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After surgery, your doctor may require you to follow a special diet and refrain from any physical activity. A clear liquid diet includes any colorless or clear food and beverage. A clear liquid diet is typically recommended by a doctor immediately following spleen surgery, says the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.

A clear liquid diet is typically prescribed by doctors after surgery to support nutrition and energy for patients when they are unable to tolerate regular foods. Some examples of acceptable clear liquids include fat-free broth, soups, ice pops, gelatin, hard candy and various fruit juices without pulp. Patients may also consume beverages such as water, soft drinks, tea and coffee. A clear liquid diet is not an adequate source of calories and essential nutrients.

It should not be used for more than five days unless under the supervision of a health-care provider. Eventually, regular foods may be consumed again in your diet as tolerated. Most patients are able to resume a regular diet after the second postoperative day. However, consult a registered dietitian for a full list of acceptable foods for your condition. You can continue to live a healthy and active life without a spleen. Since food tolerances may vary from person to person, you should keep a food journal to record your daily food intake.

A registered dietitian can help determine any possible problem-causing foods to avoid following surgery. Your doctor may recommend staying home from work or school for at least one week following spleen surgery. Video of the Day. Detoxification [ ppt ]. Drug Supplement Interactions [ pdf ]. Drug Supplement Interactions 2 [ ppt ]. Food Allergy [ ppt ]. Functional Foods [ pdf ]. The Gastrointestinal Ecosystem [ ppt ]. Gastrointestinal Disorders [ ppt ]. Gastrointestinal Disorder an Integrative Approach [ pdf ].

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