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Fifteen benefits of drinking water
Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. I find it Submitted by Anonymous on May 14, - Get FREE updates sent to your inbox. Animals belonging to all of these phyla are primarily aquatic, and, in the few cases known, the main excretory product is ammonia. Simone- I am also curious about this.

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FODMAPs: Could common foods be harming your digestive health?

As for water, I do drink it regularly now, but only in moderation around 4 cups throughout the day, warmed, not cold. I also include soy drinks in moderation and fruit juice, usually freshly made at home. Interesting thing to note: I once had a pet rabbit who became totally disabled.

And for some reason that I never did discover, at the time that he became disabled, he seemed to not be able to drink water any more. He still ate his meals heartily, but refused to drink. So I began feeding his water to him in a dropper He survived quite well without having to drink After observing my rabbit for over a year, that's when I began to wonder if what the doctors were saying about "8 to 10 glasses a day" of water intake for humans was accurate.

While I admit I don't know a great deal about nutrition and the body, I do suspect that we don't need nearly as much water as we've been told in the past. If one has a healthy diet of vitamin- and water-rich foods, and learns to listen to what their bodies tell them I too was one who would reach for foods when I was actually thirsty , then you'll probably find a good balance.

Everything in moderation seems to be key. I have had remarkable health improvements by drinking less water. I've been cured of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, headaces, and chronically being fatigued. I became a health nut about 15 years ago. Totally ate up whatever advice natural practitioners could offer.

One of those was to drink more water I found it odd that the need to pee went away about three days after drinking more water. Then the urine would turn yellow again. At this point, I was drinking 1.

There was a time I was donating plasma So, I increase intake to 2. After several years of doing this, I started experiencing fatigue, headaches, and started bleeding in the bowel. Last year, my body shut down and I almost died. Eventhough I had drank eight glasses of water during the day, the hospital found I was severely dehydrated. My pulse was so weak that the alarm on the heart rate monitor kept sounding. After recovering, the "specialist" diagnosed me with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

He told me that staying hydrated was KEY to not having a relapse. I told him about my two gallons a day, and he said that was good But, about four months ago, a co-worker who is taller and much stronger than I, challenged me that I was drinking too much water.

He pointed out that he only drinks 32 ounces during the course of the work day. At was totally skeptical. So I started drinking less. Within three days, the headaches, fatigue, and the majority of IBD symptoms were gone. Within a month, I was totally free of IBD!

I wonder how many other people suffer from IBD as a result of drinking too much water. With IBD, there is an unusual amount of hydrogen peroxide in the gut, which creates gas. I used to have gas. Also, with IBD, there is a vitamin A deficiency in the lining of the bowel. Interesting, because vitamin A is water soluble! Researchers openly admit they don't know "why the immune system attacks the body" I now maintain it is from drinking too much water.

I've experimented with this for several months, and I only get thirsty if I've drank too much. Second, on that same note I also get headaches if I start drinking too much. For me, maybe not for you, I know I'm drinking too much if I am going pee more than once every two hours and have a headache. Often, if I have a headache, I don't drink water for the next two hours, and the headache goes away.

Third, is the sign of gas. The main function of the large intestine is to pull water out of the stool. The colon has an amazing ability to absorb gas also! I simply drink less water. By less, please understand that all of my experimenting has led me to about a gallon a day.

Said another way, to drink enough water to have clear urine always puts me in that state. I have actually found that a mild yellow keeps me out of these things. Think about it folk: Now, as to drinking too little. If the urine is solid yellow, I haven't peed in 3 hours, and my head hurts, then I'm dehydrated! Also, I work at a walking job When dehydrated, the calf muscles start to knot and get quite tight.

When hydrated, they are limber. Anyway, I've said enough. Just wanted to pass on the message: I have practically the same symptoms that you had. Maybe i have that Inflammatory Bowel Disease that you spoke about. I must be drinking too much water cause i go to the bathroom like every hour too and lots in the night. I'm gonna give it a try, i guess a gallon is enough. I suffer from headaches everyday and I have IBS.. I have tried everything!!! I drink over ounces of water a day and I try to eat right - fruits and veggies!

Constanly going to pee every 30 minutes - always clear! I am going to drink less water and see if that helps! Thanks you for posting this: I have always heard that most headaches come from the liver not eliminating toxins. You must address the IBS. IBS is a catch-all term to describe intestinal disorders characterized by gas, bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea and constipation alternating. Most drugs prescribed for these chronic conditions are addressing the symptoms and don't claim to cure them.

Alternative medicine and herbalism give us a different, more effective way to look at these conditions. Pay attention to foods that trigger allergic reactions. Remove toxins - take fiber. Use stress reducing herbs B's Enzymes break down foods.

Marshmallow and Pepsin are good enzymes. Kim has some very good enzyme formulas. Remove toxins with bulk laxatives - they will help absorb and carry them out of the system. Take probiotics friendly bacteria very important in reducing waste acids. See if these things don't help you with your headaches. I would ask the good Doctor to become familiar with what is known as the "Water Cure".

I had hypertention for 12 years. Your information regarding water intake needs a little revision so as to not mislead people on what is a vital healing need in your body.

Being thirsty is NOT a sign of drinking when necessary. The water cure is something you should know about. Most regular doctors know nothing about it. Yes you are correct in what you say about drinking too much at once but you mislead the folks about chronic dehydration.

With respect, Jack Segle. Kim, for posting this. I have been saying for years that the concept that everyone needs eight eight-ounce cups of water a day, no matter their diet, size, level of activity, and so on, is absurd.

And people's idea that water from soup, juice, soda, and food somehow doesn't count is just silly. I have heard this particular little gem from medical professionals, who really should know better. It has always been my understanding that salt causes people to retain water. Thus salt tablets in the desert, and so on. Why do you say that the ingestion of more salt requires more water? Sorry for posting this behind your post Kelly.

I could not figure out how to do my own post without just hitting reply. Anyways, I looked up "effects of drinking too much water" and found this page. I started dieting about a week ago and I have been snacking and eating meals like I should, but so much less that I am still hungry. When I feel the hunger which is about every hour I drink a whole Whether thats with my snack or meal I still do it to help fill my stomach.

Anyone know if drinking this much water is bad? It seems to be helping keep me full at least for a little while after I drink it. I definitely go to the restroom a lot. I dont drink as much after dinner as I do during the day. I pretty much stop after dinner. After 1 hour light break fast 3. After lunch i drink water only after 1 hour and continue to do so till the dinner.. To conclude it seems depending on your body make up you should get idea and ajusted to the water requirement.

When you drink water for weightloss, the best thing to do is stick to water when you're not drinking juices that are healthy for your body.

Instead of trying to gulp down loads of water, just sip frequently. You don't need a large bottle of water. If you have to, buy a decent sized water bottle, like the re-usable metal ones that keep the water in good taste. Sip frequently-- don't gulp it down. It's the same as when eating. You don't chew 5 times and swallow. Chew thoroughly so that your stomach won't hurt from gaining large, unmashed food.

Do this especially with bananas. Most people eat them wrong. They're meant to be chewed thoroughly and eaten slowly to digest properly. You do need water to flush out toxins. It's also the only thing that clears your colon, not that fake stuff people try to sell; those are scams.

But even too much of a good thing can be bad. Don't drink water only when you're thirsty, but don't overload yourself either. Also, for any drinking contest, it's best to make yourself vomit instead of trying to hold it in. I don't suggest doing any of these contests at all, but I've known a few people who would purposefully go vomit drinks back up later. One guy I knew and his friend participated in a milk-drinking contest. He told me they forced-vomited so they wouldn't get sick. Did ur doctors comment on the amount of caffiene u had been consuming?

I think everyone's body is different. I don't agree with the statement that people who exhibit signs of dehydration will realize you are thirsty if you ask them- I have been hospitalized several times for dehydration, I just DON'T get thirsty, and I never remember to drink anything.

I often go 48 hours without a drink, and only realize it when I start to get dizzy. Right now I m trying to up my water intake to 2 quarts a day but am struggling to even make it to 1. I am the type of person who always wants to eat, but never feels the need to drink. I have started taking a leaf out of the Australian Aboriginal practice for thirst.

When they were walking the long distances while hunting in our dry country, they would choose a smooth pebble to keep in their mouth. It promotes saliva production, so less feelings of thirst, until they can find water.

I substitute a stone from fruit for the pebble, and it works superbly! A prune stone, plum seed or apricot stone are great, and even a rough nectarine or peach stone are interesting textures in your mouth. I have also used few smaller seeds such as three cherry seeds or citrus pits. They all have their own flavours, too, which increases the sensation. The flavours are subtle, but quite recognizable.

Apple seeds contain a chemical which releases cyanide. I would like to bring to your attention a book on water: Water for health, for healing, for life. You're not sick, you're thirsty. I found it a very interesting book and sheds more light on water and salt usage than what I have read before. It explains why water cannot be replaced by other liquids such as juices, juicy fruits and vegetables, tea and coffee.

Your kidneys are not the equivalent of a pair of plumbing pipes whereby the more water you flush through your kidneys, the cleaner they become I think this was definitely the idea I n so many other ppl have. Water is such a basic requirement it would be very interesting to understAnd more the dynamics of it in our body n our blood n kidneys. Thanks dr Kim for talking more about this! Great article and comments everyone! One thing to remember, if you take B vitamins, your urine can be bright yellow regardless of how much liquid you drink so the colour of your urine may not be a good indicator.

I heartily agree that eating water-rich foods is a great way to hydrate yourself but I am one of those people who doesn't get thirty very often always been that way. I know I'm dehydrated by looking at my skin - dry and wrinkly. I've read about the water cure and it makes sense to me - the addition of proper sea salt not the white stuff you find on most people's dinner table to your water helps replenish what you're washing away.

As for the amount of water, gauge how you feel since everyone is different. The people who drank gallons of water for the contest did so over a short period of time and one poor person paid the ultimate price. Trust your body's signals. Thanks for the great article! The Water Cure book mentions the taking of good quality salt, but also mentions including potassium, such as a small amount of orange juice.

So just a little fyi. I like what a naturopathic doctor from India told me. Drink a good amount of water at one time, like oz or more, instead of sipping all day. The kidneys work constantly if you are sipping constantly. I don't know how true this is but it makes sense to me. Also, people who live around here drink sugary soda pop with meals and any time.

Some never drink water. I really think this is a common cause of diabetes - which they all have, sooner or later. I didn't grow up drinking pop thanks mom , so I was so surprised that people do this. This article is amazing. I read this article a year ago and it hit me like ton of bricks. I always had a bottle of water on hand, I was always using the bathroom thinking if my urin was clear it was a good thing.

My left kidney started to ache sometimes but I was stupid and thought I wasn't drinking enough water. I would literally panic if I ever felt thirsty, like I was going to die or something. I was feeling so sick and down, and then I read this article, I had never before heard that americans were drinking too much water. We are water obsessed. Needless to say, I started cutting back on water right away and it changed my health and life. I started to have more energy.

I have not had any kidney aches since. I am so much more free. I drink when I am thirsty. It makes so much sense! You are a saint for posting pure doctrine on health. I succumbed to bottled water company marketing and social pressure and added 64 ounces of water to my daily diet. My kidneys couldn't handle the additional fluid and I swelled up and had trouble walking short distances and breathing.

After dialing one evening I spent 3 weeks in the hospital hooked up to a diuretic IV. The diagnosis was congestive heart failure.

I am undergoing physical therapy now to regain my sense of balance and be able to walk. I just dumped the walker for a cane. Hoping to start walking and carrying my bag on the golf course next month again.

I have learned a lot about water in the last couple of years, how contaminated it is and the poisons that are in our water. I started drinking alkaline water about 2 years ago and water a world of difference. It seems to be overlooked here that our bodies need to be pH balanced, and that our bodies need to be hydrated. For all the pop and food that we consume our bodies are so acidic. I feel that contributes to all of the dis-eases of our bodies.

We should be drinking half of our body weight in water. Our bodies are an ocean of salt water. We need a 7. We need water and we need healthy water.

THat is why my combination of alkaline water, which I will drink nothing else, and Himyalan Salts, I have never felt better and my body loves it. Thanks for posting Dr. Everything needs to be in balance including water.

As a naturopathic doctor who deals with kidney patients, I see many of them forcing water. They expect the extra water will heal their kidneys and are disppointed when it doesn't. Urinating about 6 times a day, approximately every hours is a healthy range. I will be posting this to my facebook page Holistic Kidney. I drink more than 2 litres water daily. This is spread thru out the 16 waking hours. We work in air conditiong comfort for more than 8 hours a day which makes me very dry.

I drink almost like 1. My drinking pattern daily: When i m home after office i drink another ml. I find it dangerous and irresponsible to tell people to drink less water. If sipped slowly, the kidneys can process about 15 litres of water a day. That's a ridiculous amount, right? So, assuming you're not engaging in any water-drinking competitions, it's very unlikely that you will ever overdose on water.

There are indeed certain kidney disorders for which your doctor might tell you to decrease your water intake, but short of that drink drink drink! I see so many urinary infections especially in women that could have been prevented by proper hydration.

Sepsis can be life threatening, even in young otherwise healthy people. And remember, one bad kidney infection can damage your kidneys forever.

I drink when thirsty, and have never been able to drink the 64 oz a day they used to advise us to do. Glad I didn't now that I know more. Also, drinking cold water from the fridge is not very good for your digestion, as I have read in many places. I usually drink my water from a room temperature bottle, or if I have juice, I let it sit for a few minutes to take the chill off. I have also discovered on my own, that drinking hot tea with my meal makes everything digest better learned while out for a Chinese meal.

Now I find out that is what is recommended. So many times our body will tell us what we need, if we only listen Heed your appetite, but stop before you are full. I realize this may not work for those whose systems are out of whack - being overweight, dieting, ignoring thirst or appetite, etc - but in general, it seems to be a good rule to follow. My own water drinking is an effort to cope with what seems like Myesthenia Gravis. I take amino acids complete and know H2O is necessary for the proper formation of proteins.

They have to have a wet environment and I suspect we have a defective thirst response. Fruit may work but we live in a world mostly above the Equatorial region that has only seasonal food. The imports may contain only dead enzymes that are non functional. Indeed, rancid vegetable oils not refrigerated, kept in light, and if not fresh, weeks, they are off, rancid, and therefore rob vitamins from the blood stream.

In the past, I always listened to my body, drank when thirsty or get a dry mouth etc. Then I read the rule of the urine color. Only close to transparent urine considering you haven't eaten foods with big amounts of pigments makes for a hydrated body. Apparently just listening to the body is not enough, at least not for me. Recently I started drinking about twice the amount about 4 liters instead of 2 , keeping a big bottle of water within arm's reach when possible. NOW finally my urine is quite colorless.

That's one major PRO for me. Apart from that, actually my appetite has gone UP since I've started drinking more water. I don't know if it's a direct connection, but it must otherwise be a big coincidence. Believe it or not, for me the increased appetite is a good thing, because I'm not a big eater and the high protein diet gives me a full filled feeling. I have problems reaching my required calory count to gain weight for bodybuilding. Now, it's a lot easier for me.

The same can be said for eating extraordinary amounts of any food in an extremely short amount of time. However, I now know a lot of bodybuilders around lbs that drink 2 gallons of water - SPREAD- throughout the day and they actually perform better and gain mass faster.

I think most people are actually dehydrated and can have at least a few glasses of water a day extra. These extreme examples of death are not realistic and not applicable in any way for every day people, who do not join horrendous food competitions. Too much of anything is bad. Just want to shed another light on this. I personally believe that drinking "too much water" is a good thing.

I work out twice a day an hour in the morning and a two hour session at night. I eat 6 times a day I just get a bit over grams of protein a day as well. I do not monitor my water intake but I can tell you, atleast cups a day, easily. I don't know much science behind water but I can tell you I have not been sick once since I was 14 and I am now Ignoring your bladder, being inactive and an idiot will lead to results like this lady.

I would tell some contest to shove it up their ass, why degrade yourself this way As is overeating, a lot of my heavier male friends get jealous when we go out to eat because I can finish off a 24 oz steak, vege, mash, a few beers and desert. I am always working out and I am healthy, thats why. Theres no mountain to tall no ocean to deep when it comes to eating.

Trust your body and it's signals, eat as much as you want, just burn that energy and let the protein and vitamins make you bigger, better, faster and stronger. If you are wanting to rehydrate after a good work out try coconut water suppose to be really good for you, and tasted a lot better than water: This is an excellent article.

Here is something to add to the water debate: Thirst is a signal that you need water, so quench it. Once upon a time, water was served with meals, so everyone drank three glasses of water a day at a minimum. It worked out fine. I completely agree with this but what about when you have to drink more like with medicine or drinking tea? I have been drinking tea for health benefits but I drink it wiithout milk and sugar and I actually do feel weird afterwards because I drink about a whole cup and it's basically just like coloured water.

I am not used to drinking this much water. I think I will have to space it out throughout the day from now on instead of drinking it all at once.

Even when I used to take pills as medicine or supplements, I would end up drinking like a sip of water extra every time, when I wasn't even thirsty, it was so annoying. Now I just dry swallow my supplements.

A lot of people are debating the validity of drinking a set amount of water daily and using the above article as an excuse for why one shouldn't drink a set amount. Excessive water consumption in a short time frame much like drinking too much alcohol in a short time frame will put your body into tilt because you've created a major stress on the body. He did not say "DON'T ever drink more than x amount of water daily - because if you do you're going to kill yourself".

The example was a woman who attempted to win a contest by drinking 2 gallons of water in an hour and then forced herself to hold it. Most normal folks wouldn't do something this stupid. So, with a regular and calm drinking pattern, your body would have time to safely eliminate any excess water. If drinking a set amount of water works for you - go for it.

If it doesn't - don't. People shouldn't use it as an excuse to not drink water, cause they dont like it or whatever.

I dont even like it myself, but I do it because I know my body needs it. And I am surprised noone mentioned the link between water and fiber intake. Thats probably cause of the fiber, because you need water in combination with fiber. But if I dont eat at least g fiber I also get constipated, so I gotta do both. I like drinking water after a workout, but all other times I just kind of make myself do it cause I know I need it. On some days I slack off on it and I dont even really feel thirsty.

So I dont think that's a really good way to go by to see if you need water. As many have said, if you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated.

Also when I drink at least 7 or 8 cups of water per day, my skin looks better and more hydrated. On a side note, I think it would be nice if these comments or at the very least the article had a date on it. It would be nice to see if a comment was left 3 years ago or yesterday.

I love the responses Here is mine; I think that your article is missing a point in that more water is probably best and that should be GOOD water! So, we have to drink glass of water daily.

I also read that water have a big role with our body critical activities. No that's not true. Pure water that you drink and water from foods all get mixed up together in your stomach, and they have the same effect on your body.

The more water there is in the food the less you will need to drink to stop you being thirsty. There were 6 doctors that warned Gatorade what they were promoting in the years prior. Gatorade did not agree. After the death, Gatorade revised their position. Actually, a person can drink as much water as he likes, as long as he is healthy and his urinary system is working.

There MUST be a balance between input and output, though. Personally, I love drinking room temperature water! Its one of my quirks and a lot of people say I'm weird because of this. I bring a 1 liter bottle to school, and I probably refill it times per day. That's a lot of water, not counting my meals and the water I drink at home. Of course, it means that I take bathroom breaks a lot, though!

I'm always excusing myself from class every hour or so. Also, it's important not to drink a lot of water in one sitting! Because this would cause system overload, spiking your blood pressure. Normally, our body has compensatory mechanisms so this wouldn't be harmful, but drinking too much fluid that the body can't handle could lead to something fatal like pulmonary edema. I was told that I was chronically dehydrated by my physician and that the sodas I had been drinking were causing more dehydration while diminishing my thirst.

So I decided to cut sodas and only drink water. I was surprised how quickly I felt better. I started working out, too. Then I started to get thirsty more often I thought this was finally my body telling me I was feeding it correctly. Before I realized it within a couple of weeks , I was refilling my 32oz bottle 4 or 5 times per day.

No you're reading that right. Sometimes, I'd drink over oz in a day. I was drinking to thirst, so I didn't think it was a bad thing. Then, I started having low back pain. Within 24 hours, I was running a high fever, and feeling like crap.

Went to urgent care, and they said I had a kidney infection. The cure was antibiotics and drinking MORE water. So I pushed more water and took antibiotics. After about 3 days, I started to bloat abdominally. I had swollen ankles and hands, felt miserable, and the bloat was so painful that I thought I might be pregnant and I've had a partial hysterectomy!! So you see how strange that is! Went back to the doc. Blood tests showed acute kidney failure. By changing my water intake to "normal" right off the bat, I set my body on a course to self-destruct.

Now, I'm battling chronic kidney failure, IBS, and chronic dry mouth. I kind of wish I could start over. People need to realize that too much for your body may simply just be what is too different from what you were already giving it. Don't make sudden changes. Even when it comes to water intake. Douglas County football player has died I, at 61, 6. I have lost five five pounds, my diabetic scores are within limits of course with medicines which were generally out of range even with medicines earlier , urine is near clear levels, going to wash room frequency is more and apart from this, I have not found any other adverse effect.

Moderate three meals as breakfast at 8. If drinking water helps matters of health, diabetes, not sure about Hypertension though, it appears to be worth the effort of going to wash room, which at my age is more even otherwise ok due to prostrate enlargement, while hoping it does not make the kidneys over work, effect them adversely or has any other adverse implication.

Imbibing that much of water now happens automatically and I do not have to make extra effort on my part. Till then lot of water would have gone down the system, hopefully more cleaning toxins and less washing out vital vitamins, as these would have been absorbed by the system! Yes drinking a massive amount of water within a short time frame can kill you. However, unless you have a medical condition you can lose weight.

I WAS FAT and I was educated which is worse and hypocritical, lol because I knew that I needed to count macronutrients and create a balance to "heal" my body not undereat, or over eat, not deprive or sit around, not drink apple cider vinegar, not take ephedrine or take prescription drugs you need to calculate how many fats, carbs, calories and protein you need macronutrient calculations.

You will lose the weight. It doesn't have to be perfect, but get close. And please walk around the planet quickly, and drink water A LOT but space the times between consumption too.

I've seen athletes and soccer moms, and no one fails if they apply the right strategy. The contents of this website are the opinions of Dr.

Ben Kim unless otherwise noted. The information on this website is not intended as personalized medical advice and is not intended to replace the relationship that you have with your primary care provider. Any decisions you make with regard to your daily choices and medical treatments should be made with the help of a qualified health care provider. Skip to main content. Ben Kim on Jun 11, Whenever you disregard your sense of thirst and strive to ingest several glasses of water a day just because you have been told that doing so is good for your health, you actually put unnecessary strain on your body in two major ways: So how much water should you drink to best support your health?

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Am i drinking more that my body needs. I find it Submitted by Anonymous on May 14, - Drinking water Submitted by NazKat on February 18, - I personally believe that Submitted by Patrick on November 21, - Let them eat cake!!!

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A number of studies have shown that L-arginine is involved in the process of proper cell replication in addition to enhancing blood circulation, so it can help improve both sperm production and motility. Men who deal with cardiovascular problems tied to low levels of NO in the blood are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction and fertility issues, since an erection requires the relaxation of smooth muscles triggered by nitric oxide.

While not effective for every man, a significant percentage of male infertility cases up to 92 percent, according to some studies can be treated with L-arginine supplements combined with other dilators, antioxidants or anti-inflammatories.

Some research suggests that high stress levels can lower the presence of L-arginine in the sperm production pathway, so overly stressed men can especially benefit from supplementing. In fact, many of the most commonly prescribed medications for ED work similarly to L-arginine by increasing nitric oxide production.

Even women can experience better reproductive help from L-arginine — doctors sometimes prescribe topical creams that contain this amino acid for helping heal sexual problems and naturally treat infertility in both sexes since it improves circulation to genital tissue.

Other studies suggest that L-arginine used with herbs like chasteberry, green tea extract and antioxidant supplements improve pregnancy rates in women struggling to conceive. Complete proteins are most beneficial because not only do they supply L-arginine, but they also provide all of the other acids needed to help with muscle tissue growth and proper neurotransmitter function.

Wild-caught fish like nutritious salmon is an especially great choice because in addition to L-arginine, it supplies anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids that further help maintain cardiovascular health. Essentially, any food that is high in protein supplies some L-arginine, but the denser protein sources are the best. For example, with help treating heart conditions or erectile dysfunction, three to six grams daily divided into two doses might be taken, while for enhancing exercise performance, doses up to nine grams a day are not uncommon.

For generally healthy adults who are looking to prevent inflammation and benefit from better circulation, about one gram daily 1, milligrams is usually the recommended dose. Talk to your doctor about what dose might be most beneficial for you and whether or not you should worry about adverse reactions based on your current situation.

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