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Newer Post Older Post. For example, if you do not like vegetables and you would rather drink a glass of vegetable juice, you could substitute both of your vegetable servings and your option of a fruit or vegetable serving for 12 oz. For desserts and snacks, you might have brownies, cake, or cookies. Overall, the foods and meal plans focus on: You hardly have to cook, since most Nutrisystem foods either are ready to eat or only need heating. Email required Address never made public. That's because you buy most of your food from Nutrisystem.

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My Grocery List with Nutrisystem #NSNation

I have no desire to record it. I have to go exercise and I am prolonging it until after this quick post. Mushrooms, onions, and asparagus are unlimited veggies. But it fills you up quickly. I spent about 50 calories or so and I am full.

So I cut everything up and put it in a skillet. Then, I sprayed the Pam on top of the veggies and viola! A great unlimited food snack. Well, I will write more later. Off to the treadmill. I know if I lose 5 more lbs I can get into them. Those are my motivation pants. Then I will go to the 10s and then the 8s. But when I was about 3 years ago I wore a size 9.

Remember we can do it! I figured the meals they sent me would be enough and maybe a veggie with it and some snacks between. Well, according to them, I'm not getting enough food.

I suppose to have a couple power snacks and a couple smartcarb snacks between my meals. I'm also suppose to be getting at least 4 servings of veggies a day. WOW that's a lot of food if you ask me. They have a list of all the foods they recommend me eat between my meals. I may not get all that in each day but I am working on getting at least 4 veggies mixed in somehow.

I can put my Nutrisystem microwavable lunches in there, plug it in when I get to work in the mornings and by lunch time, I have a warm prepared meal ready to eat. I can stuff veggies in with it if I'd like and they will soften up just in time. This little warmer does not cook so I can't add raw meats to it but it works fine for everything else.

Nutrisystem- Black Beans and Rice. It works better than the microwave and I don't have to worry about it boiling over anymore. Plus, anything slow cooked is just better.

I bought some V8 vegetable juice to help me out. I do not like it that well but its a quick solution. I also did my best to get in at least 64 ounces of water a day. I lost 2lbs this past week and another inch off my waist. I still have 15 more pounds to go to reach my goal. Diet , Healthy , Nutrisystem , Weight. Newer Post Older Post. About Me Lisa "Hi! I'm just a simple blogger from North Carolina. Thank you for visiting my page!

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