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Does the density of wood affect the time for a flame to burn through to the other side? Can pigments from lichens be extracted for dyes? An analysis of the pH of saliva of students at your school. What esters are common in basic flavors?

Will artificial sweeteners replace sugar? DNA extraction techniques from beef liver. Comparison of the Effects of Inorganic Catalysts and Enzymes on Peroxide Decomposition How do different conditions affect the speed at which fruit and vegetables ripen What effects do different amounts of exercise have on the production of carbon dioxide in humans?

Compare the amount of protein in different brands of milk. Is there a difference between plant and animal DNA? Do different varieties of the same fruit have the same level of vitamin C? How can we extract DNA from onions? A study of the percentage of DNA by weight in different species Factors affecting the enzyme's reaction rates How can we test for the presence of starch? Illustrate how a sewage plant could produce natural gas Can you reproduce the effects of the commercially produced Pomona's Universal Pectin with homemade citrus pectin?

Paper Chromatography, what colored dyes are found in powdered drink mix and markers? How is calcium involved in muscle function and metabolism? Is there an inheritance pattern in mitochondrial DNA? Effects of temperature on viscosity of oil, chemical reactions, Brownian movement, burning of different materials. Everyday activities that illustrate chemical principles Chemical reactions that produce energy or that require energy Testing of consumer products- glues, stain removers, antiseptics, mouthwash, detergents, paper towels, making salt water potable, removal of pollutants Effects of sunlight on rubber, ink, paper Illustrate how hydrogen gas might be stored efficiently using carbon nanotubes Demonstrate how liquid methanol could be made from natural gas Effects of increased concentrations on the rate of chemical reactions Compare the pH levels in mouths of various animals and humans at different times in the day Compare the surface tension of various liquids Dealing with chemical spills from industry.

Are there better ways to mitigate the problem? How Does Surface Temperature Above the Boiling Point Affect the Rate of Evaporation of Certain Alcohols Analyzing snow and rain for pollutants; samples from different locations Effects of temperature on density of gases Understand how different physical properties and chemical agents affect microwave superheating of water Build your own small liquid air generator.

Show how pure nitrogen, oxygen, and other gases can be removed from the liquid air by a process known as fractional distillation Effects of salt and other contaminants on rate of rusting Growing crystals- factors that affect the rate and the size Can you obtain water from ink, vinegar, milk?

What effects do different amounts of exercise have on the production of carbon dioxide in humans? Analyze soil samples for their components, ability to hold moisture, fertility and pH Does the amount of particle pollution vary with distance from a road, with location, with height. Determine types of particles found in pollution fallout Catalysts- how they work and why; commercial applicants and problems Determine the effect of different brands of detergents on surface tension Fire extinguishers-principles of operation and factors affecting their efficient use How do acids react with different metals under varying conditions Identify different metals by the color of flame when they burn Can you devise and experiment that will list metals in order of their activity, from the most potassium to the least active ore gold Electroplating- the principles, how different metals can be used and the practical applications Chemical Change and the factors that affect the rate such as heat.

Factors affecting the making of glass. The effects of salts on the freezing point of water and other liquids. Techniques of fractional distillation of oil samples. Testing the mineral concentrations in hard and soft water. Investigation of pH variations of soils. Can negative ions anions can be separated and analyzed with exchange resins. Can light energy influence chemical reactions? A study of acidity in different types and brands of milk Effects of temperature on viscosity of oil, chemical reactions, Brownian movement, burning of different materials.

Testing of consumer products- glues, stain removers, antiseptics, mouthwash, detergents, paper towels, making salt water potable, removal of pollutants Effects of sunlight on rubber, ink, paper Effects of increased concentrations on the rate of chemical reactions.

Dealing with chemical spills from the industry. Effects of salt and other contaminants on rate of rusting Growing crystals- factors that affect the rate and the size Can you obtain water from ink, vinegar, milk?

How do acids react with different metals under varying conditions Identify different metals by the color of flame when they burn Can you devise and experiment that will list metals in order of their activity, from the most potassium to the least active ore gold Electroplating-the principles, how different metals can be used and the practical applications Calcium magnesium acetate CMA as a deicer Effects of drying times on the properties of glue mixtures Effect of chlorine bleach on fabric strength Chemical reactions that consume versus produce energy Factors affecting an enzyme's reaction rate What household material will put out fire the fastest?

What type of metal, steel, copper, or bronze, will rust faster? Which hair coloring product has the greatest amount of lead acetate? Back To Category List. Which is the Best? How can a computer be used as a time clock to keep track of time worked. Determining which computer is the fastest for different kinds of programs.

Which factors most affect the operating speed of a computer? Can a computer can be used as an educational tool? Demonstrate how internet data can be used to predict the weather patterns in your home town. Create a program that gives people information based on their birthday. Which WWW search engine produces the most accurate results?

Show how computer programs can simulate astronomical events. How do web pages work? Do computers or computer monitors generate radio signals?

Examine the effect of magnetic fields on recording mediums tapes, disks, etc. Create a program that simulates intelligence, responding to a user based on what the user inputs into the program. Can a computer program affect childrens' learning ability? Demonstrate how examinations can be administered by computer and simultaneously graded.

Develop and demonstrate a program to predict a comet's orbital path. Develop an advanced computer program designed to solve one of several problems in the mathematics of probability. Develop a computer program designed to solve one of several problems in advanced mathematics. Create a program which teaches the user a set of technical facts thorough the use of branched programmed learning methods.

How does the C programming language work? Develop a program which will determine the feasibility of takeoff and flight for an aircraft. Develop a program to solve mathematical formulas. Develop a program to recognize animal tracks based on their shape. Can a computer program predict the future population of nations based on past population statistics?

Develop a medical program to identify common childhood illnesses based on the symptoms exhibited. How Safe Is Your Data? Aid for finding the centroid of two dimensional rectangular shapes.

Computer-aided design and simulation of digital circuits. Microcomputer programs for the blind. A study of solar flares through the sudden enhancement of atmospherics The identification of elements in the solar and stellar spectra Crystal growth rates versus solution strengths, temperature, etc Observations of experimentally induced seismic waves Is there a relation between sunspot cycles and earthquakes Observations of geomorphic factors in the local areas Fossil studies in limestone and other rocks Sunlight- how do different surfaces affect the amount of sunlight reflected and absorbed?

Design a method of measuring how much sunshine is available each day. A study of phosphorescence as a tool for geologists Do major earthquakes set off other fault areas in other parts of the world? Does the depth have any effect on other possible resulting quakes? Frost formation- what must the temperature be to form first; what are the effects of humidity? What is the make-up of frost and dew? How does water compare to land and what effect does this have on the weather? What factors affect the cooling of land?

Build a snow and rain monitor. Perhaps light from an infrared light emitting diode could used to detect the reflections off the rain drops and snow flakes Build Your Own Seismometer and demonstrate how it works.

Observations of fluctuations in stream flow following rain Study of air tides: Study and record varying levels over the year in a body of water; account for differences and the results on the surrounding environment How much is formed on a square meter for a period of time; account for variations Does wind travel at same speeds and in same directions at different heights? What must the temperature be to form first; what are the effects of humidity?

Which effects the rate of evaporation most- temperature, humidity, wind speed or other factors? Can you measure the speed and force of raindrops? Could you simulate the effect of rain?

Does fresh water hold heat longer than salt water? How do different surfaces affect the amount of sunlight reflected and absorbed? Can you collect the amounts of water in the air at different temperatures? What is the difference between direct sun and in the shade? Is the difference constant? Weather records- Design and build an automatic recording weather device.

Test it over a period of time. What happens to hair during periods of changing humidity? Record length of days and nights over a period of time; what effects do the changes have on things like household plants, pets, etc. Can you measure how much dew is formed in a square meter. How does the temperature change during the day? What time is usually the warmest?

Can you construct your own thermometer to keep your own records. Observations of experimentally-induced seismic waves A study of small scale wind currents around buildings A study of solar flares through sudden enhancement of atmospherics The effects of solar activity on radio propagation Build a "tornado in a box" to show how tornadoes form Demonstrate how clouds form via condensation around particulate matter.

Explain how fog forms and build a device that produces fog. Which affects evaporation the most.. Build and demonstrate a weather station with rain gauge and wind indicators. What is wind chill and what effect does it have on inanimate objects? Explain why the sky is blue and then sometimes changes color.

Demonstrate how moisture or dust in the air can change apparent color of the atmosphere. Can you demonstrate how an undersea earthquake produces a tsunami? Build a working model that demonstrates the cause of earthquakes.

Demonstrate which holds heat the longest, water or soil. Will different types of salt grow different kinds of crystals? Is there a relation between sunspot cycles and earthquake? What is the accuracy of Web-based Weather forecasting services?

Build a working model of a device that indicates how level a surface is. Perhaps it would make different tones when a bubble moved in a tube. Designing a strong bridge, an energy efficient home Comparing insulative properties of various natural and commercial insulators.

Which are the best? Find the maximum speed in fiber optic links How does weight and shape affect the rate at which an object sinks? How can I build a home-made thermos bottle? What is the most efficient design for a windmill?

Which type of barrier is most effective in reducing highway noise? Design and construct a simple device to demonstrate hovercraft principles What is the effect of dampening on a shock absorber? What is the strength of dome shaped eggshells as demonstrated by their weight bearing capacity? Is it to build a working water clock?

Which style of roof truss is the strongest? Which building design is best in withstanding an earthquake? Demonstrate how an AM radio detector can be constructed out of scrap materials and explain the function of the various components. Build a working model of a body temperature monitor and alarm. Might be great for hikers worried about hypothermia Can a small sensory robot be built for use on pavements and highways which will automatically search for and indicate when pavement or highway cracks of a certain size are found so they can be repaired?

Build a freeze alarm. The device would sound an alarm when the temperature dropped below 32 degrees F. Design A Electrically Driven Micrometer Why do the inside of cars get so hot in the sun and what are ways to reduce the heat?

Is it possible to reduce noise by adding certain types of noise? What are the effects on dry wall thickness on sound transmission? Is it possible to eliminate foundation by temperature variation? Is is possible to make a clothes dryer more efficient by using an air-to-air heat exchanger? Invent an electronic water usage monitor that could be easily attached to a shower head to help the user conserve water Build a wind energy monitor. The output signal from a simple wind speed meter anemometer would be fed to a computer that would calculate and plot the potential energy per unit area each day.

Such a system might be useful to help define locations for wind energy farms. Design considerations for "Solar Heated" homes Design considerations for "Solar-Cell" powered homes What are the best designs for propellers for wind generators?

Production of electrical energy from mechanical sources Which substance is best to use in blocking floodwaters? Develop a shower water temperature monitor. Such a device might help conserve energy Study of efficient home insulation. Which is the best?

Illustrate a working model of an electrodeless sulfur lamp. Show how such lamps could save energy in home, office and street lighting needs The effect of landscaping and architecture on energy consumption. What are the annual variations in the ecology of a body of water The study of the impact of pollution on an ecosystem A study of water pollution from feed lot farms Make your own aerogel cubes. Describe some uses for this new material Illustrate how glass foam might be used to make strong building materials with high insulation properties Tracing chemical e.

DDT concentrations in successive food chain levels Ozone destruction experiments A study of air purification methods Come up with some non-chemical methods of purifying water. Build a lawn moisture sensor. Tells you when it is time to water the lawn.

Saveswater by not allowing sprinkler to turn on of the lawn is moist enough Demonstrate how sea wave action could be used to produce fresh water from sea water using reverse osmoses Build an energy monitor that displays gas and electricity usage. Unit connected to the power and gas meters. Maybe place the display next to the thermostat. Displays real time usage as well as weekly and monthly totals Efficient methods of breaking down crude oil in seawater Experimenting with microbial degradation of petroleum Experimenting with biodegradability Can Centrifugal Filtration Be Used to Remove Particles from Water Efficiently and Economically Find and ink that would decompose for recycling paper Rain- can you measure the speed and force of raindrops?

Use of solar energy- design and construct solar cookers, solar panels, etc. An analysis of exhaust emissions of cars as related to the size of cars and tune-up conditions How Carbon Dioxide Affects the Temperature of Air An analysis of carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, and hydrocarbons in our ambient air.

How much air space maximizes insulation in various materials? Design, construction, and testing of a mechanical method of separating solid waste for recycling.

The effect of air pollution on algae, protozoa, fish, insects or mosses and lichens What type of materials are strongest when they interact with acid rain? Which material filters water the best? The effect of air pollution on algae, protozoa, fish, insects or mosses and lichens Does the amount of particle pollution vary with distance from a road, with location, with height.

Determine types of particles found in pollution fallout Exploring methods of controlling erosion Is air in your house the same temperature at floor level and near the ceiling? How could you spread heat more evenly through the house? Can magnetism be used to remove minerals from "hard" water?

Research and demonstrate methods of pasteurizing or purifying water using only sunlight as the source of heat. Is there a relationship between well water contamination and animal pens? How effective is lettuce as a bioassay medium for determining the toxicity of water contaminants?

What effect does water turbidity have on dissolved oxygen? What are the effects of biodegradable wastes on dissolved oxygen? From which direction does our area receive the most particulate air pollution? Does carbon dioxide contribute to warming in a closed environment? What aerosols are in the air and does air quality affect asthma rates? Research and experiment with different plants to see if any of them can be used as an indicator of air pollution.

What are the effects on plant life when detergents are added to the soil? Examine and compare the biodegradability of different soap powders. Compare the effects of Polyacrylamide vs.

Polyacrylate on soil erosion. Which types of paper decompose the most rapidly when buried? What effect would an oil spill have on plant life? Demonstrate the greenhouse effect by measuring the temperature within a light trap box covered with glass or plastic. Does the pH of rainwater vary from place to place in our community? How does air pollution affect the growth of algae? What are the effects of carbon dioxide on land plant life?

What about water plant life? Are macroinvertebrates indicators of stream health? Can biomass be used to generate electricity by creating methane gas? Can soil besides a roadway be a health hazard? What are the best grasses to use to reduce the amount of soil in runoff?

How to different fabrics compare as barriers against UV radiation? Is is possible to use recycled newspaper to fertilize plants? Which enzyme works best to reduce grease in a grease trap? The mathematics of snowflakes Infinity comes in different "sizes". What does this mean? How can it be explained? Compare the mean, median and range of heights for males and females in your class.

How will this compare to a class one year older? Demonstrate the bell shaped curved for random distribution Does a sphere hold a volume greater than the apparent volume of a cylinder? Research, explain and demonstrate the use of fractals. Determine how the size of a statistical sample affects its accuracy. What equalities of lengths and angles are sufficient to prove two sets of four points quadrilaterals or quadrangles Build models showing that parallelograms with the same base and height have the same areas.

Is there a 3-dimensional analogue? This can lead to a purely visual proof of the Pythagorean theorem, using a physical model based on dissections. Consider tiling the plane using shapes of the same size.

What's possible and what isn't? In particular it can be shown that any 4-sided shape can tile the plane. What about 5 sides? Make sketches in a geometry program Sketchpad, Cabri, or using Kali Investigate compass and straight-edge constructions - showing what's possible and discussing what's not. Investigate constructions using origami paper folding. Can you construct all figures that are constructed with ruler and compass?

Can you construct more figures? What is the fewest number of colors needed to color any map if the rule is that no two countries with a common border can have the same color. Why is the proof interesting? What if Mars is also divided into areas so that these areas are owned by different countries on earth.

They too are colored by the same rule but the areas there must be colored by the color of the country they belong to. How many colors are now needed? Polyominoes are shapes made by connecting certain numbers of equal-sized squares together.

How many different ones can be made from 2 squares? Investigate the shapes that polynominoes can make. Investigate the creation of secret codes ciphers. Find out where they are used today! Look at their history. Build your own using prime numbers. Find out all you can about the Catalan Numbers, 1, 1, 2, 5, 14, 42, Build models to illustrate asymptotic results such as Stirling's formula or the prime number theorem.

There is a well-known device for illustrating the binomial distribution. Marbles are dropped through the top and encounter a number of pins before dropping into cells where they are distributed according to the binomial distribution.

By changing the position of the pins one should be able to get other kinds of distributions bimodal, skewed, approximately rectangular, etc. Use Monte Carlo methods to find areas or to estimate pi.

Rather than using random numbers, throw a bunch of small objects onto the required area and count the numbers of objects inside the area as a fraction of the total in the rectangular frame.

Look at the ways different bases are used in our culture and how they have been used in other cultures. Look at how other cultures have written their number systems. Demonstrate how to add using the Mayan base 20, maybe compare to trying to add with Roman numerals is it even possible?

Explore the history and use of the Abacus There are several methods of counting and calculating using your fingers and hands. Some of these methods are still in common usage. Explore the mathematics behind one of them. Find out all you can about the Fibonacci Numbers - In particular, where do they arise in nature? What is the Golden Mean? Study its appearance in art, architecture, biology, and geometry, and its connection with continued fractions, Fibonacci numbers.

What else can you find out? If that's not enough, do squares, pentagonal numbers, hexagonal numbers, etc. Venture into the third and even the fourth dimensions. Use your computer to draw fractals based on simple equations such as Julia sets and Mandelbrot sets.

Find examples of all of them and understand how they differ. Is there an algorithm for getting out of 2-dimensional mazes? Look at the history of mazes some are extraordinary. How would you go about finding someone who is lost in a maze 2 or 3 dimensional and wandering randomly? How many people would you need to find them? Investigate the Steiner problem - one application of which is concerned with the location of telephone exchanges to minimize costs.

Construct a double pendulum and use it to investigate chaos. All forms of gambling are based on probability. Investigate how much casinos anticipate winning from you when you play black-jack, roulette, etc. Study a variety of lotteries and compare them. You are right that Ethiopia is not perfect in Where and how can I start when you see Ethiopia of and the way you do? Can you also elaborate and compare Eritrea of and Eritrea of ?

Just to be fair since you are Eritrean after all. You are missing the point. Most Eritreans know that Eritrea is a mess these days and we are not claiming otherwise. However, the legion of unionists here, wish to portray Ethiopia with a utopian spin, which is simply far from reality, as it too is in a lot of muck these days and is only marginally better off. What is wrong to make minor adjustments to address grievances of those villagers? Exceeding stupid thing to say when your whole argument was we have a long history of administering this area.

Bingo Cousin, a real ONE. No need to mention Hope or to respond—just thru a proxy one if needed. He will probably bring up the West African case—Nigeria vs Cameroon ,I believe-his fav example mentioned by his fav hero! He is against anything that can benefit Eritrea for his small dark corner. Do not forget the man wanted to see sounds of bullets in the streets of Eritreans.

For example he continues to accuse the highlanders, use old Italian system regional names in order to divide Eritreans. The man will spend his day crying under his bed if the border issues are solved. How can you even not guess that a man who distributed Foro lies to care for Eritrea. The man was the one who was silent while the Oromo and Amhara were killed by weyane Meles vision.

So that you know. Saay argument is on real technical terms and court interpretation of it. What Amanuel argument is based on realistic real time benefits to the well being of the Eritrean people. Honestly, I do not know the reason why Ethiopia agreed to go to court in the first place since they forced Eritrea out anyway.

Selam Amde Do u agree with this 1, eritrea agreed to solve the border dispute after they took control of badema and before the war broke out. You are right, Saay was saying on the real technical terms.

But I am still saying that the ruling still gives a leeway if the parties agree, they could make adjustments which will still be part of the technical implementation of the demarcation. Ethiopia might have had upper military hand at the end of the war by taking over not only the disputed territories but even penetrating deep into undisputed Eritrean territory; but certainly Eritrea would not just sit and accept the new reality, instead it would wait until the opportune moment comes and try to claim back its sovereign territory by force.

But at the end of the day, one cannot solve such issues through force, the two countries needed a legally binding peace agreement that settled the issue once and for all for all generations to come.

What I mean is, knowing what Ethiopia decided to do after the ruling: The boarder and even the war is just a distraction what ever other motives they had, which I have no idea what it was. The fact on the ground was both Melles and Isayas become the undisputed leaders of their respective countries after the war.

They used the opportunity to purge any potential challengers they had. It appears he wanted a permanent internationally recognized boarder of Eritrea, instead of a bilaterally reached agreement, while Ethiopia having the upper hand. I know many Eritreans get furious when that explanation is advanced. It was what a good son of an Eritrean mother and an Ethiopian father would do. He wanted the father to pay alimony for the mother in perpetuity so that both can live in relative comfort and peace, somewhat still connected but separate.

It did not work. First think about how fast they reached an agreement after the war ended. In ended in Summer and in Nov they signed the agreement, where for two years they both were making diffrent excuses to go to war.

Second point is, if that was the intention, to see the boarder demarcated legally, why renegade in a very small part of the ruling and drag it for so long? I think, I have said this before several years ago. They reached the agreement quickly after the hot war because Ethiopia was offering to stay in Eritrea to enforce a 25 miles buffer zone.

PIA is the one who made a biblical proportion blunder in starting and running the war from beginning to end. As to the second point, Eth. Sium Mesfin were surprised at the verdict first.

After a year or two they accepted the decision and wanted to solve local issues Irob and splitting villages in conjunction with the Eri. The Eritrean Government leader said NO just to be contrarian and use it for his political purposes. This is a simplified version. There were plenty of opportunities to avoid or settle the problems in a reasonable way.

Of course, this is my bias view. You may have a reasonable different view as well, that is fine. The consolidated agreement, as you know, is called consolidated because it built on three piecemeal agreements Framework, Modalities and Technical Arrangements. The framework was the hardest, the modalities were the easiest and the Technical Arrangements were never signed by Ethiopia DESPITE assurances it had given the US and its partners that the two parties would accept whatever they came up with.

Eritrea had the moral authority and with the right leadership it would have prevailed on getting the world to pressure Ethiopia more intensely to abide. A monumental blunder with massive ramifications.

When I say quickly, I was referring to the time it took between the last war or cessation of hostilities and the final agreement. There is nothing Eritrea can do to end the war except to wait until Ethiopia comes back. The time between cessation of hostilities and peace treaty for World War II was 13 months. The time between cessation of hostilities and peace treaty in the Eritrea Ethiopia war was 6 months. Hi saay, World war two was won with the evil doers dead.

Everything was controlled by the winners in second world war peace prevailed quickly. I was in Eritrea for the last three months and I am in my ayni tigray as we speak. The difference in economic, infrastructure and the way people live in general terms at this point is we are left behind not by a small margin. I believe tigray pulled ahead while we grew backwards. Axum, Adwa,Shire and all the others used to be small cities are with multiple large buildings and booming construction, govt and pvt schools colleges universities and private small and large companies and factories.

Thank you for bringing this up. This is my wild imagination and secret plan between IA and MZ that I think this whole war is all about. IA is an insider enemy who was hell bend in destroying Eritrea from within, and that goes back to when he joined the liberation movement. He succeeded in destroying ELF from within and he was on a mission from the day of independence to destroy Eritrean society, country, culture and innovation and hard work since.

He wants to exile the whole Eritrean population and leave the country and the people destitute. Look this map and what that tell you? Why is Eritrea cut off completely from any future of economic development and integration with Africa? What economic incentive would justify the cost of doing additional km of travel to reach the same destination. Not to mention the cost that involved to build the roads that do not currently exist. It is normal and a human instinct to look for complex explanation to a complex problem.

In the case of Eichmann, Arendt was able to piece together that he was not an intelligent man, that he misunderstood German theorists about being a moral man, that he was a man who found satisfaction only when he was able to join a group, and that he was simply a man obeying the law. That leaders will not surrender until surrender is academic. How is a national leader to explain the sacrifice of so much for nothing.

I get what you are saying. And I believe everything you are saying, if we are talking the times during the conflict times. Both were looking after their own self interest and they were blaming the other to justify their believe. This I think is ok, because most wars between two nations are conducted like that. For example, during Iran and Iraq long war, I am sure both people felt the same way.

Or Egypt and Israel, each countries were supported by their own people and saw the other as enemy. What I am having problem to understand is, why is IA hell on bend to destroy the country Eritrea , and to what benefit.

If MZ was doing something remotely relevant to his own people people of Tigray , then I can at least see the justification for it. But none exist in Tigray.. But IA is destroying every little institution that had, along with the people. Our memories even started to fade that we really had to some degree normal childhood, that we played. Like AT last article, the 9 year old in Eritrea are not even able to act and play like children any more.

There already well established road and even rail road from Massawa to Aligider, and the boarder of Sudan. The same can be said in the African continental Fiber optic network. Eritrea is closest to the region in terms of proximity, where the supply is coming to the continent, and yet it no where in the picture.

This is why I am having problem with IA. If he wants power and wants to stay in power, I get it. But nothing like what he is doing to the country and the people. I will try to address the smaller questions and then the bigger one using what I consider to be similar analogy. That is part of their page report to the African Charter. On the trans-African highway network, my guess is they missed it for the same reason they gave a pass to the Continental Free Trade Area: On why IA does what he does: On the examples you gave, I can see the justification for the people who admire them.

By the same reason, people may as well admire other dictators, the likes of Sadam, Castro, even Mengistu HM for that matter. With all the crimes they committed against their own people, none of them go out of their way to destroy their own country and their people.

They did what they did to stay in power. What the project of IA looks to me, Eritrea is being cut off to die a slow death. At the same time what ever viability it had, in terms of infrastructure, resources is being build within Tigray and beyond to replace it. In other words, Eritrea is cut off to make a way for Tigray to be the main link to the main land. If the Ethiopian people desire is to have no business with Eritrea, then let it be. I am not asking something we have no control over.

I forgot to comment on the small question. I know you do not buy the excuse they give for missing out the continental fiber network. Like I said, Eritrea by being proximity to the Middle East, the cost is the least compared to many other countries in the region.

The Internet brings opportunity to education, health care, tourism and even becoming a player in the ISP and cellular phone providers as a viable HUB network and gateway. And then frustrate eventually nothing happens. The only close example that I can think about is, how the Spanish, Portuguese, French or the British made the native people people disappear over time from their own lands and made them irrelevant.

This is what the Government of Eritrea says about why the internet is slow in Eritrea:. Internet service started in a small and limited capacity in the year but the annual increment is substantial.

The broadband width remains slow because Eritrea could not join the sea-based Fiber Optic Cable connection when it was launched 12 years ago for financial reasons at the time. But the Government has been negotiating with overseas companies and Fibre-optic based broadband internet access will be secured sometime soon. The prevailing low bandwidth and speed notwithstanding, there are no restrictions on internet access and internet cafés are preponderant everywhere.

They provide service to the public with proper considerations of the national laws and have become useful medium for information tapping and exchange.

The social media is also becoming more popular in particular among the youth, professionals and businesses. One of the things that came to light with Saudileaks besides resulting in Abdella Jaber going to prison is which websites the government banned—some of which its supporters are now bragging about.

It is their religion. A man has to know his limits right. I leave Marxism-Leninism to you and Paulos. If IA does what he does based on some theory, then that will convince me that this guy has actually some principle. He has some higher purpose, some higher value that guide him to do what he does. Everyone, the whole population, the whole country resources, is there to just serve him as he wishes.

And the doctor talks to you about, obesity and the problem of eating too much sugar or red meat. Hi BY and Sal: When I am in good mood, I tell him I concur and tell him Sal you have a point, if am not, I bring my own rebut to that thinking So for now let say, IA and the ruling group believed in communism because few people can go beyond the times and challenge the prevailing ideas, so we can let that go.

Now, he goes on to say, we have abandoned it and we are collecting our money In our case, the PFDJ ruling group are braining washing the younger generation about how communism, and how China was tough on its people and that was the reason for their success. All the crazy things IA says, the well fed and those who have it good propagate it, but those who are paying the price protecting the country, working for are the poor, they have not yet gave up hope on he government, they think once our border issue is solved we will enjoy the proceeds of Bisah and Calli Potash etc and the sacrifice would turn out to be worth it.

Hi Berhe, Me too dont buy it but you may give a thought for what Andebrihan Woldghiorgis wrote on his book i didnt read it but heard about it. People need to read the unbelievably easily avoidable series of events that lead to the killing of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and how that lead to WWI.

Hi BY, I agree, it is rumored he actually was sent by detach Solomon Abraha and ras asrate kada to destroy jebha. He wound up destroying Eritrea. And he is not done yet. Selam Aron, it is extremely saddening to see our country lagging so much behind in comparison to those around us. And what is so frustrating is not because the Eritrean people to do not want to develop or have the capacity, but it is because the country is under the grip of someone who deliberately wants to see it failing.

Dear Abhram Which part of Tigray is the Tigrian speaking? Mai Ayni , ask him what development he saw and ask him to drive to Raya azebo and all the way to four directions. Unfortunately what I am here for is not going to take me four directions and I am not here to investigate lies and tplf. I am telling you what I saw.

I am not here to convince you my dear blink. Young people are running looking for better opportunities everywhere but Eritrea. It is indeed very sad. Read berhe y below, he truly makes sense and explains most of it. I have heard so many testimonies about changes in Tigray from Eritreans and Ethiopians, I have made this conclusion see if you agree:. Tigray is developing in relation to Eritrea but lagging far behind in relation to other Ethiopian provinces. What do you think?

From what I hear no retaliation. Anyways you guys pray for me find my young and stupid nephew. Big Tigray money is simply not invested in Tigray Region but rather in other regions of Ethiopia; this having a negative effect on the rate of development in Tigray Region. TPLF connectivity simply does not carry as much leverage and weight in Tigray Region as in other regions.

Given this said, speed of development in Eritrea these days is like a snail riding on the back of a turtle……Wheeeee…. Tigrai is not lagging behind by all means. I spent almost a week and half in Tigrai and I practically drove all over.

Let me give you an example: Shire is another story where you have to see it yourself to believe. And I also visited the Oromia region and the kind of dramatic changes that you see in the towns and cities is almost the same as in Tigrai. A lot of Ethiopians are moving back either for good or just to invest where the system is encouraging them to do so where life is less stressful and laid back and that certainly is sweet.

But once you get out of Mekelle which is booming one would be hard-pressed to see much difference compared to other regions. Probably a bit more visible public infrastructure such as roads and what not.. It is simple really. There is a nouveau riche class due to political hegemony.

Investments get better returns in projects outside of Tigray. They would rather get rich er with proven investment areas than do the hard work of investing in Tigray to make it a place that can compete in terms of attractive returns. One of the cool things I see in Ethiopia is the sheer number of experimentation in architecture design. Most of the time they become cheap imitations. But it is high praise for the designers when an Asmarino can recognize and feel comfortable in how well the such a project was executed.

As you know, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Here is an interesting thing, most of the great chefs, carpenters, plumbers, eletricians including mechanics and hairdressers particularly in Meqelle are Eritreans of an Ethiopian origin where the social dynamic shift is palpable.

Not only architecture is outsourced. And those expertise and small businesses are as you know the bedrock of the growing economy. Either blame it on Isaias or all the props to Meles. It is all a matter of perspective. It also explains much of the embittered feelings about the whole independence thing.. But not so much in Eritrea itself. Do you agree with that? If not agree, do you think of it as a generally accepted statement within the Eritrean community? I am generally uncomfortable with statements of self-flagellation however honest they may be.

So my instinct is to think there might be a couple of basic reasons why they may say what they saying — otherwise such broad generalizations make me uneasy. In fact, to the contrary. Eritreans are known among other things for reaching out and helping each other not only in Eritrea but any where else.

Their strong sense of work ethic I would say is second to none. One of the saddest thing is, how could it possibly go wrong for a nation which is blessed with those kind of remarkable people? I wrestle with that question every day. Please keep in mind that before signing the Algiers peace fire Agreeemnt that Ethiopia unsuccessfully tried to take Assab. A little differently from what K. H has said, i think that M. His soft spot for eritrea did not allow him to look far in to the future, and he did not care much how ethiopians felt, and whether both people would live side by side in peace in the future.

He thought he had broken the spine of the amharas, he did not care about the oromos and the rest. He felt invincible and he had the backing of the west. He was the only head of state in history who fought hard to land-lock the country he ruled.

Even when ethiopia was invaded he proved himself a reluctant warrior, as said by many. He cared a lot for the survival of the country he fought for remember, we fought for eritrean independence more than eritreans themselves , a fact few eritreans appreciate.

In my opinion, here lies the main reason for the unfortunate situation between the two countries, a legacy that nobody is proud of.

Otherwise, sanctions and what not will follow. I do not believe that it will be as simple as that without ethiopia having her own position heard and taken into consideration. It seems that it is not going to be a smooth journey. In addition, the news from addis is that ethiopia may demand strict interpretation of the rules, regulations and decisions, such as the TSZ, the austing of the UN force, ect.

That is why some people say that stubbornness is abundant on both sides, and they put more weight on elders and religious leaders than any outside forces. Nobody could solve the border problem better than M. All ethiopians and most tigrayans would have been against his decision. Therefore, it remain to the two people to solve the impasse. Your argument is clever, and I think you liked it because both Meles and Isayas successfully purged their competitors and became the unchallenged alpha males in their respective countries.

Particularly for Meles, the Badime war all but cemented his totalitarian control. Hence he must have pre-engineered the war to clean house.

But this seems implausible. For one thing, wars are pretty unpredictable. To engineer a war so that the outcome is essentially known before it even started is a tall order to pull off. I think even for leaders with absolute authority over their territory, the chance of conducting a managed war is a challenge. Mind you, such people have the option to start a war at their will, but wars involve at least two parties. This story may or may not be true, but at the time The Economist also had an article talking about a formation of a war council that excluded Meles — because of his soft spot for Eritrea.

If that really happened, Meles could not have known apriori the outcome of a possible war. Besides, the Ethiopian public resentment against Isayas for land-locking the country could find a way to vent if war erupted. And of course, Meles knew that too — he just has to read the papers in Addis. This is yet another reason working against a managed war. In other words, too many unknowns. I think the more-or-less widely accepted explanation is the correct one: Hence the inevitable confict.

Thank you for the elaborated replay. I do agree to the most and all points you made. Yes you are correct, war is not something one can grantee the outcome.

Like you said, I would buy the widely held reason, economic reason but I only see the validity of that argument, for the eruption of the war and until the war is settled. My speculation really comes down to the way things has turned out since the peace agreement of Why would Melles and Ethiopia chose to not follow through with the Algiers agreement, specially since MS was the undisputed leader after he cleaned house?

For example, is he really convinced that, Ethiopia will be better off if it has no future relationship with Eritrea. The analogy that I would like to draw is, suppose the US wad denied access to Panama canal by a small time criminal leader Norega. Why would MZ give IA the excuses? No question that Badme was administered by ELF until it was pushed out by the alliance. So when the ruling gave us a leeway that if the two parties agree could make adjustments, are you saying we will not claim our villages if we get the Badme village because that was the contested area.

It is ridiculous to unclaim them when we have the possibilities to claim. If you take a look at Yamomoto itinerary through East Africa, he will spend the most number of day 3 in Eritrea. Part of that is meeting with the Asmara-based diplomatic mission. So whatever progress will be made will be based on their testimony and not the inane speeches of IA and his den of parrots.

The guy is a nutcase, anything is possible. The only problem of the opposition is that we are poor. A prisoner busted out of prison driving off a car that had been parked inside the prison, then we all got excited and we said this is it; Wedi Ali rolled down the Tanks and we all got excited and we said, this is it; CoI piles gross human rights violation report, we got excited and we said, this is it; Akhria went Thoreau, we got excited and we said, this is it; Yamamoto is travelling to Eritrea….

But, I did see one of those things Facebook was invented to show: It weekend so here u go, u will like it. I figured u will know what I will say cus there was the famous line, seb yhami: I am not saying nothing will come out of the Yamomoto visit. I am saying if something comes out, it will be because of the Asmara-based diplomats who are better spokespersons for the regime than the regime itself. Dear Alex, the big question is, is DIA really interested in finding a final solution to the border issue?

Currently, it is us Eritreans who are going to the Tigreans, they are not the ones coming to us. Any wall will hurt us not them. Dear Ms Abrehet, thanks for the translation, i actually read what was written but was a not sure what he meant. Abrehet bear with me… throughout our history we been victims of many invading forses from far and near, and the treat still continues to this day.

How about the invasion from inside when Isaias who is not an Eritrean destroying the country when you are on a lookout for boogeymen from near and afar [far]. Dear Sara, I fully understand you. The pain felt by the younger generation is even more acute and real in that they witnessed a horrible war first hand and lost many of their comrades in battle.

More are on standby, for years, to deploy at any given moment should the situation deteriorate. Nor are enemies from across the border only. Nobody has said why it is in US interest for the demarcation thing to happen at any specific point in time. But, what will it gain? Peace between Ethio and Eri?

Not likely with Isayyas at the helm. The most important factor driving it is regime behaviour. This behaviour will not change whether or not the border is demarcated. If Eritrean opposition is to be believed, the day after demarcation, Eritreans are going to finally revolt against the Isayyas regime. Nice for Eritreans, but it constitutes a large uncertainty in a region awash with uncertainties.

The more likely explanation for the Yamamoto trip is possibly client shopping. Has Eritrea been looking for patrons?

US best case is for this minor real estate kerfuffle to get resolved without increasing regional turmoil. That is — for demarcation to happen with the regimes on both sides more or less intact. The Ethio side has a new very new power at the helm, with a thick agenda.

As I have tried to explain, no strong constituency for this to happen anytime within the next two years. Probably the only time he has heard of Ethiopia is when his daughter probably mentioned her Ivanka brand shoes are made there. Eritrea is firm in what it wants.

Ethiopia has a new leader who would rather not have to deal with this issue. If anything, assuming the Yamamoto trip is a China vs US competition, the US would rather improve its relationship with Ethiopia, so screws are unlikely to be applied. This along with changed gulf alliances, means the U. Hopefully Badme will merit serious discussion time, and may even enter into collective bargaining discussions, but it is unfortunately not a U.

But the US already has a base in Djibouti. Why would it shop for another footprint somewhere else in the region? Did Djibouti place restrictions on US base expansions or operations? Tensions between Djibouti and the U. Djiboutian air traffic control teams said to spew anti-American rhetoric and have refused timely landing of aircraft.

On top of that, is the issue of changed gulf alliances. You have very specific information of incidents and explanations, so I have to ask who the source is, that is providing you with such timely intelligence.

If your answer is you saw it on u tube or read it on national inquirer or worse you read it on Bagdad Times, our, you and me, diplomatic relations will be severely strained. It might even get to the breaking point. So you need to take some confidence building measures, like, this is all your opinion and you put two and two together to come up with the scenario of global alliances. OR admit this is just your wish list and we will live with it. Hence the priorities and positions of this global power is more and more quasi unpredictable.

When it comes to self interest, nobody cares about every thing else. It could offer a military base in some way to the us. No body can stand on the way, if that need really get consolidated.

Mez and AMde I am going to try one more time. It is all about 1 Immigration 2 immigration 3 other things. But I would imagine the forces driving emigration from Eritrea are primarily internal. So forcing a border settlement would be tangential to the issue. Amde- What I meant is that immigration is the most important issue for US when it comes to Eritrea and probably the only thing that may compel it to try something if ia and co could spin it and convince them it has to do with border issue with Ethiopia.

If it is, I would say, it may be the consideration of the impact of severe Emigration with an E out of Eritrea and the possible risks it may have for the future of Eritrea, and not for the Immigration effect it has on the US. That is why I am saying it is top priority to US. One treats the disease and not the symptoms, if one aims for a permanent cure. Its warmongering behavior, the open ended military service, enslavement of the eritrean people, and its policy towards ethiopia are not going to change a bit.

Artificial sympathy that the TPLF and unionists have for the plight of Eritreans, while Ethiopia illegally occupies Eritrean and Somali land, and while it even has a higher number of migrants leaving, is just so heart-rending. With such genuine empathy, Ethiopua must at this very moment be rushing to withdraw from Badme.

Too many slippery fish. There were times when we knew eritreans living in villas in addis. Today, just look where they live; in refugee camps in their hundredth of thousands; not for any other reason, but because the dictator and regime supporters chose the land over the people. The people simply got fed up of being used for the sake of the land, and because there remains no reason for them to stay, they are forced to leave in droves.

Ethiopians are economic migrants looking for greener pasture, while eritreans are mainly refugees. Their fate has been made secondary to that of the land by the regime, even if that piece of land does not affect their lives directly in any way imaginable. Who could believe that a whole nation would be sacrificed and loses its livelihood, peace and its future for the sake of sq, miles of land, which has been made a life and death matter.

You are conveniently forgetting that Ethiopia barbarically deported those Eritreans. And, if Badme is so insignificant as you say, why then does Ethiopia continue to illegally occupy it knowing that it is Cause Celebre for PIA to justify all his wrongdoings. Selam FishMilk, You forget certain important points: No other ethiopian was allowed to vote in the eritrean referendum, because it was meant for eritreans only.

Yes, of course, but they did not care, because they believed that they would subjugate ethiopia forever by force and have their way. As much as badme is concerned, you should ask how it came in to tplf hands in the first place. What i find difficult to believe is when badme is said to be the panacea for all the problems of eritrea.

Nothing is going to change. Ethiopia clearly went on a barbaric witch hunt for anyone connected to Eritrea to include Ethiopians Of Eritrean heritage, foreign exchange students, those with remote ties with Eritrea, etc. They stripped all proof of Ethiopian citizenship from anyone accused by the kebele of having Eritrean origins even if it meant breaking up families.

Human Rights Watch was unable to find any evidence that the Eritrean Government had taken parallel or recipricol action. What Ethiopia did to thousands of Eritreans and those accused of having connections with Eritrea back then, was simply cruel and inhuman. It is amazing to me how, FishMilk, blink…and many other thinking Awatistas resort to the argument that the reason PIA is doing what he is doing is because of Badme.

In different ways and appeals they advance the theory that PIA would not have had any excuse left absent Badme issue. According to them, national service, no constitution, no everything is tied to Badme. Some of them say it knowingly in the tradition of…lemachberber. Therefore, all the oppression and inhuman acts of PIA is indirectly the fault of Ethiopia. Horizon, I bet you A Billion Satoshi that if next week PIA goes insane and begins to televise 40 lashes of prisoners daily, these same people would point a finger at Ethiopia.

It is a kind of pathological… psychological tic reaction they suffer from. You are simply wrong. I have never argued that PIA is doing what he is doing because of Badme. Rather, I have asserted that he uses Badme to legitimize his actions. There is a big difference! You are saying PIA….. Would you acknowledge that if Badme is taken out of the equation it is more likely than not that he will use something else to legitimize his actions.

So why do YOU and folks like you use the same talking points he does? However, by taking Badme out of the equation, even ultra-nationalist Eritreans would no longer tolerate matters such as delayed constitution, open-ended national service, etc. In this regard, PIA would no longer be able to use Badme as an excuse for his actions.

When it comes to Badme, it is mainly Ethiopians and unionists who wish to marginalise the importance of Badme and at the same time, to shift and confuse focus on Eritrean governance. Issaias will go away and Eritrea will stay. Every Eritrean interest is for the well being of Eritreans. Issaias is dictator by nature and it has nothing to do with weyane evil plan to Eritreans.

Issaias got the green light to crush Eritreans because of Badme. He was able to crush any opposition in You thought PIA was a satellite of Meles. Let us both confess we were stupid. Your bet is that we will be exactly where we are on Eritrea-Ethiopia a year from now?

I was thinking Nakfa, but you mention Bitcoin. That puts seriously respectable moolah into the bet. There could be a renewed international effort behind the scenes to see what can be done to bring this chapter to a close. Of the reasons you gave was that there is no constituency for the change inside Ethiopia. I put it differently: Unlike the European embassies weaklings the US embassy in Addis has been very assertive in demanding changes from the new gov on SoE, on free press, on democratization.

I expect it to make a call for EEBC implementation. The US was the only one talking about dialogue etc. I want to buy 2 shares with your company on May 31, Why May 31, ?

I just want to hear a sentence or two from PMAA to ascertain the level of priority he gives it. If no statement within this time period from him, meaning not on the radar, I will be in just before midnight May 31, I now have to look up what this Satoshi is.

I hope it is like the Italian Lira. It sounds good and such rhetoric is well within the personal brand he is building. But as a soldier stationed on the front for three years, and now as a PM with a very long to do list.. Hi Saay, I will bet that even though it might be hard based on your analysis there is high probability some thing may happen regarding the demarcation before May Hi Amde, I always like your point of view on lot of your analysis but when it comes to the final and binding border ruling you stand on let talk first shenanigans of Ethiopia is disappointing to say the least.

It is rather rich for either one of them to get on a high horse and claim law and the sanctity of contracts, while they routinely break many of their own laws and international principles at their convenience.. I personally think they should talk about swaps of territory to minimize civilian disruption, draw up borders along that principle, and call it a day. Rather straightforward to do I think.

That way both sides save face. Here is a question for you. If Ethiopia has proven to itself and to the world that it can wiggle through sans ports and do well, why would it want to change the status quo? Humanitarian reasons in the sense that to help the Eritrean people if Isaias could loosen up his grip should he gets Badme back.

I just think what I suggested earlier, i. In the past 20 years there is no noise from any people that say your point but since weyane did put people in to Eritreans land you kept their goal. What neutral body again? You guys are amusing when you ran away from truth. Fanti proposal to remove PFDJ by regional body was just like yours and if we add all , it becomes the talking points of Alula Solomon, Dawit brhane.

Dear Amde I am just pocking the nice guy to say something tangible unless who can accuse Amde of defending weyane. But just to tell you the truth how many Eritreans are in the weyane camp and make your number of the people who will be disappointed about the border decision. One wonders if there are absolutely zero Eritrean civilians negatively affected by the border change.

Hi Amde, I would have taken your bet but you are starting from the wrong assumption. I am afraid I am not among the opposition forces ou mentioned—those who believe Eritreans will deal with Isaias if the Badme issue is resolved. Count me out of that and rephrase the bet description. If I lose I will make sure you are given a royal reception in keren. You can fly over Asmara. I was only listing the Eri.

It is a fact that even as the usa criticizes the human rights situation in ethiopia, it never forgets to state that ethiopia advances usa national interest in the region.

What the usa official most probably is going to say will not be different from the usual lip service like, ethiopia should respect the decision of the eebc, and nothing more that shows that it is actively standing with eritrea against ethiopia. I think that the aim of the usa administration is to bring both ethiopia and eritrea under its umbrella and not to gain the one and lose the other.

The russians, turks and iranians are coming to the horn, and that i think is the reason the usa administration is trying to woo sudan and eritrea, and i believe that it will not be at the expense of the major country of the region, ethiopia.

Most probably, some bribing mainly economic in nature, will be all there is to it. Trump loves strongmen, especially those who flatter him. All IA has to do is have a strategic interview where he praises Trump and trashes Obama by name next thing there will be this tweet:. He said I am a lot better than Obama. And he is African American. I would like us to get along. I just found out] that Eritrea was the first African target of Bin Laden. So, I would like us to get along.

They have done many great things over there, tremendous things. Abiy apparently he had written a religious book under a pseudonym He is absolutely an Obama kind of man.

But I am not worried. When was the last time coherent Trumpian policy followed Trumpian tweets? I just thought of this. The Philipino president call Obama a harsh name and he talked casually about executing bad guys and Trump instantly fell in love with him. Meanwhile, IA likes to do things about 7 years after they are due so the stars are aligned.

I am shopping for things to buy with , satoshis. I know, I know, we gotta upgrade our trashtalk level. Incidentally, is Admasachn the twin of Abi? If something comes out — probably in favour of Eritrea because — Eritrea has better and vocal lobbyists this time around. He did that consoling the family of the artist empathy thing after the death of Ethiopian artist Tamrat Desta, hardly the job of an FM.

So maybe the Lema boys can create Ministry of Empathy and ship him there. You think the US embassy in Addis was harsh? I think it only appears so because they were so muted for so long. Kinda like the US consulate in Asmara now. All she does is post pictures on social media: Hi Saay — The biggest disappointment from the cabinet is keeping the FM. The biggest gain maybe is retaining the Minister of Water Nile file. The current one had to read a written speech with a mic for around 8 congressmen…can you imagine.

Eth has huge diplomatic capital since the emperors time and he is probably the worst so far. The US Embassy was very vocal and what matters is the precedence. They have never done it. They know Ethiopians deliver best when consulted in private; if you recall the WikiLeaks. On the other hand — the HR and the statement seems to be working now that the UN Human rights guys are touring for four days. They know Ethiopians deliver best when consulted in private; if you recall the wikileaks.

On the other hand — the HR and the statement seems to be working now that the UN Human rights guys are touring Eth for four days. Dear Saay, Twin of Abi? Not at all sir, though i like his wit. You both make me laugh and I used to follow your exchanges. You think I hate sports? Again, not at all. People around and afar from the area used to vsit him for consultation.

If you want to make it an A joke you know what you have to do. How ya feelin about them satoshis buddy… looks like the Yamamoto trip is somewhere between dud and meh.. How am I feeling? One was the Yemane Gebrab the PFDJ consigliere address at YPFDJ conference in Sweden where he promised a time of change, peace, good neighborliness, cooperation in the Horn— very different from the usual songbook of the enemy is at the gate.

Today, it is the decidedly un-Trumpian, but quite as decidedly Obamanian good neighborliness speech of Yemane Numero X. The last time I was in Axum, I had a craving for some good Hambasha. I was flabbergasted when the hotel told me they had none, and furthermore they did not know where to get one from. Can you believe it? A strong man Isaias who treats deals like wine: More data-point in the data, in Geek talk.

The food most responsible for the Habesha male phsyique: What does this really mean? Are you saying that the foreign relations of eritrea is decided by the three countries you mentioned above, or do you mean something else i fail to understand?

Eritrea as a sovereign country is supposed to be the sole owner of the right to decide its foreign relations and policy. It will be helpful if you could add a sentence or two to explain your above statement. Selam Horizon, It is only my opinion. Since Eritrea is now part of a coalition, its behaviour is bound to be tempered by the others in the coalition.

Dear Abrhet The man is a sick dog ready to bite anyone with running leg. Would you favor the guy if he solve the border problem between Eritrea and Ethiopia yet by the second day bomb Iran? Guess how many lives are going to lose their live? Just to mention that Yamamoto is no stranger to the Eritrean Government.

He last worked at the U. Embassy in Asmara back in He had been left as interim head of the Embassy after Ambassador John Hicks was fired as a result of sexual abuse charges involving two female Eritrean embassy staff. At least back then, he always kind of struggled in meetings with the Eritrean Government who did not really dislike him but rather thought that he was not a real strong character. His later appointment as U. Ambassador to Ethiopia casts a bit of a dark light on him as far as PIA goes.

However, in this instance he is simplyseen as a suitable level message delivery man; main discussions have already taken place and main points tentatively agreed upon. How about Bill Gates? The above two have in common: Greetings, The emotional roller coaster the article above induced in me needed a decompressing of musical kind.

I found one at the right time during the weekday, and have been watching this light-hearted song with a lot of humor that helps one let loose a little.

So, there is an upside to this policy of AT that impulsivity is curbed down. I hope this restraint will also transitions to some comments we hastily make to only regret it as to why in the world we felt it was important point to make. But, this song is one that will draw some chuckles and would tempt you to move those shoulders carelessly.

And it is just a sheer-joy-inducing song and dance of Tigrinya that I have come across. In fact, seldom are those who can package a song in the way this song does. With no further ado, here it goes: Do people not understand that for many Eritreans, we see Ethiopia as our enemy?

This is not to brew up hate for rather it is a reality. Time for mustard sardines and crackers. Many thanks for dissecting the article into talking points so that one can have an easy grasp about the overall theme. More often than not, people tend to listen to their inner voices instead of the person whom they are engaging with. This becomes rather rigid and problematic if the issue at play is dogmatic or structured conviction. The guy obviously refused to accept the reality for a reason only known to him.

But if the trend of denial becomes a common place to the extent of arguing as if everything is good and dandy in Eritrea when in fact the opposite is the case, one can infer something of a common reason with in the trend of denial. It seems to me, accepting the hard facts seems to those in denial tantamount to handing over victory to the enemy whomever the enemy might be.

One can say the same about the recent tantrum when Sahle was pulling out the raking skeletons of the closet if you will. Thank you for reducing the material to discussable points. Paulos has touched on this issue. There are details that express themselves in personal and group attitudes with in cultural and social frames. For instance consider these: Thus, changing opinions once made becomes reason for humiliation. Understanding this needs delving in to core essence of cultural and social traditionalism; and this does not have space for logic or science.

Dear team Awate Regardless of your frustration, the fact that you refrain from profiling your opponents in ethnicity and religion earn you respect. The protest movements be it in Ethiopia or Syria were disastrous in human life particularly the young.

Because of the nationalist radicalisation of the youth in Ethiopia and the reckless security response could have been avoided if both parties were acting responsible. Mez, If you go back and read during the tension prior to PM Abiy selection, you will find the Syria and Ethiopia analogy everywhere. For the right reason. The protest movements started the same but the radicalised elements started to control the movements.

In Eritrea case While there is enough frustrated youth, I see no attempt of radicalisation. That, also from their historic perspectives. Paulos, Indeed, it is. It constitutes the first sprouts of democratic transition for the tenure of Dr. It will have to be followed by assembling consensus backed and proactive coalition cabinet. This is crucial for steady work to lay down transitional task program which the country urgently needs.

Political and social threads are organic in the sense that they have a life of their own where either they grow or die and often times, they stagnate as well. The pace in either direction could be painfully slow but as they say, Rome was not built in a day.

The good doctor is trying his best to be charming. Hopefully it works, but this Welqayit thing may be a tough nut to crack. There is also news that the Somali clans around Dire revolted and freed people imprisoned by Abdi Illey.

Consolidated laws