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They are very soft, cheer and thick. Beth — November 29, 5: She contacted the property manager and they agreed to place the rental on the market and she would pay until it was rented. Hopefully my roommate knows someone who will want to take over my half of the rent or something can be worked out with the apartment complex. Thanks for the response!

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I was looking for a way to have my oatmeal on the go in the morning. I used 3 cups of oatmeal because I want that fiber. In general it turned out well but they weren't crunchy and tasted more like a pie.

I added only half cup of milk instead of whole cup and next time I would add even less. I also added rasins, d I liked how easy it was. I made substitutions because I keep forgetting to buy brown sugar White sugar, 2 tsp. Maple syrup over the top in the I made this two ways One made as recipe outlines.

This is a base recipe and designed to add dried fruit and nuts. I thought these were good. They were not bland, as some have stated. They simply tasted like oatmeal, which is what they are primarily made up of. If more taste is desired, consider adding in I really liked that the bars were soft, although they could've been more moist.

I had even substituted all the sugar for a big spoon of raw creamy honey. I deducted half of the milk to level ou It just tasted like egg and soggy oatmeal. A couple bites were all we could take. Home Recipes Breakfast and Brunch. This is the base for the bars, a recipe easily modified to suit your own tastes. Added to shopping list. Go to shopping list.

You might also like. Breakfast Pita Pizza Breakfast and pizza lovers unite! I am going to make homemade applesauce and these bars are also going to be made for sure. Also, as an RD I would love you input on dairy. As I go through your old posts to update the recipes and my boyfriend will back me up , I am always wondering how you come up with them!

I would never in a million years be able to think of some of those things, like these little gems. This recipe looks right up me alley. Definitely adding this one to my list! I hope to try making a vegan version. Now that apples are getting to be SO good, these will be perfect!

I was always a kid who never wanted breakfast, and Nutrigrains were a regular thing for me. These would be so great for kids instead of processed stuff, and they could easily be customized with different nut butter, flours and dairy alternatives for kids with allergies, which is great!: Apples and cinnamon always remind me of fall!: Perfect for breakfast or a snack or an add-on to a greek yogurt mini meal — they look amazing!!!! Yum those look delicious!!

I am going to have to try these soon! I have lots of apples, and am always look for quick and healthy breakfasts! I just tried these, followed the recipe exactly, and was unfortunately disappointed.

Just not exactly what I expected. I grated in a carrot too and added some wheat germ, hemp seeds, and chia seeds. I did use almond milk in place of regular and then used Almond Meal in place of the whole wheat flour to make gluten free So excited!

I was very excited to try these. The consistency is like zucchini bread which I prefer over the typical bar. Unfortunately, it turned out fairly bland. You barely taste the apple at all. It did work for an easy breakfast for a few days but I will not be making again. From what I recall, you could probably make them as cookies.. These look delicious and would love to make them! However, my son is allergic to peanut butter.

Is there a substitute I could use in place of the peanut butter? Unfortunately he is allergic to all tree nuts. I will look into the sunflower seed butter. Have you used it previously? Would it equate to the same amount as what you used for the peanut butter? Yep, the ratio is the same.

I made them for home but I am also a cooking teacher and would love to make them with my students. Only issue is I have to avoid peanut butter due to allergies. Any alternative recipes or suggestions for that? I am excited to make them and see how they are! These look so delicious Lindsay!

A nice advantage of a recipe like this is that you could bring it in the car on a plate for those late mornings. These turned out really good! I just made them exactly according to recipe with 1. I thought the texture was perfect, moist but not crumbly. My 1 year old loves it. Apple cinnamon breakfast bar and coffeeeeeee.

Make ahead and grab and go. Recipe inspired by this recipe at LeanGreenBean blog. These babies are essentially fat-free. They will dry out fairly quickly, so do yourself a favour […]. These delicious, yet highly nutritious, breakfast bars are perfect for […]. So I quickly make apple-cinnamon breakfast bars for school tomorrow with them. It takes me a whole 15 minutes to pop them into the oven.

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Read the full privacy and disclosure policy here. Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Bars. Instructions In a bowl, combine the first 6 ingredients and mix well. Add remaining ingredients and stir until just combined.

Notes Be sure to chop your apples small.

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