed more than the original called for? Even more of a mystery! I wonder why our difference in volume and shape? Mine is a standard muffin tin. My batter was quite thick also. I like to combine the buttermilk with the bran in advance since I think it hydrates the bran better, but it also results in a thicker batter. So mine was nice and thick and looked like yours does in your photos.

Mine definitely came up out of the cups a bit and gave me a good broad but domed classic muffin shape. Muffin mysteries and magic!

BTW, thanks again for the amazing recipe. Mine were just as delicious re-toasted this morning as they were last night, which is to say pretty phenomenally delicious. Marina — It calls for 1 tablespoon tbsp each. It also matches the book version. Got up as usual, had a real urge for these, so made them and had a late for me breakfast at 8: Well worth the wait!

I used kefir, added cinnamon and used both fresh and frozen blueberries. I felt lazy, so coated the berries with the small amount of white sugar, then folded them into all the batter. I also made 8 regular size and 12 mini muffins.

I like to know, sen though I basically try to eat healthy but always tasty. They were delicious, kept a few out and froze the rest. I love Jacob so much. Some of them are my nephews and nieces and their kids. You and your hubby and Jacob are another.

When I saw his picture holding the espresso cup, I fell in love all over again!! Deb you are awesome and so is Jacob. I must be a dissenting opinion on these muffins. I followed the recipe as written and they just were not as tasty as the ones that I make using the breakfast cereal. Still a huge fan of your blog though.

Thanks so much for this yummy recipe. I made these today but as I had no wheat bran I just used quick cook oats and they worked perfectly. I now have a good little stash of oat and apple muffins in my freezer. This is my kind of sleuthing!! I was stumped when I tried to find a recipe from Blue Sky, so glad you persevered and found these! I just pulled these out of the oven. I used plums and strawberry slices, and used oat flour instead of all-purpose. Thanks for another keeper, Deb!

I used whole oats ground in a food processor to replace the bran, since I was out of bran, and replaced half the white flour with spelt since I was almost out of white flour , used a mix of frozen blueberries and raspberries and…YUM! However after I baked them, i realized that I had sprinkled the tops with a small amount of salt rather then sugar and consquently have discovered that a bit of saltiness enhances the muffin. I may have to experiment further with this discovery….

Made these last night. Also, after putting on the fruit layer, I had way more than 1 Tbsp per muffin of batter left. Kat — Yes, mine got airy after it was mixed too.

Glad it was a hit. Your 2 year-old sounds like my 4. Re, wet centers — FWIW, the muffin Jacob and I split this morning from the bakery had a slightly undercooked center so I guess it happens to the pros too.

Regardless, you can always bake it a couple extra minutes and it should eventually firm up. I met the owner once and he was just as amazing as his muffins. I always rave about their muffins and it sounds weird to rave about muffins, but they are that good!

My favorite is pumpkin, apple, cream cheese. How fun to be able to try these with many different kinds of fruit in the middle. Have got to be better than the usual muffins available in shops in the morning!

Just a fantastic recipe that is so healthy. I used whole wheat pastry flour for the flour part. I like the blackberry best. I put a little raw sugar on top instead or regular sugar, because I like crunchy sugar on top of muffins.

These are not going to last long. I think these my second favorite muffins ever. My favorite muffins will always be those amazing plum poppyseed ones in your book! Thanks so much for sharing these! I used blueberries and oat bran as I had them to hand.

They were moist and light-most unusual for a bran muffin. They were demolished and want to make another batch today! Banana was requested so I will give it a try and let you know. Love the idea of coconut too that I read in one of your comments. I followed the recipe to a T, and used fresh peaches and raspberries. The muffins made with the 7 grain cereal, while good, were much denser and more chewy. The muffins made yesterday afternoon with the wheat bran are much lighter and probably the most moist bran muffin I have ever encountered.

I chose apples and huckleberries for the fruit fillings this time. Dying to try this since I have been shamefully baking and re-baking your double chocolate banana bread and it MAY be time to rein in my sugar intake. I just wanted to let you and anyone else who is interested know that I made a gluten-free version of these and posted them on my blog!

They turned out fabulously! One question — could I substitute butter for the oil, or would that throw things out of whack? MWH — No reason why not. I used a half cup blueberries and a half cup chopped strawberries. I thought these were absolutely fantastic, but may up the amount of fruit next time or leave bigger chunks.

No problems with wetness at all. Overall, amazing recipe and pretty easy to make and I would definitely make again!! Highly recommend folks give it a try! I think it may have to do with how long you let your batter sit in between mixing it and adding it to the muffin tin.

The batter really thickened and expanded it actually worried me a bit at first , and I had plenty for the 12 cups and some bowl licking afterwards and it domed really nicely. Ok I am eating one of these right now. In my defense, he had already had two! If I had to change something, I would use probably add some nutmeg or something else, you are obviously better than me at knowing what it needs!

But overall, they were great! I loved the fact that they are not very sweet, because that way I can taste the fruit. All in all, they disappeared so fast it made my head spin! I just made these with diced pear and a little ground ginger, the perfect take along breakfast for my early starts this week. Just pulled these bad boys out of the over. They smell out of this world! Never eating anything else. They are exactly as good and well-balanced as you said. My dark brown sugar is compacted into a brick, but I used roughly half that and half molasses, which gave a nice deep flavor.

Oh emm gee— just pulled a batch out of the oven:: My family thanks you. I used half plain Greek yogurt and half sour cream for the buttermilk, ground oatmeal, and blackberries for the fruit. The batter was very wet — like partially whipped cream! Heart firmly in mouth, I cooked them. And they came out fine: Pear and candied ginger was a firm winner over peach and cream cheese. Will be making them again: I used frozen blueberries, coconut oil, and oat bran instead of wheat bran; sprinkled the tops with sliced almonds and turbinado sugar.

They were so tasty, we could have eaten all 12 in one sitting, and maybe we should have since they definitely were not as tender and delicious the 2nd day. But still a dang good afternoon treat on an otherwise dull Monday afternoon. Just made a batch of plantain-coconut and enjoy these more than the mango-blueberry I tried last week.

The plantain lend a moistness that was missing with the first batch, in which I found the wheat bran was a bit too dominant a texture though neither my two-year old nor my four-year old seemed to notice — woo hoo! Great breakfast option on the run.

My dough was quite firm. They tasted pretty ok, but not great. In the meantime I found wheat bran in the fourth store and will try again with that and probably more fruit in the middle. Made these with macadamia nut oil and blueberries. Tender, moist, barely sweet…perfect. Would make them again tomorrow if I could get away with it! Thanks so much for sharing, Deb. Blimey these are good! Made them with blueberries. Great warm out of the oven with lots of butter and a cup of tea.

These look just lovely. Can you recommend a substitute for the egg? Hearty but just as moist as with only wheat bran. Oh, and a little sweeter because of BUDS. Thanks Deb for great recipes exactly when we need them!

The few leftovers made after-school perfect snacks for my daughter, who requested that I make another batch, pronto! I used spelt flour instead of all purpose. Just made these tonight. I had all the ingredients but procrastinated on making them. Fast forward to right now…I had four. Fruit filling was a blueberry-blackberry-raspberry mix straight from the freezer, and used sour cream thinned with a little bit of water.

Portion wise I kinda fudged it but it turned out amazing. These muffins taste sooo nice!! Thanks for the recipe! Left out the fruit but they still tasted good: We enjoyed these alot: The batter seemed a little thick, so I used more liquid than the recipe called for. Used frozen cranberries for the fruit. Even with all the alterations, the muffins turned out great and had nice round tops. Very versatile recipe- I look forward to making it again. Thanks for sharing Deb!

I too made modifications and they came out just as yummy as you described. I baked them for minutes. The only other modification was when I ran out of fruit for the last three or so and I used a bit of jam to substitute for the fruit. I made the muffins on Friday. They are still good today Sunday. I too had runny batter but the muffins came out fine. I will be making them for my rug hooking group.

All that I have tried have been delicious. Made these using whole wheat flour and oat bran. They turned out very well. Mine were definitely best the day they were made. Thank for inspiring me to bake! Holy new favorite muffin-ness! I went with mango and blackberries and probably could have eaten them all straight out of the oven. First time making bran muffins. I used ground oatmeal and it worked like a charm. I am going to make some strawberry rhubarb this afternoon.

Just made these, halved the recipe and used oat bran. Just the right sweetness, wholesome and delicious. When I saw this recipe I was skeptical. I do not have fond memories of bran muffins.

Just made them again with yogurt instead of buttermilk. Still good, but not nearly eat-three-in-a-row good. I have made this recipe up a few times. After making the Blue Sky muffins a couple of times I have tweaked it a bit simply by allowing just the bran to soak in just the buttermilk for a few minutes while I rummage around gathering up the rest of the ingredients. I then beat the egg, oil and vanilla together and add to the bran buttermilk mixture and of course then combining the wet and dry.

It has been met with applause and approval by all who do not share my passion for a heartier molasses bran muffin! I was out of bran so I substituted with 1. The pear cornbread muffins that a reader requested are a favorite of mine. And thanks for the bran muffin recipe.

Patty — Thanks for sharing that! Mango, lime zest and almonds went in a half batch; pear, walnuts and a little chopped dark chocolate in the other. Taste and texture wise, though, these are superb: Army squadrons as well as characters from newspaper comics and were available through There were five series of comic characters and 18 different buttons in each set, with a total of 90 in the collection.

Licensed brands have been omitted since the corresponding mascots would be obvious e. Kellogg's placed Dale Earnhardt on Kellogg's Corn Flakes boxes for six-time Winston Cup champ and seven-time Winston Cup champ, as well as Jeff Gordon on the Mini Wheats box for the rookie of the year, Brickyard inaugural race, Champion, and three-time champ, and a special three-pack racing box set with Dale Earnhardt , Jeff Gordon , Terry Labonte, and Dale Jarrett in Kellogg's has used some merchandising for their products.

Kellogg's once released Mission Nutrition , a PC game that came free with special packs of cereal. Kellogg's has also released "Talking" games.

The two current versions are Talking Tony and Talking Sam. In these games, a microphone is used to play games and create voice commands for their computers. In Talking Tony, Tony the Tiger, one of Kellogg's most famous mascots, would be the main and only character in the game.

In Talking Sam, Toucan Sam, another famous mascot, would be in the game, instead. Some [toy cars] have the Kellogg's logo on them, and occasionally their mascots. Kellogg's frequently partners with the Olympic Games to feature American athletes from the Olympic Games on the packages of their cereal brands.

Some of Kellogg's marketing has been questioned in the press, prompted by an increase in consumer awareness of the mismatch between the marketing messages and the products themselves. Food bloggers are also questioning the marketing methods used by cereal manufacturing companies such as Kellogg's, due to their high sugar content and use of ingredients such as high-fructose corn syrup. On June 25, the company voluntarily began to recall about 28 million boxes of Apple Jacks , Corn Pops , Froot Loops and Honey Smacks because of an unusual smell and flavor from the packages' liners that could make people ill.

Kellogg's said about 20 people complained about the cereals, including five who reported nausea and vomiting. Consumers reported the cereal smelled or tasted waxy or like metal or soap. Adaire Putnam said some described it as tasting stale. However, no serious health problems had been reported. The suspected chemical that caused the illnesses was 2-methylnaphthalene , used in the cereal packaging process. Little is known about 2-methylnaphthalene's impact on human health as the Food and Drug Administration has no scientific data on its impact on humans, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency EPA also does not have health and safety data.

This is despite the EPA having sought information on it from the chemical industry for 16 years. Kellogg's offered consumers refunds in the meantime. The products were distributed throughout the U. Products in Canada were not affected. Kellogg's issued a voluntary recall of some of its "Frosted Mini-Wheats Bite Size Original" and "Mini-Wheats Unfrosted Bite Size" products due to the possibility of flexible metal mesh fragments in the food.

The affected products varied in size from single-serving bowls to large ounce cartons. On June 3, , Kellogg's was found to be making unsubstantiated and misleading claims in advertising their cereal products by the Federal Trade Commission FTC. Kellogg's responded by stating "We stand behind the validity of our product claims and research, so we agreed to an order that covers those claims.

We believe that the revisions to the existing consent agreement satisfied any remaining concerns. According to Amnesty International in , Kellogg's palm oil provider Wilmar International profited from 8 to year-old child labor and forced labor. Some workers were extorted, threatened or not paid for work. Some workers suffered severe injuries from chemicals such as Paraquat.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Kellogg Company. For other uses, see Kellogg disambiguation. Eggo Gardenburger Pringles Sunshine Biscuits. Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing Company. This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it. Murray and son John L. Only sold in Germany and Austria [22] [23]. This section needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Banana Bubbles Banana-flavoured variation of Rice Krispies. First appeared in the UK in , but discontinued shortly thereafter.

Introduced in and inspired by the multi-lingual droid from Star Wars , the cereal called itself "a New crunchy Force at Breakfast" and was composed of "twin rings phased together for two crunches in every double-O". In other words, they were shaped like the digit 8. After severing the cereal's ties to Star Wars , the company renamed it Pro-Grain and promoted it with sports-oriented commercials.

Manufactured briefly in the early s, this cereal resembled Cheerios but was chocolate-flavored. The mascot was a cartoon character named Newton the Owl, and one of its commercials featured a young Jodie Foster. Unlike the latter, it tended to remain crisp in milk. In the Chicago area, Krumbles was available into the late s. It was also high in fiber, although that attribute was not in vogue at the time. Glass of Orange Juice" [31] OKs cereal early s: Oat-based cereal physically resembling the competing brand Cheerios, with half the OKs shaped like letter O's and the other half shaped like K's, but did not taste like Cheerios.

OKs originally featured Big Otis, a giant, burly Scotsman, on the box; this was replaced by the more familiar Yogi Bear. Best remembered as the sponsor of the Superman radio serial. They later returned with marshmallows formed like Cleffa, Wobbuffet and Pichu for a short time. Discontinued in Start UK. Tony the Tiger Froot Loops cereal: Dig 'Em Frog Raisin Bran cereal: Captain Rik Apple Jacks cereal: Loopy bumblebee , Pops honey bee Keebler cookies and crackers: Ernie and the Elves.

We expect more from a great American company than making dubious claims—not once, but twice—that its cereals improve children's health Pagewood [68] Charmhaven snack and cereal plant closed in Companies portal Food portal.

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