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Television Joe Bella, Editor. Diverse Graphic Novels The one thing that I loved about Frank White was that he was smart. For more information, see comedians. Cheryl, are you actually going?

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Kugel , Seattle, Washington. Kugelplex , San Francisco, CA. L'chaïm , Nîmes, Languedoc, France. The Liberty Balalakia Ensemble.

Litvakus , New York City. See " Shikere Kapelye ". Lost Tribe , Louisville, KY. Lucky Break , Milwaukee, WI. Macedonian Mazl-Tov is now Olam. Magalnyk Klezmer Band , Nesher, Israel. Magillah , Montreal, Canada. Malarchy , based in Bristol, UK. Mames Babegenush , Copenhagen, Denmark. Mappamundi , Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Mashke , Boston, MA. Massel-Tov , Munich, Germany. Max Klezmer Band , Cracow, Poland. Klezmer Band , Chicago, IL. Mayim , Pembrokeshire, West Wales. Kocktail Hour , Austin, TX. Mazeltones , Seattle, WA. Mazik , Montreal, QC, Canada.

Harm van den Berg. Mejoeches , Maastricht, Netherlands. Melech Mechaya , Lisbon, Portugal. Meshuge Klezmer Band , Milano, Italy. Meshuggina Klezmorim , Las Vegas, Nevada. Meshugga Klezmer Band , Arkansas.

Michigan State Klezmorim , E. Millie and the Mentshn , Bellingham, WA. Minsker Kapelye , Minsk, Belarus. Les Mishegos , Paris, France. Mishkalé , Turin, Piedmont, Italy. Mishpokhe , Culver City, CA. Mitzfits , Ithaca, NY. The Moors , Hastings, E. Moriah , Norwich, Norfolk, UK. Musica Troyka , Copenhagen, Denmark.

Musical Trio from Jerusalem , Jerusalem, Israel. Muzzuki , Tel Aviv, Israel. Naches , Ostrava, Moravia, Czech Republic. Di Naye Kapelye , Budapest, Hungary. Nayekhovichi , Moscow, Russia. Nefesh , Southbury, CT. New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars! Nigun , based in Hungary. Nosh , Great Neck, NY. The Nu Haven Kapelye. Olam , Vancouver, BC. The Orange County Klezmers. David Orlowsky's Klezmorim , Tuebingen, Germany.

Susanne and Tom Roberts. Oy Division Tel Aviv, Israel. Oy Vey , Grassina, Italy. Pey Dalid , NYC metro area. PiazuTrio , Hamburg, Germany.

Prague '24 , Minneapolis-St. Red Sea Pedestrians Klezmer Band. River City Klezmer Band. Rony Micro Band , Italy. Rozsa , Rosendale, NY. Rue du Mazel , Gap, France. Sabbath Hela Vecken , Sweden. Sampo Lassila Narinkka , Helsinki, Finland.

Schmarowotsnik , Kiel, Germany. Schpilkas , Copenhagen, Denmark. Sebes Duo, Veneto, Italy. Shawn's Kugel is now known as Kugel , Seattle, Washington. She'koyokh , London, UK. Shir , London, UK. Shir Madness , Boston, MA. Shira is a Madison, Wisconsin based band. Shira U'tfila , Belgrade, Serbia. Shoresh , Long Island, NY. Shtetl Band Amsterdam , Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The Shtetl Stompers , Paris, France. Shver un Shviger , Boston, MA.

Shvil HeHalav , Safed, Israel. Siach HaSadeh , Montreal, Canada. Simcha , Columbia, SC. The Simcha Band , Veneto, Italy. Simkhe , Charlotte, NC. Siora , Philadelphia, PA. Sisters of Sheynville , Toronto, Canada.

Lenka Lichtenberg, Isabel Fryszberg. Slobodka , Morgantown, W. Soul Explosion , London, UK. Spiel Azoi , Melbourne Australia. Spiel Klezmer Spiel , Oegstgeest, the Netherlands. Sruli and Lisa , Westchester, NY. Szélrózsa , Hudson Valley, NY. T-Klez , Metro NY. Take the Oy Train , Calgary, Alberta. Tantz in Gartn Eydn , Berlin, Germany.

Tararam , Toronto, ON, Canada. Tate Klezmer Band , Puebla, Mexico. Tennessee Schmaltz , Knoxville, Tennessee. Tikun , Barcelona, Spain. Tohu veBohu , Geneva, Switzerland. Trio Carpion , Tel Aviv, Israel. Trio MozkovitZ , Stockholm, Sweden. Trio Triplika , Canberra, Australia.

Trombenik , Prague, Czech Republic. Tsimtsoum , Paris, France. Tummel , half based in Malmö, Sweden, and half in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Tummelers , Baltimore, MD. Tzena , Bangor, Maine. Tzimmes , Vancouver, BC, Canada. Vardos , Melbourne, Australia. Veretski Pass , California and New England. Vienna Klezmer Band , Vienna, Austria. Village Klezmer , Brooklyn, NY. Vilna Kabarett , Barcelona, Spain. Vocolot , San Francisco Bay Area.

The Voyagers , London, UK. The Vodku v glotku , Budapest, Hungary. West of Odessa , Buffalo, NY. What the Chelm , Washington state. Wholesale Klezmer Band , western MA. Yid Vicious , Madison, Wisconsin. Yiddishe Cup , Cleveland, OH. Yiddishkeit Klezmer Ensemble , Western Mass. Yossel Yossel , Breda, the Netherlands. Zebrina , Toronto, ON, Canada. Kumpania Zelwer , Paris, France. Zemer Chai , Washington, DC. Zemer Ve'kinor , Lyon, France. Zimmes , Gothenburg, Sweden. If you have a klez story to tell, comments, reviews to add, or just want to let people know about your band, or have something else to say that I haven't already mentioned and especially about bad links or other mistakes -- send me e-mail , or use the new feedback form.

Phillips, The Priscilla Press. Schorb, 1st Books Library 1st Runner-Up: Kelley, Oxford University Press. Frazer, Hartz Publishing Honorable Mentions: Wang, CreateSpace 1st Runner-Up: Deaton, Quma Learning Systems. Riddell, and Tag Goulet, FabJob. Nash, iUniverse Honorable Mentions: Windgrad, Almaden Books Honorable Mentions: Banres, Fulcrum Publishing Honorable Mentions: Dusleag, iUniverse 1st Runner-Up: Meyer, Calafia Press Honorable Mentions: Freiberg, Philia Books 1st Runner-Up: Gassko, M Graphics Honorable Mentions: Hallberg and Genis M.

Dye, Trafford Publishing Honorable Mentions: Mayes, Trafford Publishing Honorable Mentions: Kenneth Herman, iUniverse Honorable Mentions: Eisenstat, Harvard University Press. Randall Publisher Honorable Mentions: Clark, Atlantic Publishing Honorable Mentions: Joye, iUniverse Honorable Mentions: Sholly, Stonywood Publications 1st Runner-Up: Wax, Other Press 1st Runner-Up: Bryson, Xlibris Honorable Mentions: Smith, The Legacy Press.

Schroeder, Ginko Press Honorable Mentions: Spencer, Param Media Publishing. Block, Center for Effective Discipline. Nineteenth-century American Paper and Mediums: Technologies, Materials, and Conservation , Cathleen A. Simmons, The Independent Institute. The End of the Age. Maudlin have written commentary , for and against, about the theological merits of the Left Behind books by Tim F.

Red Planet Rising Crossway, His other popular series are "Book of the Swords" 3 vol. Nebula nomination for "Masque of the Red Shift. Other characters noted by Christian readers include Mark from "Book of Swords" and Michel Geulincx, an unnaturally born, half-human savior of humanity Berserker Man.

Regarded as a powerful pro-life novel, Love Conquers All is a "scathing science fictional indictment of our generation's most cherished shibboleths. Wrote 27 books, incl. Award; Locus Award ; Manifold: At the request of the order, she moved to New Orleans, where she taught junior high school.

A Novel of the Diadem; Wild Magic. Pleistocene Redemption preliminary Nebula nominee. This appears to be an amazingly controversial book, in that some people love it and others hate it. Dick Award ; many more works. Soulsaver ; Stories include: Winner of Analog Award. Eclipse of the Sun; Father Elijah: An Apocalypse; Strangers and Sojourners trilogy. Set in contemporary British Columbia, it's part of what one reviewer call "Catholic apocalyptic fiction.

Lives in Dallas, TX. Timeshift is a 25th century murder mystery that takes place among a swirl of political intrigue. Titus Groan; Gormenghast; Titus Alone. Finally joined Independency, a variety of Congregationalism. Paradise Lost ; non-fiction: Son of Orthodox priest. Name also written Evgenii Ivanovich Zamiatin. Among other works mostly non-sf: The Truce at Bakura; some stories in Star Wars anthologies [ interview ].

The Culling Dark about a group of explorers stranded on a planet similar to the American Southwest. Now attends no church. Attends a Baptist church; classifies himself as an Evangelical.

Worlds of the Timestream - Six earths with different histories - Two are federated under Irish Kings - What issues will hi-tech create? High Places Crossway Books, Published jointly by HarperCollins and Zondervan: The Day the World Shut Down co-author.

Academy award-nominated screenwriter and director of films: DeMatteis has also written for film and television most recently for the science-fiction series Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Wrote a Krishna Conscious science fiction novel. Screenplay for Star Trek: Widely regarded one of most important literary s. A fore-runner of the Cyberpunk movement.

The Stars, My Destination a. Stories include 3 Hugo nominees: Also wrote for Marvel and DC comics. Prolific author of crime fiction, science fiction, and perhaps most influentially horror fiction. Served a term as President of the Mystery Writers of America.

Best known as author of novel Psycho made into film by Alfred Hitchcock. Also wrote American Gothic; The Scarf. Reality Check, Kaddish for the Last Survivor; many other stories. Jack the Ripper; Ripper! Editor of Wandering Stars: Novels Pilgrimage; Marin A. Dreyfuss, best known as a film actor, is the co-author with Harry Turtledove of the short story "The Two Georges" based on an original idea by Dreyfuss.

They later expanded the story into a novel which was nominated for a Sideways Award. The novel is now in its fourth printing. Tales of Alaric the Minstrel: Shadow of Earth; In the Hands of Glory. Best known as screenwriter "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid", etc. Until a very alien race starts converting to Judaism. Dann ; Star Trek: Perry's Planet; Vector Analysis; many stories. Renowned comic book writer, especially well known for his work on Superman.

Novels include Kingdom Come; Superman: At MIT in he said: But seriously, I find that in my serious stories I make many more references to God and to the Bible than to science.

There are six billion people in this world and I would say that 4 to 5 billion believe devoutly in God. The writer that doesn't take that into account is making a terrible mistake. Nebula for best short story with "When it Changed". Russell received the Campbell Award in John Clute and John Grant. The Encyclopedia of Fantasy New York: Martin's , p. Kirk on Star Trek. The books which bear his name have both enthusiasts and detractors, but his science fiction novels are best sellers and he may be the most famous, most recognizable person on this list.

His novels are ghostwritten, however, which is why he is not on the "Famous Authors" page. He may be religious in his own way. We have conflicting reports that he is practicing Jew, and also a non-observant Jew. A very rational Orthodox Jewish Atheistic Mystic. Philip Klass Tenn is pen name. Klass" who writes debunking books about UFOs. A Jew's-Eye View of the Universe" first pub. Xanadu; Xanadu 2; Xanadu 3. He is an investigative reporter and journalist whose column appears in over newspapers nationwide; his national radio show, "Watch on Washington" commands a large audience.

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