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Avoiding Iodine Deficiency
I knew we were on our way. How many pounds do you want to lose? Our planet itself will not take this attempted overthrow. We bring obligate carnivores into our lives and feeding them other animals is a necessity and a responsibility. The single biggest mistake I see people make time and again is to say that their cat "won't touch" the new food and then panic and fill up the bowl with dry food. Indeed, the extant scientific evidence itself reveals that at best the present disease specific agenda for "cancer prevention" is pseudo-scientific. Use an app like MyFitnessPal to track your food.

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Starving Cancer with Methionine Restriction

Why does this year-old look so unhappy? Everyone needs iodine, but this is especially important for people who want to eat well, since many healthy plant foods like flax, soy, and broccoli have what are called goitrogenic compounds, which can interfere with thyroid function in people with marginal iodine intake.

We just need to get enough iodine in our diets. Cow milk drinkers get it because iodine-containing disinfectants are used to disinfect the milk tanks, and so the iodine sort of leaches into the milk. The best source is sea vegetables, or you can get it in a multivitamin. But I do encourage people to develop a taste for seaweed.

It may even prevent cancer. Seaweed inhibits human cancer cell growth, and this new study suggests it may even have a therapeutic potential for people battling liver cancer. Sea vegetables have lots of B vitamins and minerals—particularly the trace minerals, like iodine. The recommended daily intake is micrograms a day, but the World Health Organization places the safe upper limit at 1, micrograms a day.

This much laver or nori—a two-ounce bag—has enough iodine to last an adult a week. This much dulse; a month. This much wakame; two months. And one little bag of kelp; five years. A quarter gram a day of kelp is too much. And it would be hard to spread that little amount of kelp over five years, so I recommend going with one of these other sources.

Do not, however, eat hiziki. The reason sea vegetables are so wonderful is that they are packed with trace minerals; they just soak them up right out of the seawater. Hiziki, though, may also absorb bad minerals like arsenic. One seaweed species in particular, hiziki, sucks up so much arsenic that governments around the world are now warning consumers not to eat it.

Note the two different spellings. No longer should anyone eat this—at least not on a regular basis. Thank you so much for the recipe! I have made these many times but totally messed up the recipe today. I had powdered my Natvia for another recipe so I was looking at an icing sugar mixture when I put it into the bowl. I measured everything out and put the butter into the almond meal mixture. Bugger, so I just threw everything in together and mixed for 15 seconds.

Thank you so much for this recipe. If you have issues with flattening, tap them down with a spatula during the last few minutes of cooking. I had thick, rich delicious cookies. These keto chocolate cookies are divine but they are superbly sweet! I did use Stevia as that is the only thing available at my supermarket. Your cookies are the bomb! It was great to smell cookies baking in my kitchen.

One of your cookies is just enough for dessert without going over 20 carbs for the day. I make them every few weeks! But I have one question: Also, my cookies take about minutes to brown, not I made these with my 3 yr old grandaughter and she loved them!

These cookies were soooo good. I had to almost double the baking time as they were not cooked after 10 minutes. The 2nd batch I raised the temp to F and baked for 12 min and they were perfect.

I have calibrated my oven so I know the temp is correct. I also made them smaller 1 Tbsp size so they would cook all the way through. I followed the recipe except I used Sukrin Gold for the sugar, and the dough came a tiny bit too loose so I added two additional tablespoons of almond flour. It came out perfect after that.

Are these cookies supposed to be large to yield 12? These cookies are the closest I have ever tasted to standard carb-ridden chocolate chip cookies. This recipe is a HUGE winner in my book. Thank you sooooo much! I used baking stevia and they turned out wonderfully.

My husband loved these cookies! Added the sugar free choc chips and some chopped pecans for crunch. This is a keeper! Hey is ok to use Xylitol?

I heard somewhere they are interchangeable. Looking forward to making these! Psyllium husk might work, but xanthan gum works best in my opinion. I always manage to get more than 12 cookies out of this recipe. I ended up using pyure because that was the sweetener I had. How to you calculate the carbs? I have yet to figure out a site or way to calculate them. But I am calculating and tracking all my macros so as far as the serving size you have calculated out is that per 1 cookie?

How many cookies is in a serving? I live in high altitude and this recipe came out better than 10 years of trying to make roll house recipes. Enter in all of the ingredients into MyFitnessPal in the recipe section. MFP does not do net carbs though. You could also use the app carb manager to do the same which does do net carbs. I prefer carb manager. Me and my husband had tried making these cookies.

We have made these twice now. We also added unsweetened cacao nibs to it, and it added that c runchy texture. Thank you for sharing this! I can picture ourselves still baking these cookies even when me and my husband are old.

All is well with my keto lifestyle these days. You are my new BEST friend! I love choc chip cookies, and I love large cookies. My house smelled like I had been baking. What a pleasure that was since most Keto recipes from other cooks have been a huge disappointment.

I baked these for 15 minutes to brown and left them on the sheet pans for close to 30 minutes because I was interrupted. Even so, they were delish. Although they are not as sweet as traditional Toll House Cookies, they were yummy.

Wish Nestle would make sugar free peanut butter and white choc. Thanks, Aaron, for a chocolate chip cookie that tastes like a traditional one. If I make your Keto Brownies next, can you eat them for breakfast? Hi, I am from New Zealand. Made your lovely keto choc chip cookies tonite. I used Norbu, a granulated sweetner made from Monk fruit. I added 1 tbl Cocao plus the sugar free choc chips.

Yum, noted my cookies did not really flatten and some fat ie butter oozed from the cookies but still so nice. Any suggestions on what to use for the choc chips in Australia? Tried it with a Lindt bar as someone suggested but it was too bitter.

Coles do a sugar-free dark chocolate, you can find it in the health food aisle. Just chop it up into chunks Or melt it, pipe it and let them harden… but thats probably more effort than its worth. I am buying sugar free dark chocolate from coles their own brand and cutting it into small piece.

As someone who lives in Europe, the conversions for things like butter iand flour is in grams. When using your metric converter, it gives some very strange values and these cookies turn out very chewy and not as delicjous as yours do. Is it possible to get the correct conersion of the ingredients posted? Yes, I agree this is annoying, but if I correct for grams, then ounces is off.

We have been on Keto for 3 months and loss over 10 lbs. My husband does not like some of the Keto recipes so I hope your recipes is closer to what we were used to eating. Thank you Arron for giving us hope in eating delicious food by sharing with us your wonderful recipes. God Bless you and Dr. Thank you so much for this recipe!

My family loved the cookies they came out amazing! I hope this makes sense. Sounds like the butter might have melted too much? You can always pop them in the fridge for a little while if this happens. I use truvia, and I find that the stevia is very strong for me.

Those would be the best two options. Olive oil would make them turn out really runny. Since my granddaughter is dairy free, I used palm shortening in place of the butter. I did have to flatten them a little, but they look and taste great! Hello Aaron, I have a question. I used only coconut flour instead of almond flour and they did not flatten.

Any ideas how to achieve this? I think for coconut flour, that is normal behavior. You actually have to pre-flatten your dollops of dough into the shape you want. Thanks so much for putting in the efforts! Your recipe is delish! This really hit my KETO spot for a sweet treat. I also cooked them for 15 min vs. Those were the only variations to your recipe.

Would you have any idea how to substitute the almond flour with coconut flour or sunflower seed meal? We have but allergies!! Thanks for your help. Possibly the amount of erythritol affects the shape of the cookies. That would make sense as the sweetener melts in the heat of the oven. The cookies did not cook at all after 15 minutes.

I was very particular about the weight of the almond flour as someone else commented this could be an issue. I melted the butter exactly as shown, and the cookies are a greasy crumbly mess. Should I have added more flour? I used Bobs Almond flour. I probably mixed it longer than that. Nothing replaces it really. Definitely, next time either use xanthan gum, or someone also said that adding a little coconut flour helps with the binding. She says they do affect blood sugar, just not as much as sugar itself.

Everyone is different, so you might find that because you have a high carbohydrate intolerance that sugar alcohols affect you differently. They have no effect on me, which is why I note them as such. However erythritol is less than 1 on the glycemic index. It has virtually no effect on blood sugar at all. You may have a loose stool the first couple uses but should be fine once your body adapts. Typically at home you would only have Xylitol, erythritol which are very low impact.

You say that if the cookies do not flatten, we probably had too much almond flour or not enough butter. You can provide your volume measures too, but without a weight measure there is no way for me to replicate how much almond flour you are calling 1. I weighed my almond flour to put in my copy of the recipe.

Again, in cases like this where the exact ratios matter a lot, PLEASE use weight measures instead of volumetric measures! In any case, the flavor here was quite good. The hint of vanilla was also very good.

Made these tonight , used stevia low carb brown sugar came out great! Even hubby thought they were good. These are going to carry me thru the hard times on this diet!!!! Thank you sooooo much. If you can, just add the molasses to the wet ingredients here, it would be added along with the vanilla or perhaps instead of it. If the brown sugar needs to be treated with dry ingredients.

Start with erythritol and add stevia; Truvia would skip that step and be just 1 cup of Truvia. Follow the technique from there on okay, quick technique: Just remember that the measurements you then use in your recipes need to be based on the sweetener you used, NOT the sugar equivalents easier obviously if you start with a 1: It was amazing, no cooling effect what so ever.

Also I double the salt, we like that sweet salty taste in our choc chip cookies. I use a brown sugar substitute from Amazon called Sukrin Gold. They turned out perfect!! These cookies are great. I used a 12pc muffin top pan for mine and flatten the balls to fill the muffin top. They came out perfectly round and gooey and so good. I think because of high altitiude I had to bake them for about 15 min instead of 10, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly.

I did get 15 and not 12 out of mine using the 12pc muffin top pan. Thanks for the great recipe. Made a few adjustments to share: At 10 minutes, they fell apart after cooling. Baking soda is for cookies that should spread. Baking powder creates more rise. Hi, Your bread recipes are so delicious Btw what do you think about monk fruit for a sweetener bs erytheritiol while eating keto??

Made these yesterday and they are fabulous! Followed instructions to the letter and my balls definitely spread out a lot — so much so I had to cut between the edges to separate them. Will definitely make again, thanks! Oh my goodness, thank you! All members of the family enjoyed them as well. I made these with 1 cup of almond flour, 2 tbs of coconut flour, and erythritol. I also used unsalted butter. I feel like I could have baked them a little bit longer I took them out at 15 minutes , since they were quite soft at the point I took them out of the oven but the bottoms were lightly browned.

I let them cool and they are soft and very good. Thanks for the recipe! I used erythritol and did have to flatten them a little, but so what. After my first batch, I cranked up my gas oven to f. They are way more expensive to make than wheat flour, etc. The texture is so much better than other recipes I have tried!!

I have gentle sweet brand sweetener would i be able to use gentle sweet blend work for the substitution of your sugar sweetener? Gentle sweet is a mixture of erythitol, xylitol and stevia.

My question is with regard to using coconut flour instead of alomond flour. Coconut absorbs a lot more liquid that almond flour. We are at our family cottage and decided to make these with Swerve Confectioners tonight.

We are new to keto living and needed a sweet fix. The result was quite tasty! We are joking they are the most expensive CC cookies since all ingredients had to be purchased at a tourist town organic grocery store-ha! Today was a super humid, hot July day which may have affected the dough consistency.

We all agree these cookies are a big hit. Many thanks for all the specifics written in the recipe posting too! Hi what is the serving size for the nutrition information you provided?

Also I made the cookies and they are great! Could you tell me how many grams each baked cookie typically is for the 12? They are so soft, buttery and absolutely delicious! They taste like the real deal? Definitely keeping this recipe! This happen to anyone else? Maybe I need to turn up the heat or cook much longer? These were really good! I also did not have any Xanthan Gum on hand or any substitutes so I actually used an equal amount of Collagen Powder that we usually take daily.

They came out great! They did not spread out but thats ok. We loved the soft center. I love these cookies!!

I love the taste of the dough and thought about adding some peanut butter instead of chocolate chips. My body cannot handle flour or sugar. I have many inflammation issues and try to not spike my blood sugar.

These were the best cookies I ever made that were gluten free and sugar free! Healthy cookies that are truly deliciousness! They did not affect my blood sugar at all! I followed the recipe exactly and they came out perfect! Thank u so much for this recipe! These cookies are seriously to die for. I do have one question though…the nutritional info for this recipe says 2.

Which one is correct? Best almond flour cookies ever! Mine didnt flaten but didnt effect the taste. I keep in the freezer.

I just made these. I only had guar gum so I used it instead of xanthan gum. I also used Swerve. My batch made 15 cookies and they did spread out in the oven. I dont likethe texture of all almond flour and dont like the taste of all coconut flour. How would I make these using both?

Has anyone out there made 24 cookies from this recipe? They would have to be enormous… My wife and I are doing keto and absolutely love these! We make normal sized cookies and store them for the week. I used swerve for the sweetener, and baked mine about 14 minutes.

I got 18 cookies. My husband loved them too! What does this equate to in grams? I made 3 different recipes for my family to try.

These won hands down. I thought I did something wrong at first, but they turned out perfect. Being new to the keto lifestyle these work well when craving something sweet. One question though, when i was cooking them they tended not to flatten out as much as a normal cookie? I cant find the chocolate chips recommended and Im making them tonight as a treat.

If I use unsweeted bakers chocolate will that work? What are your recommendations? I used bakers chocolate! Unfortunately mine barely melted. Looked more like little muffin tops than actual cookies. I also baked them for 25 minutes and they just got really brown on the outside and raw on the inside. I did however use coconut flour instead of almond. I made this twice and the temp is never hot enough and not enough time… I live in NY so no high altitude… is it a typo or something?

What sweetener are you using? For me, dairy is a problem too. What do you think? Might get some for use next time. These are delicious — thank you!! Hands down Best Keto cookie ever!! I just finished making them and boy oh boy!!

Just a buttery, chewy crispy chocolate chip cookie! Thanks so much for sharing?! They came out Delicious, and its weird to not feel guilty after eating them. I want to try and love this recipe. The carbohydrate content from the milk in the chocolate chips is 8 grams because of the milk content.

I also changed some things. Melted butter to pretty soft. Used Swerve granulated sugar 6 Tablespoons. Used everything else the same. Also added pecans and baked at for 10 minutes. Did press down slightly and they turned out just perfect. Gooey but cooked all the way. Just sweet enough and I have a sweet tooth. My husband is Keto and I am Palio so we are trying to find things we both can have and this is it. Thank you for the great recipe.

I am a professional baker. I am always on the lookout for great keto recipes as i have a line of keto items at my bakery. I had what i thought was a good chocolate chip recipe.

These are my new go to!! I did sub a couple things.. I did use the coconut flour.. Flavor is perfect…really pleasantly surprised!! Thank you for sharing this fantastic recipe!!! I am a baker and have perfected the cookie recipe for years. They are gooey, and soft, and chewy, and with just a bite at the edges!

I also used powdered Swerve which I think made them a tad bit too sweet but still perfect! Also pressed them down a bit before baking and they spread perfectly. I baked them for exactly 10 minutes just as they were browning and let them keep cooking outside of the oven which made them extra gooey and soft I froze half of them and froze some of the dough to use as a pizookie and mug cake! These are the best low carb chocolate chip cookie I have ever made and I have tried for 4 years.

I used swerve powdered sweetener and did not have enough butter so used 6 Tbs buyer and 2 TBs coconut oil. Mine did not spread at all so after I made the ball for the second tray I pressed them down lightly with the back of a spoon before baking.

Well done, thank you!

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