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Best Weight Gainer for Women
This depends on your diet and the type of exercise you do. For most people a healthy BMI falls between I still get my period, but am unsure where I am on the menopause cycle. Health Health Concerns Current: Eat a lot of carbohydrates before going to sleep. While you cited a factual information, keep in mind that high level of estrogen is dangerous. Foods containing healthy fats are full of nutrients and also high in calories, making them a great option for weight gain.

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The Physiology of Women’s Weight Loss Part I: Estrogen

Steady results every week. That's how you know that 5 weeks from now you can be up to 5 pounds heavier, and 5 months from now you'll be up to 20 pounds heavier.

Just results steadily accumulating week by week. How can we be so sure? Building muscle can seem totally mysterious if you just read tips and tricks. That's true with anything. Try learning calculus by googling for tips or reading random articles in Math Digest. You'll never understand it. But if you take a good calculus course, learning it from the ground up, then it becomes simple. By the way, this program is 1,x more fun than learning calculus. We're happy to nerd out about this so that you don't have to.

Anyway, building muscle is the same. Once you learn the basics of how lifting, diet and lifestyle fit together, you'll realize this is all grounded in simple science. That's not to say it will be easy. You'll need to do your 3 workouts per week.

You'll need to adjust your diet. You'll need to make sure that you're sleeping well. But if you do the work, you'll get results like clockwork. That's what we can promise you. What if a year from now, you're known among your friends as the woman with the great physique? Well… at that point, if you're feeling especially snarky, you can tell them, "just eat less! After all, their body type isn't as rad as yours. It will be a harder journey for them.

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We're naturally skinny, too. We had doctors tell us we were dangerously underweight, we had parents worried we were too skinny, and we had strangers telling us we should "eat a burger.

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So here I am, seeing results, feeling stronger than I've ever felt, and it's fun and so doable! It truly has helped set me up for a new lifestyle which has become pretty automatic at this point. In 5 months I gained 10 lbs in all the right places I've never felt better or more energetic and the best part is that I'm setting the example I want my daughters to follow, eat for energy and performance, train for fun.

And that's if you can even find a coach who knows how to work with naturally thin women. That's what we tried for years. What we didn't realize is that things could get worse. Our posture degraded and our muscles slowly got even weaker. We were becoming old in our 20's. At 23, Jared required prescription painkillers for his tendonosis and was having trouble sitting at his desk for more than a couple hours at a time.

Marco's posture had collapsed, leaving him with low energy levels and nagging pains. And Shane was considered too fragile to even spar with the other guys in his martial arts classes. Taking care of your body is important. We learned that the hard way. You need strong bones, strong muscles, and a strong posture. My doctor seems pretty clueless, which is why I do a lot of my own research.

Anyway, according to my hormone tests everything is in the normal range, however testosterone is 45 is normal while estradiol is 37 !! Sorry this is a lot of background to get to my question! Eating more fat in my diet has not seemed to help my estrogen production, unfortunately. My intuition possible linked to my paelo brainwashing via blogs, ha would be animal fats, but alas this is what I consume a good amount of with no luck. My doctor has recently put me on birth control for 2 months just to see how my body responds, and having estrogen in my body has felt pretty damn good.

Clearer skin, more energy. Lovely to hear from you. My estrogen levels are also in the basement. Or they have been, historically. You are right, estrogen and fat do have a mutually beneficial relationship. I wonder with you, however… have you always been this thin?

Did you used to menstruate regularly even though you were this thin? Are you 5 feet tall, or 5,1, or 5,2? One of the big themes in this post is that estrogen is produced in fat cells. If a woman loses weight, she loses estrogen that her body may have been dependent upon. If they are on the low end, then HA is probably also a fact of your reproductive health.

The solution for that is to remove the stress, eat more, and put on some weight. I understand so much your frustration. I feel it in my own life as well. Hope that helps— glad you like what I do!

Stefani — thanks so much for replying! My LH is 6. I do exercise quite a bit because my wedding is in one month. I find exercise and the time immediately after to be my calmest time of day and I sleep so much better on days that I exercise which helps with the stress as well. You are probably right about Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, and that weight gain would probably help. I do cardio about 5 times a week. It sort of feels like my body WANTS to be like this, but I definitely want to gain weight if it could mean more estrogen.

Great post and very informative regarding the link between fat and estrogen. Almost immediately after the procedure, by week 3 I began to gain weight at an alarming rate. At first I did not realize what was happening due to the amount of swelling that occurs from the procedure and the lengthy recovery time that goes along with it and foolishly, I had not checked my hormone levels prior to the procedure, which was something I should have done at the young age of 49 but then again, I would not have made the correlation between estrogen and fat cells and how removing much of what I had left would cause so many problems.

Your post has helped me to understand what is happening to me, and that has provided me with much relieve. The Many Faces of a 21st Century Epidemic…. You were lucky to be put on something that has an adequate amount of estrogen. I think that the safest option to supplement estrogen is by using one of those patches, creams or gels that contain bio-identical estradiol.

And it is not true that estrogen makes you fat, as Stefani clearly explains in her post. Many of them also take cyclic progesterone and so they add up the amount of progesteroene. I am on Estrogel only and while I do not have PCOS, I had many issues with not being able to focus, sleep, etc while constantly gaining weight. Because of the fear of estrogen caused by the WHI, people are afraid to take as much as they need and so you can spend years trying to stick with a low dose and feeling miserable.

I sleep well with 6 pumps of Estrogel daily. And it may not be because I need that much estradiol but because only a little bit gets absorbed. If the manufacturer made a bottle that contained a supply of 30 days at pumps a day instead of one at a decent price, it would have been a different story.

You have to find a doctor who knows what to do and how to guide you. I would in two shakes get a second opinion. I too was diagnosed with PCOS about 9 years ago. Had horrible periods and acne issues. Those were my only symptoms. I believed this dianosis, until I started doing my own research about it. At the time I wanted to get on BC pills for the cystic acne issues which I delt with since I was 15 , and went to a gynocologist for a perscription.

About a year later I went to an alternative medicine health practicioner Osteopath who also was surprised by the PCOS diagnosis. I was feeling excessively tired all the time and had gained weight but only in my stomach area. At this time, she ran very indepth blood tests and saliva hormone tests that showed zero chance of PCOS. I was releaved, but still suffered from painful periods. Just found your blog, and I love it! Always happy to find a new female perspective on ancestral health.

I know this is an old post, but the bit about estrogen affecting fat distribution is very interesting to me. Maybe I should get a hormone panel done. Commenting because I have the exact same problem and would like to hear any answers.

Sounds like other women here have addressed it by taking birth control or bioidentical estrogen? Apparently my estrogen levels were low. I have been gaining weight and muscle but still nothing. Still no period though. My question is, will this extra estrogen now make me gain weight? I was accepting that I needed to gain a little…just not sure ths much!

Does the pill affect food cravings? Your weight can definitely fluctuate with the pill — it varies for all women. Food cravings as well. None of it is a certainty, though. Women like that do exist, obviously. This post was super informative but it was all geared towards the woman that has most of her fat below the waist. Normal hips and thighs. Just got a little problem on my inner thighs but nothing too serious.

Please share some info or point me in the direction about this and how, scientifically, estrogen and all that jazz works in that type of body. I am not sure what is happening now, perhaps of restricting myself of calories in the past, done its job, and now I am gaining it all back?

What you recommend in terms of food, supplements to loose those inches on my lower body. I have been taking Vitex for years, to balance my lower body proportions, and hormones. I take fermented cod liver oil, magnesium, multi for women,I know enough about nutrition, and read lots of info, and blogs, but this issue seems to keep haunting me.

What am I doing wrong? Do you recommenced running as an exercise at the moderate speed? I have always long to have just a little bit of weight around those areas.

I have a question for you that I am not sure you can answer. I have had very irregular cycles since I will go months with no period and then have it due to having acupuncture or progesterone pills. I was diagnosed with stage 2 adrenal fatigue and had very low sex hormones as well as hypothyroid, so started taking DHEA and progesterone for 6 months in additional to a bunch of other supplements for digestion.

I am only 30 and eat a Paleo diet with the exception of dairy here and there. Have you never heard of this? Hey Michelle — can you email me with your diet and lifestyle history at stefaniruper paleoforwomen. I have been tested twice once on day 21 and both thimes my estogen levels have been really low. My doctor has now advised i come on the pill i was on for 5 years dianette and wait anothe three months before being tested again.

I have however noticed in the last few months it doesnt seem to matter what i eat or how much i exercise i keep putting on weight.

I have a wheat allergy so i dont eat any preprared food and cook everything from scratch, i have not really changed what i eat. I think that depends largely on what else is going on in your body and why your estrogen levels are low in the first place. It could just be that your body needs time to recover from being so reliant on birth control pills? It could be due to a wide variety of factors that are all interrelated.

I have low estrogen and have put on 40 lbs in the last year with still no period. Also it seems to not mater how hard are exercise or diet. Have you and your doctor solved the issues or are you still suffering? I am with you. I have put on 20lbs in the past year and eat healthier than anyone I know. I finally just am starting to hopefully figure something out. My intelligent side knows this is not true, but the overwhelming feelings are still there.

I am happy to chat anytime, it is nice to see someone else struggling with the same problems. I have a question…. So what do you recommend? My ob is trying to give me a progesterone only pill for a Bc method but its sounds like its going to make my situation even worse…I want my female curves back and get rid of this stomach and hair!!!

Just have to say this article was a great read. My doctors think I have estrogen dominance from endometriosis. I have no idea if this is accurate but I have been taking progesterone supplements for the last 6 months.

I feel since I have been taking this I am having trouble loosing weight typical for me but it seems I am putting on weight much more readily than usual. I was wondering if you had any advice for a healthy way to lose weight through exercise or supplements? I am a naturally thin person- a size two and eat whatever I want but I had so many allergies. I liked the weight gain I had on mirena- a size 9 , full figured and energetic.

I was fatigued, wrinkles, and moody. The truth is that if your naturally thick because of genes or bad eating habits, that perhaps you should readjust your expectations.

Maybe your skinny is a size Thats not bad as long as you feel healthy. It sickens me that women feel that right for them is a size four. I love your blog and your writing. I have always had abdominal fat sadly and have been quite skinny in my butt and upper thighs. I am wondering if it has anything to do with hormones.

Also I still have belly fat and my leanness has disappeared but I attribute that to not being able to workout well or eat like I did before I had the baby. Are there changes in levels of estrogen after giving birth or any other hormone that is probably making me store weight in my hips and upper thighs?

I suspect my abdominal fat has to do with metabolic syndrome that was under control before the pregnancy but seems to be back again. Hello Stefani, Great article, its nice to see so many women in the same situation.

Can i ask your advice, since having my daughter i been diagnosed with hypothalamic amenorrhea, and over time my estrogen has dropped lower and lower, after a year of observations my doctor is about to prescribe hormone replacements. What can i do to lessen the symptoms? What can i do to raise my estrogen levels? You may have an issue with your pituitary gland. You may be overly stressed, especially in the wake of a baby. You may have some sort of gut issue. You may have an imbalance of neurotransmitters.

The first step to trying to address these issues is to learn as much as you can about what is actually going on in your body. If you were happy and healthy before the baby, then permit your body some forgiveness and time as it copes with the hormone changes. Thanks for your reply, yes I suppose my questions were quite vague without any of my previous history.

Over the couple years I have had many tests including an ultrasound, which showed a thin lining but healthy amount of follicles. Mostly paleo means I have been eating paleo aside from organic butter I use sparingly maybe to cook a dinner once maybe twice a week , so pretty close in my opinion but maybe not enough.

After my whole 30 attempts I found dairy does cause some bloating, grains cause to many mood swings, gluten is a no go especially but legumes seem fine. But no official testing has been done just my own observations. Sorry for the vent ladies, just needed it out there.

I found this post really informative. I am 19 years old and have not had my period in the past two years. I am a runner. Last year, I was restrictive with my diet and got down to 90 pounds. I now am at a weight of , and find that my weight shoots up and I am continuing to gain weight even though I am really active and do not eat in excess.

I maintain a healthy diet. I still do not menstrate and have had estrogen tests, saying my estrodiol was extremely low. I really need to get back down into the range especially for racing. Could the estrogen be the reason for the weight gain? I was prescribed birth control but am very reluctant to take it for fear of gaining more.

I am fed up right now! Hi, i sure hope i can join this discussion and possibly get some answers. I am 47 and using bio-identical hormones. Progesterone mg day cream, testosterone and estriol. At first for at least 6 mths i didnt use the estriol because it didnt make sense to me to add estrogen if i was already estrogen dominant. But then i read all the benefits of this safe estrogen and strated using it. But my problem is weight gain since i started the hormones.

Even before i used the estrogen. And using the estrogen hasnt helped the problem at all. That is absurd for me. I am very small framed. Most of this fat is right in my belly. Ive never been built with much of a butt or hips. I have had 5 children. After number 3 i weighed When i entered the hospital to deliver number 1 i weighed Yes, being pregnant on delivery day.

With number 4 i got up to and took it all off back down to where i felt comfortable. With number five i was older and got up to I was only able to get back down to But i learned to be ok with that.

After suffering peri menopause for 8 yrs i was so glad to finally be listened to and given hormones. And i have my life back.

But i am hungry alot and crave sugar like crazy and i try so hard to lose weight and nothing works. What is going on with these hormones? I really need some knowledge and help. Everything i read says that progesterone will help with the menopause symptoms and get rid of the belly fat.

I experience the opposite. On a positive note my hair has never been healthier. Matter of fact i have never had hair till now. It is past my arm pit now. Ive never been able to grow my hair.

So thin like feathers so i just tried to do short haircuts that would mask how thin it was. I keep thinking that as long as my hair is growing so is my body as progesterone is a pregnancy hormone and at levels of mg a day it is meant to fatten up baby and subsequently mom too. For a wk now i have cut down to mg. I have had no periods since starting it.

Does anybody out there know what i should do? Thank You for your post! I started gaining weight right before I was diagnosed,and had so many cysts on my ovaries they could not count. After my hysterectomy I did not go on HRT right away but started having night sweats,hot flashes, felt like I was loosing my mind, and my bones just ached. I started estradiol 1mg a day and that seemed to work for the most part really my wait stayed the same but could not lose weight when I tried.

I do take lexapro due to anxiety I have had since I was Please Help, I want to feel good again and enjoy my family! My thyroid has been checked and is fine. Could I need a higher dose of estradiol? I have the same story as you. Did you ever get a reply or find out information about this? I am considering taking more estrogen.

I am currently taking 1mg estradiol a day. Try to make sure that your prolactin level is checked. This is a very important factor in the absence of periods at any age. High prolactin levels can cause the absence of periods, and cause infertility, until treated. High prolactin levels can be caused by thyroid problems- or also an adenoma in the pituitary gland, which is a crucial gland in regard to menstruated cycles and fertility.

A woman could be regular with her periods for most of her life and due to unknown reasons- a spike in the prolactin levels will cause the absence of periods. I am 49, dealing with rather odd mouth issues that could be estrogen related. I still get my period, but am unsure where I am on the menopause cycle. The week before my period I get a dry bloody nose and then these vesicles appear in the back of my mouth on my soft palate.

Been told I have an autoimmune disease but this cyclical stuff has me wondering. Mentioned it to every doc, but no one seems to see the cyclical occurrence but me.

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