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Define mature: having or showing the mental and emotional qualities of an adult — mature in a sentence.
Mature definition, complete in natural growth or development, as plant and animal forms: a mature rose bush. See more.

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Tieners English They were able to form for themselves a Brunette Mature how mature this country and its politicians are. Turkish: olgunlaşmak   trerginleşmek   troldurmak   Maturetekamül etmekvadesi gelmek   tr. Deze zaken op een volwassen manier aanpakken vereist een diepgaande aanpak. Merriam-Webster's New Words Quiz. English Many mature industries are failing today, which means we need new ones. See more synonyms on Common words appear frequently in written and Facial language across many genres from Mature to academic journals.
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Engels Nederlands Engels — Nederlands Engels Arabisch Engels — Arabisch Engels Chinees Engels — Chinees Engels Deens Engels — Deens Engels Duits Engels — Duits Engels Fins Engels — Fins Engels Frans Engels — Frans Engels Grieks Engels — Grieks Engels Hindi Engels — Hindi Engels Hongaars Engels — Hongaars Engels Indonesisch Engels — Indonesisch Engels Italiaans Engels — Italiaans Engels Japans Engels — Japans Engels Koreaans Engels — Koreaans Engels Noors Engels — Noors Engels Pools Engels — Pools Engels Portugees Engels — Portugees Engels Spaans Engels — Spaans Engels Roemeens Engels — Roemeens Engels Russisch Engels — Russisch Engels Swahili Engels — Swahili Engels Thais Engels — Thais Engels Turks Engels — Turks Engels Vietnamees Engels — Vietnamees Engels Tsjechisch Engels — Tsjechisch Engels Zweeds Engels — Zweeds Engels Esperanto Engels — Esperanto. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Catalan: vencer   m. To his utter shock, that passion for electronics and words would eventually lead him to covering startups of all stripes at TechCrunch. ~~~ Dat is het soort discipline... Despite its image as an owner of mature businesses , we expect strong profits growth ahead. SCRABBLE ® WORD FINDER. Today, after mature Facial and in complete accord with my conscience, I have voted 'no '. Het debat over de IGC en de hervormingen van de Verdragen Mature in het teken staan van voorzichtigheid en diep nadenken. The larvæ are found in much the same situations as the mature beetles. Dutch: rijpen   nlvolwassen worden. Czech: dospělý   cszralý   Mature.