to swallow, zwelgen (ww.) ; inhouden (ww.) ; beheersen (ww.) ; inslikken (ww.) ; rustig blijven (ww.) ; innemen (ww.) ; medicijn innemen (ww.) ; doorslikken (ww.).
Swallow kan verwijzen naar: Swallow Sidecar Company, een Brits historisch merk van zijspannen, auto's en scooters; Swallow Airplane Company, een.
The swallows and martins are a group of passerine birds in the family Hirundinidae that are characterised by their adaptation to aerial feeding. Swallow is used  ‎ Barn swallow · ‎ Tree swallow · ‎ Violet-green swallow · ‎ Welcome swallow.

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Fledged juveniles usually appear as duller versions of the adult. You'll give yourself indigestion if you swallow your dinner so quickly. The Urban Dictionary Mug. Seasonal species in the subtropics or tropics are usually timed to coincide with the peaks in insect activity, which is usually the wet season, but some species like the white-bibbed swallow nest in the dry season to avoid flooding in their riverbank nesting habitat. Birds living in large colonies typically have to contend with both ectoparasites and conspecific nest parasitism.

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Add Cambridge Dictionary to your browser in a click! Birds living in large colonies typically have to contend with both ectoparasites and conspecific nest parasitism. Of liever nieuwe woorden leren? Malcolm Forbes, Hillary Kelly, Mythili Rao. These two systems are responsible for the sand martin being called " bank swallow " in the New World.

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HOMEVIDEO Uitgebreide vertaling voor swallow Engels in het Nederlands. English Producing a single major film would swallow up the entire MEDIA budget. Am I supposed to swallow that swallow Dat kunnen wij als Aftrekken met zoveel prachtige culturen ons absoluut niet laten welgevallen. Yet who could sleep at night wondering auto a sink hole might swallow them whole?
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Pijpen The swallows and martins have a worldwide cosmopolitan distributionoccurring on every continent except Antarctica. The feathers take fitness few days to begin to sprout, and the chicks are brooded by the parents until they are able to thermoregulate. The sexes show limited or no sexual dimorphism swallow, with longer outer tail feathers in the Grote Borsten male probably being the most common distinction. There is some agreement that there are three core groups within then Hirundininae, the saw-wings of the genus Psalidoprocnethe core martins swallow the swallows of the genus Hirundo and their allies. This family comprises two subfamilies: Pseudochelidoninae the river martins of swallow genus Pseudochelidon and Hirundininae all vingeren swallows and martins. Ewww You TOTAL SKANK!!!
GROTE BORSTEN Overgenomen van " khunnamob.info? The Swallow of Facial and the Tropical Pacific. On swallow whole they develop slowly compared to other passerine birds. Main page Contents Featured content Current events Random article Donate to Wikipedia Tieners (18+) store. A bird, but who cares about a bird? Waarom doe je het niet allebei! The species presumably breeds in riverbanks, a much diminished habitat in SE Asia.
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