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Ive tried so many meal delivery services and this one has the best tasting food - hands down!! They help me with building and muscle and taste amazing. I am most thankful! I have literally had a perfect experience so far. Learn more about our healthy and vegan meal delivery service. After working out regularly with a trainer for over a year and not seeing my weight drop, it was time to revisit my diet. So many times I have attempted to lose weight but wasn't successful because I simply don't have the time to do meal prep correctly.

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How Can Fresh n' Lean help me save time? Fresh n' Lean healthy food delivery service offers wholesome, convenient, and nutrient-dense food at your doorstep. Finding time to cook a healthy meal can be a challenge on a day-to-day basis. Save time and let our team of gourmet chefs prepare your meals that are always healthy and delicious.

We believe in using premium ingredients that are always fresh in creating meals for you that are perfectly suited for healthy eating and weight loss. You no longer need to worry about waiting in a long line at the drive-thru after work or standing in long lines during your lunch break.

Our prepared meals are fully cooked so all you need to do is heat it up in the microwave and you are ready to enjoy it. What can be easier than that? Put your meal planning on autopilot with our nationwide meal prep delivery service.

We are passionate about using the very best all-natural ingredients to make sure our meals always taste fresh. Looking for high protein meals and macronutrient customization? Check out our ION Performance meals! How can Fresh n' Lean help me eat healthier? Fresh n' Lean has a weekly menu that rotates, so you get a variety of healthy meals that include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We do the cooking so all you need to do is place an order with us and you will receive your prepared meals every week.

If you are looking for a meal plan where you can pick and choose your dishes, we offer an a la carte option where you can stock up on your favorite dishes. We realize that people lead busy lives and that it's difficult to find fresh diet food that is not only healthy but easily accessible and appetizing as well. We have made it our goal to create plant-based dishes that are not only sustaining, appealing and delectable but also realistic for a long-term lifestyle approach.

There is no reason why good health can't be convenient, and no reason why it can't taste good too! Check out our menu for more information. Or, click here to order. We do not eliminate carbs or count calories. Our meals are wholesome and nutritious because we want to keep you healthy and strong. We pride ourselves in providing real food, not something pumped out of a machine.

Not only is our meal plan healthy and nutritious, but affordable and convenient as well. We provide everyone with a vegan diet meal plan. As a result, our food promotes a healthy lifestyle. Since all of our dishes are organic, vegan, GMO-free, and all-natural, everything is tailored to provide well-balanced and nutritious meals to keep your whole body feeling great.

Our fully prepared meal delivery service is great for: When you use our meal prep delivery plan, you can be sure that our meals never contain:. Are hidden costs taking a bite out of your pocket?

We strive to make great nutrition accessible! We provide tasty, healthy and organic meal delivery at an affordable price without any hidden fees or additional costs at checkout. All of our listing prices are always the net cost, and shipping included anywhere in the US! Significant savings on meals prepared strictly with quality ingredients, delivered conveniently to your home, your office, or even your hotel.

How can Fresh n' Lean help me lose weight? Are you trying to lose weight but you do not want to sacrifice the taste of your meals? Perhaps you are tired of looking up recipes that can help you lose weight and are struggling to find the time to buy all the ingredients and prepare them at home. Fresh n' Lean's weight loss meal plans is convenient where our meals are delivered fresh to your door!

We do not have any secret ingredients or a pill that sheds the fat off your body, but instead we believe in a healthier lifestyle where our organic, plant-based meals will help you shed the unwanted weight by eating foods that are high in fiber, rich in antioxidants, and rich in nutrients. Whether you are looking to eat healthier or shed a few pounds there is no need to sacrifice taste.

Try our diet meal delivery service and start enjoying a fit and healthier lifestyle. Re-energize you body and mind with our easy and deliciously healthy lunches! A great option to improve overall health. Enjoy a worry free lunch and dinner on the go! Pick the meals you want without giving up any of the health or convenience. We cater to your specific needs. Our food delivery is great for people who are looking for any of the following options: Causes bloating, easy to gain unnecessary weight.

I am recovering from a hospital stay and need nutrition support. I am a case manager arranging meals for clients. I represent a healthcare organization and I'm seeking meals for patients or members. I'm a personal caregiver or need meals for myself. Fully prepared, refrigerated meals delivered to homes nationwide Get Started! Meal Delivery Delivered to your home or any address nationwide. Store Meals Refrigerate upon arrival.

Meals will last up to 14 days from delivery. Healthcare Organizations Post-discharge and at-home nutrition services for care transitions and managed care. Standard-Setting Quality and Safety High-quality meals and uncompromising food safety for seniors, patients and those with disabilities. Demonstrated Health Impact Customers receive the tailored nutrition solution needed to help with recovery, manage their health and remain in their home. Our Happy Customers I ordered the diabetic food.

My diabetic numbers in the past have been 9. Cheryl I love this option for my consumers. Other options cannot meet most dietary restrictions and have no choice. Choice gives consumers a sense of control that is tremendously important. Some tell me they look forward to choosing as if they were ordering take out. I am most thankful!

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