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Although this is a long overdue review There is 24 hour security and their prices are lower then all other competitors. My unit is big and clean. I got my lost weight goal the first time around and I maintained it for a long time. During the transition period, these additional public funds could be raised through a variety of measures, e. Felt like a family friend.

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Weight Watchers vs. Nutrisystem vs. Jenny Craig

I'm not a good dieter and it has nothing to do with Jenny Craig. I will lose a bunch away then I'll get off and gain it back and then lose it again. They were always trying to keep me in check. My experience with Jenny Craig has been good. It was through my mom that I first heard about the company. The reps were motivating and they seemed to fit my needs. They were friendly and I felt comfortable. I don't like a lot of coaching so I made them aware of that. I'm pretty self-motivated, so they worked with me with what I needed.

I liked the portioned meals and the fat plan per week. The mac and cheese and some of the desserts were really good. The food was good and I felt success from the plan overall. I used Jenny Craig three or four times over a year period and it worked. But then it became a little too costly for me at the end so I had to give up the program.

Jenny Craig checks in with me every now and then. If it were a bit more cost-efficient, I would be able to do it. We have different program options you may benefit from, we're happy to give you more information regarding those programs.

Recently, I did the Rapid Results and while it worked really well for me, I had some problems. They are so rigid. If I know that if I eat the food, it always works.

They have a good variety with their food and I tend to like the same things over and over. I like the breakfast ones. They used to have different pancakes but they changed the food which is another issue.

I like their waffles. They got the breakfast scramble also and I like their Anytime Bars too, which is something they give for between the meals to hold you over. They need to expand on their dressings though. They have great mac and cheese, which they know is popular.

It has been around forever. They have a little cheeseburger too which I like a lot. Their desserts are pretty good too. Thank God they haven't taken that away. They have a chicken and potato dish which is really good and the lasagna is not bad. They have little cinnamon rolls for breakfast that are good that makes me feel that I'm not on a freaking diet. I feel a little bit better.

I know why they have to have shelf items because that travels well but I like the frozen items way better than the shelf items. I know them and they know me and they're very close to my house. I was very excited about that because I used to have to drive so far. That makes it a lot easier and they're very close to a volunteer, which is a grocery store. Thank you for your feedback and congrats on meeting your goal before the graduations! We'll make sure to share your suggestion on more dressings with our Food Team.

I have tried other weight loss companies, but I had not been completely successful. I walked in at Jenny Craig and my first interaction with them was fine except that they were slightly understaffed. And three years ago, at the Tampa Florida center that I was really successful with, my experience was fantastic and the consultant was super! She shared a lot of her story with me and what motivated her.

She worked with me to try to figure what would motivate me, and she got tough with me when I needed it. I joined Jenny Craig again here in New Jersey and I'm having a problem with making an appointment and I sitting for minutes trying to wait for my consultant to be able to take me in.

They are understaffed and have difficulty trying to fill positions. In Florida, my center was five minutes away, but this one is a half an hour away, so I keep quitting because I get frustrated. It's an hour round trip and then, I sit there sometimes for over a half an hour waiting.

The manager is great, but the center is not managed well as far as scheduling. And as far as the sincerity level of the consultants, I feel like a number up here at the New Jersey site. But down in Florida, I felt like a person that meant something to the consultant. Still, the quality and the flavor of Jenny Craig's meals are great and that's what makes the program successful, and it works. I really like the butternut squash ravioli, fish and chips, and the breakfast burritos.

I just wish that Jenny Craig could be managed consistently so that one center is not more superior to another center as far as customer service goes. Also, the connectivity of the computers in those centers that I've been to has been terrible whether they have old computers or new ones.

It's frustrating to every single consultant and the frustration flows over to the clients. We're sitting there and done with our appointment, and the order for the food cannot be processed because all the computers are very slow. Thank you for your feedback.

We're happy to hear about your success. We're going to have a Manager follow up with you regarding your experience in the New Jersey location. We strive to provide a seamless experience no matter what Jenny Craig you attend.

We will be reaching out soon. I've done Jenny Craig in the past and it worked. Their representatives are both great girls. I've only been there since February and I've reached my goal.

They are the reason that I'm down 35 pounds. They pushed me forward. I look forward to the weekly visits and I told them that they are the highlight of my week. We laugh and have a really good time. I have a good menu plan and all the food is great, and if there's a meal that I can't do like pork or fish, we substitute and it's not a problem at all. Congrats on your weight loss, that's fantastic! We're happy to hear about the great relationship you've developed with your Consultants.

I have gone back to them over the years several times. And once you stop eating the food which over a period of time is a lot of money, you tend to gain the weight back. Other than that, the food selections are good and I enjoy them. I change every once in a while, and they bring in new foods as well. I would recommend Jenny Craig and I have told people where I go to lose weight, but I've also told them the pitfall that once you stop eating the food, you gain that weight back a lot of times.

Our Maintenance Program will help you once you met your goal. While being on Jenny Craig you're learning portion control and getting in the habit of eating several small meals throughout the day. Jenny Craig's Maintenance Program is important because it helps you maintain your goal you worked so hard to get to. A Consultant would be happy to go over this with you, please give us a call and we'll be happy to help get you scheduled. I wanted to lose weight and I have a great experience using the Jenny Craig program on and off for 15 years.

The consultants have all been wonderful. I enjoy the desserts and I have used the menu program, which works fine. The meals are good quality and they look good. Even people in my office has said that it smells good. I've recommended people to Jenny Craig. With them, you would like the food and would also lose weight. When you stick to their program, you'll have good results. Thank you for your review and for recommending Jenny Craig!

You're right, Jenny Craig works when you stick to the program! I really like the rep whom I spoke with to get started again. She is very nice and easy to talk to and she understands when I have a crappy week. I have been on the program for only a couple of months, but I had a couple of things come up.

My mom had a stroke and then my year old daughter had a baby, so it has been hard because I had to go out of town when my mom had a stroke.

A lot of the food is good and I like a lot of it. Before, they had a different chocolate cake. However, the only difficult part about it is when I have stuff come up like going out of town.

If a person sticks to the plan, the program works really good. I would definitely recommend Jenny Craig to a friend. We're sorry to hear about your Mom. Please know we are always here to help and support you throughout your journey.

We wish you all the best. My very first interaction with Jenny Craig was quite emotional for me way back in the day because I was very upset.

At that point in time, I was only about pounds and when I went back in , I was In , I had gained a lot of weight before I got married due to the drama issues within family relations and that factored in a bit.

I couldn't shake the way through and I got discouraged, so I knew that going back to Jenny Craig was one thing that works for me. I did the Body for Life as well, but I was better with the pre-planned meal in the portions. Jenny Craig is within two hours from my house and all the gals that I deal with there are very good and understanding. I've been with Jenny Craig for long enough that a lot of times I know what it is that I'm supposed to do and what I'm doing.

I'm very verbal with the process and how I'm doing, and they provide the guidance knowing that I'm not just a Jane Doe off the street that doesn't know anything. I usually go there every four weeks, but this summer, I've been on a holiday so sometimes it's five weeks. I normally deal with Lynnea on a weekly basis because I get weekly phone consults. I normally talk to her every Thursday and that goes well because it's not just how many meals are going, but also whatever else is happening with my life that affects everything else.

It has always been interesting. Sometimes I deal with one of the other gals too depending on who's scheduled. But Lynnea is very good at asking the right questions. She is understanding and supportive. There's no bashing going on, "Why didn't you stick to your plan," or "Why did this happen," or "Why did you lean off the wagon for a bit?

I needed more regimens with the schedule and more discipline of what my portions are and what I need to eat.

I needed that training again. They tell me that I can have veggies and if I wanna do something, then I have to give something up in moderation. I've had to go to our head office for training sometimes and it was a process of being able to do that and still do the Jenny Craig stuff and make all that work for me. It was a good learning curve as well because it brought some real life in, even though Jenny Craig is the real food but it's the outside Jenny Craig food.

The difficult time for me is usually between the time I get off from work and the time that my husband gets home. Weekends aren't usually bad, but there are times when I'm feeling a little snacky and there's always the monthly cycle. There's no logic in there, there's no rationale, and there's no talking myself out of something. During those times, even though I don't need the chips, it doesn't matter.

My husband is very supportive and he's also wanting to lose the weight, so we have picked up different plates. We're learning portion control with him, the fact that he can eat like he is in his 20s. We purchase pretty much anything from Jenny Craig except the lemon stuff that I don't like. I also can't have the shrimp stuff because my husband is allergic to shellfish. I'm fine with anything else, except for the honey and peanut butter.

I don't like those because I don't like the aftertaste. But there's not very much that I don't like within the Jenny Craig menu. Normally, when I go to the city, I would look forward to going out for supper and my husband and I have shared meals. That is a good thing as well because a normal meal for anybody is too much, but if you share a meal, then that makes a difference. I can still go out for supper even though I have my Jenny Craig food and I can have a side salad.

I'm still eating with people, but I'm being healthier and still having my Jenny food. They got a new Blueberry square bar. It's okay but it's not for everybody. I love the Cranberry biscotti bar and I would like to see that on their menu a bit more than see a Sunshine sandwich because I don't really care for the English muffins. I've also gotten used to the butternut squash ravioli a bit more.

I'm not a big spaghetti and meatball fan, but it still tastes good. My favorites of late are either the Turkey burger or the cheeseburger, but I like all the Jenny food. There's not a whole lot on the menu that tastes like diet food and that's one of the biggest reasons why I like Jenny over some of the other ones that are out there.

Weight Watchers says a lot of with peppers, which is fine, but Jenny does the rice and the potatoes. And they've got the pasta and still got their veggies.

If you don't have that variety, then you're gonna get sick with the menu. I have already recommended Jenny Craig to friends.

We're happy to hear about how Jenny Craig has helped you in your life and about the great relationship you had with your Consultant.

I was able to get in on a lifetime thing but they no longer offer it. From time to time, I go back then I picked up some weight and I reapply myself. I like the choice of food from Jenny Craig and most of the foods are really tasty. I get to enjoy a wide variety of things that I normally want to eat.

I'm okay with the soups and the chicken salad but I'm not a real fan of most the shelves stuff and I chose not to take those as a possible substitution. I like the Margarita pizzas, the flatbread pizzas and carbonara. I also like the pot pie and the macaroni and cheese which is one of my favorite. It is a pretty safe food and my favorite dessert is the triple chocolate cheesecake. However, one of the times when I went back to them I had a lot of issues with heartburn and I was taking over the counter medications on a daily basis.

I don't know if it's because of lack of the fat or just balanced food that it had these health effects to me. But within two weeks of going back I haven't had to use the heartburn stuff. I live alone and Jenny Craig works well for me. I don't have to worry about cooking for other people since I get to choose. I feel the difference when I'm going off inches in the waist but it's more that I'm a lot healthier and more for wellness. I've talked to quite a few people I know about it.

It will work well for people who are in the same situation but it also depends on the lifestyle and what they are willing to do. We're happy to hear about your satisfaction with the variety that Jenny Craig provides you.

We'll share your feedback with our food team. I started Jenny Craig a long time ago. At the time, Weight Watchers still had meetings you had to go to and that wasn't for me.

Jenny Craig had an offer at the time that I couldn't pass up. It was 20 pounds for 20 dollars. I decided to give it a try and it worked. My first interactions with Jenny Craig was okay. A gentleman took care of me the first couple of times I was there. However, they were having a turnover of people at the time and he was just temporary. I was very skeptical when I first went. I didn't think it was going to work and was quite surprised when it did and it just kept me coming. The first time I went there about eight years ago, I lost 54 pounds.

And I kept it off for six years. Then I had things happen in life and gained the weight back. I ended up going back again and I've lost pounds. I have 10 pounds left to go.

My personal consultant is not quite as openly friendly, but she's a good consultant and knows what she's doing. When I go in weekly, I weigh in first and then I sit down and go over the next week's menu that I'm going to be on. At times, depending on what my weight is, she'll give me tips as to what I can do differently to make it better. I've been going there for a long time and they have been there for me. They've changed their menu within the last four months and a lot of the original things they had were better than what they changed them to.

They've changed their Anytime Bars now. Last week was the first time I had gotten the new ones. They are really delicious, but they're smaller than the other bars were and they have more calories. They went up 10 calories per bar, which is 70 calories a week. And that's for not getting anything any different than what I had before. I'm not sure I like that at all because I was perfectly happy with the ones they had before.

Also, I have found some at the grocery store that has more of all the good things than Anytime Bars. Moreover, it has even less of the bad things in it. I think I'm going to go that route instead. There are also some meals that you couldn't pay me to eat. There are a couple of them that I have tried several times and I think they're worthless. I've tried the beef merlot two times. Each time I've gotten it, there were two tiny pieces of meat, about as big as the tip of my little finger, and the rest was all gravy.

Then there were vegetables in there. For me, that's not a meal. But overall, most of the food is very tasty. Congrats on your weight loss!

We're happy we get to continue to help you meet your goals. We'd like to have Manager follow up with you privately regarding our experience with your Consultants. As for the menus at times we do change or retire foods to keep our menu fresh and full of variety.

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My shop had grew in here, the new owner is making it looks better so it can attract more passerby which is good for business. The staff members I encountered were very Elohim in helping me find the right unit and get the best price.

The units and facility are very clean and easy to navigate. Very nice place to store, clean great costumer service.

So that goes from three to four stars. Moved into a bigger unit because of low price. Working with Shirley and the manager was a pleasure. The unit is clean and big the parking lot is easy to get in and out of. They have security cameras and the lot is fenced.

I recommend storage zone to everyone. Very clean and cheap managers were very nice and helpful and I were able to afford an additional month due to their low prices. Flexible drive up access is great No Hassel. Everything was great about this storage. The only thing I didn't like was that I was quoted a different price than what I ended up paying.

The representative tried to do as much as possible to get the price as close to what I was quoted. I was happy with the move in price, and getting the rest of October free.

The gentleman that checked us in was great. The staff was very friendly and the place is clean and secured. I really like this storage place. They are very well priced. I really recommend it! Storage units are very clean, they have a variety of sizes to choose from as well. Extremely helpful and friendly staff. It is very simple but meets my needs for general storage. Great deals, staff was friendly and Facility was clean. Really nice people and safe area. Like how close it is to my work and home.

Very easy to get to. I've actually had great experience here. We've had a unit for over a year and the new management company has really been good.

I was very pleased with everything. Considering that this was my first time. I do suggest calling first to be sure the manager is there to do the paperwork. Feel confident that my storage is in a secure location as well as one that is clean and convenient.

Staff is invested, caring, qualified and attentive to customer needs. The gentleman at the desk was very helpful and answered all my questions. Puppy was cute too. Costumer service is excellent. Facility is always clean. Not the best experience. Got there to find that the doorway was smaller than described and thought I was going to have to go elsewhere.

Movers got the couch in somehow. While the Leigh is wonderful and I enjoy working with her I have asked for replacement for at least 3 months of rental. I just rented another unit and the hasp on it is also broken. I do not feel my things are as secure. Also, I have been asking for the rubber strip at the bottom of the doors to be replaced. There is a gap and everything in my units are filty as a result.

Leigh tells me the request for the repairs has been submitted Also, when they spray painted the doors, they spray painted my lock. The doors panel need maintenance!!

Is really difficult for a woman open it. Go there before preparing to move in to get actual costs! The back row is VERY tight against a fence with very limited access and can only accomodate small cars. The lot has very large loose gravel not paved and spaces aren't marked so people park a bit haphazardly. So I had to pay more than quoted price. It's for first month only" and since I was getting the "rest of the month free move in special" it wasn't usable.

I still moved my trailer in because I had already made arrangements to get it there, but felt a bit deceived and bait and switched. I was a bit disappointed after getting there to find out the "back row" of storage space for RVs was unmanageable for any kind of RV because a fence was so close within 10 feet of space? Too tight for even many cars to get into or exit. Spaces are not lined or marked and parking is not clearly defined and vehicles parked Hodge podge.

I was also told there was no senior citizen discount anymore as advertised on site that it was only for the first month and since the remainder of my month will be free, doesn't apply. Felt kind of deceived and will be comparing prices at other storage places again now I know REAL costs.

Staff members peaks both English and Spanish. Reasonable storage unit price. Its a decent storage facility with ok prices.

Was not too impressed with customer service.

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