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I just want to say thankyou so much for taking the time to reply to my first email. It made all the difference to know you were rooting for me, and I really appreciate it. With Love, Molly X. Congrats to you for all your hard work, it certainly paid off! It really is amazing how our body can heal when we give it what it really needs.

I see you living a perfectly healthy life if you maintain this lifestyle and attitude. Thank you so very much for sharing and posting your results so other readers can appreciate your story and your good news: What I do know that I have learned from Dr. I believe what it needs is for you to provide it with alkalinity thru whole foods and pure water while nurturing a healthy attitude and stress level. Any inflammation that you are experiencing will be minimized or eliminated which will certainly improve the symptoms.

Hope has to exist for a miracle to happen. Young says one disease is all disease and can be reversed with one cure. If I were you I would certainly find a microscopist to do your live blood analysis so you can see your current picture and then monitor your changes and success. All my best to you and please, please keep me posted. Hello, I am very interested in this for my mother and I as we have had some health issues.

My mom 52 had breast cancer last year and this year she is suffering from bad allergies and a bad cough. In I 29 had a fibroid in my uterus that was removed with surgery. So far I have not had any more problems. Right now I work as a secretary and I am struggling with very low energy and I am tired all the time! I know that we need to make a big change. We have begun already, trying to cut out sugar, white flour and dairy.

Eating whole grains, more fruits and veggies. I think the hardest thing for us is giving up meat. We love chicken, ground chicken and ground turkey.

Where would be a good place for us to start? I am SO excited to find someone who has the same passion of me! My WBC kept climbing. I hate to say but I have fallen into the medical monopoly. I hate meds and I never ever take them so this was a hard blow. They say Im suppose to take this TKI drug aka chemo pill for the rest of my life!

I say they are nutty!! What do u suggest to do for a blood cancer? HI Shara, I commend you for having the strength and intuition to choose the high road without drugs, esp. I highly recommend reading Dr.

I am currently studying the Psychology of disease in nutrition school. This could be very helpful for you if you are open to energy healing, understanding chakras, effects of emotions etc. All the best and please keep me posted as I am sincerely interested in hearing about your journey: Melissa, my sincerest apologies, this comment became buried in the heaps.

You are totally on the right tract esp. I encourage reader to eat as much veggies as possible, raw or steamed, keep your high sugar fruits to a minimum and only enjoy your organic meats times a week, moderation is a good thing here. With regards to cancer there are varying opinions to meat, if it were me I would eliminate it altogether, mostly because animals and humans tend to store environmental toxins, dioxins in particular, in their fatty tissue and these dioxins are not released, ever, unless you bear a child, at which time they are shed.

It really is tough to imagine such a shift but it can be done bit by bit or kept to an extremely moderate amount. I say keep up the good work and move gradually as you may listening to your body and noticing, really noticing how you begin to feel. If I could add, juicing is amazing and can really take your health to the next level: Thank you for writing back!

We are doing much better, we have been gluten and dairy free for 2 months now and we have both lost weight and have more energy.

I have tried some veggie juices, but I have a hard time getting them down. So far we are making healthier choices, but I know we have a long way to go! Hi ladies , I am wondering if you could tell me what the best alkaline strips are, I have bought 2 different kinds and they read opposite of each other.

Hi Lainie Hmmm interesting. Your alkaline buffers kick in when you eat acidic foods to compensate immediately, thus you might think you are high alkaline when you are actually acidic. Your urine will be a little less volatile in a short time frame. Watch for more info on a new tab under lifestyles with details on measuring your pH. I hope to post it soon. I have been reading through all of the above comments and found that they all had some kind of pre disposed illness..

I think more ppl should be interested in this as a preventative measure not a cure to an illness.. I have been reading about juise feasts and am also very interested in them.. Thanks you for sharing all your knowledge.. I am keen to get started on my path o better health! Fiona, I completely agree! When more and more people consider a healthy lifestyle a preventative measure for avoiding disease our world full of illness will shift dramatically. Hi Julie, I am 37 and just finished chemotherapy for stage 3c colon cancer.

My recent blood test and CT are clean! I am also working with an ND who has recommended the Alkaline Diet. I would love HELP. I have 3 small children and a hubby whose resistant to diet changes but wants to help me. What is this Alkaline Coach you speak of?

Hi Angela, I highly suggest you start with this audio version of Dr. There is a complete program in the book and you can slowly transition the family to this.

An alkaline coach is ideal if you can see them and have your blood done. I do have one reference, Jason, who does phone consults and home visits if necessary but you need to be ready to commit and have a budget for this.

The first initial call is free to determine a good fit. With your diagnosis I would definitely suggest using Jason if it fits your budget. Contact Jason here jason vitallifegroup. Let me know how you make out: My struggle in getting started is how to know which foods are alkaline and which are acidic. This has me a little confused. Can you clarify this? Your recipes look amazing, I already had the power smoothie this morning and it was delicious! Ana, the pH Scale is often referred to for the blood and body fluid pH levels and some food charts but is less accurate for food.

The food in our chart from Dr. This allows you to really see and zero in on the higher alkaline foods and also eat less of those that perhaps are neutral and acidic or completely avoid those that are highly acidic. The plus indicates alkaline the minus is for acidic. Hope this is clearer for you. Just came upon your website looking for a list of alkaline foods and found it to be very informative.

Please send me your news letters. Hey Rose, thanks so kindly for stopping in. I am unable to do it for you other wise I would gladly do so.

I am currently very intermittent with the posts until I finish my book that will be out in spring but once this November hits I will be on a consistent schedule, either weekly or bi-weekly so be sure to sign up for lots of great posts this winter: Hi, I have been doing the alkaline diet for one week now as I have a rotator cuff problem in my shoulder.

I had an operation on it but did not take away the pain. I had been following it but add in 50g chicken a day and eat a hard boiled egg for breakfast otherwise i get shaky legs.

I also eat fruit for breakfast. I make sure i drink two and a half litres of water a day. Unfortunately the pain is still as bad as ever, should I expect it to take a lot longer to take effect? I do eat lots of the vegetables throughout the day. Please help, the pain is sometimes unbearable. Hi Rachel, I can completely sympathize as I have been here. You need drastic measures and a flooding of alkalinity to recitify this issue. I suggest the following: Drink liters of greens powder in filtered hopefully alkaline water daily this works amazingly get these greens.

If you can get a juicer, juice veggies every single day or blend them into a green smoothie- no fruit-just lime ginger mint and stevia to make it taste nice. Honestly this simple regime with all the veggies will make a HUGE difference and you should be out of pain in 4 to 8 or max 12 weeks. I was flat on my back and it was 12 weeks for me.

Do you think this will help me? I have scalp psoriasis and my hair breaks off faster than it grows and I would really like to turn the page with my hair. Diana, most certainly I believe that your inner terrain is causing your issues.

But for sure…working on your digestion and possibly reducing candida in your system with probiotics and a no sugar or carb diet may be really helpful for a while.

A holistic nutritionist visit would be highly beneficial: I have been trying very hard to avoid prescription meds by trying just about every recommended natural supplement out there, as well as restricting all trigger foods from my diet. I have had some ups and downs, but over one year on, I am still dealing with almost daily symptoms, and am starting to worry about the potential state of my esophagus and future ramifications.

I am very curious about the Alkaline Diet, but am also unsure, as protein is supposed to be a big part of my diet in order to help strengthen the LES. Do you know of anyone with a similar condition who has done the Alkaline Diet with success? Many thanks for your help! Hi Kelley, I believe that alkalizing your diet will help balance your body and return your health, no doubt here! You have saved your body much assault by chemicals and acidic compounds.

I suggest pHor salts on Innerlight. A holistic nutritionist or integrative doctor or naturopath is your best bet, one that is familiar with the alkaline lifestyle. All the best, you are on the exact right path! I am 18 and I have sweaty palms and sweaty feet ever since I was a kid and now I suffer from a yeast infection and fungal feet infection on my toes nails too. I would love to hear some advice from you to see what you think. Thank you for posting this great article!

Young and you will then totally understand how to rectify your problem for good!! It totally explains the yeast issue most of us suffer from and help you get really clear on how to balance these organisms.

It can take some time but it is totally doable! I also highly suggest you see a live blood analysis who is inline with alkalizing the body and this will show you the health of your blood on a computer screen- very clearly the yeast and fungus in your system and also help you see the progress of eliminating it as it is right before your eyes. You are on the best journey you can be with this lifestyle as your guide.

You can also do a cleanse on the phone with approved coaches of Dr. I may be doing some coaching eventually but not quite yet. All the best to you, I know you can beat this. You are in control! Do your best with organics, try to avoid the dirty dozen and scrub the others the best you can til you can afford the ideal. Go to farmers markets or plant a garden. Your future depends on it: Please keep me posted, I want to hear how you are doing. I am so excited to have found your site — the recipes especially!

I live in a tiny appt. Would you recommend signing up for a juice cleanse? It makes me so happy to have a place where I can find support and understanding! Allie, so glad you are ready to commmitt to healing. A juice feast would be a great place to jumpt start your journey.

I suggest phor salts and supergreen daily from either innerlight. Adding green smoothies to your mornings is a great way to avoid cravings later in the day. Hi Julie, I have found your site a very interesting read. I am like Allie, who posted about Rosacea, i have recently been diagnosed with this and currently on medication. My skin is itchy dry and honestly feel like i have just aged 10 years solely from my skin.

But i have been reading up about my body being alkaline in order to manage this. So i have just been to a healthy living shops and got fish oils, tumeric, evening primrose, olive leaf, inner health, liquid chlorophyll and bio green super food to add to green smoothies.

So i am taking the first steps. I was wondering should i be eating chicken and salmon? I have read different things from different sites. Hoping you can as i am not a vegetarian. Also As with Allie, do you think i should go on a juice feast to jump start or just start with the diet? Any help with be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Hi Tracy, you are doing just what you should be and yes a feast would be perfect way to jump start your journey. Enjoy lentils and quinoa and other plant based proteins like edamamme etc instead.

The evolutionary discordance is incomplete, since it is based mainly on the genetic understanding of the human diet and a unique model of human ancestral diets, without taking into account the flexibility and variability of the human dietary behaviors over time. While the introduction of grains, dairy, and legumes during the Neolithic revolution may have had some adverse effects on modern humans, if humans had not been nutritionally adaptable, these technological developments would have been dropped.

Evolutionary biologist Marlene Zuk writes that the idea that our genetic makeup today matches that of our ancestors is misconceived, and that in debate Cordain was "taken aback" when told that 10, years was "plenty of time" for an evolutionary change in human digestive abilities to have taken place. Advocates of the diet argue that the increase in diseases of affluence after the dawn of agriculture was caused by changes in diet, but others have countered that it may be that pre-agricultural hunter-gatherers did not suffer from the diseases of affluence because they did not live long enough to develop them.

Excessive food energy intake relative to energy expended, rather than the consumption of specific foods, is more likely to underlie the diseases of affluence. Adoption of the Paleolithic diet assumes that modern humans can reproduce the hunter-gatherer diet. Molecular biologist Marion Nestle argues that "knowledge of the relative proportions of animal and plant foods in the diets of early humans is circumstantial, incomplete, and debatable and that there are insufficient data to identify the composition of a genetically determined optimal diet.

The evidence related to Paleolithic diets is best interpreted as supporting the idea that diets based largely on plant foods promote health and longevity, at least under conditions of food abundance and physical activity. The data for Cordain's book only came from six contemporary hunter-gatherer groups, mainly living in marginal habitats. Kung , whose diet was recorded for a single month, and one was on the Inuit. For example, wild almonds produce potentially fatal levels of cyanide , but this trait has been bred out of domesticated varieties using artificial selection.

Many vegetables, such as broccoli , did not exist in the Paleolithic period; broccoli, cabbage , cauliflower , and kale are modern cultivars of the ancient species Brassica oleracea. Researchers have proposed that cooked starches met the energy demands of an increasing brain size, based on variations in the copy number of genes encoding for amylase. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about a modern-day diet. Life timeline and Nature timeline. Anthropology portal Evolutionary biology portal Food portal Health portal. Retrieved 25 December Journal of Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases. Journal of Human Evolution. Annu Rev Public Health. Am J Clin Nutr. Curr Gastroenterol Rep Review. Retrieved 17 March J Acad Nutr Diet. Retrieved 24 November The paleo diet, also known as the caveman diet, was Google's most searched-for weight loss method in Fad diets and "miracle" diet supplements promise to help us lose weight effortlessly.

Different diet gurus offer a bewildering array of diets that promise to keep us healthy and make us live longer: The New York Times. Retrieved February 5, The evidence for the Palaeolithic diet".

Furthermore, the practicality of maintaining these interventions over long periods of time is doubtful. Nutrition in Clinical Practice 25 6: The western diet and lifestyle and diseases of civilization.

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Retrieved 20 January Annual Review of Anthropology. Retrieved 12 September Population and Development Review. American Journal of Physical Anthropology. Dietary change was a driving force in human evolution" PDF.

The Nordic diet: heart and weight benefits