How to get Weight Watchers for free. Really!

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How to Lose Weight with Weight Watchers
Did anyone find a number to a corporate office- I am very unhappy with them and how I was treated- I was not losing the 3 to 5 pounds quaranteed and now am just getting blown off by the center. I definitely love mine. I have a Crockpot Instant Pot and I also love it! It will be so great to see the weight loss and be able to eat enough for a great workout. I would like to join the support group also. Thanks for the contest and for the wonderful website and with all this WW information and advice, I know I will be able to succeed in shedding this extra poundage! Please Select less than 4 times a month 1 - 2 times a week 3 or more times a week.

Weight Watchers Review

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I got it for my wife, but so far I've done all the cooking in it. My first meal was a Sunday pot roast dinner. I've never attempted to cook a meal like this in my life. My wife has always done this in the oven.

I was stunned to have this pot roast come out about as perfect as you could get it. The inner cooking pot is easy to clean and you'll want to do more and more with it with each success you have.

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a new adventure in cooking. Do what the book says and you'll have amazing meals right from the start. You should buy this. As we learned in the reviews, we'll warn you that this is not the recipe book for a family of picky eaters. Many of the recipes aren't traditional American foods, which isn't likely to go over well with kids who won't eat anything past BBQ ribs or chicken noodle soup.

This book does, however, list out specific recipes and pages for holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July, and Jewish holidays, which I thought was a nice touch.

It also has a 4. It'd be nice if you actually understood all of the things your Instant Pot can do, right? Though the other cookbooks will obviously explain steps, if you're new to this, somehow being able to make yogurt and roast chicken in the same gadget can easily get a tad overwhelming.

How to Instant Pot is your ticket to the ins and outs of this fancy contraption, basically acting as an "Instant Pot for Dummies" manual. Yes, "Instant Pot" is totally a verb. Each recipe walks you through how to use and set each Pot feature particularly with the Pressure setting , and while this might seem redundant to repeat these things at first glance, it actually reassured me that I was doing it right.

Eventually that knowledge will become second nature, but in the meantime I feel confident in just following the clear instructions. The recipes are delicious and varied. I highly recommend this book as a first Instant Pot guide, with the added benefit of outstanding recipes You'll have the option to make a spread of things, from meat and potatoes beef stew, to chorizo, to corn on the cob, to squash soup, as well as a ton of mouth-watering desserts. That's lava cakes in the picture up there, by the way.

Overall, the book has a 4. Not a meat eater? On that old school paleo diet? Yup, there's a book on that, too. Think keeping up with a vegan diet is hard? As the title suggests, you'll get to choose from 80 vegan recipes that involve sautéing, steaming, pressure cooking, and slow cooking — AKA frozen vegetarian chicken nuggets and bread are no longer your only cheap options.

Whip up things like southern-style pinto beans, creamy mushroom curry, cornbread, and Tres Leches-inspired dessert tamales. Dang, that sounds like a fancy restaurant menu.

You'll also learn how to make your own homemade condiments like soy yogurt, marinara sauce, and almond milk. Using ingredients that you can find and understandable steps - makes for a successful recipe every time!

Pretty pictures add to each recipe and love the snips and stories! The book has an impressive 4. At any rate, paying a little extra will be worth it when you can actually prepare your own vegan meals and don't have to eat at Whole Foods all the time. If you're attempting a paleo diet or have even done a pinch of research, you know that it's a challenge and a half.

Many claim that the health benefits really do outweigh the hard parts, though, and Paleo Cooking With Your Instant Pot: For a crazy busy mom this is the perfect way to be able to make a healthy meal and fast for my family. So many amazing recipes from dinners to even desserts using your instant pot!

We made the beef stew and it was a hit!! Excited to make something else tomorrow. Highly recommend this book and would be great gift for anyone else as well!! Finally , some damn variety. Choose from 80 recipes that involve sautéing, steaming, pressure cooking, and slow cooking. Some reviews do warn that the cooking times in this book are a little short, so if your gut is telling you to cook something a little longer, you're probably right.

However, it's the only paleo Instant Pot cookbook available right now and still has 4. Author Urvashi Pitre, or should I say, the literal queen of recipe books , brings you the taste of a traditional Indian restaurant with the Traditional Indian Instant Pot Cookbook. That is, without the expensive price and your waiter forgetting to bring more water.

Seriously, Pitre is great — almost every single review pays homage her books and her blog. With this 1 best-seller , you'll have access to 50 easy AF recipes that call for minimal ingredients and can be ready in 60 minutes or less. She'll also give a little background on cooking for her family in India when she was young and how their Punjab and Maharashtra dialects influenced her dishes. This basically lets you know that she knows what she's talking about — plus, it's just really heartwarming to read.

You can preview all of this on Amazon. Finally, after 21 other Instant Pot cookbooks — the 22nd one is the clear winner! After reading through around five-star reviews and seeing a 4. If you like Indian food even a tiny bit, buy this. If you're more of an air fryer person, Pitre also has a stellar book with air fryer recipes. The keto train high fat, moderate protein, low carb can definitely have a bit of a learning curve, especially for people who love bread and pasta more than they love their own family members sorry mom but this book wants to help take some of that frustration away.

I breathed through it, and drank a ton of water. Can I be blunt? I have never in my life peed so much. However, I made a plan and I am sticking with it. I want, and need, to be healthy and live a healthier life. One is full of recipes and Smart Points for the week Monday through Friday , and the other one is blank for you to fill in with what you want and to help track your points for the day. To download them, you can click on the download buttons underneath the images that I am providing for you.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Just to keep it organized. WW did change point values for about items in their new FreeStyle and Flex program. If the points are updated to reflect system, then I will update it. The download button is below the image! Here is a blank meal planner for you to use so you can make up your own meals, and theres a place for you to enter in your SmartPoints to keep track.

The download button is below the image. Whatever your goals are, maintain your weight or lose weight, I hope you enjoy all the true benefits of the combination of the Instant Pot and Weight Watchers. The points were actually provided by the recipes sites themselves. I was just trying to be more resourceful and providing the points that were supplied next to the recipes. Murphy Thank you so much for sharing all this information in an easy to use format!

What a great boost to my own confidence as I struggle with healthy diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes that I KNOW are essential immediately. Your post for today was a blessing, even to anyone NOT on a formalized plan. Good wishes for your day and much encouragement for the future, sir! Thank you so much for your kind words, Izzy!

Thank you so much for sharing this and all your work in doing so. I will join Weight Watchers this week and this will help a lot! I have join many times but this year is my year to succeed! Good luck on your journey. I could give you a big, squeeze hug right now! I am fairly new to the IP world and have just returned to WW; could use some help with both.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! It can be so overwhelming when you get started, but it will become easier…I promise! Thank you for sharing! I want my family to eat healthier. At least, it was for me. Then I got used to eating healthier and making more responsible choices.

I have a family of 6, so my grocery bill winds up being around a month…. I wish you the very best of luck!! David-thanks for this resource!

I got an IP from my girls for Christmas and I am loving it and learning how to cook old favs in it and adding new favs, too! Living a healthy lifestyle is a choice every minute of every day but it is sooooo worth it! You are so very welcome, Janet! David, thank you for this guide. I am new to all of this and my instant pot has not yet arrived but is ordered. I look forward to trying some of these recipes and hoping I can lose weight along the way.

Thank you again for providing these helpful resources!!!! I plan on making more and more of them to help us all out along our journey!

You can do this! I just reworked the egg frittata in freestyle! David, i still remember when the scale got unstuck on I was so excited watching my numbers go down but because I choose not to attend meetings I had go one to share it with. I still have a long way to go but the trip is half the battle.