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ATHLETE TO WATCH: Jennifer Thompson – Powerlifter
Seamans , 24, of Merrian Heights, Wellsville, is charged with trespass after allegedly reentering the concert venue after being ejected and told not to return. I entered my first competition a year later in and the rest is history. William Howard Frindall, Cricket Statistician. We can't explain now why there was no gymwork during the off-season session, but an interview was included along with a lot of posing in many outfits for both tapings. The entire prejudging and finals are included, with line-ups, comparisons and prejudging and finals' routines- and the picture quality is excellent. This is a list of notable people born in, or notable for their association with, Georgia.

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63kg Jennifer Thompson Benches 317.5 lbs for New IPF World Record

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Meet the 14-year-old weightlifter who can lift more than TWICE his own weight