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Dear Christine, Where there is an existing health issue like osteoporosis, it's always prudent to Methods in Molecular Biology. Our editors will review what you've submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we'll add it to the article. Better health Delicious and satisfying food Improved understanding of the science of diet and health then this is the book for you. The act of regaining or saving something lost or in danger of becoming lost. Skinner , operant reinforcement occurs when a behavior is followed by the presentation of a stimulus, and it is considered essential to the learning of response habits. More generally a biomarker is anything that can be used as an indicator of a particular disease state or some other physiological state of an organism.

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Alternatives to surgery include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications and anesthetic cervical spine steroid injections. The brachial plexus nerves transmit neurological signals to your hands.

Either tearing or traumatic stretching of this nerve bundle constitutes an injury. Although traumatic injuries make up the bulk of brachial plexus etiology, a rare syndrome called Parsonage-Turner also causes inflammation of the nerve bundle.

Injuring the brachial plexus nerves may lead to loss of strength and tingling in your hands. Conservative treatment will work for inflammation or stretching injuries, but a torn brachial plexus nerve requires surgery. Formation of scar tissue on a stretched brachial plexus may require surgery for scar tissue removal. Non-surgical treatment options include physical therapy and medications containing opiates; surgical techniques involve nerve grafting and muscle or nerve transfer.

Peripheral neuropathy may arise out of injury, disease or infection and may include tingling and loss of hand strength. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke cites traumatic injuries as the most common cause.

Other ailments like diabetes mellitus, kidney failure, HIV and vitamin deficiency also increase the likelihood of developing peripheral neuropathy. Treating this condition begins with correcting the underlying pathology. Symptoms will improve when the underlying cause is under control. When Mike Stearns realizes that there are soldiers coming to attack the Abrabanel's carriage, he intentionally stands out in the open with a semiautomatic pistol to draw their fire away from the carriage — and doesn't stop firing even when one bullet rips through his sleeve.

When Jeff Higgins is defending the students in the cafeteria from a charging band of dismounted Croat cavalrymen, he empties his shotgun, reloads, empties it again , and — not having time to reload a second time — butt-strokes another before finally being struck down by a saber-blow.

Susan Sto Helit of the Discworld thinks logically all the time well, nearly all the time, as everyone has their blind spots when others wouldn't — which means both in a dangerous situation and, let's face it, most of the rest of the time too. In Unseen Academicals , Glenda develops these after she gets out of the crab bucket. The Patrician of Ankh-Morpork? She faced down all of them. Not to mention got into the palace using only pie. In the X-Wing Series , Wedge Antilles is said to alternately have cold-space lubricants and ice water in his veins.

He just about invariably keeps cool and adjusts to new situations. Certainly Wedge feels emotions, some strongly, but he's well able to analyze and understand them.

He's only shown losing control once - when someone uses Fantastic Racism to diss one of his nonhuman pilots, who just died to save the man, he pulls a Neck Lift and never mind that the other man is taller. Admiral Teren Rogriss, an Imperial fleet commander who ends up briefly working with the Republic Solo Command , is noted to have these by his enemies. He amply demonstrates by playing chicken with kilometer-long capital ships.

His Interdictor -class cruiser isn't much in a fight but can prevent a Hyperspeed Escape by Warlord Zsinj's flagship — as long as it remains in range. Zsinj sends several vessels against him but can't beat the Imperial -class Star Destroyers backing up Rogriss's ship, so he decides to set one of his cruisers on a collision course to force the smaller and lighter Interdictor to turn aside. Zsinj starts worrying the second he identifies the officer in charge, since he knows his own captain will flinch first.

In the end, that captain is killed and the burning hulk of his ship is locked into its course. Rogriss stays past the last second, maneuvering out of the collision using a canny modification of his ship's systems, but also willing to take the risk that it wouldn't work to allow his allies time to keep fighting Zsinj. Wodehouse 's Jeeves ; under the most strenuous conditions, he might be prompted to elevate an eyebrow an eighth of an inch or so.

Inspector Javert from Les Misérables is a really interesting take on this. No danger can shake his cool, calm reserve: Show him mercy when he's not expecting it, though, and it's a whole different story A Song of Ice and Fire: The prologue-only Waymar Royce from book 1: A Game of Thrones , in spite of being something of an Upper-Class Twit , did not panic upon coming face to face with one of the Others.

He calmly drew his sword and dueled the icy fiend, actually holding his own. He lost and wound up a wight, but still. Stannis Baratheon is somewhat infamous for being dogmatically stubborn and cool under pressure. The fact that he doesn't seem to emote or react like most people do not help his already terrible PR.

Oberyn Martell shows absolutely no fear going up against Gregor Clegane , a. The Mountain That Rides. While he does back up this fearlessness, by absolutely dominating almost the entire fight, his Suicidal Overconfidence gets the better of him at the worst moment. Ender of Ender's Game: In the final stages of his training he's so worn out he's one step away from going insane but he still keeps on winning every battle.

The Zombie Knight has Roman's secretary Gina. Without even being able to fight, she waltzed into a castle overrun with superpowered psychos from Abolish and riddled it with eavesdropping devices, then spent weeks holed up listening to the bug feeds which often include the sounds of Abolishers gruesomely killing people and feeding info to her allies.

All while knowing that at any time a curious Abolish reaper might spot her soul and bring the supervillains down on her. Spenser has these, and has even discussed it.

His outlook is basically that while he may be scared, it doesn't change what he has to do and acting scared could make things worse. In Divergent , Eric describes his method of overcoming fear as using rationality and reason to remain level-headed.

Indeed, he is completely rational and calm when facing his death in Insurgent. Agatha Christie 's Superintendent Battle is distinguished by his utterly imperturbable manner, to the extent that it's practically a plot point if he shows any emotion at all. Ciaphas Cain self described Dirty Coward not only manages to hide the fact from friends and enemies alike but keeps fighting and keeps thinking when faced with Necron Pariahs, Demon Princesses, Tyrannids and all the other threats of his Grimdark 'verse.

Rudyard Kipling's " If-- " is basically an ode to unflappability as the key part of a real man's character. In spite of the worst that can be thrown at him, almost nothing phases Jack Bauer. Instead of panicking when she's faced with a catastrophic lack of anything resembling proper facilities or adequate supplies at the field hospital on Lemnos Island, Matron Grace Wilson not only keeps a cool head but keeps her nurses calm as well, then sets about fixing the problem to the best of her ability and making do with what she's got.

It got her the Royal Red Cross. Gotta hand it to him; not even being arrested, threatened by most of the cast or coming face-to-face with Ambassador Kosh seems to unnerve him. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: He's not a man easily shaken by anything. He even makes a comment about this is another episode. Stating how one can never tell if someone does have Nerves of Steel.

Where a trained soldier could crack easily under pressure but a father who's son was kidnapped can have ice water in his veins. Na Na displays these. It's a necessary part of her job, as she's a professional bodyguard and government agent. Everyone from a serial killer to a snarky defense attorney to Strauss has done something that should unsettle him. He generally handles this by taking a moment, then delivering a line that explains their failings with a mix of calm and condescension.

The Doctor's companions sometimes have this: In "The Face of Evil" , Leela's "fight or flight" response doesn't have a "flight" setting. Romana II evidently picked them up quickly after jousting against the Daleks , considering how she stayed calm and scheming after witnessing a horrific murder of a scientist by Count Scarlioni to intimidate her.

The Doctor himself can be described as having this, as he regularly risks his life and confronts danger with composure. In "The Satan Pit" , he literally laughs in the face of the Devil, in "The Big Bang" he carries on without visible nerves after having seen his future self near death and in "Hell Bent" he literally stands in front of a firing squad without flinching.

He is also unpeturbed at gruesome sights, although sometimes saddened — in "Cold War" he quite clinically examines a dismembered corpse. Not to mention the fact that he can even carry on living and being cheerful after everything he's seen and lost. Simon Tam displays this in "Ariel".

River does in "Objects in Space". Simon operating on Kaylee in the pilot episode with as far as he knew the possibility that he and River might be killed or turned over to the Alliance hanging over his head. Also, directing Zoe in operating on him in Objects in Space. Including warning her when he's about to pass out. It's In the Blood. Simon is a classic Kuudere and is stoical a lot of the time.

River had an even harder time in "Objects in Space". She had her amygdala torn out after all and thus is flooded with emotion Wash is able to go from the funny sarcastic guy to completely calm and in control in mere moments as well, as best seen in the Pilot in where he shows us just WHY Malcolm and Zoe have such trust in him and provides us with one of the best Crowning Moments Of Awesome in the series by outmaneuvering the Reavers without losing that stoic calm.

Also in the Movie , outmaneuvering the Reavers while flying directly into the thick of an Alliance armada. When Mal panics and tries to direct him, "No, no, no, no! Zoe walks into the room where her husband and her oldest friend and comrade are being tortured and cuts the villain off before he can even finish presenting his impossible dilemma, all without changing expression. When she gets given Wash and Mal's ear, she calmly accepts both, then returns to the ship and puts the ear on ice before heading back out for the rescue mission.

She freaks out initially, but no more than a few seconds later, she is coolly walking off the ship, checking her weapons, and telling the others that "he's not coming. Ned Stark seems awfully calm when surrounded by Lannister soldiers, with Jaime Lannister in front of him. Arya Stark is developing these as she goes from horrifying experience to horrifying experience.

She is absolutely unafraid of characters such as Tywin, Melisandre and the Hound who terrify everyone else in the series.

Tywin is very nonchalant of Tyrion threatening to kill him, even after finally being shot down with a crossbow. It is very rare to see Bronn in distress. This is usually because he's so badass that things rarely turn against him to begin with, but even when they do he takes it in stride.

The exceptions are in Season 5 when his engagement is annulled, costing him his imminent Lordship, and later on when Tyene has him poisoned and on the brink of death.

Even in the latter scenario he's rotting in a dungeon with slim chance of getting out soon and is perfectly content to stay there singing to himself for as long as he has to. Season 7 also brings an exception with the Battle of the Blackwater Rush, which has him quite distressed at fighting a battle against the Dothraki khalasars and a damn dragon. Daenerys is the blood of the dragon and a dragon is not afraid. Right from episode one she's been showing the kind of reserve and spine a ruler of realms should have.

She's been insulted, intimidated and threatened in various unpleasant ways by several powerful people. None of them managed to so much as affect her expression, much less her resolve. If she had; he probably would have devoured her. The season six finale is a Moment of Awesome for Cristina.

Derek's been shot, and lockdown has left no one but her to operate on him. If she doesn't, he will die. A few minutes later, the shooter comes in and sticks his gun in her face, demanding that she stop operating and let Derek die. She's scared, she's crying, but her hands don't shake because dammit she promised she would try to save her best friend's husband.

Derek's a mess, Meredith's a mess, you're a mess - that leaves me in charge! Clayton Webb ; while he can be annoying, the only picture of him panicking was in a flashback in one episode.

In other times, he is never fazed. In Person of Interest , all the main heroes and most of the villains too are stoic in the face of deadly danger, but Sameen Shaw takes it right over the top.

She has a mood disorder that means she might be genuinely incapable of feeling fear. She remains calm and states calmly that she's not the type to beg for her life In the first episode, Sherlock mentions this trope by name while analyzing the man who shot a serial killer. At that exact moment, he catches sight of John and realizes who he's describing. Sherlock has his moments, too. In the fourth episode, he's being threatened at gunpoint and is told that if he doesn't come up with a piece of information he doesn't have , John will be killed.

Despite this clearly concerning him, he still remains relatively calm and thinks fast enough to deduce the information he needs. It helps that Irene gives him a vital clue at that moment by looking down at herself. And both of them handle the finale of the first season ender pretty well - particularly the last few moments.

And he calmly threatened death on a professional killer. Also, Sherlock remained calm with Magnusson, and Mary remained calm when she did shoot Sherlock, though she did look apologetic. Kirk often does, too.

In a Star Trek: Bashir was doing some very delicate operation and the Red Alert klaxons went off. Data was sure that the patient was dead because the noise would have startled Bashir, but no, he kept his scalpel very still. Then he contacted the bridge. I held myself still once but I don't think I could do it again. Wouldn't this have come up before?

And of course, Data does this. Though "Fiber optic nerves" would be more accurate in his case. The Wild Wild West: Jim West is basically unflappable under any circumstances. East Academy , every single one of the East Academy duellists shows an almost mind-boggling amount of courage, standing firm in the face of horrors that most war veterans would break down at.

Deadlands has a character trait called nerves o' steel, but this Trope is more effectively represented by the level-headed advantage: Used well, a level-headed character can almost choose when to act in a round, representing a mind that is constantly looking for the perfect time to strike.

Represented in Warhammer 40, in different ways: Space Marines have the special rule "And They Shall Know No Fear," representing how their biological modifications and mental conditioning have left them without a real fear response. They can fall back if defeated in close combat or after suffering heavy casualties from enemy fire, but this is a Tactical Withdrawal rather than a rout, and the Space Marines automatically regroup after doing so.

One of the signs of how far the Chaos Space Marines have fallen is that they do not have this rule. Their nerves are very much not steel, and they know fear. Units with the Fearless take this one step further - they're sufficiently determined , zealous , bloodthirsty , or stupid that they automatically pass any Morale checks they would be called upon to take.

This lets them sidestep Tank Shock attempts and return to their formation without losing cohesion, but this disregard for their own safety can see them take additional casualties when outnumbered in close combat.

Nerves of Steel is a talent in Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader , which allows you to re-roll pinning tests. A better way or representing this trope would be takingthe Fearless talent or the From Beyond trait, which make you completely immune to fear or pinning, or having an unhealthy amount of Insanity Points.

Subverted with the World Eaters, the chosen Legion of War God Khorne, who are lobotomized so as to become completely fearless Exactly how much fear is left to get rid of when you're willingly going through the operation led a guy with the title of berserker-surgeon is debatable. The Game has a perfect Composure stat, making her breathing less louder when hiding in closets or under beds while also decreasing the chances of Jason spotting her with Sense.

This also means she can get out of Jason's Neck Lift a lot faster than the other counselors. The Batter from OFF definitely counts, apart from when he's purifying spectres. JC Denton is Deus Ex , when playing stealthily. At least a few times in the game, he and several others are attacked by something indescribable and unnatural and he's able to resist it. This is also why he's able to withstand the Dark Ones's psychic communication without going insane. The Warrior of Light from Dissidia: Final Fantasy almost always keeps a cool head no matter the situation.

He's only shown losing his calm demeanor once, when Cosmos sacrifices herself to shield him from a horde of Manikins near the end of His ability to be unfazed by any situation is occasionally lampshaded by the younger characters as something that freaks them out.

Tales of Vesperia 's Yuri Lowell, as a partial Expy of the above Jade, is also similarly unfazed in the face of danger. It doesn't freak out his True Companions but they certainly think it's weird that facing death in the face only worries him somewhat. Subverted when it comes to Judith in regards to her saying she would cut her way out of a monster's stomach to win a fight.

Yuri believes she could do that and finds her terrifying for that reason. Speaking of, Judith also fits this even more thanks to that. Tales of Xillia and its sequel has Jude Mathis. As a medical student and actual practising doctor in the sequel it makes that he would be trained in that regard Might have to do with being a Teen Genius as much as his personality. Milla Maxwell is much the same, though how much is her keeping her calm in the face of danger and her not valuing her life in the first game is up for debate.

Her alternate version in the sequel subverts this trope however. Tales of Berseria 's Velvet Crowe didn't start as this, but after spending three years in a Hellhole Prison repeatedly killing all daemons dropped into her cell and surviving mainly off her desire for Revenge and her sheer hatred she holds for the Big Bad means she approaches dangerous situations more casually than normal people do.

That said, she's still plenty emotional and there are plenty of things that can shake her. Rokurou Rangetsu is a more straight example, though his Blue and Orange Morality and Manchild state is partly to blame. Agent Francis York Morgan of Deadly Premonition reacts to the Dark World simply by lighting a cigarette and proceeding forward with hardly any reaction.

It helps that he's already crazy in his own way. Commander Shepard , especially if the Sole Survivor background is chosen. This isn't even getting into what happens in the story proper. Joker 's performance in general, and at the end of the first game in particular; he isn't even nervous trying to land the Mako APC in a fifth of the normal minimum landing zone, just intent.

It's a stark contrast to his attitude outside of the pilot's seat , though. Dante from Devil May Cry. This guy's reaction to things like giant demon birds threatening him, a three headed ice dog trying to block his way, or a demon snake trying to eat him? Dodging or no selling whatever they try and taunting them. Eternal Darkness , famed for abuse of the Sanity Meter , lacks the meter during Pious Augustus's chapter.

Simply due to being before the meter is introduced to gameplay? Being the only battle hardened professional solider among the player characters? Or is it because the ancients decided to preserve his sanity? After all they aren't so bad to look at by default, they choose to make those who look at them lose it. Shu Shirakawa in any Super Robot Wars games where he's present is this. It is currently been prescribed and distributed worldwide as its popularity has tremendously increased.

The article intends to provide more content about Noopept. Like Piracetam, Noopept helps in the formation and retrieval of the memory. It affords to do this by facilitating the effective management of the stimuli that are processed by the brain hence allowing human memory retrieval. In addition, Noopept helps in streamlining the signals that are produced by the human body and transporting them directly into the mind as memories.

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It is also noted that the Noopept improves the blood composition and its flow. Noopept has just a few minor side effects that are reported which include restlessness, irritability, headaches as well as dizziness.

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