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Learn how your comment data is processed. For the most part I feel good, however, a recent ECG test also revealed an incomplete right bundle branch block. Pompa and his associates. There are numerous sensory receptors: Any perceived threat or stressful situation can trigger this response. Ach is also released by some sympathetic postsynaptic neurons and all parasympathetic postsynaptic neurons. And it's even possible to use freeware to create your own.

What is the vagus nerve and why should I care?

“Fight or Flight” vs. “Rest and Digest”

Much of this connects back to the liver—the sole caretaker of cholesterol, glucose, insulin—and bringing the liver to change first. Because of it, our pancreases evolved to adapt to the shooting of insulin against the processed enemies. By eating more raw foods, you might be giving your pancreas a load off. Recent studies have circulated and lead to a plaguing worry about an increase in nonalcoholic fatty livers.

Clum separates visceral fat from adipose, and strikes back at how fasts that go low insulin or ketogenic burn off visceral fat foremost. Your body is that capable. Eating less to live longer is something we greatly value. We then tackle glycogen flexibility—or physical activity.

There are three moving phases that require change: Clum describes as your engine. Moving into more physical activity, Dr. Much like dietary tracts and fasting methods, variation is key—many studies report that doing one specifically is less healing than doing two in various degrees. Most workouts require a dose of stress relief cardio, which is not something to mistake as your actual exercise, as Dr. Yet, we can both agree that resistive training falls under a lesser valued category when it faces the diabetic world.

Looking at the sympathetic versus the parasympathetic nervous systems, which Dr. From a diabetic standpoint, this is prevalent.

We focus vehemently on the growth hormone, and despite its success, what we really want more of is repair. Debunking myths about exercise and food, we attempt to unveil an answer about the most perfect time to eat: Its results are jarring—no hormonal response, no stamina for your workout, and no energy. This, as opposed to a Gatorade sports drink, is pivotal in the post workout phase.

Turning back to Dr. Unable to finish his first small meal, we note how tough solid foods can be on the body after a long break. Soft-cooked vegetables and berries and ferments tend to be easier on the reformed digestive tract. A huge highlight of fasting: As bad cells fail to adapt, they lose their resource and die off, giving the body leeway to shift and edge closer into ketosis.

Ketosis, an ancient healing strategy that we love, is another key to changing the epigenome. Insulin has a plethora of roles—it weasels into the cell, into the mitochondria, through the Krebs cycle, and blocks fats from producing energy.

Touching on diet variation, we look at clans in Tibet and the Hunza people, who have foraged for years without diseases. These diets, based on a summertime vegetarianism and springtime restrictive practices, are what bring ketosis and fasting to its ancient holding.

Taking back your health is achievable by way of ancient healing strategies, a varied diet, intermittent daily and block fasting, and more. Again, I must reiterate the importance of supervision—a trained coach to aid you through something as complex as ancient healing strategies. You need someone versed and experienced to get you on a healthy fasting regime and dietary track to help reach your health goals. Finally, in CHTV my son Simon shared his own fasting experience, after being inspired by one of my clients who healed eczema from a water fast.

His was a quick decision, a very sure one, and the thirteen-year-old found himself headlong into an day water fast.

We expound on a few of the symptoms he bore — nausea, lightheadedness, a lot of body odors and welts around the knees. These first three days are typically accompanied by a white-coated tongue, tedious symptoms of illness, dizziness, and lack of energy. However, as custom, around day 4, Simon started feeling better.

He noted an increase in energy, and we observed his uplifted attitude and improved sleeping habits. Before long, he was in ketosis. To get a better idea of Simon, prior to the fast, his diet habits were carb-centered. Of all my children, Simon tends to be the most food-addicted, and his initial craving during the fast was cheese.

However, since breaking the fast, Simon attests to having no cravings or addictions. What happens here is that grehlin and leptin, hormones which affect the microbiome, alter drastically during the fast and communicate to the hypothalamus to shut off hunger. Due to this, the body knows to avoid muscle. With water fasts, the innate intelligence recognizes muscle, and protects it from being absorbed. Fasting provides a good chance to change your palate. For parents of vegetable haters, there is hope!

A great breakthrough was that Simon, who previously had an aversion to vegetables of any kind, came off his fast, tried broccoli, and enjoyed it. In addition, we discovered his slight intolerance to dairy when he attempted to delve back into cheese.

This is unsurprising, since conventional dairy can be a root issue to many chronic gut problems for many individuals. With ketones hitting 6. These are perfect target numbers for autophagy.

In breaking fasts, people routinely make the mistake of loading up on calories. Between humans and mice the mice, only being subject to the fast for 3 days , the results sparked interest. The real goodness lies between and 1, calories per day, with a focus keen to your fats and raws. Unsurprisingly, the weight quickly returned, but the inflammation markers remained decreased.

After three months of repeating this cycle, the subjects grew healthier and healthier, despite falling back on their regular diets. What does this show? It also demonstrates the power of fasting, prolonged or not.

Of course, despite not being a fast, the diet still mimicked results of fasting, which garnered the title. For partial fasting, try and 1, calories each day dependent on weight, focusing on the fats and raws.

For those with adrenal fatigue, this is going to be a simpler, less mental method to start. Intermittent fasting, the daily concourse of three square meals with no outside foods, met with partial weekly fasting, is essential to easing into that system. In terms of partial fasts, organize inventory in terms of fruits, veggies, fats and fiber, choosing servings in each per daily depending on calorie goals.

After all your efforts, how can you determine when your body is ready for food? This question pops up a lot in our world, and it comes with many physical indicators that you should watch out for.

First, through the process, your tongue may change color from white, to yellow, to even black. Simon eased back into foods with a steaming bowl of grass-fed beef bone broth. For those who question the dialogue around water for fasting- is distilled okay?

Our bodies are fully capable of discerning the difference between H20 and CO2, and I often prefer reverse osmosis water with a sprinkle of sea salt here and there. As for the big weight loss question, many clients assume thinness and fasting to be all-in-one. However, once you begin eating again, the body can smartly distinguish and force muscle growth, which is a healthy, fluid mechanism for muscle gain.

This ancient healing strategy has changed many lives when no other tool worked. Sometimes the simplest and oldest proven strategies provide the most profound results. Hello I am new to this fasting quest and today I am on my 4th day and still gaining knowledge from you all and pushing forward. And I need this concern fixed before I share this amazing information with friends and family.

I look forward to your response and thank you. I am into my fifth day of my water fast — How do you find out about your glucose and ketone levels — is that something that only a dr. Fasting with thyroid issues is best done under the care of a trained practitioner learn more about Dr.

You can purchase a blood ketone and glucose meter online and take the measurements yourself! I have a confirmed by an Asyra Scan Lyme Disease condition. Also Liver fluke and other intestinal parasites. The main symptoms are poor blood circulation cold hands, feet and ED , a gluten and soy allergy, low blood pressure attacks and insomnia. I am 67 years of age.

I changed my diet and eating habits about 2 years ago. I do not eat fast or processed foods. I now very seldom eat any carbs, red meat, whole grains and legumes. I have used zapping for ridding the parasites. Together with almond milk, carrot, celery, turnip, beetroot powder, kale powder, ginger root, garlic and avocado oil, I use essential oils such as Clove Bud, Rosemary and Cinnamon in my breakfast smoothies.

I have been detoxing the liver, adrenals, gall badder and kidneys regularly. I eat some vegetables daily and a very little in season only fruit. Is there any danger to me if I were to do a 7 day water diet? A water fast may be transformative for you, and we always suggest working with a trained practitioner for guidance. Learn more about Dr. Pompa and Meredith, I have been doing the intermittent fasting for some time and have incorporated 24 hr fasts occasionally with no problems.

Sometimes the day goes by and I have forgotten to eat. So after reading this article I thought to try a longer water fast period. I went 4 days before I had to stop. Felt like crap all 4 days with huger cravings, and I am still feeling weak and brain foggy this first day after the fast period.

How low should one let their glucose levels go during a block fast period? I have only been eating light with very little carbs to break the fast. Today had one avocado and the rest of the shake with some coconut oil. Apparently I am more of a sugar burner than I thought, and these withdrawals are tough. Makes it hard to work on my patients when I have little energy.

I understand that it may take several block fasts to get out of this brain fog low energy state and switch to fat burning. How long should one wait before going into the next block fast?

Many people have success with monthly or quarterly block fasts, but doing what works best with your schedule and condition needs is always suggested.

Thank you for the excellent article. I am in my mid 30s and have no health conditions so I intend to begin a 15 day water fast unsupervised. What are good practices to engage in to ensure that these are processed safely during the process.

Of course we suggest working with a trained practitioner, but keeping natural detox pathways open is key and allowing the innate intelligence to do the rest is where the magic lies in water fasting. I just turn 70 years old and I decided to start a water fast. I am on my fourth day. I posted on facebook about my fast and everyone is telling me not to do it. They are telling me it will hurt my heart muscle.

I am a female, am over weight by about 50 pounds, I do have diabetes II and high blood pressure controlled by medication. I am feeling pretty good, I get a little light-headed with I get up too quick. The key is to keep the intensity low so as to not bring more stress into your system and focus your energies on what you are doing.

This means paying attention — i. Think of it like an active form of meditation. Doing this low-intensity, highly mindful forms of exercise will calm your system down and allow you to recharge your depleted batteries. Over time, you will be able to pick up the intensity and duration of exercise; just be sure to continue to incorporate some exercise of the re-charging variety every week to keep yourself balanced.

Your email address will not be published. For access to more podcasts, become a member. Click here to purchase! Rosalie Misco on November 22, at 9: I have done all those things you mention for a long time. I am not under any stress. I am almost 80 years old and have no stress in my life. I am not a worrier either, my nervous system runs too fast. Valium helps, but I don't want to live on drugs the rest of my life.

This has only become a problem as I have gotten older. What can you suggest? Oler, ND on November 27, at 5: In addition, it sounds like you may benefit from amino acid therapy www. Janina Bruckman on January 4, at 3: My CNS is overstimulated. Will this go away? Janina M Bruckman on January 4, at 3: I forgot to say my body is vibrating Reply.

Oler, ND on January 4, at 3: Hi Janina, Thanks for contacting us; unfortunately, without more information it is impossible for me to say what the likely prognosis is. However, I can tell you there are very few things that are not correctable i. Vimala on January 28, at 5: I get chills in my upper and lower extremities to often even during hot seasons,I was investigated for UTI, which was normal and so I was told to have hyperstimulation of SNS can you suggest a remedy plz.

Oler, ND on January 29, at 4: Hi Vimala - thanks for contacting us; unfortunately, without more information, it would be impossible for me to make any recommendations.

However, since you have been diagnosed with hyperstimulation of the SNS, I would certainly suggest you use the recommendations in this post series. Brandy on January 31, at I have been suffering from all the symptoms of an overstimulated cns for over a year tingling, vibrating, shaking, etc.

I think I have linked it to Adderall and I have quit taking it with the help of my doctor. About how long will these symptoms persist as I am miserable? Oler, ND on February 1, at 7: Hi Brandy - thanks for contacting us, although I am sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly.

How long the symptoms will last will depend upon any residual imbalance s due to the medication. I suggest seeking the counsel of a functional medicine provider that uses amino acid therapy to help get you feeling well again. Sincerely, Dr Chad Reply. Brandy on February 2, at 1: Thank you so much for that information!

Will definitely follow up on that. Amy on March 6, at 6: Hi there, I have been experiencing tremendous anxiousness and nervousness. I believe my nervous system is in overdrive. I wake up every morning with a knot in my stomach, palpitations, and have insomnia constantly waking up during night. My thyroid has been checked, as well as my glucose.

Oler, ND on March 6, at 7: Once you have that information, whatever provider you are working with should be able to come up with a workable solution to help.

Diane on February 21, at 4: I have burning sensations in my arms , legs, head and shoulders can you help please Reply. Oler, ND on February 21, at 3: Hi Diane - thanks for the comment, although I am sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly. Unfortunately, your description doesn't provide enough information to make any kind of assessment. Chris on April 5, at Hi Dian I am not sure if you are still following this post but I have the same symptoms you have.

Would like the opportunity to speak with you about them as I have not come across anyone with the same symptoms I have. Jasmine on February 26, at 7: What would you recommend? Oler, ND on February 26, at 6: HI Jasmine - there are numerous possibilities; the first thing to try is to workout earlier in the day.

Intense workouts raise cortisol levels, which can disrupt melatonin productions and sleep. This will spike insulin, improve muscle repair and decrease cortisol. Jasmine on February 26, at 8: I really appreciate your reply, esp.

I have stopped working out at night and have resolved to only work out in mornings. I also cut my stress load and only walk and do yoga. I also try to load up on carbs after work outs. I will try the carb protein ratio you advised, but do you have any other tips for me?

As you have undoubtedly uncovered in your research, it can take months of dedicated action to optimize your nervous system function.

Focus on getting your new routine established and see where that takes you. Penny on March 7, at 7: I have an extremely high heart rate and blood pressure for my age. All investigations have turned up nothing of note. Heart investigations haven't shed any light either. I'm almost certain it is an over-stimulation of my SNS, or underactivation of my para-sympathetics.

I have venous thoracic outlet syndrome bilaterally, and am having surgery for this on one side next week.

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