Nutrisystem Review – Day Five

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Nutrisystem Day 3 - Hungry and Angry
I can snack with my kids 4. It was only 5 days and yet this final day sounds awful. Nutrisystem offers a wide variety of meals choices and snack options to choose from. No, I would figure out how to do it on my own. I sent it back coroline bloom Verified User. Specialized plans cost more.

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NutriSystem Day 21: Tired, Hungry, Not Much Lighter

Finally, a little satisfaction. My son had soccer practice at 5: That is such an awful time — not enough time to eat dinner before going and by the time we get home it is near 7 pm, a good hour after we normally eat. I grabbed the roll and ate it on the way to the soccer field. This, Coach, is why my son was 10 minutes late. It was my fault, not his. Not having shin guards on — well, that was his fault. I felt like I have had nothing good to eat. I added those two pieces of fish that are pictured at the top of the photo.

They were quite tasty, too. I think the rotini was decent. I was not a good judge of the flavor and taste because I was concentrating too much on eating the fish. To offset the extra calories from the fish I omitted the green beans. So, now that I have hit the end of Day Five and cheated!

Was it worth it? Yes, for the fact that I can still wear the clothes that I already have. Would I do it again? No, I would figure out how to do it on my own. It mainly comes down to calorie control and self-control. I feel like she gave me more food than this.

Congrats on the weight loss though! I actually purchased this, this weekend to give it a try. I much prefer the frozen foods and wish they had the same package in frozen. I have no diet advice because I struggle with it myself. I had a hard time with this diet. I really was not into the food which made me want to eat other things.

Food is just so darn hard. Congrats on losing 5. Congratulations on your weight loss! My diet advice is eat clean nothing that comes out of a bag, box or carton. This was a great overview. I have always wondered if people really stuck to this plan, it just seems like so little to eat.

I think it is definitely something you could put together on your own with calorie counting. Hey Lynda, Nice work getting through the 5th day.

The weight loss is great. I promised a friend that night I'd play shuffleboard with him at one of our local watering holes. I was ready to go to bed by midnight and had to rely on water to satisfy a growing appetite as I'd already eaten my daily allowance. Then the next day, while watching football at a friend's house, I had to leave, after only two hours, in the middle of the game because I was so hungry.

So far this week I'm still generally hungry. It's like even when I do have the small portions in my stomach, I could go for an enormous burger, preferably with lots of bacon, tomato and mayonnaise, at any moment.

I also have not had nearly the energy I did last week. Although I'm planning to run tonight, it will be my first serious exercise since Saturday. I never went that long even when I was off the diet; I just haven't had the energy to do much more than walk back and forth between my apartment and my office. I even turned down watching a movie with a friend last night because I was coming down from the coffee high which sustained me during the day.

I should add that I'm not a regular coffee drinker. After perusing NutriSystem's online forums, I found that many of the other dieters also say that their energy and hunger come and go.

Despite this week's struggles, there was a success this morning when I was able to tighten my belt by one notch. That's at least an inch off my waist. I've had the belt for about a year and a half and have always used it on the final notch sometimes barely.

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