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In public health terms, the overriding priority for preventing lung cancer is to reduce the prevalence of smoking. A Cochrane Review found some evidence that interventions aiming to reduce more than one cardiovascular risk factor may have beneficial effects on blood pressure, body mass index and waist circumference; however, evidence was limited and the authors were unable to draw firm conclusions on the effects on cardiovascular events and mortality. Heart murmur Systolic heart murmur: Thus while this property of carbohydrate-containing foods may well influence the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, the evidence is accorded a lower level of strength than the evidence relating to the NSP content. Dental caries occur because of demineralization of enamel and dentine by organic acids formed by bacteria in dental plaque through the anaerobic metabolism of sugars derived from the diet The physiological effects of energy intake on satiation and satiety appear to be quite different for energy in solid foods as opposed to energy in fluids. Specialty Cardiology Usual onset Older adults [1] Types Coronary artery diseases , stroke , heart failure , hypertensive heart disease , rheumatic heart disease , cardiomyopathy [2] [3] Prevention Healthy eating , exercise, avoiding tobacco smoke, limited alcohol intake [2] Treatment Treating high blood pressure , high blood lipids , diabetes [2] Deaths

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Authentic Italian meals loaded with great taste and nutritional balance. An Interview with Dr. It is believed that Catherine, who loved spinach, brought her own cooks from Florence to cook spinach in her preferred style. Spinach provides a whopping milligrams of potassium per cup cooked. As a comparison, one cup of sliced banana has about mg of potassium.

Spinach is also a very good source of zinc, dietary fiber, phosphorus, vitamin B1 and choline. It contains a unique and beneficial mixture of phytonutrients, as well as anti-oxidants, flavonoids and carotenoids. This makes it a popular food for vegetarians.

Just one cup of cooked spinach contains an incredible percent of your daily vitamin K needs and 39 percent of your magnesium ones. Your body uses vitamin K when building bones, and the effects seem to be especially important for women. This is especially interesting because the women saw results from eating lettuce, showing that dietary consumption of vitamin K via eating vegetables not supplements is beneficial.

When it comes to men, the affects of vitamin K and bone health may become more apparent as they age: The high level of potassium in spinach is also helpful in protecting against bone mineral density loss, said Ware. Additionally, spinach contains calcium, well known to be important for bones. This is the most common type of anemia, and women are its largest risk group. Eating iron-rich foods is important for those suffering from or at risk of anemia, and with 36 percent of your daily iron needs per cooked cup, spinach is a good option.

Vitamin A is also necessary for the growth of all bodily tissues, including skin and hair. Spinach is a standout in terms of its mix of phytonutrient components. It is also an excellent source of antioxidants lutein, zeaxanthin, neoxanthin and violaxanthin. All of these are anti-inflammatories, which can be helpful in cancer prevention. Some studies have noted possible anti-cancer effects among prostate, breast and prostate cancers.

Among its many findings, this large-scale study saw a lower risk of ovarian cancer among women who ate the most spinach than those who ate the least. Beta-carotene may also help asthma sufferers reduce their symptoms.

Magnesium can be an effective emergency treatment for asthma attacks. There are also suggestions that vitamin K might reduce the risk of heart disease because without it, mechanisms that stop the formation of blood vessel calcification may become inactive. Folic acid can help prevent neural tube defects—specifically spina bifida and anencephaly—that occur early in pregnancy.

But spinach can also help increase your folic acid intake, with 66 percent of your daily pre-pregnancy folate needs per cooked cup. That means it may be exposed to high levels of pesticides. If possible, you should buy organic spinach, but be sure to wash it thoroughly regardless of what type it is.

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