Hormonal Imbalance 101: How to Heal Yourself Naturally

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Unless you intend to eat a few pounds of these foods daily, the benefits of these foods generally outweigh the risks. The stress hormone called cortisol also causes acne. Just fill out the form below and it will be sent to your inbox! Our anxiety test was created exactly for that purpose - so that people can work on their mental health problems themselves. How to Stop Diarrhea Fast.


Balancing the Endocrine System Naturally

This tends to slow down many of the processes that occur in our body. Symptoms include fatigue, depression, reduced libido, intolerance to cold, weight gain, elevated cholesterol levels, constipation, hair loss and irregularities of the menstrual cycle in women.

In advanced cases goiter develops here as well, especially when the condition is partially related to dietary iodine deficiency. Most of these symptoms can also be associated with hypoadrenal function and other conditions.

Hypoadrenal function often occurs concurrently with hypothyroid. Diagnosed hypothyroidism is much more common than diagnosed hyperthyroidism. However, both are considerably more common when we include undiagnosed sub-clinical cases. Hypothyroidism often occurs after a period of sub-clinical hyperthyroidism.

However, even if the hyperthyroid condition is more pronounced, it can be missed if blood tests are not taken at the right time. The situation is even more complicated by the fact that hypothyroid is often preceded by a period when the thyroid oscillates between hyper and hypo function.

As a result, I have seen many cases where thyroid dysfunction has been misdiagnosed simply because the blood tests were taken on a day when the blood hormone levels were not characteristic of the true nature of the underlying condition.

It would be more useful to measure hormone levels every couple of days over several weeks. This is obviously impractical, so the medical establishment is willing to put up with a certain percentage of misdiagnosed cases. This is not necessarily intentional. This is significantly affected not only by the number and intensity of potentially stressful factors in our life, but more significantly by our strategies for dealing with stress which ultimately determine the degree to which these factors affect us.

Personality factors are also important, such as being high-strung, extremely ambitious or aggressive, or a tendency to experience a lot of anger also tend to create significantly more stress in our life. Excess consumption of sea vegetables, iodized salt, tyrosine supplements and stimulants such as caffeine can contribute to hyperthyroidism. Excessive consumption of raw vegetables and herbs from the Mustard family e. Estrogen therapies opium derived drugs can contribute to hyperthyroid, while androgens, corticosteroids and salicylates may be implicated in hypothyroid.

Lack of exercise can contribute to both hyper- and hypothyroidism, as can insufficient sleep. Many toxins can bind to hormone receptor sites resulting in negative health consequences.

Also of particular importance for thyroid function is radioactive iodine which is a by-product of nuclear fission from power plants and weapons testing.

Iodine is an important component of thyroid hormone and these substances tends to be found in the highest concentrations in our thyroid.

Many cases of both hyper- and hypothyroidism have an autoimmune component. Psychological and toxic stress are major factors contributing to the development of autoimmune conditions. Cysts and tumours of the thyroid can result in hyper- and hypothyroidism. One of the major causes of tumours in this organ is radioactive iodine.

Post-therapeutic hypothyroidism can occur from over-zealous treatment of hyperthyroidism resulting in destruction or removal of too much thyroid tissue. Foods and herbs from the Mustard and Mint families are very nutritious and many have important medicinal properties. Regular consumption of these plants will not lead to underactive thyroid function unless other factors are also involved, particularly iodine deficiency, which is rare since the advent of iodized salt.

Only those who already have hypothyroidism need be concerned. In these cases foods from the Mustard family should be reduced, but not eliminated from the diet and only eaten cooked.

However, regular consumption of herbal products containing bugleweed, motherwort and lemon balm should be avoided. Iodine-deficiency hypothyroidism is rare in our society, although it was once common, particularly in the Great Lakes region where the soils are exceptionally low in iodine.

It can be treated by increasing dietary sources of iodine or taking kelp or dulse supplements. The treatment of these conditions should be supervised by a qualified herbalist or other natural health care practitioner. This is also the case if there is a cyst on the thyroid gland. Post-therapeutic hypothyroidism is treatable; however, the success of treatment will depend on how much of the thyroid has been destroyed. If most of the thyroid is present, complete treatment is possible.

If too much of the thyroid has been destroyed, only partial results are possible. If the thyroid has been completely or almost completely destroyed, treatment is only possible with thyroid hormone supplements. Functional sub-clinical hyper- and hypothyroidism are relatively easy to treat as long as you are not taking thyroid medications. If you are taking thyroid medications, the condition is still treatable, but it should be supervised by a qualified practitioner. If you are not taking thyroid medications, it is possible to attempt to treat the condition yourself as long as you have an accurate diagnosis.

The treatment protocol for post-therapeutic hypothyroidism is the same as for milder cases of sub-clinical hypothyroidism. The herbal treatment of both hyper- and hypothyroidism is similar and involves two distinct stages. For hyperthyroid we use bugleweed herb. American bugleweed Lycopus americanus is preferred because it is a strong bitter and can be used in place of one of the bitter herbs indicated above.

For hypothyroid we use bladderwrack thallus Fucus vesiculosus: Overall, both kinds of formulations should be fairly bitter but not overpoweringly so and pungent spicy enough so that you can feel the heat in your mouth without it being too hot or irritating.

The best way to use these herbs is in the form of 1: Add the tincture to ml 1 ounce of water and hold it in your mouth for about 30 seconds before swallowing.

Begin at a relatively low dose of about two droppers a dropper is the amount of tincture that you get in the glass tube of the dropper when you completely press the bulb once of your of the formulation not each individual herb.

Maintain that dose for at least three months or until the symptoms have normalized. The first stage of the treatment generally lasts about months.

How long it takes depends on the specifics of your case. When you have finished the first stage of treatment, take a break from the herbs for weeks then begin the second formulation. It should consist of three components:. In this stage of treatment there are no differences between the treatment of hyper- and hypothyroid. The second formulation is taken the same way as the first, except that it is not necessary to build up the dose.

Start at droppers right away. This formulation needs to be taken for at least months. The doses that I have recommended are based on 1: Tinctures that you purchase may be stronger or weaker, depending on the manufacturer.

The lower the second number in the ratio, the more potent the tincture i. The recommended dose of the formulation may need to be decreased or increased depending on the potency of the tinctures that you purchase. You can use the recommended dosages on the product as a guideline. This may sound complicated, but, unlike drugs, herbs are very forgiving.

Minor changes to the proportion of an herb in a formulation will usually not make a big difference in the results as long as it is a good formulation. You do not take the full recommended dose for each herb. It is very important that you are sure of your initial diagnosis before beginning treatment as the symptoms of both hyper- and hypothyroid could be due to other conditions.

If you begin treatment and experience any unusual symptoms or you get poor results, discontinue the treatment and seek the advice of a qualified practitioner. With our health, as with anything in life, it is important that we keep an open mind and not give up our natural inquisitiveness and free will to authority figures until we have adequately explored our options. This takes a lot more work, but our health is ultimately our own responsibility.

Most of the time this is not the case. Sadly, most medical professionals have also surrendered their free will to the authority of accepted medical dogma and practice.

Every illness provides us with an opportunity to rise to the challenge: He is the Director of Living Earth School of Herbalism, which offers in-class and online general interest courses, certificate, and diploma programs. Best information on thyroid issues. Have read several in the past couple of weeks — since my diagnosis of hyper. Would love more advise on what foods to incorporate in my diet. Without our endocrine system, various parts of the body would work independently from one another.

Some of the organs that produce hormones includes the pineal gland which sets the circadian rhythm , the thyroid which sets cellular metabolism , the pancreas which is involved in digestion and blood sugar control , the ovaries and testes which produce the sex hormones estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone , and the adrenal glands which produce cortisol that balances emotional and physiological stress to maintain homeostasis.

The hormone levels fluctuate through the day and are released in a pulsatile manner throughout the hour, day or month. This pulsatile release is set by the circadian rhythm. Melatonin can be considered the re-set button for the circadian rhythm and it allows the body to recover and repair from work done during the day. The caveat, is that melatonin is produced during the stage of deep sleep, making good healthy sleep critical for balancing the endocrine system.

What are the top factors that throw off balance within the endocrine system? Food is Medicine You can start to heal your endocrine system through nutrition. The basic dietary approach goes back to understanding that all hormones are made from cholesterol, so avoid low fat diets and consume good healthy fats that are rich in omega fats. It is well studied that eating a diet rich in varied, colorful veggies will give your body the nutrients and nutrition that it needs to function properly and to prevent cancer.

Your body also needs Vitamin C, which is found in the green leafies, oranges, mango, parsley, broccoli, and cabbage.