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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Since soy contains no IGF-1, the rise must have been due to it being able to boost the pituitary production. Cholesterol in Pork vs. When we are thirsty, we should drink distilled water. J Am Coll Health. As long as you remember to separate the different issues, because none of these attitudes changes what science tells us about milk, hormones or cancer. Each species of mammal produces its unique type of milk designed specifically to strengthen the immune system and provide nourishment for their babies, which are weaned after their birth weight has approximately tripled.

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Completing the Holistic Chef for Animals program ensures the graduate will be able to prepare meals to provide optimal health for animals. The diploma to become a Nutritherapy Practitioner is offered at this college. A Nutritherapy Practitioner has the knowledge in vital hygiene, nutrition, health education, vitamins and minerals, and orthomolecular approaches to guide their patients in holistic nutrition.

After completing this program, a Nutritherapy Practitioner can work as a consultant from home, in a private practice, or in a health center. They can also give seminars, write articles, become a tutor for school, or manage a health food store or health center.

This program teaches the benefits of eating raw foods, vegetarian diets, and vegan diets among other scientific aspects of holistic natural health and nutrition. This school offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Holistic Health. After completing this program, the graduate is prepared to be a Holistic Health Practitioner and can open their own private holistic practice. This school offers a Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition. The students are taught by an instructor who has experience in holistic nutrition.

This specific program offers the students a focus on clinical emphasis. After completing the program, the graduate is provided in-depth clinical nutritional skills and functional medicine nutritional tools.

This college offers a Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition. The students will study courses about raising children naturally, advanced nutrition, superior foods, advanced natural lifestyles, and herbology.

This school offers a Master of Science in Holistic Health. After completing this program, the graduate is skilled in Eastern and Western food practices and homeopathic principles. Are vampires conscious before they wake up a new vampire? There are distinctly different types of vampires.

Some are very "drone-like" with little personality the ones that are just there to carry out tasks for others and some are major players Angleus, Spike, Dru, etc Sententia, Jan 21 Buffyverse vampires are social creatures , living in hierarchies like pack animals. The leader is often called " the master ", and those who follow him or her are called " minions ". Vampires do not always subordinate themselves to other vampires. They have also been known to follow non-vampire demons and evil humans.

Vampire minions pay a heavy price for messing up on the job, e. The Order of Aurelius: Angelus , Drusilla , Spike Angelus and his apt pupils pre Spike and Drusilla and their minions e.

Trick and Lenny, ex-Spike minion Zachary Kralik and vamp-Blair VampWillow and the Mayor's ex-minions Sunday and her lacking lackeys Russell Winters and his human minions Skin-head and his nest o' street vamps Dracula, Renfield, and the three sisters VampHarmony and her minionators Deevak the demon and his vamp thugs Doug Sanders and his vampire pyramid The rebel vampire posse The loan shark and his boys Ul-thar and the vampire cult.

Angel The Gorch family: The invitation to vampires. A vampire can enter a public building --i. Vampires can only come into private residences if they are invited.

In addition, the inviter does not have to know they are giving an invitation to a vampire e. The inviter must be a resident, but not necessarily the owner. Once the invitation occurs, the vampire is always welcome assuming he or she can unlock or break down the door , unless a specific ritual is followed.

If they try to enter a residence uninvited , a mystical invisible barrier prevents this, e. The necessity of an invitation does not hold for frat houses Angel in Reptile Boy , dorm rooms Sunday's gang , or hotel rooms , e.

This might have something to do with the occupants' privacy and proprietary rights relative to these different kinds of residences. In The Trial, Angel explains that hotels are not invite-protected because they are public accommodations. It also does not hold for private clubs e. The necessity of an invitation also does not hold for the Turok-han or "ubervamp". Invitations only seem to work with living humans.

In Lonely Hearts, Doyle says that vampires can enter the private residence of someone who's died , e. Angel tells Wesley entering into residences belonging to another vampire isn't a problem in Somnambulist. Likewise, " Demon lairs. No invitation necessary ," he tells Merle in Blood Money other examples: Spike in Doc's apartment in Forever , Billy's home in Billy. Why would a woman I've never met even talk to me? Have you looked in the mirror lately?

Oh, I guess you really haven't, no. Vampires cannot be seen on reflective surfaces: Buffy can see Lyle Gorch on the escalator, but not in the mirror Bad Eggs.

The vamps in the Initiative's demon zoo cast no reflection on the glass of their cells, but the walls behind them do. The origin of the lack of image in mirrors is traced back to the legendary ability of silver to combat evil. Way back when, mirrors were backed with silver to provide the reflection. Nowadays, I'm pretty certain they come backed with aluminium or something So, it's not the fact that vampires wouldn't show up due to some strange light-trick, it's the fact that mirrors contained silver, their most feared and hated element Kenickie.

I've always thought that mirrors didn't reflect vamps because they had no soul I prefer the Jossian philosophy to these questions involving divergent theories and mythologies on such vampire lore: It's not physics, it's metaphysics Joss, March 15, We're just trying to figure out the metaphysics.

They can be seen in photographs Drusilla in LTM? Video recorders don't rely on mirrors like standard cameras do. They utilize rapid line-by-line scanning on the field of view, convert that into an electromagnetic signal, and record it on whatever media you're using.

Basically, it works for the same reason you can see a vampire directly with your eyes, but not a reflection of it Shalazar, Oct 6 If a vampire's mind casts no reflection, then there is nothing to read, not by humans, not by demons, not by anybody Earshot.

Whereas the church in WML may well have been deconsecrated, the church in Becoming certainly wasn't. Are vampires free to enter places of worship in Joss's version of vampire lore? He seems nervous, but unless he touches a sacred object like a cross or holy water , he won't be harmed the vampires in "WSWB" got ouchies on consecrated ground because the Anointed One forced them to dig up the Master's grave with their bare hands. Angel has on clothes and shoes.

The vampires in "Who Are You" are likewise impressed with the lack of consequences when they take a church full of parishioners hostage. God does not smite them down, but a vampire slayer does. Vampires are vulnerable to magic spells , e. The dialogue on the show confuses this issue.

Vampires are called " dead ", but they must also be " killed ". We are obviously dealing with two different definitions of the word "dead" here. Xander makes this distinction in the Zeppo: Vampires may be "dead" if one's definition is "without living human physiological function". But vampires walk, talk, think, and feel, no matter what's going on in the bodies they inhabit. What is going on in vamp bodies?

When someone in the Buffyverse is vamped , they die of blood loss and their human soul leaves the body. So in that sense, the person is dead. However, since they drank from the blood of the attacking vampire before their death, the body develops a demon physiology shortly after death Becoming, pt. With this new physiology, the body is essentially alive again--it doesn't rot like a dead body does; it takes on most of the normal physiological characteristics of a human, with some differences: Vampires obviously have some kind of blood flow This explains why the blood [they consume] must be whole and fresh sigiil, 29 Feb Anyone who is looking for a completely physical explanation of vampires is slipping out of the Buffyverse.

Vampires, like slayers and witches are partly physical and partly supernatural creatures. Many aspects of their undead physiology are explained by the laws of the mystical , not the laws of the physical.

Vampire bodies aren't dead, their physiology has been altered. That is no doubt why they are called "the undead". Vox on Are vampires dead? Vampires are intrinsically stronger than their human predecessors. Vampire senses are keener than human senses: There is evidence that some vamps retain flaws in their senses from their mortal lives, e. There's a difference between "having breath" and "breathing". If Angel had meant that he didn't breath, he would have said that, except he wouldn't be able to talk either.

Despite some bloopers in the past Angelus choking Spike in Fool For Love, a demon choke-holding a vampire in Redefinition , you can't strangle or drown a vampire, as Darla points out to Angel in Offspring.

In the Buffyverse, vampires can indeed eat and drink. For nutrition and enjoyment, vampires need blood. The blood of any mammal will do it's been implied that Angel has drank rats' blood B1 , cows' blood The Prom , pigs' blood City of

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